Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 912 – The Star Hegemonic Physique

Chapter 912 – The Star Hegemonic Physique

The Star Hegemonic Physique

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Desolate Yuan’s hair fluttered. His two blue eyes glittered brightly, like two bright stars. His Star Hegemonic Physique allows him to absorb infinite absorb star energy. There were no stars in the ancient battlefield as his own energy was terrifying enough.

“You two attack together. You are both very important targets in my trip to this place. It would be worthwhile for the two of you to die in my hands.”

Desolate Yuan was incomparably arrogant. He was gazing at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow and demanded a two versus one battle. Anyway, he had the right to do so because he was the number one genius of the Sky Ranking, the youngest monstrous genius of the Desolate Family and was considered the most promising genius of the Desolate Family. It would be somewhat strange if someone like him lack such arrogance.

“Desolate Yuan, you regard yourself too highly. Dealing with me alone is already enough for you. If Big Yellow join the fight, it will become unfair to you, people might say that we bullied you. Back when I declared to fight all of the geniuses in the Pure Land, I have already said that I would accept any challenges alone. I have already killed s.h.i.+ Han and today, I will also kill you as well. I didn’t put the geniuses of the Pure Land in my eyes.”

Jiang Chen spoke while putting one of his hand behind his back. His tone was even more arrogant than Desolate Yuan. Across the young generation of the Pure Land, Only Jiang Chen would dare to say such words to Desolate Yuan.

“Fine. You are truly arrogant. I, Desolate Yuan always liked to kill people like you. I would like to see how powerful the man who slayed s.h.i.+ Han is.”

Desolate Yuan fully unleashed all of his Qi in an instant. All the star energy rushed out like tidal waves. Every strand of energy contained unparalleled killing force. On the other side, Jiang Chen transformed into a half-dragon instantly. There was basically nothing much to talk about between the two of them, because ultimately, only strength could decide the winner.

Confronting Desolate Yuan and confronting s.h.i.+ Han was a similar kind of fight. They were both a life-or-death fight. With his current strength, he wouldn’t need to transform even if he confronted an ordinary First Grade Great Saint, but confronting Desolate Yuan who possessed the Star Hegemonic Physique was entirely a different case. He had to raise his combat strength by ten times, otherwise, he was afraid that he couldn’t match Desolate Yuan’s strength.

“Little Chen, this brat looks hard to deal with. Can you handle him? If you can’t, let’s just combine our strengths to get rid of this son of a turtle.”

Said Big Yellow. This guy certainly had a loud voice, he didn’t even try to lower his voice. Hearing ‘son of a turtle’ these three words, Desolate Yuan could feel his blood boiling in his head. He glared at Big Yellow with furious eyes and snarled. “Stupid dog! I will skin you alive after killing Jiang Chen.”

One should know that Desolate Yuan had a very dignified status across the entire Pure Land and in his family. He was considered one of the high and mighty person. Today, a dog was bold enough to disrespect him. This dog definitely didn’t know how to write the word ‘death’. Using the word ‘son of a turtle’ in front of him was absolutely a great insult. He secretly swore that after killing Jiang Chen, he would make this dog pay the price by peeling the dog’s skin off alive.

“No need for your help, just watch the battle at the side.”

Said Jiang Chen. As the Greatest Saint, he had his own dignity. This was a compet.i.tion between him and the geniuses of the Pure Land, which invoked his compet.i.tive desire. So, he had to act alone, only then could he prove his own strength.

“Come on, Jiang Chen, I would like to see whether you can withstand three of my moves.”

Desolate Yuan grasped at the void with his hand. An incomparably bright star was formed immediately. It was a very beautiful star that illuminated a blue l.u.s.tre. The roughly hundred meter large star looked like a small blue hill. The void trembled the moment the star was condensed, as though it couldn’t withstand the pressure coming from the star.


Desolate Yuan hurled it hard. The huge star let out a strong roar while it charged at Jiang Chen.

This was the strike of a hill, no one knew how much power it carried. If one was. .h.i.t directly, the consequences would be unimaginable. Even a First Grade Great Saint would be smashed to pieces if he was. .h.i.t head on.

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid. He now had 75 000 dragon marks which made him a peak Eighth Grade Minor Saint. In addition, the half-dragon form increased his combat strength by ten times. Although the star attack was very powerful, Jiang Chen’s attack wasn’t weak either. He countered with his strongest attack – Golden Dragon Seal. Three powerful golden dragons spiraled in the air as if real dragons had descended. The three golden dragons overlapped each other while charging towards the blue star frenziedly.

*Hong Long*

These two extremely strong attacks collided. The collision could only be described as world-shaking. The entire void was immediately destroyed. Many evil souls had been attracted out from darkness. Some low intelligence evil souls rushed over when they first felt the vibration of combat waves, unluckily, they were crushed to death by the remaining combat waves.

