Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 898 – The Secret of Ancestor Greenlotus

Chapter 898 – The Secret of Ancestor Greenlotus

The Secret of Ancestor Greenlotus

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Now that they’re outside of the Devil World, Jiang Chen let the devil and the earth devil beast hide in the spatial ring. These two experts were his trump cards, he wouldn’t use them if his life wasn’t really in danger. Besides, he already had the strength to face his enemies himself.

Greenlotus Mountain was as serene as always. This fact alone showed how much the Great Lightning Tune Temple cared about their reputation. The Western Domain was known to be the holy land of Buddha Sect after all. If the Great Lightning Tune Temple ignored this fact and struck Great Master Ran Feng, they would certainly be named a shameless sect. Furthermore, the Great Lightning Tune Temple had always wanted to get the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus. Naturally, they couldn’t push him too much. They had already established a good relations.h.i.+p with him for so many years, and knew his temper very well. If they pressure him too much, it would either cause the fish to die or the net to split*, either of the two wouldn’t do them any good.

What’s more, the position and prestige of Ancestor Greenlotus in Buddha Sect was just too high. If the higher ups of the Great Lightning Tune Temple went to deal with Great Master Ran Feng directly, they were afraid that it would arouse the dissatisfaction of other monks in the temple.

Jiang Chen walked directly into Greenlotus Mountain and came to the rear of the big hall. His eyes fell on the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus. His face was bursting with a smile. If someone asked him who was the only friend he had in his past life, his answer would be Ancestor Greenlotus. Although they didn’t have much contact with each other, they appreciated each other very much.

“Little friend Jiang Chen, you have come.”

A voice rang from behind. He knew that it was Great Master Ran Feng without guessing.

“I just went to the Devil World and happened to pa.s.s by here, I just came to see you and Tyrant.” Jiang Chen turned around.

When he sensed Great Master Ran Feng’s cultivation, he nodded. The current Great Master Ran Feng had already advanced to the second grade of the Great Saint realm. As a disciple of Ancestor Greenlotus, he was naturally not a mediocre talent. With the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill, his physique improved, and allowed him to advance by leaps and bounds.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation also shocked Great Master Ran Feng tremendously– Eighth Grade Minor Saint. His speed of progress would certainly make people speechless.

“Little friend is the most remarkable talent in ages. I would certainly not meet a lot of geniuses like you in this lifetime.” Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t stop admiring him.

He had already noticed that Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary human a long time ago but he was still shocked by his speed of improvement. In his point of view, the stronger Jiang Chen becomes, the happier he is.

“Great Master, there is a question that I have always wanted to ask you, but I couldn’t say it out loud before. Today, I wanted to ask if there’s any news regarding Ancestor Greenlotus.” Jiang Chen looked at Great Master Ran Feng and said.

He had always wanted to know if he could meet his old friend again. It would definitely be a delightful thing for Jiang Chen.

“About this…” Great Master Ran Feng frowned, feeling slightly awkward.

“Great Master has always been in Greenlotus Mountain all this time, you might not know what has happened outside. I have already built a strong connection with the Gu Family and the Demon Race. Moreover, my current strength is already enough to kill a Second Grade Great Saint. Earth devil beast, devil, you all come out now.” Jiang Chen called for them.

Both of them appeared in the hall simultaneously. In that instant, the entire hall was filled with a billowy devil Qi, but after Jiang Chen’s signal, the two of them concealed their devil Qi quickly. Otherwise, they would draw the attention of the Great Lightning Tune Temple soon.


He knew the reason why Great Master Ran Feng didn’t tell him, Ran Feng felt that the time wasn’t ripe and his strength wasn’t strong enough. As such, it was necessary for him to show his strength. Just a saying goe: It’s better for you not know if your strength is still not powerful enough.

Sure enough, Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the earth devil beast and the devil. His eyes were filled with disbelief. Like what Jiang Chen had said, the secret about Ancestor Greenlotus was no trivial matter.

Great Master Ran Feng had a look of shock on his face when he saw Jiang Chen’s strength. One should know that there is an enormous gap between the Minor Saint realm and the Great Saint realm. It would absolutely be impossible to leap like a frog the grades. It was frightening to hear that Jiang Chen could kill a Second Grade Great Saint with his Eighth Grade Minor Saint strength.

“Great Master, you might have heard from Tyrant about the edifying light. We both acquired the edifying light at the same time. This earth devil beast and devil were edified by me. Perhaps you are still wondering why I was so eager to know the news of Ancestor Greenlotus. After all, I have no relations.h.i.+p or whatsoever with him. So, I will tell you my true ident.i.ty now.” Jiang Chen’s expression turned solemn.

He felt that it was necessary to tell Great Master Ran Feng his true ident.i.ty. There was nothing much that he needed to hide from Great Master Ran Feng anymore. Ancestor Greenlotus would certainly recognize him with just a glance.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Great Master Ran Feng became nervous. He stared at Jiang Chen without blinking his eyes. He had already sensed some anomalies when Jiang Chen first came to see the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus. Plus, this young man was too heaven defying. Whether it was his actions or how he converse, it was always beyond the norm.

