Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 893 – A Conclusion

Chapter 893 – A Conclusion

A Conclusion

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Jiang Chen became the center of attention. The attention was created because his emergence had provoked their anger. It was a great provocation to all the young men of Gu Family to see the two of them being in love in public. Of course, that was just their emotion. They were smart enough to know their own limitations and were definitely not qualified to compete with Jiang Chen.

However, that didn’t mean that Gu Liufeng wasn’t qualified to battle against him. Today was the family meeting and Gu Liufeng couldn’t stay silent anymore. However, Jiang Chen was the man who had killed s.h.i.+ Han, so Gu Liufeng wouldn’t have a high chance of defeating him.

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu had turned a deaf ear to these comments.

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

The rhythm of the drum became rapid. Over twenty silhouettes suddenly emerged on a tall platform ahead. The atmosphere turned silent the moment they appeared and as a light majestic aura was drifting in the air. Each and everyone in Gu Family was looking at the tall platform with respect.

The people on the platform were high ranked seniors. The weakest among them was a First Grade Great Saint. The Qi that was released from these Great Saints created a shapeless pressure that suffocated the people below.

Gu Family was one of the eight large families. Naturally, these weren’t the only Great Saints the family had. As this was a mere family meeting, it didn’t require all of the Great Saints to be present.

The one that stood at the very front was Gu Xuantian. His face looked majestic. He was the supreme person in Gu Family. He was like a G.o.d to the people of Gu Family, but the attention of many were s.h.i.+fted to the lady in white standing beside Gu Xuantian.

“Look! That’s Elder Gu Lan. She had been imprisoned for twelve years. I never thought that she will appear today.”

“Elder Gu Lan is really pretty. It seems that the conflict between her and Patriarch has been resolved.”

“This is great. I heard that not only does Elder Gu Lan look like a celestial beauty, she is also gifted with innate talents. I have to admit that these facts are true seeing her now.”


Gu Lan’s appearance caused a commotion from the crowd. There were many young people who hadn’t seen Gu Lan before. In the year that Gu Lan left Gu Family, she had been living in Southern Continent until she was brought back and imprisoned for twelve years. So it was natural that not many people recognized her.

However, it didn’t mean they hadn’t heard about her before. In Gu Family, there was no one who didn’t know about Gu Lan and her life, but due to the fact that discussing Gu Lan’s story was considered a highly sensitive thing, no one dared to talk about it.

It seemed the matters had finally come to a conclusion since Wu Ningzhu and Gu Lan are both present today.

“Patriarch, nearly all of them are here. We can start now.”

An elder said.

“En, let’s start.”

Gu Xuantian nodded.

The moment Gu Xuantian nodded, a silhouette landed on a battle platform in a flash. He looked to be roughly twenty five years old. He had an aura of grace and elegance and also a handsome face. He was wearing purple clothes, and his body was filled with a domineering aura. His eyes locked on Jiang Chen the moment he arrived.

“It’s Gu Liufeng!”

“He finally appeared. Let’s see what he will do.”

That person was Gu Liufeng. His arrival made the surrounding atmosphere slightly heavier.

Gu Liufeng stared at Jiang Chen and shouted, “Jiang Chen, I know the purpose of you coming here. But you have to be capable enough to marry Ningzhu. I, Gu Liufeng is declaring a direct challenge to you. As long as you can defeat me, I will withdraw myself from the marriage.”


Gu Xuantian frowned.

“Patriarch, the conflict is between the two of us. Let us resolve it ourselves.”

Gu Liufeng held his fists at Gu Xuantian.

Gu Liufeng was a very smart person. His words had given Gu Xuantian a solid excuse to save face. Both him and Jiang Chen would settle the conflict between them themselves. If he lost the battle, he would admit his defeat. So, it was his own decision to withdraw from the marriage if he was defeated. It wouldn’t create any negative impact to Gu Xuantian’s reputation. More importantly, it was vitally important for one to settle his own problems, otherwise, the person would be looked down upon.

Gu Xuantian nodded slightly. He was relieved that he didn’t pick the wrong genius. He was relieved that Gu Liufeng didn’t let him down.


Without saying any word, Jiang Chen leaped onto the battle platform, standing at the opposite side of Gu Liufeng.