There weren’t a lot of very powerful evil souls in this spatial zone. The strongest of all was a First Grade Great Saint monster which was ripped into half by Desolate Yuan earlier.

Gold and blue light intertwined, filling every inch of the void. The battle waves created were too powerful. Everywhere was filled with destructive power. There were also many evil souls who attempted to intrude the battlefield but they died the instant they reached there. Jiang Chen and Desolate Yuan’s body trembled at the same time from the impact. Judging by the collision, both attacks were equally powerful.


Desolate Yuan was shocked. He hadn’t even thought that Jiang Chen could withstand his first attack. To him, it was simply impossible. One should know that he was a true First Grade Great Saint now. Given his current cultivation base, he could easily pinch any First Grade Great Saint to death, but now, he just drew with an Eighth Grade Minor Saint. This must be a really funny joke.

While Desolate Yuan was surprised, Jiang Chen too was astonished. He was very clear about his own combat strength, and the power of the Gold Dragon Seal. The strike could easily kill a Second Grade Great Saint, but it only tied with Desolate Yuan’s strike. It only showed that Desolate Yuan wasn’t a feigned number one genius of the Sky Ranking. He was taken aback by how powerful Desolate Yuan’s Star Hegemonic Physique was.

“It’s going to be interesting.”

Jiang Chen stretched casually, producing some cracking sounds. A strong combat intent instantly erupted from him. The more powerful Desolate Yuan was, the more excited Jiang Chen would become, stirring up his fighting spirit.

“Jiang Chen, you have really surprised me. An Eighth Grade Minor Saint that could resist my strike. You should be proud by that fact alone. However I have already decided that you will certainly die today. The attack just now was just a probing strike to test your strength. I’m not going to be polite in the following strikes.”

Desolate Yuan said loudly. He erased all of the underestimation that he had for Jiang Chen and would treat him as a real adversary. At the beginning, he certainly didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes. He didn’t treat Jiang Chen as an opponent of equal level.

“What techniques do you still have? Show them all to me.”

Jiang Chen’s combat intent billowed, touching the void above. It wasn’t easy for him to encounter a truly strong opponent. As such, he was going to ignite all of pa.s.sion in this battle.

“Meteor Rain.”

Desolate Yuan’s body floated in midair. Dazzling meteors suddenly appeared around him. These meteors were emitting a blue light. Every meteor was as large as the previous star, like a blue hill. The current Desolate Yuan was like the source of stars, being able to produce endless meteors for an eternity.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

The meteors moved rapidly. For an instant, the entire void was filled with blue meteors. Countless meteors occupied every inch of s.p.a.ce. Each and every one of these blue meteors had unmatched destructive force.

The number of meteors continued to increase. Under the control of Desolate Yuan, countless meteors began to attack Jiang Chen. This was a large-scale attack. The countless of meteors formed a starry ocean, a chaotic starry ocean. The infinite energy from it could destroy the entire spatial zone and all the lives here.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d really has some tricks.”

Big Yellow who was watching the battle from a distance couldn’t help but spoke. He admitted that this guy was worthy of being the number one genius of the Sky Ranking. His Star Hegemonic Physique was far more powerful than any average genius.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen bellowed. Countless of dragon shadows that emitted five various colors spiraled out Jiang Chen’s body and straight into the starry ocean, colliding with those meteors. Those golden dragons in particular were tyrannical. Some of them straight away opened their mouths and swallowed the meteors. The powerful Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal was a true dragon’s combat technique. It was conceivable how powerful this technique was. Today, five different types of combat techniques had been unleashed at the same time. Suddenly, the principle of attraction and repulsion of the five elements had been demonstrated. With so many real dragons present in the starry ocean, half of the meteors in the ocean had been destroyed. Countless of meteors were instantly crushed in the collision. The explosion from the collisions damaged half of the void. If anyone saw this battle, they would certainly be gaping at this fierce scene.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

This time, Desolate Yuan absorbed a certain amount of backlash. He staggered three steps backwards before regaining his balance, whereas Jiang Chen only moved a step backwards. From here, it showed that Jiang Chen gained the upper hand in this round of battle. Desolate Yuan’s facial expression turned very ugly. It wasn’t because he was injured or something. Such backlash could never deal any damage to him. The drastic change in his expression was largely due to Jiang Chen’s power. He had never have thought that Jiang Chen, who was just an Eighth Grade Minor Saint, could reach such a terrifying extent that he managed to gain the upper hand in the battle. This must be the funniest joke at the present time, but it really happened. This kind of result was truly unacceptable to Desolate Yuan. This was a very heavy blow to him. It was simply a great humiliation towards his existence.

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