Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 896 – Killing the First Grade Great Saint

Chapter 896 – Killing the First Grade Great Saint

Killing the First Grade Great Saint

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The elder was no match for the earth devil beast after all. He made a piercing wail as he was crushed by the earth devil beast. His death was tragic. Before he came, he had ninety percent confidence in killing Jiang Chen even without the evil devil beast. His own ability could’ve taken Jiang Chen’s life with ease.

Actually, the reason that he brought the earth devil beast along was to frighten Jiang Chen to death. That explained why the earth devil beast was in his devil form in the beginning, instead of its human form. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen wasn’t frightened in the slightest bit and he died under the hands of the earth devil beast instead. This was absolutely the most infuriating death under the Heavens.

Dark Shadow suffered another major loss because of Jiang Chen - a powerful Second Grade Great Saint and a mighty earth devil beast. This loss would hurt the bones and sinews of the organization. As for Jiang Chen, the Dark Shadow has just presented him a huge gift. With the presence of earth devil beast by his side, he wouldn’t need to act cautiously anywhere he went.

“Earth devil beast, let me ask you something. Do you know where the stronghold of the Dark Shadow is?”

Asked Jiang Chen.

“Yes, I know.”

The earth devil beast said.

“How many Great Saints are there in Dark Shadows and what is the highest grade among the Great Saints?”

Jiang Chen continued to ask. He hated Dark Shadow thoroughly for haunting his peaceful life like undying spectres. He was resolute to annihilate the entire organization, making them disappear in this world eternally.

“There are thirteen Great Saint experts in the Dark Shadow. Excluding me and the one that i just killed, there are eleven left. The general is a mighty Fifth Grade Great Saint. There are two Fourth Grade Great Saints, three Third Grade Great Saints and the remainder are either Second Grade Great Saint or First Grade Great Saint.”

The earth devil beast didn’t dare to show the least bit of disrespect in his answer. He only answered with facts.

“Humph! Their formation is quite strong. Let’s go. Follow me back to the Western Domain. When we return, we will go and annihilate the Dark Shadow.”

Jiang Chen gave out a cold humph. He changed his initial thought of going to Nebula Sect. After subduing the mighty earth devil beast, he thought of raising his cultivation to another level. He would bring the earth devil beast to the Devil World in Western Domain and edify another batch of devils that are Third Grade Great Saints. With his current cultivation strength, he could edify at most two Third Grade Great Saints. As soon as he had edified two Third Grade Great Saints, he would seek the help of Peac.o.c.k King for them to jointly annihilate the Dark Shadow once and for all.

The strongest Great Saint in the Dark Shadow was only a Fifth Grade Great Saint. Although Peac.o.c.k King was only a Fourth Grade Great Saint, his combat power was extraordinarily strong. His bloodline was rarer than the earth devil beast. As such, his combat power would be powerful enough to handle any ordinary Fifth Grade Great Saints.

“If master wants me to kill someone, I will kill anyone.”

The earth devil beast’s reply made Jiang Chen very satisfied. This was the great advantage of the edifying light. Once a devil was completely edified, it would become his slave. It would obey and take any orders from him without the slightest bit of defiance.

“Very good, earth devil beast. Let’s go to the Devil World.”

Jiang Chen spoke. Then, he vanished into the void with a sway. The earth devil beast followed behind him. The both of them were moving at their maximum speed, heading to the direction of the Devil World in Western Domain.

He was quite cautious when he arrived in the Western Domain because he didn’t really get along with the Great Lightning Tune Temple with the previous incident. It would cause him trouble if they found out any of his traces here. His destination was the Devil World, as such he didn’t pause when he pa.s.sed the Greenlotus Mountain.

Greenlotus Mountain was as serene as usual. One could see and feel its harmonious atmosphere from the outside. It seemed like the Great Lightning Tune Temple didn’t cause Great Master Ran Feng any trouble. This had given Jiang Chen some relief. He would feel sorry if Great Master Ran Feng and Tyrant were in trouble because of him.

The Devil World. This wasn’t the first time that Jiang Chen came to this place. Every trial in this world was fruitful. Last time, he had edified a few Minor Devil Saints, which were now guarding the Martial Saint Dynasty on his behalf,. He had two objectives for coming here this time. One was to edify a powerful Third Grade Great Saint devil. The second was to use devil souls to advance to the Eighth Grade Minor Saint.

Jiang Chen’s capability rose to another level after obtaining the blood talisman. This capability allowed him to advance in an intimidating way. In order to advance to the Eighth Grade Minor Saint, he would need to refine devil souls that are at least of Ninth Grade Minor Devil Saint. In fact, he could just do it by just refining all the dark spirit he collected, but he wanted to keep them for Han Yan. Anyway, he was already in Devil World, he might as well improve his cultivation.

Jiang Chen and the earth devil beast intruded into the Devil World smoothly. Entering the Devil World, He could feel the dense devil Qi whereas the earth devil beast was very excited. To the earth devil beast, this place was a paradise.