“Gu Liufeng, you are considered a hero here but don’t feel aggrieved and don’t think I have affected you and Wu Ningzhu because of my arrival here. I suppose you have heard about our engagement before this. She doesn’t have you in her heart. Of course, I agree to what you said. Only the strongest is eligible to marry Sister Ning, as such I accept your challenge. I have promised Sister Ning that I will defeat everyone for her.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone. He had to admit Gu Liufeng’s laudable spirit. He stood out even though he knew that Jiang Chen had killed s.h.i.+ Han. Firstly, he was doing this because he wanted to try his best. Secondly, he wanted to provide an excuse for Gu Xuantian. If he refused to solve the problem with Jiang Chen today, Gu Xuantian would be put in a very difficult position because it was Gu Xuantian who announced the marriage of Wu Ningzhu and Gu Liufeng.

As the saying goes, what is said carries weight. The status of the patriarch in Gu Family was more n.o.ble than those common emperors.

“Jiang Chen, I know that you have killed s.h.i.+ Han but I have gained tremendous benefits from the recent tough trial, which had significantly improved my cultivation grade. Initially I was thinking to find s.h.i.+ Han and Kong Yang to test my strength. But since you have killed s.h.i.+ Han, I would like to see how powerful the killer of s.h.i.+ Han is.”

Gu Liufeng Qi fluctuated. His facial expression was fearless. He was certainly a man whose hobby was fighting.

“It’s a pity that you are still not my opponent.”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“I know that it is impossible to kill s.h.i.+ Han with my current strength but the battle between you and me is unavoidable and I won’t back away.”

Gu Liufeng replied. His Qi erupted like a volcano. His hand pressed forth, sucking a portion of the void ahead. Then, a large hand materialized and turned into a cloud on one side of the sky, which then came cras.h.i.+ng down on Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen didn’t slow his reaction. He transformed into a human-dragon. In order to defeat a monstrous genius like Gu Liufeng, he would need the dragon transformation to take him down. This had been obvious during the time when battling s.h.i.+ Han.

*Hong Long*

It was the True Dragon Palm. A large dragon claw collided with the giant cloud, creating deafening rumbles. Gu Liufeng’s attack was pulverized. Thanks to the powerful seal formation that was set on the battle platform, the platform was not destroyed, otherwise, the impact would pulvurize it and other structures.

Gu Liufeng was shaken and started to stagger backwards. His face dropped with shock immediately. Although he had antic.i.p.ated it, he didn’t know Jiang Chen was this powerful.

“What? He is so powerful?!”

“Exceedingly powerful. No wonder he was able to kill s.h.i.+ Han. But, Brother Liufeng is ranked fourth on the Sky Ranking, he is a half-step Great Saint. I can’t believe that, given his current cultivation grade, he can’t even stand a single attack from a Seventh Grade Minor Saint.”

“This is terrifying. That man is truly a monster. Do you all realize that Jiang Chen’s combat strength has improved by many times after he transformed? Brother Liufeng has acquired great benefits from his recent trial. His current strength is enough to deal with s.h.i.+ Han and Kong Yan but it is no match to Jiang Chen’s strength.”


Everyone was astonished. Not only the young generations, but Gu Xuantian, Gu Lan and the higher ups of Gu Family also were flabbergasted. As a matter of fact, hearing and witnessing the battle were two entirely different experience. They didn’t see how Jiang Chen managed to kill s.h.i.+ Han, but they knew Gu Liufeng was an outstanding genius. Now, this outstanding genius had lost in the first round of the battle.

“Gu Liufeng. You are strong, but you aren’t as strong as s.h.i.+ Han. But I know that you will be reluctant if I ask you to admit defeat. So, I will convince you that you are at the jaws of defeat.”

The bones in Jiang Chen’s body created cracking sounds. Every part of his body was pumped with busting energy that roared continuously. Dharma seals were condensing around Jiang Chen’s body before it turned into real dragons. Every dragon illuminated five different lights, as if real dragons had descended from the heavens.

He struck out the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Five different seals were launched at the same time. Fifteen dragons with different attributes formed a circle that surrounded Gu Liufeng.