Jiang Chen turned around to look at the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus. He said, “Old friend, it’s been more than a hundred years.”

Behind him, Great Master Ran Feng’s eyes widened, as if he had thought of something. For a moment, he felt like his mind froze and could not regain his senses.

Jiang Chen turned to Great Master Ran Feng once more. “You are right. I am the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. That year, I died on that cliff but my soul didn’t, and I was reincarnated. I have come all the way from the Eastern Continent to once again reach the peak that I have already set foot in my past life. At that time, in the Chaotic Ocean, when I first met Tyrant, I already knew that he was a descendant of Ancestor Greenlotus just from his dharma seal, so I stepped in and rescued him.”


The news was like a thunderbolt that struck Great Master Ran Feng’s head. It turned out that the Greatest Saint hadn’t died, he had just entered into another body and was standing in front of Great Master Ran Feng.

This must be the truth. Jiang Chen wouldn’t lie. Great Master Ran Feng had seen the Greatest Saint once. That kind of demeanour, and dominance was somehow similar to the young man in front of him. What’s more, if he was really the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, Jiang Chen, everything made sense. This young man at hand virtually knew everything and could also concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pill. Who else had such an ability to concoct a pill that only existed in legends?

“I thought that Elder Greenlotus has already risen to the Immortal World after a hundred years, but now it seems like it wasn’t the case. Great Master, I hope that you could tell me the secret about Elder Greenlotus. If he is in some kind of trouble, in this world, only I, Jiang Chen, could help him. There won’t be a second person who can do this.” Jiang Chen said.

Great Master Ran Feng didn’t speak. He was trying to settle his emotions down. With his cultivation, his emotion had been as stable as Mount Tai. His emotion had never been so uncontrollable for so many years.

Great Master Ran Feng only regained his senses after a period of time. His emotions were back to the usual calmness. The way he looked at Jiang Chen now changed from appreciation to respect. The one standing before him was no longer a young junior but a predecessor.

He opened his mouth but no words came out, he had no idea what to call Jiang Chen.

“Great Master, don’t feel restrained. The previous one has already died. I am still the same junior in your eyes, the sworn brother of Tyrant. Just call me like how you did previously. Also, I hope that you can keep this as a secret. Don’t tell Tyrant about it. I don’t want it to affect our brotherhood.” Jiang Chen said.

He must not let Tyrant know his true ident.i.ty. If Tyrant knew that he was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, it would create an awkwardness between them. This was something that Jiang Chen didn’t wish to see.

Initially, he didn’t want to reveal his true ident.i.ty but as time pa.s.sed, he had revealed his ident.i.ty to three people. First, he said it to Nebula Kidd because he was forced to do so under that circ.u.mstance. Second, was Big Yellow and third,to Great Master Ran Feng.

Great Master Ran Feng saluted Jiang Chen deeply and said, “If Little Friend can save my master, Ran Feng would be willing to be a horse or an ox.”

“Great Master doesn’t have to be overly polite.” Jiang Chen said, and let the earth devil beast and devil return to the spatial ring.

Great Master Ran Feng was very excited as if he had finally seen hope. He wouldn’t doubt Jiang Chen’s words. If there was a man that could save Ancestor Greenlotus in this world, it would be Jiang Chen.

“Back when my master reached the peak of the Ninth Grade Great Saint, the heavenly tribulation befell him. With my master’s ability, there was no doubt that he could ascend to the Immortal World.”

Great Master Ran Feng seemed to have fallen into his memory and returned to the day before Ancestor Greenlotus’s heavenly tribulation.

“The day before the heavenly tribulation, he told me, ‘Ran Feng, with my cultivation, surviving the heavenly tribulation and ascending to the Immortal World would not be a problem to me at all. However, I have gotten a secret treasure. This secret treasure might bring disaster to me. If I failed in my heavenly tribulation tomorrow, remember that I’m not dead, but someone wanted it to look as such. If I couldn’t return tomorrow, I must have already been imprisoned.” Great Master Ran Feng repeated what Ancestor Greenlotus said to him.

“And then on the second day, ancestor failed his heavenly tribulation and never came back, right?” Jiang Chen guessed.

“Yes, just as my master expected. He failed the heavenly tribulation, but it must someone’s doing. It was probably because of the secret treasure that my master have. My master never came back, he had never appeared for decades. From an outsider’s point of view, his failure in the heavenly tribulation was similar to your death. All these years, no one has ever mentioned my master’s name.” Great Master Ran Feng smiled bitterly.

“Ancestor has great power of Buddha and can predict the future. Do you know where he is imprisoned and who imprisoned him?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Little Friend, where do you think in this world could hold my master prisoner? Given my master’s strength, it would be very difficult for most people to hold him hostage.” Great Master Ran Feng gave another bitter smile.

“Saint Origin Palace.”

Jiang Chen said the three words and two cold lights glowed from his eyes.

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