Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 899 – Seeing Han Yan Again

Chapter 899 – Seeing Han Yan Again

Seeing Han Yan Again

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“Yes, although master didn’t say where the place was, across the entire Saint Origin World, the only place where master could be imprisoned was at the Saint Origin Palace. All these years, the Great Lightning Tune Temple has always wanted the my master’s inheritance, but I refused their requests. I have told them my condition, and that is to find my master in Saint Origin Palace. Unfortunately, all of them believed that my master had already died in the heavenly tribulation. Even if they believe that my master didn’t die, the Great Lightning Tune Temple won’t be able to enter the Saint Origin Palace with their current strength.”

Helplessness was plastered on Great Master Ran Feng’s face. After so many years, he still couldn’t forget what his master told him the day before the heavenly tribulation. He knew that his master was definitely not dead and had been imprisoned in the Saint Origin Palace, which was built by the eight families. It would be impossible for the Great Lightning Tune Temple to go in, let alone him.

Therefore, over the years, Great Master Ran Feng had been training Tyrant. He knew that he didn’t have the talent to further his cultivation, let alone the chance to enter the Saint Origin Palace. He had placed all of his hopes on Tyrant. However, although Tyrant was very talented and had a chance to trample the world, the hope was still slim because the eight large families weren’t short of geniuses that was as gifted as Tyrant. The Saint Origin Palace was the most powerful existence in the Saint Origin World. Without absolute strength, there was no chance of getting in contact with Ancestor Greenlotus even if one could enter the palace.

After seeing Jiang Chen, Great Master Ran Feng finally saw a glimmer of hope. That was why he did his best to get along with Jiang Chen. To put it bluntly, they were all selfish acts. What he hadn’t thought of was that Jiang Chen was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, a good friend of his master. It was rare to see a person that could still remember his master after so many years.

This time, Great Master Ran Feng finally saw his hope. He knew very well the capability of the world’s Greatest Saint. Today, Jiang Chen looked even more terrifying than in his previous life. He was the number one expert across the Saint Origin World. Now that the king has returned, Saint Origin World would once again be overturned.

“Don’t worry, Great Master. It won’t be long before I enter the Saint Origin Palace. I’m sure I’ll get some news about Ancestor Greenlotus.”

Jiang Chen said. Since he had already known the secret of Ancestor Greenlotus and even confirmed his whereabouts, he would certainly go to the Saint Origin Palace to find Ancestor Greenlotus. He wasn’t clear about the condition inside the palace, but Peac.o.c.k King said that the palace was divided into eight forces, just like the Pure Land, and now that he was close to the Demon Race and the Gu Family, he could rely on them the moment he entered the palace.

“Well, the fate of my master will depend on you now, little friend.”

Great Master Ran Feng looked very grateful.

“One matter of concern in my heart was resolved after knowing the news of my old friend. I have more important things that I need to attend to. With regards to my ident.i.ty, you must remember not to tell Tyrant about it, goodbye.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Great Master Ran Feng and vanished all of a sudden. Looking at where Jiang Chen disappeared, Great Master Ran Feng was petrified for a long time. He looked at the statue of his master. “Master, I hope that you are still safe and sound.”

Jiang Chen left the Western Domain. There were two important things that he had to do. One of them was to go to Nebula Sect and give the dark spirits and devil souls to Han Yan before returning to find Peac.o.c.k King. Then, together, they would annihilate the stronghold of the Dark Shadow, uprooting this obnoxious organization and threat from the land of Saint Origin World once and for all. The existence of the Dark Shadow had always stifled him like a lump in his throat. This major power wasn’t similar to the five large families. They were like phantoms that walked in the shadows and could jump out and send a fatal blow to you at any time sinisterly.

The feeling of being targeted by his enemy at every second was unbearable, and the only way to stop it was to get rid of the root and let them disappear completely from this world.

In the past, Jiang Chen was still weak and couldn’t fight them, he also didn’t know where the true stronghold of the Dark Shadow is. Now that he had grown strong and had edified the earth devil beast, he could accurately locate the position of their true stronghold. As such, he didn’t have to wait any longer. He was ready to strike the Dark Shadow and destroy them once and for all.

Since the defeat of Nan Bei Chao, Nebula Sect had become increasingly strong. They had ruled over the four large domains and was worthy to be called as the first sect of the Mysterious Domain. Jiang Chen quietly returned to Nebula Sect. He found out that Nangong Wentian was still in seclusion, and felt that he had already broken through the Minor Saint realm. He felt happy for him. He was certain that the Phenomenal Boundless Technique which Nangong Wentian cultivated would become stronger in the future, but if he was compared to Han Yan and Yan Chenyu, the difference would be great. After all, Han Yan and Yan Chenyu had the advantage of possessing innate and unique abilities, they were born with strong physiques which was totally incomparable to ordinary people.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to disturb Nangong Wentian. After a short stay, he went to the Dark Devil religion. Han Yan returned to the Dark Devil Religion when the chaos ended. To Han Yan, the cultivation environment in Dark Devil Religion was far better than in Nebula Sect.

