Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 926 – The Suppression of Water and Fire

Chapter 926 – The Suppression of Water and Fire

The Suppression of Water and Fire

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“Wow, Jiang Chen is too domineering. How could he have such a powerful earth devil beast with him?”

Leopard Wei got so excited that he almost jumped. He originally thought that it was over, and had not thought that Jiang Chen still had a powerful trump card—sending the formidable earth devil beast out at this critical moment.

“Although the earth devil beast was merely a Third Grade Great Saint, its body has the bloodline of the top existence among the demon beasts and the king of the devils. Therefore, despite the fact that it is only a Third Grade Great Saint, it won’t have any trouble dealing with an ordinary Fourth Grade Great Saint. The thought of Jiang Chen having such a manoeuvre didn’t even cross my mind, but even if the earth devil beast can stop the elder of the Desolate Family, there are still two more Third Grade Great Saints, from the Huo and Narang Family respectively.”

Kong Yang breathed a sigh of relief. The emergence of the earth devil beast shocked him very much, but at the same time he became concerned. Even though the earth devil beast was strong enough to deal with the Fourth Grade Great Saint, there were still elders from the Huo and Narang Family, who is capable of handling them?.

Of course, this was because Kong Yang didn’t understand Jiang Chen’s method well enough. Jiang Chen wasn’t just a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, he was only a step away from the Great Saint realm. There was no question that he could kill a Third Grade Great Saint if he transformed into a half-dragon. Besides, he still had a devil that hadn’t been released yet.

“I know Jiang Chen. He would never do anything without certainty. That explains why he is so calm. It turns out that he still has a hidden trump card.” Kong Yu nodded.

He had come in contact with Jiang Chen back in Void Triangular Domain. Everything that Jiang Chen did in the domain was dominating, and seeing the confident face of Jiang Chen now, Kong Yu had reasons to believe that Jiang Chen had ways to deal with the other two Great Saints, or he might be already powerful enough to handle them by himself.

Big Yellow had a relaxed look on his face. He wagged his tail casually, totally disdaining the three Great Saints. Others might not know what Jiang Chen was planning but Big Yellow knew it very well. He knew very well how strong Jiang Chen was and how many trump cards he had.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t imagine that you are a.s.sociated with the devils. I can tell that you are also a devil just like them!” The elder of Desolate Family denounced Jiang Chen loudly.

“It’s none of your business who I a.s.sociate with. Earth devil beast, kill him.”

Jiang Chen treated the elder’s critic as fart, and immediately ordered the earth devil beast to attack.

“Yes, Master!”

The earth devil beast responded with a loud roar. It lunged towards the elder with incredible devil Qi.

“Let me handle this earth devil beast. You two go and get rid of the other brats. We must kill Jiang Chen today. This brat has become a serious threat and if we did not kill him as soon as possible, he will become disastrous.”

The elder of Desolate Family cried out the orders at the elders of Huo and Narang Family. In fact, the relations.h.i.+p between the three families was not very good, but their att.i.tude was surprisingly consistent with regards to Jiang Chen. They all had the same objective of getting rid of Jiang Chen.


The elders of Huo and Narang Family responded immediately. Then, they struck at Jiang Chen at the same time.

“Brother Jiang, what do we do now?”

Kong Yang looked at Jiang Chen, these two Great Saints would have no problem finis.h.i.+ng them all.

“I want you all to stand back. I’ll take care of them,” said Jiang Chen in a faint tone.

“This is…” Kong Yang frowned.

“This is what? Master Dog can also kill one of them, but Master Dog won’t act at all. These two old men are dead for sure,”said Big Yellow.

He swaggered towards one direction, leaving the battlefield to Jiang Chen.

Seeing this situation, Kong Yang and the other two quickly followed Big Yellow without hesitation.

“Jiang Chen, die now!”

The elder of the Huo Family, with boundless flame on his body, struck out his palm towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen also sent a palm strike without speaking, but this was no ordinary palm strike—it was the Water Dragon Seal. A water dragon appeared and the temperature of the entire void suddenly dropped by a large margin. When the water dragon collided with the elder’s attack, the flame of the elder was instantly extinguished.

“What? What kind of water is this?” The elder exclaimed.

He was a mighty Third Grade Great Saint who cultivated the supreme cultivation law of the Huo Family. It consisted of strong fire element and was very effective to water, instantly turning the water to vapour. If he used his full power, he could even vaporized the ocean.

But then, the water dragon that Jiang Chen struck pulverised his attack completely. This was simply appalling.

