Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 925 – The Earth Devil Beast Struck

Chapter 925 – The Earth Devil Beast Struck

The Earth Devil Beast Struck

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“I swear that from now on, Big Yellow will my idol.”

Kong Yu and Leopard Wei’s expression were incomparably vibrant. Their admiration for Big Yellow now overwhelmed and flooded their emotions like a tidal wave. Using fart to knockout a Great Saint? Who could create such miracle? It seemed like only Big Yellow could do this.

“Tsk, even if this Huo Family b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn’t dead, he will be crippled in the future for sure. Big Yellow not only knocked him out, but also caused a serious damage to him, irreparable damage. Additionally, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d won’t be able to raise his head while walking anymore. So it’s impossible for him to return to Saint Origin Palace.”

Kong Yang was clicking his tongue. He had already seen that this genius from the Huo Family wasn’t just simply knocked out. Big Yellow’s fart not only stinked, its power was also incredible. Although that genius was a powerful Great Saint, if he was replaced by an ordinary Minor Saint, this dog’s fart would certainly tear him apart.

“Wanna fight Master Dog? You’re too young for that.”

Big Yellow wagged his stout tail and raised his proud head, swaggering to Jiang Chen. It seemed that he had no intention of killing the genius of the Huo Family. Jiang Chen had a smile on his face but he didn’t intend to make a move either. It was no longer necessary to kill such a pathetic man because his future was already as good as dead.

There were quite a lot of geniuses from the five large families around. After seeing the scene, they quickly dispersed, fearing that Jiang Chen would kill them as well. Given their strengths, they were no match for these freaks at all.

Kong Yang came close to Jiang Chen. He held his fists and said, “Brother Jiang, I’m very grateful that you saved my life.”

“You’re welcome, Brother Kong. Your father and I have a very good relations.h.i.+p. He is now guarding my home, naturally I want to ensure the safety of his descendants. I think your injuries aren’t light. Take this medicine quick.”

Jiang Chen took out three pills and handed it to Kong Yang, Leopard Wei and Kong Yu each. Leopard Wei and Kong Yu had the most serious injuries compared to the rest. If they couldn’t recover soon, it would leave a nasty side effect on their future cultivation.

The three of them didn’t show much formalities. They were now standing on the same boat as Jiang Chen. For Kong Yang, today was the first time he saw Jiang Chen’s might, he saw how terrifying a Ninth Grade Minor Saint could be. In his life, he rarely admired people, but today, Jiang Chen was the first one who gained his admiration.

After swallowing the pills, their faces changed dramatically. They felt the same as what Gu Liufeng and the others felt after consuming the pill. There was no doubt that they had plenty of vulnerary pills with them, but it was incomparable to Jiang Chen without a question.

“Good pill.”

Kong Yang couldn’t help but praise.

“That’s right, the speed of recovery of this pill is awesome. I was so badly hurt but almost half of my injuries are already healed in just a short time. It is incredible.” Leopard Wei said.

“That is of course, Jiang Chen not only has great combat strength, he also has great alchemy skill.” Big Yellow said in an incomparably proud tone, as though he was the alchemist instead of Jiang Chen.

“Okay, we can’t stay here for long. Too many spatial zones are already gone and the ruckus here will most likely attract stronger experts here, which will create great trouble for us. We’ll have to leave now,” said Jiang Chen.


Kong Yang nodded, feeling that Jiang Chen’s words were very reasonable.

*Hong Long*

However, just when they were about to leave, the void burst into a hole and three figures emerged. They were all elders in different clothes, this only showed that they were from three different families namely the Desolate, Huo and Narang Family respectively.

What was shocking was the strength of these three individuals. The two elders of Huo and Narang Family had already reached the Third Grade Great Saint while the elder of the Desolate Family had the scariest cultivation – a mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint.

Immediately after they saw the tragedy here, they got infuriated and sealed off the entire spatial zone.

“Look, it’s the elders.”

“Well, they are surely going to die this time. Jiang Chen has killed Desolate Yuan and the geniuses of the Saint Origin Palace. The elders will never let them go.”


The appearance of the three elders delighted the disciples of the five large families who were currently fleeing.

On Kong Yang’s side, every one of their faces darkened. Three masters of the five large families had emerged before the masters of the Gu Family and the Demon Race. The two Third Grade Great Saints were already out of their league, let alone the mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint. The idea of killing them wouldn’t be as casual as talking.

Although Jiang Chen was strong, he was after all only a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. It was certainly impossible for him to fight the Fourth Grade Great Saint.