Dark Devil Religion was an ally of Nebula Sect. They benefited greatly since the last war. The overall power of the Dark Devil Religion had been greatly enhanced. Comparing them to the other major powers of the other large domains, Dark Devil Religion and Nebula Sect would surely take the lead.

With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, it was too easy for him to enter the Dark Devil Religion. Let’s not mention those people who guarded the door, even their master, Wu Yi Mo wouldn’t feel a thing even if Jiang Chen walked past him.

The place where Han Yan cultivated was the devil blood pool. It was a thirty meter large pond. On top of the pool, blood-red devil waves lingered, while the pool was filled with boiling b.l.o.o.d.y water. Han Yan’s grey hair moved and fluttered even if there was no wind. Half of his body was submerged in the blood pool. With the incessant activation of the potentials in his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. The current Han Yan had already reached the Third Grade Minor Saint, which was far stronger than the previous him.

Jiang Chen appeared next to the pool, observing the changes occurring to Han Yan. He couldn’t help but nod. Han Yan’s improvement was certainly greater than Nangong Wentian’s, and along with the constant activation of the potential in his bloodline, he would only get stronger and stronger.

“Who is it?”

Han Yan felt a presence, and immediately opened his eyes and saw Jiang Chen grinning at him.

“Little Chen.”

Han Yan instantly felt ecstatic. He came out of the devil blood pool and appeared beside Jiang Chen. A reunion between brothers was naturally an unparalleled joy to them.

“Little Chen, you’ve made such rapid progress!”

Han Yan felt speechless, and shook his head when he noticed Jiang Chen’s cultivation. Within this period, he had devoted all of his time just to advance to Third Grade Minor Saint, which was already considered good progress, but he didn’t expect that Jiang Chen was even more terrifying. It seemed like it would be impossible for him to catch up Jiang Chen’s progress.

“Ah Yan, you have been in seclusion this whole time. I suppose you don’t know what’s going on outside.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Something big must have happened again. Tell me quickly. By the way, where’s Big Yellow?”

Han Yan didn’t see Big Yellow with Jiang Chen, arousing his suspicion. One should know that this man and dog duo was always a team that rarely separated.

“Big Yellow had gotten the totem of the Demon Race. He is now the most important figure of the Demon Race.”

Jiang Chen said. He told about everything that had happened to Han Yan during his absence, including the Void Triangular Domain, the grudge between him and the five large families, Big Yellow’s situation in the Demon Race and the situation in the Gu Family.

These incidents were already understated by Jiang Chen, but it still made Han Yan dumbfounded, because each incident was world-shaking, having the ability to shake the entire Pure Land. Han Yan sighed unceasingly. He couldn’t imagine that so much had happened in such a short period of time.

“Little Chen, you are too amazing! But the situation is becoming more and more dangerous. The five large families will certainly not let you go.”

Although Han Yan was shocked by Jiang Chen’s words, he slowly regained his senses after that. He knew Jiang Chen all too well. Even if he had done something greater than all of those mentioned, it would still be extremely normal to him. Ever since he had known Jiang Chen, there was no place that he pa.s.sed that had remained calm, and the enemies that he offended keep getting stronger, but no matter how powerful the enemies were, they were all eliminated in the end, becoming mere stepping stones in Jiang Chen’s path.

“Don’t worry, the struggle in the Pure Land has just begun. I have experienced countless trials on my way here. There are a lot of people who wanted to kill me, but the final outcome has always been the same. Ah Yan, you have to advance as fast as possible. In the future, we will have to face the battles and fight side by side. Big Yellow has already gotten the divine seal of the totem. He is currently a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, I’m afraid that he’s going to break through to the Great Saint realm soon.”

Jiang Chen patted Han Yan’s shoulder.

“For Heaven’s sake, that dog is truly awesome! I am feeling the pressure now, but it won’t be easy to hasten my cultivation, due to the fact that the devil blood pool is no longer useful to me.”

Han Yan shook his head in a helpless way. Although he had the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, he didn’t have the best cultivation resources. Relying solely on the devil blood pool wouldn’t increase his cultivation speed.

“The grade of the devil blood in the pool is too low, it wouldn’t work on you anymore, but I have treasures that are suitable for your cultivation.”

Said Jiang Chen, he took out the Second Grade Great Devil Saint soul and pa.s.sed it to Han Yan.

“This is the devil soul of a Second Grade Great Devil Saint. In addition to that, I also have plenty of dark spirits here. Your Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline will allow you to absorb them completely. Not only will your cultivation improve by leaps and bounds, it can also activate the potentials in your bloodline, bringing you to another height.”

Jiang Chen took out all those dark spirits. He was now an Eighth Grade Minor Saint, and these dark spirits weren’t too useful for him anymore, but to Han Yan, they were extremely useful.

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