Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 921 – The Disappearance of the Spatial Zones

Chapter 921 – The Disappearance of the Spatial Zones

The Disappearance of the Spatial Zones

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The Ancient Devil couldn’t bear the pain and let out a roar. The fact that Big Yellow had bitten off two pieces of its flesh did not really matter because they were just trivial injuries, but the frustration and annoyance it felt was indescribable. It was a mighty and dignified Ninth Grade Great Saint Ancient Devil. How would it had thought that it would one day be bullied by a dog?

“Stupid dog, I won’t forgive you for what you did. I will eat you.”

The Ancient Devil threatened Big Yellow loudly, then it spurted out a mouthful of blood due to his overwhelming anger.

Due to the high fluctuation in emotions, the spiritual seed started to tremble again. It was showing signs of moving towards Han Yan’s side. This scene frightened the Ancient Devil. It then stabilized its mind quickly.

“What? You want to eat master dog? Then master dog will eat you first. Although your flesh stinks, master dog can still swallow it.”

After saying this, Big Yellow bit on the Ancient Devil’s b.u.t.t. A large piece of flesh was ripped off from the b.u.t.t with a ‘Chi La’ sound. Blood was spewing out. It was much more painful than sticking a rod directly up his b.u.t.t.

“Haha… Ancient Devil, even though you are a dignified Ninth Grade Great Saint, you are being bitten by a dog. If I were you, I would smash my head till I die.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly while making sarcastic remarks.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, a*shole…”

The Ancient Devil had the impulse to get mad but it knew the most important thing was to deal with Han Yan first. It quickly settle its mind down, but this young man and this dog were abhorrent, especially this dog. They affected it so much it simply couldn’t calm its mind and could go berserk at any second.

Currently, the Ancient Devil was fighting a war in the spiritual world while receiving provocations from Big Yellow and Jiang Chen with its physical body being bitten off by a stupid dog. This is driving it crazy. Naturally, it knew what these two brats were trying to do. They wanted to disturb its mind so that Han Yan could gain the upper hand in the spiritual world. Despite knowing this, there was nothing it could do to stop them.


Big Yellow laughed. Then he leaped and bit off the flesh of the other half of its b.u.t.t. The scene looked like chrysanthemums falling from above. It was unparalleled.

The Ancient Devil was enraged. It could no longer calm its mind. Since Big Yellow was merely hurting its body it wouldn’t hurt Han Yan at all. This fact had goaded Big Yellow to continue with his biting.

On the other hand, Han Yan was comprehending the Great Soul Derivation Technique while consolidating his soul. At the same time, he was gaining control of the spiritual seed. Due to the instability of the Ancient Devil’s emotions, its soul was losing its strength. This had given Han Yan the chance to pull the spiritual seed near to its control.

This situation excited Han Yan as he was starting to see great hope. Once he gained control over the spiritual seed, the Ancient Devil would receive tremendous amount of backlash. Afterwards, it was he who would refine the Ancient Devil instead.

In the following moment, Big Yellow was bouncing up and down, opening his mouth to bite off the flesh from different parts of the Ancient Devil’s body. The Ancient Devil was howling continuously. The ground was full of the Ancient Devil’s b.l.o.o.d.y flesh. A stout thigh was bitten until only bones were left.

This situation lasted for a day and a night. At this time, nothing fleshy was left on the body of the Ancient Devil. They were all bitten off by Big Yellow, piece by piece. The whole scene looked very grotesque.

On the other side, Han Yan had finally prevailed over the Ancient Devil. He had gain full control of the spiritual seed using his bloodline.

*Weng* *Weng*

The spiritual seed vibrated violently. The Ancient Devil let out an agonizing cry as it was suffering the great backlash. Currently, it was completely defenceless and powerless.


The Ancient Devil snarled in a reluctant tone. It didn’t think that something like this would happen. It's only chance of reincarnation was sc.r.a.ped away and it turned out that it was the prey of its target. This was undeniably a tragic circ.u.mstance.

Seeing this, Big Yellow finally stopped his biting. He was nearly out of breath. His effort wasn’t in vain when he saw Han Yan succeeding in the struggle. Jiang Chen also withdrew his spiritual energy away from Han Yan. He knew that once Han Yan took control of the spiritual seed, not only he would win the tug-of-war, he would also control the soul and the bloodline of the Ancient Devil. What Han Yan wanted to do next was to refine this Ancient Devil completely. It was hard to imagine how powerful Han Yan would become after refining this Ninth Grade Great Saint Ancient Devil.


