Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 919 – Han Yan’s Crisis

Chapter 919 – Han Yan’s Crisis

Han Yan’s Crisis

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Han Yan couldn’t help but curse. While thinking that he was the one who initiated removing his defences that let the opponent plant an evil spell inside his soul and control his bloodline, he regretted his decision so much that he wanted to slap himself. Given the experiences that he had gained along the way of his life, he had never thought that he would lose his life because he trusted someone too easily at such a critical juncture.

In fact, his psychological state was shaken by the bloodline of the Ancient Devil. He thought that the devil had chosen him as the successor. Plus, the devil was almost dead, which made him lower his guard. He thought that the dying senior was truly imparting its powers to him.

He only understood what kind of monster the legendary Ancient Devil was now. It was ferocious, evil and atrocious. It was the ancestor of the Devil Race. How possibly could this forefather impart his powers to someone even if it was about to die?

Although Han Yan had the pure Ancient Devil Bloodline, he was still a human and had been living with the humans. His bloodline was gradually unlocked during the course of his growth. Thus, there was an essential difference between him and the devil in the physical aspect.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to say anything now. This Ancient Devil was a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint. It was going to seize his soul and bloodline using the Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art, and his body would eventually become its own. He now looked like a human in a tight cage, immobilized.

Han Yan regretted it thoroughly. Although it was a Ninth Grade Great Saint Ancient Devil, its body condition was very poor. It didn’t even have the strength to attack. If it wasn’t for him removing his defences, the devil wouldn’t be able to get near him, let alone control him.

“Despicable? Little devil, you are too tender. I suggest you to not resist. Let me occupy your body, corrode your soul and integrate with your bloodline. Then, you and I will be one. Isn’t that good?”

The Ancient Devil revealed a shady smile as its plan succeeded. It finally saw a ray of hope after being stuck in this ruined place for so long. So, it would naturally be very excited.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Han Yan’s eyes were full of anger. He would never give up on this. Even if he would end up dead, he would never let this devil get his bloodline and soul easily.

“Humph! Boy, don’t do this the hard way! The Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art was already casted on you, which means that your soul is destined to be corroded and refined by me. It is pointless to resist because it will only bring you endless torture. I now have plenty of time and I can slowly torture you to death.” Ancient Devil let out a cold humph.

In fact, it had already gained full control of its target and any resistance from this puny junior would only take a little of its time to refine him. The devil felt very joyful when it imagined that it would be reincarnated soon.

“Old devil, you will not succeed.”

Han Yan gritted his teeth. At this time, he suddenly thought of something. A golden talisman exploded out from his Qi Sea as he called it via divine sense.

Within the overlapping spatial zones, in a very gloomy spatial zone, a ma.s.sacre was currently happening. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were fighting with a few dozen of evil souls and monsters. All the essences of the evil souls and monsters were absorbed by Jiang Chen to materialize the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

As the ma.s.sacre continued, Jiang Chen’s cultivation improved, bringing him closer to the Great Saint realm, and the first floor of the paG.o.da was about to be fully materialized.

“Dang! The speed of condensation of this paG.o.da is just too slow.” Big Yellow said with annoyance when he saw that the paG.o.da only improved a little after killing so many evil souls and monsters.

“I have an intuition that if I don’t advance to the Great Saint realm, it would be likely that the first floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da won’t be condensed out, but if my cultivation advanced to the Great Saint realm, not only would the first floor be fully condensed, but also a portion of the second floor.” Jiang Chen guessed.

Now, it seemed that breaking through into the Great Saint realm was extremely important.

“Little Chen, come and save me now.”

All of a sudden, a message appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind. His facial expression darkened abruptly. He stopped killing the evil souls.

“What’s the matter?” Big Yellow asked.

“Not good, Ah Yan is in danger. Let’s go find him now.”

His facial expression turned heavy. He remembered that he gave Han Yan a spirit talisman last time. The message that called for his help was no doubt the spirit talisman that he gave to Han Yan. He knew Han Yan very well. Han Yan was a little devil king, a very powerful cultivator, but now, he was calling for Jiang Chen’s help. So, Han Yan must have encountered a very critical situation.


Big Yellow’s facial expression changed drastically as well. Without delay, the two of them turned into shadows and dashed towards the direction of Han Yan. Jiang Chen could correctly sense the location of Han Yan because he was the one who crafted the spirit talisman.

