Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 927 – Run Away

Chapter 927 – Run Away

Run Away

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“This little beast is just a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, how can he have such powerful combat strength that I’m no match for him?” The elder of the Huo Family was shocked.

Even if Jiang Chen could suppress him with the use of his flames, they still have a huge gap between the two of them. Besides, advancing from the Minor Saint realm to Great Saint realm alone was already a large gap, let alone three grades of difference.

The elder had lived for so long but had never seen such a horrifying Ninth Grade Minor Saint. This was absolutely beyond his imagination and understanding.

“Brother Jiang is truly scary.”

Kong Yang couldn’t help but sigh. Knowing the gap between him and Jiang Chen, he was rendered speechless. One should know that Jiang Chen’s opponent was a mighty Third Grade Great Saint with a Great Saint Weapon.

Of course, there was no doubt that the weapon that the elder of the Huo Family was holding was a Great Saint Weapon, but Kong Yang didn’t know that despite the fact that the Heavenly Saint Sword was still below the Great Saint rank, its power was incomparable to the power of a common Great Saint Weapon.

On the other side, the earth devil beast exploded into its ferocious form. Its body alone was already as large as a small hill. Four of its eyes flickered like ghosts. Its attack was gaining control in almost every round of battle.

The elder of the Desolate Family was grumbling due to the dominating strength of the earth devil beast. Although it was merely a Third Grade Great Saint, it had no problems fighting an opponent that was a grade higher. As such, it was impossible for the elder to gain the upper hand in battle.

In another battlefield, the devil was even more ferocious and domineering. The elder of the Narang Family was beaten so badly that he spurted blood repeatedly. He could tell that they weren’t of equal level.

Jiang Chen too was powerful. His whole body was filled with Qi waves like the waves in the vast ocean. After three consecutive sword slashes, the elder of the Huo Family spurted out blood. The mighty power shook the spear in his hand that it almost slipped away from his hand.


Another slash of the sword was sent, not giving his opponent the chance to react. This time, the elder let out a wail. He lost his grip on his combat weapon and it was thrown from his hand. Jiang Chen stuck out his hand and caught it, he then kept it in his pouch.


Jiang Chen laughed wildly. His Qi was vigorous. Without waiting for the elder to react, he made another swipe with his sword.

*Chi La*

It was impossible to withstand the fierce strike of Jiang Chen’s sword, even if he hadn’t lost his ability to defend. An arm was cut off by the Heavenly Saint Sword. Blood rushed out of the wound and painted the void red.

The elder was no doubt terrified. He now understood that his level was absolutely incomparable to Jiang Chen’s. He hadn’t even gained the slightest bit of advantage in the whole fight, he was completely suppressed by Jiang Chen’s True Thunderfire. Presently, one his arm had already been cut off and his combat strength was depleted. He would only lose his life if he continued to fight.


The elder of the Huo Family didn’t dare to have the slightest bit of neglect, and immediately decided to escape, unfortunately, Jiang Chen wouldn’t give him such chance. If he made this decision before the fight, he might be able to leave this place without Jiang Chen’s obstruction, but it was already too late now. In addition, if Jiang Chen let him slip away given his present state, he would only be ridiculed by the people.

“It’s too late to run now.”

Jiang Chen immediately struck with the True Dragon Palm. A giant dragon claw that looked like an indestructible cage pressed down from the sky, shrouding the elder in it. Then, the elder was killed by Jiang Chen with a shrill scream.

“What a shame.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. This was a powerful Third Grade Great Saint. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da would gain tremendous benefits after absorbing him, but after the dreadful experience last time, he dared not try again. That kind of frenzied rage was no joke.


Jiang Chen’s speed in killing the elder shocked the other two Great Saints. Their initial thought was that killing Jiang Chen would be just a piece of cake, how could they ever imagine that it would end up like this?

The death of the elder from the Huo Family made them feel bad, especially the elder of the Narang Family who had been wounded by the devil. His breathing started to get rough.


The devil let out roars as its attacks bombarded the elder.

“Argh… Argh…”

The elder of the Narang Family began to scream in pain. His combat strength was constantly depleting, where could he find the strength to defend against this devil? It seemed like he was going to fall in this place today.

“Blood Sacrifice.”

The elder of the Narang Family made a sudden roar. b.l.o.o.d.y holes started to appear on his body. Blood pillars shot out from those b.l.o.o.d.y holes one after another. It was an extremely cruel and taboo spell as it inflicted damage on oneself to gain more power.

