Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 924 – Fart Banging the Great Saint

Chapter 924 – Fart Banging the Great Saint

Fart Banging the Great Saint

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*Ka Cha*

The fifth step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps was the most powerful and the most lethal. Desolate Yuan was already about to meet his end. There was no more strength left in him to resist, much less the strength to defend the last step of Jiang Chen. His chest sunk deep inside before the foot pierced through his body, all of his internal organs were ejected out.


Desolate Yuan’s body fell heavily on the ground, twitching constantly. The present Desolate Yuan was bleeding from every part of his body but he wasn’t completely dead yet. His eyes that were covered with blood revealed reluctance and fear.

He was the son of the heaven, the supreme genius, the number one on the Sky Ranking. He was considered a holy child since young and the number one genius of the Desolate Family. He was recognized by the higher ups in his family as the most probable genius that could break through into the Immortal realm. Yet, all of his hopes, honour and glory seemed so fragile in the face of death.


Jiang Chen raised his foot and stepped on Desolate Yuan’s face.

“The number one on the Sky Ranking? The top genius of the Desolate Family? The supremely glorious figure in the Pure Land? What else can you brag about? You died just like an ordinary person, leaving nothing behind.”

Jiang Chen looked down at Desolate Yuan under his feet who was still twitching uncontrollably like a worm, trying hard to break free but couldn’t. He lost count of how many times he looked at his opponents with such disdain. However, he didn’t expect that such words would be used against him today.

“Die now.”

Jiang Chen stepped hard, pressing Desolate Yuan’s head into the solid ground before lifting his leg up. Desolate Yuan’s body made a few random wriggle on the ground before stopping entirely. Now, the legendary number one genius on the Sky Ranking, the people’s little monstrous genius was dead. All of his deeds were supposed to become legends, but due to Jiang Chen’s existence, his ‘legends’ only served as a foil for Jiang Chen’s path in the future.


At this moment, everyone breathed in a cold air. The present scene was like a dream to them. The number one genius on the Sky Ranking died just like that, simplistically killed by Jiang Chen. Their impression of Jiang Chen grew exponentially in their hearts. The dazzling stars, bright geniuses were nothing but floating clouds in front of him.

The genius of the Huo Family that came from Saint Origin Palace was completely stunned at the moment. His face was devoid of the pride he previously had. This was also like a dream to him. Even though he wasn’t sure how powerful Desolate Yuan was, he knew how strong Desolate Cong was. Their powers would be evenly matched if the two of them fought.

However, Desolate Cong was instantly killed by Jiang Chen with a single slash, it only showed that even if he rushed forth, he would face the same outcome as Desolate Cong.


That was right. Just run. Perhaps he still had the time to do so now, or else he would certainly lose his life today.


However, he had no more time to run when he saw a big yellow st.u.r.dy dog standing in front of him, giving him no way to escape.

“Heh! Heh! Want to run now? It seems a little late for that.” Big Yellow chuckled.

“I didn’t mess with you all.” The genius of the Huo Family frowned and said.

If it was before, he would have already killed this dog instantly, but he must bear it now, only by compromising would he have a chance to survive.

“It’s true that you didn’t mess with us, but does that really matter?”

Big Yellow’s words gave people the impulse to spurt blood. This was a remark that was beyond shameless, but they understood that Jiang Chen hadn’t gotten along with the Huo Family. Before the battle, this genius originally wanted join the fight, but after seeing Jiang Chen’s overpowering attack, he held himself back, or perhaps he didn’t have a chance because his other two comrades were instantly killed by Jiang Chen.

“Stupid dog! Get out of my way.” The genius of the Huo Family snarled, and immediately stuck out a palm, clawing at Big Yellow.


Big Yellow was totally unafraid. He was now a powerful First Grade Great Saint, a peak First Grade Great Saint. Back in the Dark Shadow stronghold, he could even kill a Third Grade Great Saint by himself. The one standing in front of him was merely a First Grade Great Saint. He wouldn’t fear this opponent even if he was the top genius of the Huo Family.


Big Yellow’s head illuminated golden rays of light, colliding at the incoming palm. A bang was heard and the genius was sent forty meters flying away.


The genius of the Huo Family was totally shocked and frustrated that he had the urge to puke blood. How could a great genius like him couldn’t even handle a dog?

However, before he could react, Big Yellow struck again.

There were lots of people gathered around the battlefield. They were the cultivators that were already in this spatial zone earlier. Jiang Chen’s power had already made them speechless. They hadn’t thought that this dog would be so powerful that the genius of Huo Family was totally suppressed.

