Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 920 – The Tiger Which Went Down to Level Land Encountered the Vicious Dog

Chapter 920 – The Tiger Which Went Down to Level Land Encountered the Vicious Dog

The Tiger Which Went Down to Level Land Encountered the Vicious Dog

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After listening to Jiang Chen’s words , Han Yan’s body trembled violently. The Ancient Devil’s facial expression changed dramatically. His cloudy eyes suddenly lit up and stared at Jiang Chen in disbelief. “How do you know the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline so well?”

The Ancient Devil couldn’t help but feel surprised, because Jiang Chen was right. The Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art was truly its unique innate ability. Although Han Yan hadn’t awakened this ability yet, he had the pure bloodline and was able to control the seed of this spell.

The Ancient Devil had predicted that Han Yan didn’t know about the relation between the Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art and his bloodline. That’s why it could enter his origin smoothly. Now that he had known the secret of the relation, he would be able to compete with it to gain control of the seed of the spell. Even though Han Yan was just a Minor Saint, the Ancient Devil wasn’t hoping to see this.

“I know not only these things, I also know that once Ah Yan gains control of that spiritual seed, you will receive a tremendous backlash and after that, it will be he who refines you instead of you refining yourself.”

Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a hint of sneer. “So how? Are you afraid now?”

The Ancient Devil’s face darkened for a moment. It couldn’t imagine that an outsider could have such profound understanding of the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. His understanding was even greater than the possessor of the bloodline, Han Yan. Despite that, it wasn’t afraid because their difference in cultivation grade was far too wide and totally incomparable.

“Humph! So what, if you are right? Although I’m dying, I’m still a powerful Ninth Grade Great Saint. My soul and bloodline are many times greater than this brat’s. It is just a wishful thinking to compete with me for the control of the seed.”

The Ancient Devil let out a cold humph. It was very confident in its abilities. How could an Ancient Devil pay attention to a puny human? If it was back at its peak form, it just needed a glance to put these two human brats to the brinks of death.

Last time in the battlefield, it was seriously injured but was able to survive for many years. However, its lifespan was nearly reaching the end and it was lucky enough to have encountered a young person with the pure Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. It was so excited because this was its only chance and it was sure it wasn’t going to let it slip.

“Then you should try it. Your life is approaching the end. Even your soul is dissipating. I would like to see how long you can last in this situation.”

Jiang Chen fluctuated his Qi and strode towards Han Yan. He didn’t attack the Ancient Devil because its bloodline was connected to Han Yan’s. If he killed the Ancient Devil, his friend would die too. The Ancient Devil on the other hand didn’t have the capability to attack either. It only could grit its teeth and watch Jiang Chen interfering with the event. If it attacked, it would be when it had full control of Han Yan.

Jiang Chen sat beside Han Yan. He rotated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, wrapping around Han Yan. Then, the incantation of the Great Soul Derivation Technique surged into Han Yan’s mind like a clear stream of water. Han Yan’s body shook. He was enduring all the pain while feeling the uniqueness of the Great Soul Derivation Technique.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen permeated his spiritual force into Han Yan’s deeper soul to help him fortify his soul.

“Ah Yan, while trying to comprehend the incantation of the Great Soul Derivation Technique, try to use your bloodline to control the spiritual seed as well. This old devil won’t be able to hold long. As long as your soul grows stronger, its soul will disappear slowly, which gives you the chance to s.n.a.t.c.h the victory from defeat. This is a crisis to you but also an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was heard in Han Yan’s deeper soul. This situation was the so-called blessing and disaster happening all at the same time. It didn’t happen every time that when the disaster came, it came with the blessing. If Han Yan could survive this crisis, he would be able to obtain a great treasure. One should know that this was an Ancient Devil of Ninth Grade Great Saint. This was a great encounter which he wouldn’t dream of.


Han Yan spurted out a mouthful of blood. His body was trembling violently, but his eyes were very resolute. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes to comprehend the Great Soul Derivation Technique. In fact, he would find it easier to cultivate this technique as compared to Jiang Chen at the beginning stage. This was because Jiang Chen had also impart the ways to cultivate this technique and plenty of other experiences related to the cultivation of this technique. In other words, Han Yan had gotten the shortcut in cultivating this spiritual technique. Even if he couldn’t complete the cultivation of Great Soul Derivation Technique within a short period of time, he would still able to fortify his soul with Jiang Chen’s help.

What he needed to do now was to engage in a tug-of-war with the Ancient Devil. As long as he stayed alive, there was a chance of turning it around.

