Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 928 – The Blazing Heart

Chapter 928 – The Blazing Heart

The Blazing Heart

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“Alright.” Kong Yang nodded.

What Jiang Chen said was no doubt reasonable. The opening of the ancient battlefield this time was special, receiving great attention from the eight large families. So, not only did the younger generation come to this place, but also the senior experts—Fifth Grade Great Saints being the most powerful among them. Although the earth devil beast was strong, if it encountered a Fifth Grade Great Saint, it would be dead without a doubt because there was almost no chance of winning.

Therefore, the urgent task right now was to leave this place as soon as possible.

Not long after Jiang Chen and the rest left, some powerful experts appeared. There were two of them. One was the elder of the Desolate Family who fled moments ago. Besides him was another elder from their family but his cultivation was a Fifth Grade Great Saint. They swept around the entire spatial zone but found no signs of Jiang Chen and the others.

“It looks like they are gone,” said the Fourth Grade Great Saint fiercely.

“Humph! Never mind. The spatial zones are still disappearing and the remaining spatial zones will only get lesser. It would be a very simple thing to find Jiang Chen. This time, we absolutely can’t let him walk out of the ancient battlefield alive.”

The Fifth Grade Great Saint let out a humph. “Too bad, Desolate Yuan has made the ultimate sacrifice. We must avenge him. Jiang Chen made us lose such a bright genius.”

“That little beast should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. He grows too quick. It was only a short period of time after he came back from Void Triangular Domain but he already has the ability to kill Third Grade Great Saints. If he continues to grow, sooner or later, he will become a major problem,” said the Fourth Grade Great Saint.

He couldn’t help but clench his fists, producing a bone cracking sound when he thought of how terrifying Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen was too powerful, he had never seen any genius that could reach such a heaven defying extent: killing Third Grade Great Saint while he was only a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. As such, wouldn’t it be a disaster if he advanced to the Great Saint realm?

Not long after Jiang Chen and his friends left the spatial zone, they met the experts of the Demon Race. After handing over Kong Yang and the rest to them, he left with Big Yellow. He and Big Yellow were going to ma.s.sacre the evil souls and monsters later, they separated from the group since that may expose the secret of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

Over the next few days, the two of them had flown to different spatial zones, killing countless of evil souls and monsters and obtaining vast amount of energy. More than half of the first floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had been condensed. Jiang Chen’s cultivation was reaching the very peak of the Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

At the moment, Jiang Chen was only left with five hundred dragon marks before he could advance to the Great Saint realm, but because of these five hundred dragon marks, it made him incomparably distressed.

“G.o.d! Isn’t this Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da overly abnormal? This much energy is still not enough to complete the condensation of the first floor?” Big Yellow felt depressed.

“The problem now isn’t the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da but myself.”Jiang Chen thought of the key factor to the problem.

“You are the problem?” Big Yellow was confused.

“It’s true that the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da should have absorbed enough energy to condense the first floor, but the result shows otherwise. The key factor is that I haven’t reached the Great Saint realm yet. I am the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint and there is basically no bottlenecks in my cultivation, but the Great Saint realm is a new threshold after all. I hadn’t thought that the rate of condensation has become so difficult while approaching the Great Saint realm.”

Jiang Chen felt a little helpless as the condensation of dragon marks were becoming harder. He knew that this was due to the restriction of the threshold to the Great Saint realm. As such, the final five hundred dragon marks would be undeniably difficult to condense.

“I don’t think that aiming for those evil souls and monsters is still going to work anymore. In order to advance to the Great Saint realm, I may have to find my luck. Once I break through into the Great Saint realm, not only will the condensation of the first floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da be completed, but also a portion of the second floor will be condensed out. Now, let’s go to the deepest region of this ancient battlefield,” said Jiang Chen.

He was still full of interest in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He had no idea what was the true function of the paG.o.da besides helping him condense dragon marks, and also keep things just like a spatial ring or a bag of holding. Of course, the paG.o.da still had a great defensive power after witnessing the collision of the paG.o.da and Big Yellow.

“Now the spatial zones are getting lesser and lesser. I believe that a lot of experts have already gone to the deepest area. I’m afraid it will be very dangerous if we head over there now.” Big Yellow said.