But then, there were a few of them that were not surprised about this incident. They already had a good understanding of Big Yellow. He was a powerful divine beast that was able to enter the Ninth Floor of the Suspended Tower and was recognized by the Totem Divine Seal, which made him the true genius of the Demon Race. It would be a disgrace if he couldn’t even defeat a genius of the Huo Family.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time because many spatial zones were already gone. The movements here would most likely draw the attention of the powerful experts. He drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword and was about to swing it at the genius of the Huo Family, but a buzzing sound came out from the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da at this time.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He quickly checked what happened. He then found out that the earth devil beast’s cultivation grade in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already advanced to Third Grade Great Saint. A similar situation also happened to the devil, it could advance to the Fourth Grade Great Saint at any time.

“Well, it seems like due the constant absorption of energy of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, it gave the two of them a great deal of benefits. The earth devil beast is already a Third Grade Great Saint. Its combat strength is now comparable to a Fourth Grade Great Saint, which will provide me enormous help.”

Jiang Chen was surprised. The earth devil beast and the devil were his slaves. The more powerful the earth devil beast was, the greater help it could give to him. With his current combat strength, he would be able to fight a Third Grade Great Saint, but if he encountered a Fourth Grade Great Saint, he would have no chance. Now that the earth devil beast had advanced to Third Grade Great Saint, it gave Jiang Chen the capability to handle a Fourth Grade Great Saint.

In order not to affect the advancement of the earth devil beast and the devil, Jiang Chen slowly put down his Heavenly Saint Sword, no longer having any intention to join in the fight between Big Yellow and the genius of the Huo Family. He could already see that the genius wouldn’t be a match for Big Yellow. He would be eliminated by Big Yellow very soon.

Looking at Big Yellow’s enthusiasm, Jiang Chen had a feeling that Big Yellow would definitely bite his b.u.t.t if he interfered in the fight.


Under the fierce impact of Big Yellow, the genius of the Huo Family fell down from the sky, smas.h.i.+ng to the ground heavily. Big Yellow was very fast. His body swooped down and landed hard on the genius, however, his movements looked very indecent as he landed with his b.u.t.t pressing on the genius’ face.

Seeing such a scene, Jiang Chen hurriedly covered his eyes and retreated to a distance. He already knew what kind of tragedy would happen without even looking at it. The genius would certainly die under Big Yellow’s fart, he wouldn’t be able to raise his head even if he became a ghost due to humiliation.

“Taste Grandpa’s Invincible Whirlwind Fart!”

Big Yellow’s foot was charged with force. His b.u.t.t instantly magnified by a fold. Then, everyone heard an earth-shaking roar, almost like thunder. Green ma.s.s of air rushed out of his b.u.t.t and exploded on the genius’ face.

*Hong Long*

The gusts of air dispersed like a violent storm. Everyone could hear a scream that didn’t sound like human coming from the genius. His entire body was slammed against the ground, creating a large pit. Green smoke was rolling within the newly created hole.

“Argh… kill me now…”

The scream from the pit was creepy but the genius couldn’t get all of his words out, his mouth was choking horrendously.

The people around were stupefied. They clearly saw Big Yellow’s fart pa.s.sed by and knew how horrifying it was. Very quickly, the fart flowed to their faces due to the air. The people’s stupefied faces instantly changed.

“*vomit* What the h…! It stinks!”

“*vomit* *vomit* *vomit* *vomit*”

“I’m going to d-d-die. *vomit*”

Even those Minor Saints and Great Saint experts were caught off guard by Big Yellow’s peerless fart. None of them could stand it. Some of them immediately puked at once. Many faces turned green and pale, while some of them cursed. This was undeniably the most terrible fart in the world.

Once the fart permeated through the air, many of them quickly ran to a distance, and looked back at Big Yellow in fear, however, they immediately s.h.i.+fted their attention to the large pit. Thinking about the horrific condition made them s.h.i.+ver.

They couldn’t even bear the green air that dispersed in the air. It must be very miserable to be in the shoes of that genius now.

Someone used their divine sense and found that the genius was lying quietly deep in the pit, completely still, but judging from his Qi, he wasn’t dead yet. He was still alive but lost the ability to move. The only explanation for this was that he had fainted.

Oh G.o.d, could a Great Saint really faint? This was simply impossible. One should know that he was a Great Saint. How could a Great Saint possibly faint? Despite all of their questions, the genius in front of them had really fainted like a clumsy bear.

Big Yellow had created a miracle by using his fart to knockout a Great Saint.

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