Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 911 – The Battle of the Number One Genius of Sky Ranking

Chapter 911 – The Battle of the Number One Genius of Sky Ranking

The Battle of the Number One Genius of Sky Ranking

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This youth looked only sixteen or seventeen years old, but his cultivation grade had already reached the point where people couldn’t imagine he could at his age.

Desolate Yuan represented the peak and greatness among the young generations. He was an idol admired by countless of young people. The number one genius on the Sky Ranking was his t.i.tle. He was an undefeatable genius, the youngest and scariest genius on the ranking. That’s why he is always called the little monstrous genius by many people.

The strongest cultivation grade among the geniuses on the Sky Ranking was half-step Great Saint. The so-called half step meant half of the body had already stepped into the Great Saint realm and the cultivator was starting to grasp the power sphere of the Great Saint realm. However, this was non-existent to Jiang Chen. He was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. There was no such thing as bottleneck in his cultivation. That is to say, he could immediately break through into the Great Saint realm after reaching the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, leapfrogging the half-step Great Saint.

However, Desolate Yuan currently was full of thick Great Saint Qi all over his body, which indicated he had stepped more than half into the Great Saint realm. He had become a true Great Saint, a First Grade Great Saint. He was no doubt a young First Grade Great Saint, the youngest monstrous genius of Desolate Family. It was hard to imagine how powerful his combat strength was or how much damage he could deal to a person. Jiang Chen was able to kill a First Grade Great Saint while he was Seventh Grade Minor Saint, but if he encounter Desolate Yuan, he surely was no match for him. But he had advanced to Eighth Grade Minor Saint now, which made a Second Grade Great Saint vulnerable to him. As such, the outcome was undetermined when the two of them met.

He had heard about the incidents about Jiang Chen: challenging all geniuses and also the death of s.h.i.+ Han. At the time, he wanted so badly to fight him but because it was the critical moment of advancing to Great Saint realm, he had to restrain himself from the battle impulse. After he had succeeded in the advancement, it happened to be the opening of the ancient battlefield, in which he antic.i.p.ated that Jiang Chen would come. So, besides coming here to search for valuable treasures and luck, he had another important goal – eliminate Jiang Chen.

Desolate Yuan knew that everyone, especially the young generation, were fixing their eyes on him and Jiang Chen. If he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, no one else among the young generation could even if there were a lot of geniuses on the Sky Ranking. This fact alone prompted him to kill Jiang Chen. Also, Jiang Chen had killed plenty of his people. He must claim this debt from him in the battle.

Not just Desolate Yuan alone, there were many people who wanted Jiang Chen killed. The experts of five large families had made up their minds that they must not let Jiang Chen leave the ancient battlefield alive. They had witnessed Jiang Chen’s potential after a series of past events. A monstrous genius like him was too terrifying. If they didn’t get rid of him as soon as possible, they would face endless future threats from this person.

Desolate Yuan intruded a spatial zone. This battlefield was left since the ancient times. The treasures were no doubt abundant. Of course, luck and danger are always coexistent. The greater the chances to obtain the treasures, the more dangerous the place would become. No one could tell how long had this place existed. There were a lot of evil souls or even scary dark souls turned from the dead Great Saints that could emerge out of nowhere at any second.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had flown through a dozen spatial zones. They got nothing besides killing some evil souls. There wasn’t a single superior treasures found along the way. They couldn’t find Jiang Chen’s blood talisman either. The blood talisman inside his Qi Sea was still as ignorant as a war G.o.d and as still as Mount Tai. There was still no response from it.

“Looks like the blood talisman isn’t around here. Let’s move deeper to find out,” said Jiang Chen.

He almost could conclude that the blood talisman in his Qi Sea would be able to sense it if there was really blood talisman nearby. Now the blood talisman in his Qi Sea didn’t show a single reaction which meant the blood talisman wasn’t present in the vicinity.

A man and a dog continued to penetrate into the deeper layers of spatial zones. When they encountered evil souls, they just avoided them to save time. All of Jiang Chen’s focus was on the blood talisman. Now that countless of experts had arrived in the ancient battlefield, his life would be in danger at any moment. He knew very well that the grudges between him and the five large families wouldn’t be resolved. He couldn’t place all the hopes on Demon Race and Gu Family. At any rate, his own strength was the most important of all. He only could cope with all of these problems when he improved his strength further.

He had just advanced to Eighth Grade Minor Saint not long ago. The next advancement would require another blood talisman. He could indistinctly feel it from his dragon transformation art that not only he would make an advancement to Ninth Grade Minor Saint after obtaining the other blood talisman, but also acquire other great benefits.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, all the treasures in this ancient battlefield wasn’t as important as the blood talisman.

Soon, they had entered another spatial zone.


They heard a terrifying roar the moment they entered the spatial zone. A large figure went into their line of sight intensely. In front of them was a blue robed youth with a Qi that could lift a mountain. He ripped the powerful evil soul into half. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow noticed that the evil soul was a First Grade Great Saint and the blue robed youth was also a First Grade Great Saint, but the youth was able to tear the evil soul into half with bare hands. It could tell how heaven defying the youth was.

“One hit KO.” The youth said proudly.

Then he turned and saw the recently arrived Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. When he got a clear view of Jiang Chen’s appearance and the st.u.r.dy large dog beside him, his eyes sparkled.

“You are Jiang Chen?” The blue robe youth asked.

He wasn’t a new genius. He was Desolate Yuan of Desolate Family, the number one genius on the Sky Ranking. He had heard about Jiang Chen’s appearance long time ago but he only had a blurred image of him in his mind. If he was meeting Jiang Chen one on one, he might not be able to recognize him, but when he saw the symbolic big yellow dog, he instantly knew the youth was Jiang Chen.

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen confirmed.

“Very well. I didn’t expect to meet you here. Let me introduce myself to you. I am Desolate Yuan, the number one genius on the Sky Ranking. You should know what your fate is after meeting me?”

Desolate Yuan’s face filled with sneer. He absolutely didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. After all, he was too strong and he had unparalleled self-confidence.

“What an as*h*le! So this is that number one brat on the Sky Ranking? The little monstrous genius of Desolate Family? Isn’t he a half-step Great Saint? Why is he a First Grade Great Saint now?”

Big Yellow was a little irritated. An intense battle would be inevitable after meeting this number one genius.

“It seems he has already advanced to Great Saint realm, but it is better and more interesting this way. It would be pointless and boring if he had the same grade as s.h.i.+ Han.”

Jiang Chen casually moved his body and readied himself for battle. He knew very well that there was only one outcome from this battle – either you die or I live.

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