Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 923 – Killing the Geniuses of Saint Origin Palace

Chapter 923 – Killing the Geniuses of Saint Origin Palace

Killing the Geniuses of Saint Origin Palace

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Leopard Wei no longer said anything. Although Kong Yang was formerly opponent, he knew him all too well. Kong Yang was a person who would never escape on his own, because if that was the case, he wouldn’t be Kong Yang.

“It is a sad thing that we – the two great geniuses of Demon Race - will fall at such a place.” Leopard Wei sighed helplessly.

The present circ.u.mstance was crystal clear. Kong Yang was severely injured, as such he couldn’t fight Desolate Yuan. Not only that, there was Desolate Cong, who was also a member of Desolate Family and a genius of Saint Origin Palace, who didn’t seem to have the intention of letting them go.

“Kong Yang, even though I am going to kill you today, I have to say that you are the genius I most admire among all the geniuses on the Sky Ranking. It’s a bit of pity that we can’t be friends.” Desolate Yuan said while shaking his head.

“You are right. We are fated not to be friends, because someone like you aren’t qualified to become a friend of Kong Yang.”

Right after Desolate Yuan’s voice dropped, a voice suddenly sounded from behind. It wasn’t Kong Yang’s, it was Jiang Chen’s.

Hearing this line, everyone on the scene was petrified. They turned towards the source of the sound, including Kong Yang and Leopard Wei, and saw three silhouettes materializing in seconds. They were two men and a dog. One of them was a youth covered with blood, he was the Kong Yu who escaped.

“Jiang Chen.”

Desolate Yuan and Leopard Wei exclaimed at the same time as they didn’t expect to see him here.

Seeing Jiang Chen, majestic combat intent burst out Desolate Yuan’s body. He was gritting his teeth, holding himself back from rus.h.i.+ng over and slice Jiang Chen to pieces. From young until now, he had never lost a battle to any of his peers except to Jiang Chen. This was undeniably a great insult to his life. In order to sc.r.a.pe away this insult, he only had one way – that was to kill Jiang Chen.

On the other hand, Leopard Wei had entirely different thought. He felt like he had seen the sunlight the moment he saw Jiang Chen, s.h.i.+ning upon his gloomy heart. He could feel that Jiang Chen was now many times more powerful than before. He knew the scariness of Jiang Chen after his battle with him. Now that Jiang Chen appeared, he and Kong Yang would be saved. He believed that Desolate Yuan wasn’t necessarily stronger than Jiang Chen.

Kong Yang looked over at Jiang Chen with astonished eyes. He had already heard about Jiang Chen beforehand, but it’s just today that he saw Jiang Chen in person. He was quite interested in the man who could kill s.h.i.+ Han, but he didn’t expect his first meeting with Jiang Chen would be in such a scene.

“Desolate Yuan, it’s no use looking at me fiercely because no matter how angry you are, it won’t change the fact that you are the loser. Last time you ran away from the battle. Today, it is your misfortune to meet me again. Of course, if you choose to run away like a mourning dog again, there is still chance.”

Jiang Chen’s tone, words and face were filled with sarcasm. He totally didn’t put Desolate Yuan in his eyes.

“What? He beat Desolate Yuan?”

Many people were shocked, including Kong Yang and Leopard Wei and Kong Yu who was standing beside Jiang Chen. All of their eyes widened due to disbelief, particularly Leopard Wei who was still speculating whether Jiang Chen could defeat Desolate Yuan. He hadn’t thought that the two had battled beforehand. According to Jiang Chen, Desolate Yuan was defeated and ran away.

It was too shocking to hear that the number one genius on the Sky Ranking was defeated by Jiang Chen. They certainly wouldn’t believe it if this wasn’t coming from Jiang Chen’s mouth.

Moreover, they could see the expression on Desolate Yuan’s face. It was a face that had been defeated by Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, I will claim back the insult you brought upon me. Today, I will kill you.” Desolate Yuan said maliciously.

Jiang Chen’s words were like blades impaling his heart. It was the feeling when the wound was tore open bit by bit in the face of countless people. His hate for Jiang Chen now was higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea.

“You won’t have the chance.”

Jiang Chen crossed his hands behind his back while walking to Desolate Yuan one step after the other, blocking Kong Yang and Leopard Wei from the view. Kong Yu hurriedly stepped forward to pull Kong Yang and the seriously injured Leopard Wei.

“Big brother, are you alright?” Kong Yu was worried.

“I’m fine.”

Kong Yang shook his head. Then, he and Leopard Wei took out a red pill each and swallowed it to heal their injuries. Kong Yang stared at Jiang Chen’s back and said, “Jiang Chen, you have to be careful. Desolate Yuan has gotten some benefits in this ancient battlefield. He would be a difficult opponent.”

Even though Jiang Chen had defeated Desolate Yuan, his present strength wasn’t comparable to his previous strength. Well, of course, Kong Yang didn’t know Jiang Chen defeated Desolate Yuan while he was merely an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. It was true that Desolate Yuan had gotten great benefits in this place, but Jiang Chen also got benefits but greater. Jiang Chen had already reached the peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint, which made his combat strength unrivalled. Desolate Yuan was undeniably no match for him.

