Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 910 – The Super Battle Array

Chapter 910 – The Super Battle Array

The Super Battle Array

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They entered the ancient battlefield without facing any obstacles. It is as if the barrier didn’t exist at all. Jiang Chen sensed that the barrier would only prevent cultivators below Minor Saint grade from entering. Any cultivators above this threshold could enter freely.

*Hu Hu*

Cold gales were blowing from all directions, with a strong and ancient stench of decay. They could hear the faint howls of spirits due to the fact that the battlefield was once a land of death, full of blood and killings.

“Brother Chen, the atmosphere here is discomforting.” Yan Chenyu frowned.

“This is was a battlefield during the ancient times. It was a place of killings and death. It will be strange if the atmosphere here is comforting,” said Big Yellow.

“Little Chen, look, there are variegated traces everywhere. There are also spatial nodes everywhere. This ancient battlefield isn’t what we imagined it to be.” Han Yan said while looking at the void.

“That’s right, there are a lot of spatial zone here. Different spatial zone will lead to different locations. In which case, this is a tremendously huge ancient battlefield.” Jiang Chen nodded.

The spatial zones were stacked to each other. Not even a very powerful Great Saint would be able to rearrange all the disordered spatial zones because it was fundamentally impossible to do it.

“Ah Yan, Xiao Yu, we will do it like before. We will look based on our luck. You two possess special bloodlines. The benefits you get will be boundless if your luck is good.” Jiang Chen said to Han Yan and Yan Chenyu.

“Okay.” The two of them nodded.

They chose a direction and vanished in a blink. Whether it was Han Yan or Yan Chenyu, both of them were people with great luck, but if they followed Jiang Chen, their luck would be suppressed by his.

Not long after they disappeared, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow vanished as well. In order to avoid meeting the experts of Pure Land, they needed to enter any of the spatial zone quickly.

It was a grey and misty spatial zone. Before Jiang Chen and Big Yellow could observe the surroundings, a great danger alerted their senses. A huge mouth abruptly appeared above their heads.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t help cursing. Their speed were extremely fast, as they moved to two sides to dodge the attack.


The huge mouth hit the ground, creating a crater. Black smoke billowed from the crater. They now got a clear look at the huge ‘thing’. It was a very ferocious-looking monster. Its body was covered and flowing with black Qi. This type of Qi could make this monster vanish in this grey misty environment, catching the enemy off guard. Just like what happened to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow just now, they weren’t aware that the monster was approaching them. If they weren’t fast enough, they would be devoured by the monster.


Big Yellow flashed and came to Jiang Chen’s side and said, “What kind of creature is this? I haven’t heard or seen anything like this. It has already reached the cultivation grade of First Grade Great Saint. Due to it being integrated with the Qi in this spatial zone, it isn’t easy to find out about its cultivation grade.”

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s a creature born out of this ancient battlefield. It should have eaten the bodies of some Great Saint. That’s why it’s so terrifying,” replied Jiang Chen.


The monster seemed angered because of the failed attempt and let out a furious roar. A strong stench rushed out of its mouth. It smelled like poison that made people want to puke and also some other mixed feelings that couldn’t be describe.

“Dammit! This ‘thing’ is extremely disgusting. Master Dog really can’t stand it any longer.”

Big Yellow was totally annoyed. He turned into a golden light and rushed towards the monster.

*Hong Long*

The unbreakable head of Big Yellow hit the monster’s skull. The monster made a shrill cry before its giant head shattered to pieces and turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y fog.

The huge monster’s body fell into the pit it created, and after a few random wriggling, it stopped moving, but to the surprise of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the monster had no demon soul. It was amazing and unexpected that a Great Saint monster didn’t even have a demon soul.

“Why didn’t it have a demon soul?”

Big Yellow felt very frustrated. He initially wanted to kill it to devour its demon soul because he could get a lot of benefits from it. This was the first time that he saw a demonic monster without a demon soul.

“All the energy of this monster is in its flesh. There is a vast amount of essence in its flesh which supported its entire body. If one can condense this essence, it will be even more precious than the demon soul. Unfortunately, the essence dissipated completely the moment the monster died. We don’t even have the chance to collect it.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

It was a pity that they got nothing after killing a First Grade Great Saint.