The laughter of the Ancient Devil resounded in the entire void. It could make people’s hair stand on its end. This was a very special, small spatial zone with an unnoticeable spatial node. Normally, no one would be able to find the spatial node. Han Yan was only able to come here because of the navigation of the Ancient Devil.

“Little brat! Give up on your useless resistance. You won’t be able to change the outcome even if you continue doing this. You will only suffer more pain.”

The Ancient Devil was using the Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art to attack Han Yan while its mouth never stopped persuading Han Yan to stop his resistance.

Currently, Han Yan was sitting on the ground. His body was trembling uncontrollably. He was currently suffering a horrendous pain in his origin, soul and bloodline, as though they were about to be ripped apart at any second. This kind of suffering was a hundred times greater than any physical torture.

“No, I’ll never give up.”

Han Yan gritted his teeth, trying his best to keep his mind alert. He knew that if he lost his consciousness, he would be finished and be fully manipulated by the Ancient Devil.

However, he felt that he was going to be crippled after holding it for more than ten minutes. This was the most dangerous experience that would really eat up his life.

The Ancient Devil was pleased with itself. It liked to see someone being tortured to death. It had forgotten how many years it had been since it felt this kind of pleasure.

At this moment, the spatial node was forced open by someone. Two silhouettes dashed into the small spatial zone in a flash and came to Han Yan and the Ancient Devil.

“Little Chen.”

Seeing Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Han Yan’s painful face couldn’t help but show a trace of surprise. In his eyes, there was nothing in this world that Jiang Chen couldn’t solve. As long as Jiang Chen appeared, he still have hope.

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s faces became very unpleasant. Although they didn’t know what was happening, they could see the suffering from Han Yan’s face.

“How did you two get in?”

The Ancient Devil stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow violently. It was surely a very bad thing when outsiders intrude into this spatial zone at a time like this.

“Ancient Devil.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He recognized the Ancient Devil with just a single glance.

“This old devil deceived me, it has planted the Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art inside my origin. It is going to corrode my soul, absorb my bloodline and take possession of my body.” Han Yan said while withstanding the pain. His tone was s.h.i.+vering and somewhat distorted.

“You fool! How could you believe the words of an Ancient Devil?”

Big Yellow was infuriated and was getting impatient. Although he had no clue about what had really happened, but he heard the word ‘deceive’ loud and clear.

“Haha! So they are your friends, but does it matter? You are now being controlled by me. It won’t change anything no matter how many of your friends come.” The Ancient Devil laughed maniacally.

“Ancient Devil, I suggest you let go of my friend now. Otherwise, I will grant you a death without burial.” Jiang Chen shouted at the devil.

“Death without burial? This is certainly a joke. Do you think that I did not prepare for this? Even if I just stood here for you to kill me, would you dare do it? I have already integrated myself with the soul and origin of this kid. If I die, he will die too. If you don’t believe me, you can always try to attack me. Haha…”

The Ancient Devil was incomparably arrogant. It was an old devil that had lived for so many years. It was a cunning fox that had mastered the technique of deception. This explained why Han Yan fell into its trick.

“F*ck! That’s mean!”

Big Yellow scratched his ears and cheeks out of annoyance. It seemed like Han Yan was going to lose his strength soon but they could do nothing about it because the Ancient Devil was right. The two of them were already connected. If the Ancient Devil died, Han Yan wouldn’t be able to live either.

“Humph! Ancient Devil, do you think that you will succeed? You are just digging your own grave!”

Jiang Chen gave a cold humph.

“Haha! Stupid human, do you still think that you can save your friend here?”

The Ancient Devil laughed loudly. It totally didn’t put Jiang Chen in its eyes.

Jiang Chen ignored the Ancient Devil’s taunt. The urgent matter right now was to solve the crisis of Han Yan. He then said, “Ah Yan, listen to me. I will impart the Great Soul Derivation Technique to you now. With your talent, although you won’t be able to master it within a short period of time, with my help, it would be able to fortify your soul and prevent it from being eroded by the Ancient Devil.”

“Alright...” Han Yan nodded.

“Haha! This is funny. It’s too late to practice any kind of spiritual skills now.”

The Ancient Devil laughed.

“Ah Yan, let me tell you the secret of the Ancient Devil. As far as I know, this Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art is its special ability, a gifted innate skill. You haven’t heard of this before because your cultivation was still weak. The Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art inside you is not yet activated. However, you also possessed the pure Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, which means you also have the ability to control just like the Ancient Devil controls you,” said Jiang Chen.

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