Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 918 – The Ancient Divine Devil

Chapter 918 – The Ancient Divine Devil

The Ancient Divine Devil

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The rest swallowed the pill as well. One by one, their facial expression changed drastically. As the geniuses of the Gu Family, they themselves had brought some vulnerary medicine too, but theirs were just a piece of trash compared to Jiang Chen’s.

“This pill is amazing! Almost half of my injuries are already healed.”

“My injuries are completely healed. This medicine is truly great. Its recovery rate can be compared to a withered tree coming back to life again.”

“Not only has Prince Jiang saved our lives, he has also given us such a high rank vulnerary medicine. I really don’t know how to repay such kindness.”


The geniuses of the Gu Family were shocked. They had never seen such a powerful healing medicine. As one of the eight large families, the Gu Family had a vast amount of resources. The amount of vulnerary pills alone was uncountable because they had many alchemists. These geniuses were the outstanding group in the Gu Family and because of that, they could get more resources than any ordinary genius, but that didn’t prevent them from being shocked by Jiang Chen’s pills.

Naturally, they didn’t know that besides the large amount of concentrated herbs, the pills was also incorporated with wood essence, which could boost the healing rate to seconds.

Jiang Chen smiled. His gaze then s.h.i.+fted to the bodies of the evil souls on the ground. He secretly circulated the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da to absorb all of the energy in their bodies. Due to most of them being Minor Saints, the effect of the absorption of the paG.o.da was too little for the paG.o.da always followed Jiang Chen’s grade.

However, after sucking all of the evil souls’ bodies, it allowed Jiang Chen to reaffirm the thing that had been bugging him. Before this, he had absorbed the essence of the two Narang elders which prompted the production of the brutal Qi, but the absorption of the evil souls didn’t cause any signs of side effect.

In this case, it reminded him that he couldn’t absorb the essence of humans because he is a human too, but any energy besides human’s energy was good to be absorbed.

Upon seeing what just happened, Gu Liufeng and the others had a look of shock again. They didn’t know why Jiang Chen had kept all the corpses of the evil souls, but they didn’t dare ask because this was Jiang Chen’s matter. They didn’t need to know too much about it. All they knew was that Jiang Chen was no longer the previous Jiang Chen that they knew.

“Brother Gu, now that all of you are fine, I will take my leave. There are still other evil souls in this spatial zone but their cultivation are not as strong as the previous evil souls. I absolutely believe that you all can handle them on your own. Moreover, the higher the number of evil souls in one place, the more likely for you to find treasures that were left behind by the Great Saints. Also, try your best to reunite with the experts of your family, don’t get separated from them because there are too many spatial zones here and the level of danger is far greater than what you think.” Jiang Chen told Gu Liufeng and the others.

“Alright, we will heed your advice. We really lack knowledge of this place before coming here.” Gu Liufeng nodded.

When Jiang Chen was about to leave with Big Yellow, he suddenly thought of something. He looked at Gu Liufeng again. “Brother Gu, I wonder whether Sister Ning has come to the battlefield.”

“Ning Zhu didn’t join us in this trip. Gu Mu has gone to the Southern Continent to pick up her father. I think that their family should have been reunited once again by now, so she didn’t come with us,” replied Gu Liufeng.

“En, goodbye.”

Jiang Chen bade farewell and vanished along with Big Yellow. Gu Xuantian was a person who kept his promise. He had sent Gu Mu to bring Wu Tianyang to the Gu Family to reunite with his daughter and wife. Naturally, they would need to cherish such moment of reunion. It made sense that Wu Ningzhu didn’t come here. To Jiang Chen, Wu Ningzhu’s absence had reduced a load of his burden because this place was overly dangerous.

As for the treasures of this spatial zone, Jiang Chen wasn’t interested about those. He might as well took the initiative to leave all those treasures to Gu Liufeng and the other geniuses. After all, they had fought hard against those evil souls.

Han Yan had lost track of how many spatial zones he had gone through, but the summoning force was getting stronger. He could feel that it was just a short distance away. It was very lucky for a Minor Saint like him to pa.s.s through all those spatial zones without encountering any threats.

“Come, come, come!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded in Han Yan’s mind. The voice was very deep and hoa.r.s.e as though the speaker had been silent for too long. The speaker couldn’t even speak a simple word coherently.