At the same time, Han Yan was doing what Jiang Chen told him to. He was secretly circulating the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline to try and control the spiritual seed. He didn’t spend a lot of effort in this attempt. Later, the spiritual seed started to shake violently. The force from the two sources made the spiritual seed like the centre of the rope. These two sources were tugging the seed to either one side or to the other side, trying to gain control of it.

While Han Yan was using his bloodline trying to gain control of the spiritual seed, it somewhat acknowledged Han Yan’s bloodline to some extent. Therefore, his suffering had been reduced. He finally could heave a sigh of relief and saw hope.


Feeling the tremble from the spiritual seed, the Ancient Devil cursed. It had the impulse to spew out blood in his heart. Back in its pinnacle state, all kinds of divine cultivators had to avoid it when they saw it. Now after losing its strength and lifespan, it couldn’t even take care of a young brat.

“Two sh*tty brats! You dare to go against me? You will surely die, in a horrendous way!”

The Ancient Devil growled and gnashed its teeth.

“If I were you, I would shut up, because you won’t have much strength to talk soon. A dying person should cherish the last moment to enjoy this beautiful world. I’m sorry. I forgot that this world is sickly unpleasant.”

Jiang Chen mocked the Ancient Devil. “Old devil, you must have been very lonely in this ghost land for a long time. It is like a prison. If it were up to me, I would rather die than to suffer this loneliness. In fact, you are quite a very pitiful man. Don’t worry, after your death, I will do a good favour for you. I will incinerate your body so that the other beasts won’t eat you up. You don’t have to thank me for that because I have always been a kind man and I do that without hoping for rewards.”

Jiang Chen’s chatter was ceaseless. Every line of words severely disturbed the Ancient Devil’s mind. This was actually what Jiang Chen wanted. He wanted the Ancient Devil’s emotions to go haywire to create a chance for Han Yan.

“Shut up, shut up now!”

The Ancient Devil was infuriated. Its emotion was in a wavy situation. It had forgotten how long it had stayed in this desolate spatial zone. That kind of chilly loneliness was simply fatal. It was exact the same like what Jiang Chen had described which caused it to outburst with anger.

Big Yellow who was standing in the distance on guard let out a snicker. He marched towards the Ancient Devil step by step. He had seen the formation deployed by this Ancient Devil. It was a grand formation of defence that could block the attack of experts. It was true that the Ancient Devil had prepared for this event but this grand formation was just too easy for the Big Yellow who was the master of Formation Holy Book.


Big Yellow continued to snicker as he strode towards the Ancient Devil. It noticed Big Yellow’s movement but didn’t care about it. It could see that this dog was an unusual being, a First Grade Great Saint, but this dog wouldn’t be able to enter its formation.

Thus, the Ancient Devil acted indifferent towards Big Yellow’s actions. It only had one objective now, which was to gain full control of Han Yan. As long as it could completely refine this young possessor of the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, it would regain another new life. After that, killing would be so simple.

But then, the following incident gave the Ancient Devil the feeling of great irritation.

It saw this st.u.r.dy big yellow dog open the mouth and spat out some kind of talisman symbols that unexpectedly torea hole in its formation. Then, the big yellow dog walked swaggeringly into the formation.

“How is that possible?”

The Ancient Devil exclaimed with shock. It couldn’t believe its own eyes. Even if the formation it deployed wasn’t good enough, it wouldn’t allow anyone to enter so easily. Could it be because its formation had lost its effect? Not possible. He checked it just now. The only explanation was that this dog broke its formation himself.

“Stupid dog! Shove off! Or else I will trample you to death.”

The Ancient Devil shouted at Big Yellow.

“Ah…! You have such a hot temper and a big and long head. You want to trample me to death? Come, trample me now. Master dog is just under your feet. You seem to have no strength to even lift your feet.”

Big Yellow wagged its tail towards the Ancient Devil. It rolled its eyes feeling helpless. This was truly like the same situation where the tiger which went down to level land encountered the vicious dog and got bullied by it. Furthermore, this was also a shameless dog.

“You don’t have the strength, am I right? It’s hard for you to do that. If you don’t trample me, I am going to bite you.”

Big Yellow said. He opened his mouth and bit on the Ancient Devil’s thigh. The physique of the Ancient Devil was very firm and solid. It was the physique of a Ninth Grade Great Saint. It was afraid that no ordinary cultivator would be able to make a scratch on its hide even with combat weapons.

Too bad, Big Yellow’s teeth was scarier than any ordinary combat weapons. If Big Yellow went mad, he could even rip this Ancient Devil apart with his mouth alone.

*Chi La*

Big Yellow tugged with his teeth, tearing off a b.l.o.o.d.y flesh out of the Ancient Devil’s body. Without waiting for the devil to howl in pain, he took another bite.

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