Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 897 – The Objective Is Met

Chapter 897 – The Objective Is Met

The Objective Is Met

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After killing the First Grade Great Saint devil, Jiang Chen returned to his human form. Looking at the devil soul in his hand, he couldn’t help smiling. In his present cultivation base, refining the devil soul of a First Grade Great Saint was enough to let him advance to the eight grade.

“Truly amazing.”

The earth devil beast caught his breath. He had never seen a human who could be so powerful, killing a First Grade Great Saint while he was only a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. He wouldn’t believe it if he wasn’t present in the scene.

“Earth devil beast, I am going to refine this devil soul to break through to Eighth Grade Minor Saint. Stay vigilant at the surroundings as we will stay here for now. The previous commotion will attract greater devils here. Once a Third Grade Great Saint devil emerges, our objective is met,” said Jiang Chen.

“Yes, Master.”

The earth devil beast nodded. He used his sharp perception to observe around carefully and be a good guard to ensure the best environment for Jiang Chen’s advancement.

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen refined the devil soul through circulating the dragon transformation art. Through using the flames True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire the devil Qi within the soul was purified very quickly, leaving only the purest energy within.

*Weng* *Weng*

A ma.s.sive amount of energy was slowly refined by Jiang Chen. One by one, dragon marks began to form. The speed of formation was very fast. It took only a minute to condense a thousand new dragon marks.

The earth devil beast’s eyes were staring at Jiang Chen’s body, astonished by his continuously rising Qi. The beast was considered a being that could trample the world but it had never seen such monstrous human, a human not only had great combat power, but could also advance in such a casual way.

The energy within the devil soul of a First Grade Great Saint was too tremendous. The number of dragon marks were increasing. Soon, a thousand dragon marks were condensed. The previous number of dragon marks was 72, 000 but now it had reached 74, 000. A large bulk of high grade True Meta Stones was refined and a wave of monstrous Qi burst out of his body like raging waves, pus.h.i.+ng his grade directly to the eighth grade.

The energy of the devil soul wasn’t exhausted yet after the break through. New dragon marks were still gathering in his Qi Sea. At this moment, two very powerful Qi rushed to his direction from afar. Very quickly, they reached Jiang Chen and the earth devil beast. They were both powerful devils. One of them was a Second Grade Great Saint while the other had already reached Third Grade Great Saint. Their eyes immediately fell upon Jiang Chen and the beast the moment they arrived.

“It’s human, kill him!” said the Third Grade Great Saint.

Suddenly, the Second Grade Great Saint devil beside him unleashed a surging murderous intent and lunged at Jiang Chen in the form of light.

The earth devil beast’s Qi trembled and was prepared to kill the Second Grade Great Saint, but at that particular moment, Jiang Chen leaped from the ground towards the incoming opponent while shouting at the earth devil beast, “Leave this to me, you handle that Third Grade Great Saint.”

The present Jiang Chen wasn’t like before. Not only had he advanced to Eighth Grade Minor Saint, he had also condensed another thousand dragon marks within this very short period of time, making a total of 75, 000 dragon marks and pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation grade to the peak of his grade. His current power was enough to deal with ordinary Second Grade Great Saint. Adding the fact that his opponent was a devil, he wouldn’t have a single problem in taking the devil down.


After receiving the command from Jiang Chen, the earth devil beast roared and appeared in front of the Third Grade Great Saint in a blink. Its body was filled with wild devil Qi. It condensed a giant palm as large as the sky, pressing against the Third Grade Great Saint.

“You are one of us and your bloodline is greater than mine. You are an imperial kinsman of the devil race but you are helping a human, which is a total disgrace to us. I will kill you now and absorb your n.o.ble bloodline.”

The Third Grade Great Saint was infuriated. He struck out a black light pillar at the earth devil beast. The intense battle between these two experts turned the sky overhead murky. Although the earth devil beast was strong, its opponent was a Third Grade Great Saint. It was impossible to injure the opponent severely in the first round of battle.

On the other side, Jiang Chen’s series of frenzied attacks had caused severe injuries on the Second Grade Great Saint within the shortest possible time. An arm was ripped off forcefully and the flames burned from his wound like the previous devil.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What kind of flame is this?”

The devil raged but he could do nothing to change the situation. He was already a very powerful Great Saint, but this young man was more powerful than him. The thing that made him aggrieved the most was the flames of his enemy. He had reached a level where no ordinary flames or even the stronger flames would have a suppressive effect on him, but his opponent’s flames was the most powerful kind and his natural enemy, which had suppressed his power without warming.

“Fire Dragon Seal!” Jiang Chen strucked.

Three fire dragons rushed out from three different directions, trapping the devil firmly. Not only the Fire Dragon Seal had high damage, but it was also able to exert suppressive effect on the devil to the extreme, which can be said that it was the devil’s greatest enemy.