Han Yan was surprised because the voice was talking to him. He could feel that the mysterious summoning force was similar to this mysterious voice. He took a deep breath and continued on his path. He had no idea what was calling him in this ancient battlefield, but since he had already made it all the way here, he wouldn’t go back.

A spatial node emerged in front of him. After gasping for another deep breath, he jumped into it with a flicker.

Suddenly, great changes were taking place in front of him. The spatial zone was very small. It seemed to be only a dozen of miles in area, but the atmosphere here was filled with devil Qi and devil waves that produced gusts of chilling wind.

Han Yan took a breath and felt refreshed. He could even feel his soul being nourished by this Qi. To him, this environment was simply a great treasure.

“I smell the scent of an Ancient Devil. It’s connected to my origin.”

Han Yan was astonished. He looked forth and saw a giant at the center of the spatial zone.

“You have come.”

That giant spoke again. Its voice was a lot smoother this time. It was a huge devil that was roughly thirty meters tall. There were two horns on top of its head but it had the face of a human. Its camel-sized eyes were looking at Han Yan without blinking.

“Ancient Devil.” Han Yan exclaimed.

He could feel the origin of Qi from this giant devil. That is to say, this giant was a true Ancient Devil, but its Qi declining. He could feel that the vital force of the devil was gradually getting weaker. It seemed that it had been badly wounded. Besides, it had been here for so long and it was almost reaching the end of its lifespan.

“At last, you have come.”

The Ancient Devil revealed a smile on its face.

Upon seeing the condition of the Ancient Devil, Han Yan felt sort of sad and palpitations from his bloodline. He strode forward to the devil and saluted deeply, “Senior.”

Although the devil was on the verge of death, Han Yan could feel the mighty strength of it while standing in front of it. It was like the apex form of power. Due to Han Yan’s bloodline being affected by it, he could feel the true cultivation of the Ancient Devil, which increased the astonishment and the respect that he had for it. This Ancient Devil was actually a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint!

“Great. I can feel your bloodline the moment you entered this place. Listen, I’m now on the verge of death and will die soon. Your body consists of the complete Ancient Devil Bloodline like mine. Before I die, I want to transfer my bloodline into your body to impart my powers to you. Only those who have the true Ancient Devil Bloodline are able to bear my powers. You are only a Third Grade Minor Saint now but after obtaining my inheritance, you will gain infinite benefits. Your cultivation will also improve by leaps and bounds and straightaway break through into the Great Saint realm.”

The Ancient Devil said, “I am dying. I don’t wish to see my abilities and powers lost forever. Let me know your name.”

“This junior is called Han Yan,” replied Han Yan.

“Good name. Now leave your divine sense open. I am going to use a special way to connect the origin of your bloodline. Your bloodline is similar to mine so it would allow you to receive my inheritance directly,” instructed the Ancient Devil.

Han Yan frowned after hearing this. If he followed what the Ancient Devil asked, he would become vulnerable. All of his defences would be removed, exposing the origin of his deeper soul to the Ancient Devil. If this devil have any ill intention, he would certainly be doomed.

“Don’t worry, son. My lifespan is about to end. Now, I just want to pa.s.s on my inheritance to another person and you are the most suitable successor. So, hesitate no more.”

The Ancient Devil lowered his tone a little. It gave people the feeling that he was going to collapse at any second.

“Alright.” Han Yan nodded.

After removing all the doubts in his mind, he immediately let go of all his defences and revealed the origin of his bloodline to the Ancient Devil, but he didn’t notice that a subtle expression of evil flashed in the devil’s eyes, as though its plan had worked.

“Very well, I will impart my inheritance to you now. This will also be considered as a bond that I have built with you before I die.” The Ancient Devil said.

A black beam of light shot out from the spot between his eyebrows into Han Yan’s, reaching the origin of Han Yan very quickly and connected with his bloodline.

*Weng* *Weng*

At this moment, the black light trembled violently and Han Yan had the feeling that his soul was being ripped off, and immediately, he spurted out a mouthful of blood.


Han Yan realised that something was wrong. He looked up at the devil.

“Haha! You are a stupid and naïve boy. You have been struck by my Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art. Now, I have complete control of your soul and your bloodline. After refining your bloodline, I will have a chance to return to my pinnacle state. Haha…”

The Ancient Devil burst into wild laughter. It was true that he was about to die just now, which explained why he couldn’t attack Han Yan. So, he deceived Han Yan with his cunning tricks before he casted the Ancient Devil Soul Seizing Art to gain full control of Han Yan.

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