Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 944 – The Saint Origin Palace

Chapter 944 – The Saint Origin Palace

The Saint Origin Palace

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Although Saint Origin Palace was built by the ancestors of the major eight families of Pure Land, it had developed its own system after a hundred years. Saint Origin Palace was divided into eight sub-palaces. The sub-palace occupied by Gu Family was called Gu Palace. The token that Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng was holding was the symbol of Gu Palace.

“Jiang Chen, Liufeng, drip a drop of your blood on the token and they will be able to sense it on the other side, then someone will be sent to meet you two. After that, you will become a member of Gu Palace,” said Gu Xuantian.

Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng tore the skin of their finger to drip a drop of blood on the token.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

Both of the tokens shook abruptly and produced buzzing sounds, it seemed to have some strange connections with the void. Both of them kept their tokens and were ready to go to Saint Origin Palace. Gu Liufeng was feeling very excited as Saint Origin Palace was a dreamland of countless of geniuses. In other words, Saint Origin Palace was like the highest inst.i.tution for cultivation. Anyone who entered that place to further their cultivation would not only gain access to superior resources, but more importantly, the symbolic status and ident.i.ty that represented honour.

“I’ll send you two to Saint Origin Palace now.”

Gu Xuantian stood up, his face hardened. All this while, only the overlords of the major eight had the right to open the gate to Saint Origin Palace. A pale yellow talisman appeared in Gu Xuantian’s hand. The top of the talisman was full of complicated talisman marks which exuded the Qi of dignity.

He struck out a divine light column into the talisman. It burst with a bang and a virtual portal materialized. Every Great Saint expert in the hall could sense the spatial wave coming from the illusory portal.

This was a very firm spatial pa.s.sageway that was refined by the supreme master. It connected directly to Saint Origin Palace.

“Jiang Chen, Liufeng, are you two ready?” Gu Xuantian looked at the two of them and said.

They nodded and then leaped into the portal, vanis.h.i.+ng in a blink.

“Patriarch, do you think Gu Palace will accept Jiang Chen? Saint Origin Palace has a hundred years of development, they are virtually detached from the eight major families of Pure Land. Although Gu Family and Gu Palace have the same origin, Gu Palace no longer cares about Gu Family.” The great elder of Gu Family said.

“This will have to depend on Jiang Chen’s own ability. Regardless of whether Gu Palace attaches importance to us, everyone should know the situation in Saint Origin Palace. Desolate Family have wild ambitions and soon they are going to dominate the entire Saint Origin Palace. I fear that this will bring destruction upon our people there. Jiang Chen’s emergence is a turnaround. He is a man with an unusually gifted talent and great luck. I believe he can even turn Saint Origin Palace turbulent,” said Gu Xuantian.

In the spatial pa.s.sageway, Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng were looking around at those ever-rotating five-coloured current. They didn’t need to exert any spatial energy because this pa.s.sageway was the safest and most solid spatial pa.s.sageway. There wouldn’t be a problem travelling inside it.

This was probably the most stable pa.s.sageway that Jiang Chen had travelled.

“Brother Jiang, I really didn’t think that you could escape the joint strike of the six mighty experts. That really shocked me. I, Gu Liufeng, had never admired anyone in the past, so you are definitely the first person I admire.” Gu Liufeng said with a smile.

“Brother Gu, from now on, you have to change the way you call me. My current name is Gu Chen. So you can call me ‘Little Chen’ like how Big Yellow and the others did,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

It was very important that they paid attention to how he’s addressed because his name was no longer Jiang Chen but Gu Chen.

“It’s my negligence. Saint Origin Palace is still very far away. I estimate that it would take another hour before we reach our destination. By the way, I have connections with many brothers in Gu Palace. I’m sure that they will take good care of us once we arrive there,” said Gu Liufeng.

Jiang Chen smiled without saying a word. He was afraid that Gu Palace wasn’t a simple as Gu Liufeng imagined as Saint Origin Palace had been developing for nearly a hundred years, many changes could have occurred within this period. He feared that even the eight major families in Saint Origin Palace would be unusually haughty compared to their original families.

If Saint Origin Palace was their headquarters, the eight families of Pure Land would be their branches. Of course, this was merely Jiang Chen’s conjecture. As for the specifics, it could only be known when he reached there.

An hour later, a brilliant light appeared in front of them. It was getting brighter as they moved and both of their eyes also sparkled upon seeing that.

“We are about to reach the end of the pa.s.sageway,” said Jiang Chen with a composed expression.

After all, he was the Greatest Saint under the heavens. What kind of situations hadn’t he seen and experienced before?

Gu Liufeng was feeling so excited that all of his emotions were present on his face. His tone quivered, “Saint Origin Palace, I have finally come.”

It was Gu Liufeng’s lifelong dream to enter Saint Origin Palace. Today, his dream had finally come true, there was no way he couldn’t stay unexcited.