The devil had gone furiously mad. He used every technique he got to defend against Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon Seal, but if Jiang Chen wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t be able to resist it. While he successfully defended against the Fire Dragon Seal, Jiang Chen’s long sword reached him. The sword was unrivalled and exceedingly sharp. It went through the devil’s skull with a splash.

After piercing through the head, Jiang Chen pick the devil soul within.

“Not bad. I don’t need this Second Grade Great Saint devil soul anyway. I can give it to Han Yan together with the other dark spirits. I’m sure it will enhance his cultivation grade by leaps and bounds.” Jiang Chen smiled.

He had just advanced to the Eighth Grade Minor Saint, so he couldn’t use it for the time being, but Han Yan who possessed the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline could refine any of them. The devil soul of this Second Grade Great Saint alone could ensure a rapid advancement.


Back to the earth devil beast’s side. The beast roared incessantly, and transformed into its true form. Itss body was like the size of a 100 meter tall hill, while its four ghostly eyes were cold and ruthless.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

The earth devil beast was completely infuriated. Its four eyes glowed like the cold lights in the underworld. It seemed to be able to penetrate through the ancient time, and carried a destructive force that could exterminate everything. That was the light of death that came from the region, it was able to freeze people’s souls.

Four beams of cold lights moved incredibly fast and arrived at the Third Grade Great Saint in a blink.

“Earth devil beast.”

The Third Grade Great Saint exclaimed. He didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. He hadn’t been able to discern the bloodline of this devil king, but he didn’t imagine this imperial kinsman was the king of thousands of devils – Earth Devil Beast. Its four eyes were called the h.e.l.l Eyes. They had unpredictable destructive damage.

Even though the devil was a Third Grade Great Saint, a grade higher than the earth devil beast, he didn’t dare to underestimate the attack of the earth devil beast. He exerted all his devil force to condense a black s.h.i.+eld. The surface of the s.h.i.+eld was engraved with countless devil marks that looked like an ancient and ferocious old devil.

*Hu Hu*

It was a very powerful devil s.h.i.+eld. The devil lifted it to block the incoming four beams of cold lights.

*Hong Long*

Too bad, despite the st.u.r.diness of the devil s.h.i.+eld, it couldn’t withstand the damage brought by the h.e.l.l Eyes. The devil s.h.i.+eld was fully wrapped by the cold light and was pierced through. The strong impact hit the devil’s body, sending him flying away.


The devil’s expression changed for thw worst. He spurted out a few mouthful of black blood, and his Qi started to languish. The fact that he was still alive was because of his strength. If he were replaced by a Second Grade Great Saint, he would die instantly when the attack of the h.e.l.l Eyes pierced through his body.

“Earth devil beast, trap him! Don’t let him escape.”

Jiang Chen hastily gave a command to ethe beast, fearing that the devil would escape.

As Jiang Chen’s words faded, the earth devil beast pounced forth. Its giant body suspended in the air above the devil’s head like a large dark cloud, suppressing the devil firmly. Under such kind of suppression, the devil couldn’t struggle himself out no matter how hard he tried.

“Earth devil beast, you actually help a human to fight our race?”

The devil snarled with grievance but all of his shouting at the edified earth devil beast was to no avail. The earth devil beast only had Jiang Chen in its eyes, and only had Jiang Chen’s commands in its mind.

“Don’t waste your breath. You will soon be my slave, like him.”

Jiang Chen came to the devil’s side and struck out the edifying light. Due to the suppression of the earth devil beast, the devil wasn’t able to block the charging edifying light. After a few symbolic struggles of the devil, he was completely edified.


The devil approached Jiang Chen and called him ‘Master’ in salute.

After seeing what happened, the earth devil beast retracted its power and returned to its human appearance, and stood behind Jiang Chen.

“Good, you two will be my followers from now on. The battles just now were too fierce. We have to leave now.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, he led the earth devil beast and the devil out of the Devil World. The trembling combat waves of the previous battles would very soon attract greater devils to them. If a Fourth Grade Great Saint emerged, they wouldn’t stand a chance and it would be extremely difficult to leave the place.

The objective of coming to the Devil World had been achieved and it was time for Jiang Chen to return. With these two great experts by his side, Great Saint enemies would become his least concerns. If the Great Saint experts of the five large families tried to make a move secretly against him, they would have to let them bear their own consequences.

Before leaving Western Domain, Jiang Chen wanted to pay a visit to Greenlotus Mountain. He hadn’t had the chance to express his grat.i.tude to Great Master Ran Feng for helping him last time. And, he hadn’t seen that ‘highest grade’ monk, Tyrant, for a long time. He actually missed him.

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