Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 922 – Kong Yang’s Courage and Uprightness

Chapter 922 – Kong Yang’s Courage and Uprightness

Kong Yang’s Courage and Uprightness

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This was only a Minor Saint evil soul, so Jiang Chen was too lazy to absorb it using the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.


There were really plenty of evil souls here. After sensing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s intrusion, a few evil souls charged at them from the darkness. This time Jiang Chen didn’t strike. He left it all to Big Yellow.

Big Yellow used his steel head to dash forward. Those few evil souls were instantly smashed to pieces. They then heard a continuous roar in the spatial zone. At random times, they could also hear the rumble of battle. It was the sound of the combat waves. It seemed like there were more than evil souls and monsters existed in this spatial zone, there were also a lot of human cultivators here.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance and flew towards the inner region. Presently, a few people suddenly appeared in their sight. Then, there was a man who looked extremely fazed and full of blood. He was running away from the few people as they yelled and chased after him.

“Stand right there and leave your combat armour.”

A mighty Ninth Grade Minor Saint roared.

When the fleeing man saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, he felt like he had seen his saviour, and immediately, he shouted. “Brother Jiang, save me!”

As a matter of fact, he knew that he still had hope the moment he saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. He knew all too well the power of this young man and dog. Although the people who were chasing him were powerful geniuses of the Sky Ranking, they were no match for the two.

“Kong Yu.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow yelped, this b.l.o.o.d.y man was no stranger to them, he is the youngest son of Peac.o.c.k King, Kong Yu. The scene was already very obvious, those people were hunting him.


They stood in front of Kong Yu, staring coldly at those few people who were chasing him, they had never seen them before, but they could tell that they were the experts of the Pure Land just from their uniform.

“Who are you? I suggest you to stay out of it. I am Narang He and they are from the s.h.i.+ and Desolate Family which you can’t afford to offend.”

Narang He didn’t recognize Jiang Chen. Even though he felt that this white-clothed young man wasn’t an easy opponent, he himself was strong and was the genius of Narang Family. Thus, he didn’t need to fear this young man. That’s why he spoke to Jiang Chen in an arrogant tone.

“Kong Yu, hand over the combat armour, otherwise, I will send you down to accompany your brother and that stupid leopard.”

A man from the s.h.i.+ Family yelled at Kong Yu, ignoring the existence of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Their minds were just thinking about the combat armour in Kong Yu’s hands. In fact, if they really thought about it – this young man and dog – they wouldn’t have a problem figuring out that it was Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. After all, almost no one in the Pure Land didn’t know the famous Jiang Chen.

“A bunch of fools. If I were you, I would disappear from here at once. Although I have a feud with the five large families, I’m too lazy to kill you all. Get out of here and vanish at this instant.”

Jiang Chen said very impatiently.

“Asking us to get out of here? This must be a joke. Who do you think you are? Since you refused to get lost, we will just kill you as well. Anyone who offends the Narang Family will only face one outcome – death.”

Narang He pointed his finger at Jiang Chen. He even released his Qi, ready to fight against Jiang Chen, while the experts of the s.h.i.+ and Desolate Family were frowning, as if they felt that something was wrong.

*Pu Chi*

Narang He was only able to release his Qi. His body suddenly shook, petrified. He looked down and saw a cold long sword piercing through his body. Blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from the hole and he could feel that his vital force was losing rapidly.


Narang He looked over at Jiang Chen, feeling stunned. He was a powerful Ninth Grade Minor Saint, the genius of the Sky Ranking, the genius of the geniuses, but he was instantly defeated by his opponent. He didn’t even know when did his opponent attacked.

Only now did he recall the name.

“Remember this, the man who killed you is called Jiang Chen. I gave you a chance to live but you didn’t appreciate it.”

Jiang Chen’s words was like sharp knife poking into Narang He’s heart. He now regretted this in his heart, he was too focused on the combat armour that Kong Yu have that he failed to recognize Jiang Chen. It was a pity that it was already too late for that.

“Jiang Chen, he is Jiang Chen.”

The genius of s.h.i.+ Family cried out in shock. Without even bothering what would happen to Narang He, they immediately spun around and left, fearing that a seconds delay would result in death. Despite their hatred towards Jiang Chen, they were still afraid of him. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was really a disastrous star, an evil king. Although they all had a powerful cultivation base and were the top geniuses on the Sky Ranking, they still couldn’t be compared to Jiang Chen. In spite of their arrogance and their desire for revenge, they still understood this irrefutable fact.

“Thank you, brother Jiang. Otherwise, I would be buried here today.”

Kong Yu cupped his fists to express his heartfelt grat.i.tude.

“You just got some kind of combat armour, so why were they hunting you like that?”

Big Yellow asked curiously.

On Kong Yu’s arm was an armour that illuminated a golden light. It looked extraordinary and indestructible, it exuded some sort of divine aura.