*Bang* *Bang*

At the end of the pa.s.sageway, both of them were shoved by the spatial force, forcing them out of the pa.s.sageway. They stumbled and managed to gain their balance. When they raised their heads, they saw that they had entered another spatial world, or a new world.

Looking at the vast area was ma.s.ses of white fog that blended with Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi. There were some trees so tall it pierced through the sky. The Qi here was akin to the legendary utopia that could fascinate anyone.

“The Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi here is very dense. This is paradise for cultivation and training.”

Gu Liufeng couldn’t help exclaiming with delight.

“I can sense traces of an immortal Qi here. Sure enough, this is a place of fortune.”

Jiang Chen found it astonis.h.i.+ng. This spatial zone almost fitted the description of an independent world. That year when he slashed open the gates of Immortal World, the immortal Qi he sensed was similar to the Qi he was sensing right now. But only a small amount of immortal Qi could be found within the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi. In comparison to this place with the true Immortal World would make a huge difference.

Despite that, the environment here was incomparable to Pure Land. One should know that even if only traces of immortal Qi was mixed with the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, it would benefit the cultivators so much.

Try to imagine those cultivators who were born in this spatial zone. Since young, they had absorbed the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi from here and the benefits they obtained were simply unimaginable. To say it in a casual way, those who were born here were the geniuses of the geniuses when they were compared with the geniuses in the outside world.

Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng looked around and found out that the spatial zone was boundless. There were a several immortal cranes flying above them at random times that made the place look more like a true paradise.

“Litte Chen, this place huge, much bigger than I have ever imagined.” Gu Liufeng said with amazement oozing in his tone.

“It is true that this is at least 100, 000 miles wide which is enough to compare with a small world. It explains why Saint Origin Palace has been isolated from Pure Land for nearly a hundred years. I’m afraid that the eight palaces in Saint Origin Palace no longer put the major eight of Pure Land in their eyes. No one knew how many of them are born in this place over the hundred years. Due to these people beginning their cultivation here since young, they definitely won’t have any sentimental feelings towards their original home – Pure Land.” Jiang Chen stated.

Before coming here, even he couldn’t even imagine that Saint Origin Palace would be such a magnificent existence. That year when he reigned over the world, Pure Land was the peak existence in Saint Origin World.

“Hundreds of thousands of miles of area isn’t a big issue to Great Saints, but the spatial zone here is very firm. Not even a Ninth Grade Great Saint is capable of creating such a s.p.a.ce. It is most likely that this spatial zone is made by the immortals of the eight families. But I heard that after advancing from Ninth Grade Great Saint to Immortal, the person will rise to the Immortal World. I wonder if there is any immortal in Saint Origin Palace,” said Gu Liufeng.


Jiang Chen muttered under his breath. Because of this word, because of this objective, he had devoted so much effort to it in his past life. Given his ability, it was very simple for him to reach the realm of immortals, but too bad he had fallen at Saint Cliff.”

Now that he got another chance to relive his life, not only he would return to the pinnacle in his past life, he would also enter the legendary Immortal World to make up for the regret in his previous life.

“Little Chen, have you noticed that there aren’t any buildings in this area? It’s as if Saint Origin Palace is just a big barren desert and we don’t know which direction will bring us to the Gu Palace,” said Gu Liufeng. After scanning around the area, he found no buildings, and they were lost as this was their first time coming here.

“Don’t worry, someone will come to lead us the way.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, his face was relaxed. Since Gu Xuantian didn’t speak anything about the location of Gu Palace, someone would come to direct them. He said that the experts in Gu Palace would be able to sense their existence once they drip a drop of blood on the token. Plus, Gu Xuantian should have already told them about their arrival in Saint Origin Palace, so Jiang Chen believed that Gu Palace would send someone to meet them.

Sure enough, as soon as Jiang Chen’s voice faded, three silhouettes flew towards them from a direction, and after a brief moment, they reached them.

All three of them were youngsters. Their faces were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride. The leader looked like a 20 year old young man but had incredible cultivation grade, peak Second Grade Great Saint. Beside him was two youths, one was peak First Grade Great Saint while the other was Second Grade Great Saint.

They were no doubt the geniuses of Gu Family. Judging by their Qi, the two youths beside the leader weren’t weaker than their leader. Thus, the difference wasn’t mainly in strength but in status. The young leader was so arrogant that he used his nose to look at someone. There was a natural sense of superiority on his facial expression, much greater than the other two.

“Liufeng, congratulations on your advancement to Great Saint realm. Your brother has been waiting for you for a long time. Haha!”

One of the youths immediately greeted Gu Liufeng with a bear hug. He had the weakest cultivation grade among the three, peak First Grade Great Saint.

“Brother Liuhui.”

Gu Liufeng knew this youth. He was called Gu Liuhui. A year ago, they were brothers with close relations.h.i.+p.

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