It was no doubt that Gu Liufeng was powerful but he was still weaker than s.h.i.+ Han. Jiang Chen needed a lot more effort to kill s.h.i.+ Han but his strike was enough to take Gu Liufeng down as his purpose was to defeat him, not to kill him.

“Big Brother, Jiang Chen’s combat technique is really powerful. Did you notice that his attack consists of five different elements? I have to admit that it is truly a scary technique.”

“That’s right. The five elements should be repelling each other but Jiang Chen is able to integrate them perfectly into his technique. It’s extremely rare. I never imagined that there is such unbelievable techniques in the world.”

Gu Lan and Gu Xuantian were truly shaken. Even with their knowledge and experience, they had never seen such a technique before.

“This kid is super scary. His future is inestimable.”

“Too powerful in my opinion! Even though I am a First Grade Great Saint, I will probably be dead if I receive this attack.”

“It seems Liufeng is going to lose the battle. It is clear that it wasn’t a fluke that Jiang Chen killed s.h.i.+ Han. It was his true ability. His combat strength really frightens me.”


No one was able to calm themselves. The outcome of the battle was already decided. Jiang Chen didn’t try to play tricks on Gu Liufeng. He had struck out his most powerful attack to defeat Gu Liufeng. This indicated a form of respect towards Gu Liufeng.

On the battle platform, even if Gu Liufeng exhausted all his skills and techniques, he wouldn’t be able to withstand Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. When all the violent combat waves faded and dissipated, Gu Liufeng became visible again. Currently, he looked fazed. Blood was trickling from the corner of his mouth. His Qi had gone unstable. It was obvious, that Gu Liufeng had received severe backlash from the attack just now.

“I lost.”

Gu Liufeng revealed a wry smile. Although he still had some strength left, the previous impact had told him everything. Any further, the battle would be pointless as he was no match for Jiang Chen. In other words, if this was a life-and-death battle, Jiang Chen would have killed him.

Jiang Chen kept his dragon transformation and jumped down from the battle platform, and came to Wu Ningzhu’s side. Her current facial expression was full of joy. She still remembered that Jiang Chen would defeat all men for her. And Jiang Chen had never lost before.

“Patriarch, Liufeng has fully accepted his defeat. Brother Jiang is truly a rare genius who only appears once every thousand years. It won’t be a humiliation to marry Ningzhu to him.”

Gu Liufeng held his fists to Gu Xuantian and said. As a matter of fact, he had already known the intimacy between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu but he refused to accept it. However, today’s battle with Jiang Chen had finally made him convinced. He was like Gu Xuantian, a man of conscience. There was nothing to be said when he lost the battle. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen had Gu Liufeng’s respect for fighting with his true strength.

At this time, Gu Mu stood up from the group. He took out the betrothal gifts and pa.s.sed it to Gu Xuantian and Gu Lan.

“Patriarch, Elder Gu Lan, these are the betrothal gifts from Jiang Chen, 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, 3 Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and 10 bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water.”

Gu Mu was shrewd at picking the right timing. He announced all the items of betrothal gifts right after Gu Liufeng admitted defeat, causing a commotion from the crowd below. It was a different feeling when they saw these items with their own eyes. Many of them started to look at Jiang Chen in an ablazed gaze, agreeing that Jiang Chen was absolutely rich.

“Xiao Lan, what do you think?”

Gu Xuantian looked over at Gu Lan.

“I’m fine with him.”

Gu Lan was very satisfied with her son-in-law.

“Alright. Jiang Chen. In this trip to propose marriage, you have faced numerous tests but you overcame them with sincerity. Given your talent, it is our honor to accept you as the son-in-law of Gu Family. I am now using the authority of patriarch to permit your proposal of marriage with Wu Ningzhu.”

Gu Xuantian kept all the betrothal gifts and said. This matter had finally come to a conclusion. As for Gu Liufeng, he was fully convinced after his defeat. Gu Xuantian wouldn’t need to worry about his feelings anymore. If the person he selected couldn’t even deal with this defeat, it meant he had selected the wrong one.

“Thank you, Patriarch.”

Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu said at the same time. Jiang Chen’s expression seemed ordinary but Wu Ningzhu’s facial expression was filled with intense joy that couldn’t be concealed.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief in his heart as the matter of Gu Family had finally come to an end.

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