The two geniuses of Saint Origin Palace were studying Jiang Chen. After returning from Saint Origin Palace, the most they heard was Jiang Chen’s name, his achievements and the feud between him and the five large families.

“Desolate Yuan, I think this man is a difficult opponent, let us join in the battle.”

Desolate Cong, the genius of Saint Origin Palace, said while the other genius of Huo Family was ready to move.

“No, don’t interfere with my business. I must kill him myself.”

Desolate Yuan didn’t accept their help. He didn’t put even the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace in his eyes. Well, it made sense for a number one genius of Desolate Family. He had the right to be this arrogant. He had the right to not put Desolate Cong in his eyes. Although Desolate Cong had gotten a lot of cultivation resources in Saint Origin Palace, he would mostly be defeated by Desolate Yuan if they engaged in a battle.

“You really ought to listen to him though the three of you joining together won’t have much chance either, but it is still better than you fighting me alone.” Jiang Chen shrugged and said flatly.

“Cut the nonsense. Jiang Chen, die now!”

Desolate Yuan’s Qi shook, his entire body bent and distorted. In the next moment, he materialized before Jiang Chen with boundless energy and launched his most powerful attack. With him as the centre of the attack, a chaotic world was condensed, wrapping Jiang Chen completely. This condensed world was filled with vicious airflow that looked seemingly white. It gave everyone a kind of invisible pressure that bent all sides of the void. Everyone who was affected felt like they had entered some sort of prison. It made them feel incomparably unpleasant.

This was the newest technique of Desolate Yuan. Besides the tremendous pressure in the airflow, there were condensed sharp blades that could crush and kill everything.

“Is that all?”

It didn’t concern Jiang Chen at all. Three golden dragons rushed out his body all of a sudden.


The three golden dragons let out roars. Jiang Chen also transformed to half-dragon instantly, which boosted his combat strength crazily by tenfold. The indestructible small world was instantly pulverized by the attack of his Golden Dragon Seal, scattering around in small pieces.


The destruction of the condensed small world tremendously affected Desolate Yuan, sending him flying away. His facial expression instantly changed to shock. It was true that he improved a lot within this short period of time, but Jiang Chen’s improvement was greater. Even with his most powerful attack, he was still not a match for Jiang Chen.

Before Desolate Yuan could react from his shock, Jiang Chen’s body appeared above him and made a trample that carried whirlwind on his body.

“Desolate Yuan, I will not give you the chance to escape this time.”

Jiang Chen’s face turned cold as he made the Azure Dragon Five Steps violently.

*Bang* First step.

*Bang* Second step.

*Bang* Third step.

*Bang* Fourth step.

Four steps landed on Desolate Yuan in an instant. Each step weighed as much as a hundred thousand kilograms. Desolate Yuan was absolutely powerless. Every step made him spurt blood along with the sound of broken bones. This was truly a tragic scene.

“The fifth step.”

Jiang Chen was cruel and ruthless. He had always been like this towards his enemy. In the eyes of his enemies, he was the G.o.d of killing.

The successive scenes had shocked everyone present. A while ago, they thought that it would be a relatively equal match, but it turned out to be one-sided! Desolate Yuan was so vulnerable in front of Jiang Chen, like a dog that was going to die due to domestic abuse even though the abuse only lasted for a few seconds. This fully ill.u.s.trated Jiang Chen’s power and Desolate Yuan was certainly not the same level with him.


When Jiang Chen was about to make the last step on Desolate Yuan, Desolate Cong, who was standing on the side, regained his senses. He immediately drew out his combat weapon and struck at Jiang Chen to save Desolate Yuan from the attack.

“Humph! You will die first.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph and drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword. A brilliant blood-red web of swords straightaway enveloped Desolate Cong that caused his facial expression to change drastically. This situation recalled the remark made by most of his enemies: you won’t know how strong Jiang Chen is until you fight him.


Desolate Cong let out a shrill cry but it was over. In the absolute gap of strength, the only thing that awaited him was death. The Heavenly Saint Sword moved too fast, faster than a lightning bolt, and slashed Desolate Cong into half, turning everyone petrified. This genius who had just returned from Saint Origin Palace was killed. No one under the heavens would have such audacity to commit such killing.

Since the establishment of Saint Origin Palace, it became the absolute dominator of Saint Origin World, the supreme power in the world. Although Saint Origin Palace was built by the eight great families of Pure Land, it was detached from these eight families. Desolate Yuan and Desolate Cong were both members of Desolate Family but their statuses were entirely different and each of them represented different power. Jiang Chen killing Desolate Cong meant that he was waging war against the Saint Origin Palace. Jiang Chen was definitely the first person who opposed the Saint Origin Palace openly.

Subsequently, without caring about what other people felt, he made the violent fifth step of the Azure Dragon Five Steps on Desolate Yuan...

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