“This is the Golden Silk Combat Armour, a Great Saint Armor. You are very lucky. No wonder they wanted to kill you. A Great Saint Weapon itself is extremely rare, let alone a Great Saint Armor. This is made from the golden silk of Western Domain. It is indestructible and has astonis.h.i.+ng defensive power.”

Jiang Chen was able to identify the origin of the combat armour with just a single glance, which explained why Narang He and the others were chasing after Kong Yu.

“Oh! Brother Jiang, you need to save my big brother and Leopard Wei now.”

Kong Yu suddenly thought of something and said hurriedly.

“What happened to them?”

Jiang Chen frowned. He knew the big brother that Kong Yu mentioned was Kong Yang, the number one genius of the Demon Race and third on the Sky Ranking. Judging from Kong Yu’s expression, the both of them seemed to have encountered a crisis.

“Big brother and Leopard Wei found a treasure left behind by a Great Saint expert, but unexpectedly, they encountered that monstrous genius of the Desolate Family, Desolate Yuan. I have no idea what Desolate Yuan has gotten that made him improve so much, he is already a Great Saint genius now. My big brother had also advanced to the Great Saint realm, he was supposed have sufficient power to fight Desolate Yuan, but Desolate Yuan’s cultivation grade had reached the of peak First Grade Great Saint, only a step away from the Second Grade Great Saint. He must have obtained some kind of benefits in the ancient battlefield, so my big brother wouldn’t be a match for him, much less for Leopard Wei who was not even a Great Saint yet. Plus, there were geniuses from the Saint Origin Palace also.”

Kong Yu told them the situation of Leopard Wei and Kong Yan quickly. The both of them were now at the most critical moment. If they were late, they would only see their dead bodies.

“Let’s go over there now.”

Without saying another word, Jiang Chen flew towards the inner region. He had an excellent relations.h.i.+p with Peac.o.c.k King. Currently, Peac.o.c.k King was helping him guard the Martial Saint Dynasty. Kong Yang was the son of Peac.o.c.k King. If something were to happen to him, he would feel extremely guilty and wouldn’t have the face to look at Peac.o.c.k King anymore.

Kong Yu wiped off a handful of sweat and felt lucky that he met Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen had the capability to save his big brother.

Deep in the zone, before the mountain cave shrouded in formation, a fierce battle was ongoing. Many bystanders had surrounded them to watch the fight.

There were three people on the battlefield, two of whom looked very fazed. They were Kong Yang and Leopard Wei from the Demon Race. Kong Yang had a better look as he was a mighty First Grade Great Saint. Even though he was no match for Desolate Yuan, it was fundamentally impossible for Desolate Yuan to kill him within a short period of time. Leopard Wei on the other hand looked miserably bad. Despite the benefits that he had obtained from the Suspended Tower, he didn’t have enough time to fully digest it. He was only a half-step Great Saint, there was still a step away from the Great Saint realm.

The present Leopard Wei had blood all over his body. His Qi had fully shrivelled up, and he looked fragile and weak, completely out of battle strength. Kong Yang’s Qi wrapped around him, trying his best to protect him.

“Kong Yang, fighting against me only has one outcome – death. I heard that your race has already taken that d.a.m.ned Jiang Chen as an ally. Then, you are the enemy of the Desolate Yuan. Today, I will kill the both of you first, then all the geniuses of the Demon Race. When I meet that Jiang Chen again next time, I will surely rip him into pieces.”

Desolate Yuan said cynically. When he lost to Jiang Chen, it was the biggest humiliation that he had ever faced. Today, he had improved tremendously in such a short time after receiving the huge benefit. If he met Jiang Chen again, he had the absolute certainty of killing him.

Two young men were standing not far away from the scene. They had a sn.o.bbish look as though they did not put everyone in this world in their eyes. They had the same cultivation as Desolate Yuan, peak First Grade Great Saint, but they were cultivators with the n.o.blest status – Saint Origin Palace.

“Desolate Yuan, don’t waste any more time, finish them off already.”

One spoke. He was called Desolate Cong, he was also a member of the Desolate Family.

“Rest a.s.sured. None of them will live.”

Desolate Yuan sneered, definitely not putting Kong Yang and Leopard Wei in his eyes. These two men were already dead in his heart.

“Kong Yang, just leave me.”

Leopard Wei gritted his teeth and said. The situation was already obvious. Kong Yang was no match for Desolate Yuan and he still needed to protect him. He was afraid that Kong Yang wouldn’t be able to protect himself eventually, costing his own life. He knew about Kong Yang’s ability – the innate ability of Peac.o.c.k King – that could allow him to move at lightning speed. If Kong Yang escaped now, he might have the chance to live, but he chose to stay behind instead.

“Shut up.”

Kong Yang reprimanded without turning his head.

Leopard Wei’s eyes turned red, he felt warmth in his heart. During the fierce internal conflicts in the Demon Race, he treated Kong Yang as his biggest rival, but now, Kong Yang was standing in front of him, protecting his life.

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