“Brother Jiang, what now?”

Kong Yang sounded worried. At this time, Jiang Chen had undoubtedly been regarded as the backbone of the team.

“No worries.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, and gestured to Kong Yang to keep calm. If it was before, it would really be a life-threatening situation to encounter a Fourth Grade Great Saint, but just now, the earth devil beast had just advanced to Third Grade Great Saint. As such, it would have no problem fighting the Fourth Grade Great Saint of the Desolate Family.

“Desolate Yuan, Desolate Cong…”

When the elder of the Desolate Family saw the tragic death of the two young geniuses, his eyes suddenly turned red. The death of these two talents was undeniably a great loss to the Desolate Family.

“There is no need to call for them. They were killed by me. By the way, let me introduce myself, I am called Jiang Chen.” Jiang Chen said to the three Great Saints.

Even if he was currently facing such powerful experts, he didn’t have any signs of nervousness. Kong Yang and the others wondered where did Jiang Chen get so much confidence.

“d.a.m.n, you little beast! You dared to kill two great geniuses of our family! You are asking for your death! I must kill you today to settle the scores that you have done to our people!”

The elder of the Desolate Family gritted his teeth and felt the urge to rush forward and devour Jiang Chen.

“The genius of the Huo Family is dead too. Jiang Chen, who gave you such an audacity to kill the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace?” The elder of the Huo Family raged at Jiang Chen.

“I have also sensed the death Qi of Narang Family’s genius. It must be him who did it. All of the people here would have to die, including the people of the Demon Race who protected Jiang Chen. They are all our enemies!”

The elder of Narang Family yelled in an aggressive tone, it showed that he had no intention of letting Jiang Chen and the others go.

“Haha! Just with the strength of three old men? It must be a joke. Bring out any skills that you have, I would like to see who will be killing who today.”

Jiang Chen laughed out loud, expressing his arrogance. It seemed like he did not put the three Great Saints in his eyes at all. Let’s not talk about whether he had the strength to fight these opponents first, his spirit alone could subdue people.

“Shamelessly bragging! It’s time to stop this little brat’s arrogance.”

The elder of the Desolate Family fluctuated his Qi and struck out a palm at the void, charging towards Jiang Chen. The target of the attack wasn’t just Jiang Chen, it included Big Yellow and the rest of his friends. It seemed like the elder intended to kill them all with just a single blow.

This man was a dignified Fourth Grade Great Saint, the Supreme Elder of the Desolate Family. It would undoubtedly be a disgrace for him to handle the juniors himself, but the death of Desolate Yuan and Desolate Cong left him no choice but to eliminate everyone that were related to their deaths in order to take revenge.

“It’s over.”

Kong Yu shuddered. A mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint was really beyond their ability. They could already feel the mountain like pressure from this palm, it suffocated them badly.

At this moment, even Kong Yang was overwhelmed with concerns, he had no idea how Jiang Chen would deal with this mighty Fourth Grade Great Saint. Yet, there wasn’t a single panic shown on Jiang Chen’s face, it was filled with confidence instead. His steadiness had relieved a large load of their worries.

“Earth devil beast, now.”

Jiang Chen called the earth devil beast and it rushed out of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Everyone saw a large black hand materialising in the air and collided with the palm attack of the Great Saint.

*Hong Long*

The Heaven and Earth shook. The palm strike of the Great Saint was instantly pulverised by the large black hand.


Then, an earth-shaking howl was heard. A middle-aged man that looked as strong as iron tower appeared. He continued to let out howls. His body emitted countless of black devil waves that soared up to the sky, as if he was the incarnation of a giant devil.


The earth devil beast burst into laughter. He had just advanced to the Third Grade Great Saint and he wanted to express his stifled feelings in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He was the king of the devil race and was a born fighter. He felt like he was the tiger that had been released into the mountains after being kept in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da for so long.

“Who is this? What a powerful devil Qi. He isn’t human. He belongs to the devil race. His body has the bloodline of the devil race. This is an earth devil beast.”

The elder of Narang Family changed his expression the moment he discovered the earth devil beast.

“A Third Grade Great Saint earth devil beast is enough to deal with a Fourth Grade Great Saint. How could this little beast have a such powerful underling?”

The elder of the Huo Family was shocked as well. In fact, no one wasn’t shocked by the presence of the earth devil beast. They could already see how strong the beast was just from their first exchange. The blow of the Fourth Grade Great Saint was easily pulverized by it.

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