He couldn’t have known that Jiang Chen’s Water Dragon Seal was not an ordinary water—it’s the Heavenly Earth Pure Water. It was the coldest and heaviest water in the Heaven and Earth. A single drop of the water could penetrate through a mountain and was the natural enemy of all sources of fire. Only flames with supreme Yang energy can resist it and coincidentally, Jiang Chen had such flames.

“Huo Family’s fire is just too weak. You are just going to be suppressed by me, and you won’t be able to exert all of your combat strength.”

Jiang Chen pointed his hand at the elder of the Huo Family, and said with rudeness.

“In that case I will get rid of you.”

The elder of Narang Family lunged. An illusory mountain was condensed, smas.h.i.+ng down at Jiang Chen from above.

“I don’t want to kill you, but even so, you also can’t live either.”

Jiang Chen revealed a trace of sneer at the corner of his mouth, totally disdaining the attack of the elder. He yelled, “Devil, come out now and have some warm up!”


As soon as his voice dropped, a gust of devil Qi soared up to the sky. A huge devil leaped into the void and destroyed the illusory mountain with a punch. The devil had the same frustration as the earth devil beast while in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Its current cultivation has already reached the peak of Third Grade Great Saint. It was no doubt that this devil had been longing for the chance to kill.

The devil’s physique was extremely strong, including its flesh. Its combat strength was incredible. Adding its cultivation advantage, the elder of the Narang Family was clearly no match for it.

“Oh my G.o.d, what kind of monster is that? Its devil Qi is very powerful.”

“It’s a devil. The movement of the Devil Race is always under the constant watch of the Great Lightning Tune Temple. They had never thought that Jiang Chen also has a devil besides the earth devil beast. This is really terrifying.”

“What a powerful devil! Judging by the its Qi and cultivation, it is much stronger than the elder of the Narang Family.”

No one wasn’t surprised. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe their own eyes. The earth devil beast was already scary enough even before the emergence of the devil. Jiang Chen’s trump cards weren’t only unusual, but also unpredictable.

Kong Yang and the other two were petrified. Now, they finally understood why Jiang Chen was so composed all along, but there was still a question bothering them in their heads: How did Jiang Chen subdue an earth devil beast and a devil by himself? Devils were defiant in nature and couldn’t easily be controlled. As for the earth devil beast, it was virtually impossible to control it according to their knowledge and experience. It was the king of devils and possessed a strong bloodline. One could defeat an earth devil beast with great power but one could never control it.

But then again, Jiang Chen was able to do it. Regardless of what ways Jiang Chen used, they were utterly impressed.

“Jiang Chen, I can’t believe that you have devils as your comrades. Are you trying to become the public enemy of the human race?”

“Jiang Chen, it seems that you are also a devil. Even though you are a human, your essence is no different than a devil. Anyone has the right to punish someone like you.”

The elders of the Narang and Huo Family seemed to be filled with hatred and resentment. However, they were just afraid.

“Haha! Stop bone-picking the sins that you think I have done. I, Jiang Chen, don’t need your judgement. You both have offended me and that will make me your devil, your eternal nightmare. Cut the c.r.a.p and die!”

Jiang Chen’s black hair danced in the breeze. His Qi soared up to the sky and the Heavenly Saint Sword rippled out. The thick murderous intent from the sword permeated into the air. He would never be merciful towards his enemies, anyone who went against him would only face one ending – death.


When Jiang Chen’s voice dropped, the devil released a gust of devil wave that rushed towards the elder of the Narang Family, and at the same time, Jiang Chen appeared before the elder of the Huo Family with his Heavenly Saint Sword in a blink. This time, Jiang Chen did not use the Heavenly Earth Pure Water. He had coated his sword with a layer of flames.

To the cultivators of the Huo Family, either it was the Heavenly Earth Pure Water or the True Thunderfire, both are able to completely suppress them. True Thunderfire and the True Dragon Fire were the king of flames. When the fire of the Huo Family elder encountered these two flames, his flames would definitely give in.

The elder of the Huo Family took out a long spear which was also coated with a scorching red fire that could incinerate everything but unfortunately, it trembled intensely when it touched the flames of the Heavenly Saint Sword. That was fear, fear towards its king!


The long spear and the long sword collided, creating a sea of fire in the void, burning all the Heaven and Earth Yuan Force in the air instantly. Under such a fierce collision, the elder of Huo Family was unable to resist the powerful strike from Jiang Chen and was sent flying a hundred meters away.

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