The earth devil beast roared as his devil Qi billowed to the top. Feeling the majestic devil aura, all the devils lay themselves down, s.h.i.+vering. They were frightened and didn’t dare to lift their heads up. Any ordinary devils could not bear that kind of aura.

“Earth devil beast, conceal your aura. Follow me into the deepest level of the Devil World. Our target is a Third Grade Great Saint devil. Are you confident in handling that?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Master can be rest a.s.sured. My bloodline belongs to the king of devils. Any ordinary devil who sees me will be suppressed by the imposing aura of my bloodline. Although I am just a Second Grade Great Saint, I have already reached the peak of Second Grade. It won’t be a problem for me to face a Third Grade Great Devil Saint.”

The earth devil beast said confidently.

“Very well. When we encounter one, you don’t need to kill it. Of course, it will be easy for you to defeat a Third Grade Great Saint but killing it wouldn’t be as easy. You only need to suppress it and leave the rest to me.”

Jiang Chen reminded the earth devil beast.

“This servant understands.”

The earth devil beast nodded. He was truly obedient to Jiang Chen.

The both of them turned into two beams of light, shooting towards the deepest level of the Devil World. Great Saint devils could only be found in the deepest level, it would be very hard to find them in the other levels.


As Jiang Chen and the earth devil beast entered the deepest level, a roar sounded from a close distance. Then, a ferocious-looking middle-aged st.u.r.dy man rushed out, blocking their path. His face was full of black wrinkles. His body was emanating a fiery devil Qi. Its cultivation was a powerful – First Grade Great Saint.

“Hehe, a human brat has the nerve to intrude into the deepest level of the Devil World. He must be truly naïve! I haven’t eaten a human flesh for a long time.”

The devil licked its mouth as if the two of them were its prey that were ready to be slaughtered. Due to earth devil beast concealing its Qi, the adversary couldn’t detect a single threat from him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare to disrespect my master! Courting death!”

The earth devil beast was enraged. It seemed like it was about to lunged at the devil.

“I will handle him.”

Jiang Chen waved, implying the earth devil beast to stop. He was going to handle this First Grade Great Devil Saint by himself, because he had never fought a true Great Saint opponent before, even after reaching the Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Now, this was a great opportunity for him to do that.

With his current cultivation, he would be able to defeat a First Grade Great Saint but it would be too difficult for him to kill a First Grade Great Saint. But then again, this might not be the case if his opponent was a devil because he had many techniques that could suppress them.


Jiang Chen made a step and turned into his dragon-form. He wouldn’t dare underestimate a First Grade Great Saint opponent. If he fought in his human-form, he wouldn’t stand a chance.


An explosion of energy occurred in the void. Jiang Chen immediately struck out a punch without saying a word. It was a punch that carried the weight of a mountain and blazing with fire. It reached the devil in a blink.

“Seeking death!”

The devil was enraged. It was outrageous that a puny human dared to attack him. The devil let out a wild roar that burst out boundless of devil flames, forming a fist that headed straight towards Jiang Chen. Its face revealed a ferocious smile. In its point of view, this punch was already enough to turn his enemy into a meat paste.

*Hong Long*

The void was instantly torn off when these two fists collided. The devil couldn’t withstand the powerful energy coming from Jiang Chen’s knuckle and was pushed flying away. Its face was filled with astonishment.

“Impossible. How could a tiny Seventh Grade Minor Saint overpowered me from just a single attack? This must be a joke. Brat! What kind of flame is that? Why can it suppress me?”

The devil was shocked, it looked at Jiang Chen like it had just seen a real ghost.

“A flame that could kill you.”

Jiang Chen didn’t feel like answering its question. The collision showed his combat strength so he didn’t have to waste any more time testing his strength. His Heavenly Saint Sword materialised with a swoosh. The dragon-shaped long sword was surrounded with boundless of flames, flooding the entire void with a raging fire that incinerated all the devil Qi. At the same time, he casted the Five Elemental Power Sphere to encompa.s.s the devil completely.


The devil roared angrily and launched a frenzied attack towards Jiang Chen. Due to the suppression of the flames, the devil was not able to exert its full strength in the fight. The difference was great. The devil’s actual combat strength was actually below Jiang Chen’s, adding the effects of his flames, there was no need to mention the obvious difference.

*Pu Chi*

The devil’s force was pulverized by the Heavenly Saint Sword. The metal moved in lightning like speed and slashed off one of its arms. The flames on the metal clung to his wound like a bone ulcer and burned.


The devil rage but there was nothing that it could do because another slash was coming. This strike was even more violent than the last. It would be imposible for the devil to defend against it given its current condition.

*Pu Chi*

Along with the agonizing wail, the First Grade Great Devil Saint was severed into half and died. A black devil soul fell directly into Jiang Chen’s hands as though it was summoned.

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