Han Yan opened his eyes all of a sudden. Two beams of light shot out from his eyes. With a sway, he appeared above the Ancient Devil, floating. Waves of devil Qi surged out of his body and shrouded around the Ancient Devil like a cage.

“Little Chen, Big Yellow, thank you.”

Han Yan expressed his grat.i.tude to his two best friends with a smile.

“Since when do we emphasize on formalities? This is your great luck, take advantage of it.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. This was what he longed to see. He was extremely happy to see the ones closest to him growing rapidly.

“That’s right. This is my great luck. I am going to refine this Ancient Devil now but it will take some time. I don’t need you two to stay here with me. I can cope with the rest myself. There are still a lot of treasures in the ancient battlefield. I don’t want you guys to miss it. You all have already miss one day of exploring because of me.”

Han Yan said. There were too many cultivators who came to this ancient battlefield. The number of experts were as much as the numbers of clouds in the sky. Treasure hunt was a race against time. He knew that his two best friends had wasted one day just for him and he could manage whatever that was left here. Even if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stayed here, they wouldn’t be much of a help. Furthermore, if the two of them missed their lucky encounters because of him, he would feel very guilty.

“Well, in that case, we’ll go first.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He did have a lot of things to do. He had to continue materializing the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He wanted to break through into the Great Saint realm in this ancient battlefield. There were too many people who wanted him dead. So, increasing his cultivation grade was the key in handling these people. If he could advance to the First Grade Great Saint, he would be able to handle any of them.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left the spatial zone, leaving Han Yan and the Ancient Devil here.

Outside the spatial zone, Big Yellow said. “Little Chen, won’t somebody else come in here to disturb Ah Yan?”

“There won’t be anybody that will come in here. This is a hidden small s.p.a.ce specially created by the Ancient Devil. Without the message from Ah Yan, even I won’t be able to trace it this far. Plus, we had been in there for a day and a night. We saw no one else coming in. This place should be very safe for Ah Yan.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He was quite confident that Han Yan would be safe refining the Ancient Devil in this secret s.p.a.ce.

After putting the worries for Han Yan aside, the two of them began to fly towards the other spatial zone, but after a short flight, Jiang Chen discovered something unusual.

“Big Yellow, do you sense that a lot of spatial zones are gone?”

Jiang Chen released his divine sense and swept it across the void. He found out that the total number of the spatial nodes were reduced by at least 90 percent. There weren’t many spatial nodes left.

“Yeah, what’s going on here? Why has so many spatial zones disappear?”

Big Yellow could also sense the anomaly. They remembered that there were overlapping spatial zones here one day before and spatial zones were everywhere, but most of them were gone now. This was definitely an unexpected situation to them.

“If my guess is right, those spatial zones that were gone were the empty spatial zones. These remaining spatial zones consisted of plenty of evil souls and treasures.”

Jiang Chen guessed.

“Isn’t this great? We don’t have to struggle to find the right spatial zone anymore. We can just find anyone of them to slaughter the evil souls and monsters to condense your Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.”

Said Big Yellow.

“You are right, but this situation is disadvantageous to us. The reduction of the spatial zones is equivalent to a higher chance of meeting the other experts. We have too many enemies, all the experts of the five large families and the geniuses of Saint Origin Palace wants to kill me. If they meet me, a battle will be inevitable.”

Said Jiang Chen. Before this, there were plenty of spatial zones. So even with a lot of people coming into the ancient battlefield, it was difficult to meet these experts, but now it was different, most of the spatial zones had disappeared and the chances of meeting each other would be much greater.

“Who cares! We won’t be afraid of them even if we meet them. Besides, Gu Family and Demon Race are on our side.”

Big Yellow sounded unworried. This dog was fearless to virtually anything. If they met the enemy, they would simply just have a great battle. There was no big deal about it.

“Exactly. Be it the evil souls or the enemy, the following time will be a mad killing time. Big Yellow, are you ready?”

Jiang Chen flicked his arm and the Heavenly Saint Sword materialised in his hand, creating a buzzing sound. The surface of the sword was flickering with blood-red image of a dragon.

“Kaka, master dog has been very hungry and thirsty.”

Big Yellow looked excited.

A young man and a dog began to fly forth and found a spatial node very quickly. Then, they entered it without hesitation.


A shrill roar was heard as they entered. It was a ferocious evil soul that opened its ferocious mouth charging at them when it spotted them.

*Pu Chi*

The Heavenly Saint Sword swung, cutting the evil soul in half.

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