Now that his life was at stake, he had no choice but to cast the Blood Sacrifice. But then again, it was already too late for him to use this spell with his current state. He wouldn’t get enough strength even if the Blood Sacrifice was used. Logically, this spell wasn’t really used to defend oneself but to gain the ability to escape. So, all of his blood was sacrificed to boost his speed.

A blood-red circle of light appeared outside of his body. With extreme speed he vanished with a swoosh, fleeing directly into the deeper region of the spatial zone.

“You only now know how to run, but it’s all too late.” Jiang Chen sneered.

How could he possibly let the elder escape? Even if his opponent had entered into the void with maximum speed, Jiang Chen could still capture him back. His terrifying Great Soul Derivation Technique penetrated into the interior of the void.

Once again Jiang struck out his True Dragon Palm and torn open the void. The elder who had already escaped was caught by the palm as if it was carrying a chicken.

The scene dumbfounded everyone. One should know that the elder was a Third Grade Great Saint, a supreme being in their eyes, a dream which they had been striving to achieve in their lifetime. That kind of level was already akin to a divinity in their eyes. Yet, this G.o.dlike figure didn’t even have the ability to escape.

“Don’t kill me Jiang Chen, let me go.”

The elder of the Narang Family was scared to death and quickly begged for mercy. No one wanted to die. No one could remain calm in the face of death, even Great Saints were not an exception. The stronger the person, the more he would be afraid of death.

“Did you get kicked in the head? You want me to let you go? If I fell into your hands, would you be merciful enough to let me go? I’m afraid the answer is no, so stop your nonsense.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t a bit swayed by his pleading. He killed the elder straightaway in an instant. Presently, two Third Grade Great Saints had already died in Jiang Chen’s hands. Such loss was certainly not insignificant to the two large families.

“Jiang Chen brat! You have completely enraged the five large families. The next one to die would certainly be you!”

The elder of the Desolate Family bellowed a cruel remark, then he disappeared into a stream of light. The situation was already very obvious. It would only be a dream to kill Jiang Chen in the presence of the earth devil beast. Plus, the earth devil beast was so powerful that his life would certainly be endangered if the battle continued.


The opponent fled, leaving the earth devil beast roaring in rage.

“Alright, beast. he’s leaving and we can’t stop him,” said Jiang Chen.

The elder was a mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint after all. Even if the earth devil beast could overwhelm him in battle, it couldn’t stop him from fleeing. It wasn’t simple to kill a Fourth Grade Great Saint, unless the elder continued to fight until the very end, and the moment he suffered a severe injury it would hamper his ability to flee.

Therefore, not even Jiang Chen could stop the elder if he was determined to leave.

Although the earth devil beast felt unsatisfied because of this, it couldn’t do anything other than letting the elder escape. Then, Jiang Chen ordered it back to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

The battlefield was a tragedy. The entire spatial zone was almost fully destroyed. The ferocity and scenes of the battle were still lingering in the spectators minds. It made them understand one thing: Great Saints could also be killed.

Jiang Chen came to Kong Yang and the other two who had just regained their senses from shock. The three of them gasped for a deep breath. The way they looked at Jiang Chen had entirely changed now.

If Jiang Chen only relied on the strength of the earth devil beast and the devil to kill the two Great Saints, perhaps they would be impressed by Jiang Chen’s ability to subdue these two devils and wouldn’t be as shocked.However, it was truly appalling to see a Ninth Grade Minor Saint killing Third Grade Great Saints so easily. Kong Yang knew that he had underestimated Jiang Chen again.

“Brother Jiang, you are truly a talent that only appears once in ten thousand years. Although you and I only met for the first time, I, Kong Yang, certainly admire you.”

Kong Yang saluted Jiang Chen with cupped fists. All of his words came from the bottom of his heart. As the third genius on the Sky Ranking and bearing the t.i.tle of the top genius of the Demon Race with the mighty bloodline of the Peac.o.c.k Race, he always held his nose up and had never admired anyone, not even the two geniuses, s.h.i.+ Han and Desolate Yuan, who were above his ranking because he believed that he would surpa.s.s them one day.

Today, his admiration for Jiang Chen had grown so much.

“Brother Kong is being overly polite. Anyway, we can’t stay here any longer. We must leave now because that old man managed to escape, he would definitely bring stronger experts and masters here. Let’s not say Fifth Grade Great Saint experts, we will be doomed if a few more Fourth Grade Great Saints came here.” Jiang Chen said grimly.

He knew that beside the mighty Sixth Grade Great Saints of the eight large families, almost all of the experts had come to the ancient battlefield, including Fifth Grade Great Saints.

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