“The risk of getting fortune is beyond the control of the present. I will face more danger if I can’t advance to the Great Saint realm as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook as he flew towards the deepest zone at his top speed, like a sailfish.

It been days since the opening of the ancient battlefield. Many treasures had already been excavated out. It’s safe to say that the eight large families had generally gained a lot from this trip, but at the same time, lost a lot of talents due to the hidden threats and dangers in the spatial zones. Presently, many spatial zones had already crumbled and the remaining ones were reducing in number. Thus, experts were moving to the deepest zone trying to seek for greater treasures.

At the present moment, in a spatial zone in the deepest region of the ancient battlefield, many people gathered. There were at least a thousand of them here. There were also some rogue cultivators besides the eight large families.

Everyone was drifting in the air, looking unblinkingly at the magma in front of them.

Yes, it was a magma floating in mid-air. At the centre of the spatial zone was a wide stretch of magma that covered roughly tens of miles in radius. It looked like an ocean of magma.

It was thick and blood-red in colour. An intense wave of heat was emanating from it, causing the temperature in this spatial zone to rise tremendously. Some Minor Saint experts felt somewhat uncomfortable while being in such a high temperature atmosphere.

Minor Saints—either it was their physique or their Yuan Force, both had reached an incredible extent. Any ordinary flame wouldn’t have any effect on them, but the heat produced from this magma made them feel a little uncomfortable. It only showed how terrifying this ocean of magma is.

It was imaginable that if a Minor Saint slipped into this ocean of magma, he or she would instantly be incinerated into nothingness, not leaving any remains behind.

“Where did this magma came from? It is very weird that it floats in the air.”

“Exactly. And its temperature is too high compared to normal.”

“It is frightening. I guess that there must be a strong being inside the magma. Otherwise it won’t be floating. Look, the Great Saint experts from the eight large families are a.n.a.lysing this ocean of magma. They should be able to find the source of this magma.”


No one was at peace. The number of cultivators continued to increase and these newcomers also fixed their eyes on the ocean of magma the moment they appeared. Magma could only be formed under harsh condition, but the magma they were seeing right now is floating in the air. There was no doubt that this was the first time that they saw a floating magma.

“There seems to be a layer of invisible barrier outside this ocean of magma preventing our divine sense from entering it. However, I can also sense a strong presence inside, perhaps there are great treasures within the magma,” said an elder of the Huo Family. He was a strong Great Saint, a Fifth Grade Great Saint. Despite his divine sense being blocked, his sharp senses allowed him to sense the extraordinary qualities of the magma.

To the experts of the Huo Family, they were most interested in the treasures inside the magma because their bodies were of fire properties. If they could obtain any great treasure in the magma, the entire Huo Family would profit tremendously.

“There must be a certain truth for this magma to appear out of nowhere. There would certainly be a great amount of luck and treasures especially in a strange place like this. This magma has to be something very special,” said the elder of the Gu Family.


Just then, a roar came out of the magma, and then, a blood-red dragon a few dozen meters long spiralled upwards from the ocean of magma. This dragon was fully condensed out of magma. It was a true magma dragon.

After the magma dragon appeared, its flaming eyes swept across the surroundings. Both of its eyes gave off an incomparably burning light. Everyone could sense the hostility coming from this magma dragon. Anyone could tell that this was a heartless creature just from its eye.

“Amazing. The Qi of this magma dragon is equivalent to a Third Grade Great Saint.” An elder of the Narang Family cried in surprise.

“It is the ‘heart of blaze’ from which this dragon evolved. My G.o.d, there is actually a heart of blaze in this spatial zone.”

An expert exclaimed when he realized the characteristic of the magma dragon.

“What? The heart of blaze? The heart of blaze that only exists in legends? It is also considered as the heart of heaven and earth. I can’t believe it actually exists.”

“The heart of blaze is also known as the Burning Flame. If anyone is able to integrate it into their heart, one would be able to disdain all the beings under the heavens. If the Huo Family can obtain this, we will be able to produce a rare genius that can break through to the Immortal realm.”

“It’s too precious. This is what they called a real treasure. We have to get it because it will bring us immeasurable benefits. One heart of blaze is enough to change the future of our family.”

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