“I believe many Great Saints had fallen in this so-called ancient battlefield, which means there should be at least a few powerful Great Saint weapons. My trip will not be in vain if I can get a peerless divine weapon.” Big Yellow’s eyes were twitching uncontrollably.

One should know the preciousness of a Great Saint weapon. It was very difficult even for a Third Grade Great Saint to have a Great Saint weapon. Besides, Great Saint Weapons were divided into various grades. A peerless Great Saint weapon had inestimable value. If one could get one of these weapons, even if one could wield its power, one should keep it as a powerful trump card and use it to deal considerable amount of damage at the critical moment.

“I’m not interested in those average treasures. Now, I just need to find the whereabouts of the blood talisman. I have a hunch that if the two blood talismans combined, it will probably bring me unimaginable benefits, it may even push my cultivation grade to Ninth Grade Minor Saint,” said Jiang Chen.

“But there are countless of spatial zones here. Where are you going to find the blood talisman? It is like finding a needle in a haystack.” Big Yellow said.

“There’s one blood talisman inside my body. These two blood talismans belong to the same source. There should be some sort of connection between the two of them. Let me try it,” replied Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow was right. With so many spatial zones here, without a certain way of finding it, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. It was conceivable how hard it was to find the blood talisman.

So, Jiang Chen must place all his hopes on the blood talisman in his Qi Sea. He immediately used his divine sense to connect with the blood talisman. After a while of communicating, he broke into rage and cursed the blood talisman.

“F*ck you! You think of yourself as a boss again? Eat sh*t! Dammit! I don’t care anymore!” Jiang Chen had the urge to spurt out blood.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d blood talisman was too shameless. It hid itself and dominated a corner in his Qi Sea. It was as if it’s a supreme ruler. No matter how Jiang Chen tried to beckon it, not a single reaction was shown. It totally ignored Jiang Chen. It seemed as if blood talisman had gotten addicted being the ‘arrogant boss’.

Unfortunately, even after Jiang Chen cursed it, there was still no responses from the blood talisman. In the end, Jiang Chen could only spread his hands out helplessly. It seemed like it was impossible to connect it with the other blood talisman. He would have to rely on himself on that task.

“What do we do now?”

Big Yellow shrugged his shoulders, but his eyes were gloating, his face was grinning at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow’s head. “Stop your sh*tty laughing.”

“There must be a certain connection between the two blood talismans. Even if I can’t summon it out, the two of them will certainly be able to sense it. There isn’t a single movement in my Qi Sea. That means the other blood talisman is still far away from each other. We’ll have to take a chance. Once we are close enough with the other blood talisman, we’ll feel something,” said Jiang Chen. This was the only thing he could do now.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow continued heading to different spatial zones one after another non-stop.

Meanwhile, all the experts of the eight large families arrived in the Inferno h.e.l.l. The battle array this time was huge. Besides the patriarch, almost every elder was here. Many Fifth Grade Great Saint elders could be seen from battle array.

Not only did the experts of the eight large families of Pure Land, but there were also experts from Saint Origin Palace that came. Most of them were young geniuses. Each of them was once an earth-shaking figure in Pure Land. They were either the top one or two genius on the Sky Ranking. They were sent to Saint Origin Palace after becoming a Great Saint.

Each of these geniuses were extremely arrogant. As a matter of fact, they had the right to be arrogant. They represented invincibility and some even had the superb ability to kill.

This time, the battle array were very large. If this news was spread, many other rogue cultivators would come. These rogue cultivators would be those very powerful rogue cultivators with high reputation across the land of Saint Origin World. Not just that, even the Great Monks of Great Lightning Tune Temple would be attracted to coming here as well.

It had been a long time since such a big incident happened in Saint Origin World. Clearly, the larger the battle array, the more people who could partic.i.p.ate. It would become easier to throw the entire ancient battlefield into chaos, and that would make killings an inevitable incident.

This large number of experts didn’t stay in the Inferno h.e.l.l for long. They immediately went through the barrier into the ancient spatial zone and dispersed quickly after that.

At this time, a blue robe youth appeared in the ancient battlefield. He had a strong domineering Qi. His eyebrows were filled with heroic Qi. His cold eyes swept around before he said coldly, “Jiang Chen, I, Desolate Yuan, has come. This ancient battlefield will become the place of your burial.”

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