Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 892 – Gu Family Meeting

Chapter 892 – Gu Family Meeting

Gu Family Meeting

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Jiang Chen and the others had vanished into Lan Ning World for several hours. Despite it being only several hours, the situation in Gu Family had turned chaotic. They did not know what had happened in inner palace yet or the fact that Jiang Chen had gone to inner palace, but news of s.h.i.+ Han’s death had reached the Gu Family. They now had the confirmation that Jiang Chen had killed s.h.i.+ Han.

The news said that while Jiang Chen was following Gu Mu to Gu Family, they were met with s.h.i.+ Han. Later, a world-shaking battle started. In the end, s.h.i.+ Han was slashed into half and Jiang Chen beheaded him.

“My G.o.d, Jiang Chen was telling the truth. He had actually killed s.h.i.+ Han, who was the second genius on the Sky Ranking, but Jiang Chen is merely a Seventh Grade Minor Saint...”

“Yeah. The second genius on the Sky Ranking is killed…this is going to be a huge incident that will shake the Pure Land. I’m afraid amendments must be made to the current Sky Ranking soon. I have no idea what kind of monstrous genius Jiang Chen is. I’m afraid Brother Liufeng isn’t his opponent at all.”

“That’s right. Although Brother Liufeng had obtained great benefits during a tough trial and has the ability to challenge the top three geniuses on the Sky Ranking, he don’t have the power to kill s.h.i.+ Han. If Jiang Chen and him were to be engaged in a battle, I’m afraid the outcome will be unpleasant.”

“I heard that Jiang Chen is coming here to propose marriage to Miss Ningzhu, but the patriarch have announced to bethroth Miss Ningzhu to Brother Liufeng three days later. I’m sure the event is going to turn hot this time.”


Everyone in Gu Family was discussing about Jiang Chen – a genius who had killed s.h.i.+ Han. In fact, this was not only happening in Gu Family as the news had spread across Pure Land. This single battle had pushed Jiang Chen’s reputation to the peak.

Now, no one had doubts about Jiang Chen’s strength anymore. While the astonishment was still in their body, another shocking news was spread.

Jiang Chen had brought great betrothal gifts to Gu Family, 1.5 billion high grade True Meta Stones, three Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon pills and ten bottles of Nine Solar Saint Water. Such extraordinary gifts would naturally create waves of commotion among the people.

“My G.o.d, isn’t this Jiang Chen too aggressive for giving out so many incredible treasures?”

“It seems he is determined to marry Miss Ningzhu. It means Brother Liufeng is going to be in danger.”

“Yea. Although Patriarch had made the announcement, the gifts that Jiang Chen brought are too attractive. It can bring unimaginable benefits to Gu Family. If we are thinking in the perspective of bringing advantages to our family, marrying Miss Ningzhu to Jiang Chen will be more advantageous to us.”

The betrothal gifts had shocked everyone. Apparently, it was Gu Mu who leaked the news. This old man was trying his best to gather support for Jiang Chen.

Everyone was waiting for the family meeting that would be held after three days. Jiang Chen’s arrival was going to make the family meeting hot. Wu Ningzhu and Gu Liufeng were going to play the leading role but Jiang Chen, an outsider, had also taken the leading role.

Another thing that surprised the people was that Gu Liufeng was unusually silent, as though he had never received any of those news outside. However, the youths of Gu Family knew that Gu Liufeng couldn’t continue to stay silent. If he didn’t do anything about it, it would greatly hurt his reputation. Many people predicted that Gu Liufeng would rise in revolt in the family meeting three days later.

In the subsequent three days, Gu Lan and Wu Ningzhu didn’t leave Lan Ning World. Jiang Chen too stayed with them. Even Gu Xuantian didn’t leave the place. Why would the patriarch leave the peaceful place when he could choose to spend leisure time here? As for the setting up and arrangement of the family meeting, his absence wouldn’t affect any of them.

As for Wu Tianyang, Gu Xuantian was going to send Gu Mu to Southern Continent when the family meeting was over.

In these three days, Gu Lan and Wu Ningzhu were filled with laughter. The silent and depressing atmosphere had turned lively by their laughter. Wu Ningzhu told her mother again about her things, the most important one was the matter about Jiang Chen and Gu Liufeng.

“Mother, do you think Uncle will marry me to Little Chen?”

Wu Ningzhu asked doubtfully. Gu Xuantian was the patriarch after all. He would never eat the words he gave.

“Look at them. They have already become friends that can chat without reserve. I have never seen your dignified uncle being friends with an outsider, especially with a junior. This is enough to prove Jiang Chen’s exceptional charisma. If you don’t believe your uncle, you should believe Jiang Chen.”

Gu Lan said with a smile. Jiang Chen was the most excellent young man she had ever seen. If her daughter could marry such an outstanding hero, it would be her daughter’s great fortune. It was her wish to see her daughter having a happy life.

“That’s right. There is nothing in this world which Little Chen can’t do.”

Wu Ningzhu’s face was filled with delight. Her understanding of Jiang Chen was far beyond what Gu Xuantian or Gu Lan had. Jiang Chen would never give up once he had decided to do a thing and there was nothing he couldn’t achieve.

After three days, drumbeats resounded in the sky above the Gu Family. n.o.body’s ears were able to escape from the sound. Today was the most important day of the Gu Family, it was a day that represented by all the young generations of the family.

The battle drum was an indication of ardor. It was used to stir up the morale of the young fighters who would always move forward in the battlefield.

The martial stage of Gu Family was incomparably huge. It had a radius of ten miles. The martial stage was erected with a number of battle platforms. Every platform was imprinted with various marks and stains that were left by previous battles.

Early in the morning, countless of cultivators have arrived at the martial stage. Their faces were filled with excitement. The center of the stage was occupied by genius young men because this would be their main battlefield.

At this moment, two silhouettes pa.s.sed through the air and landed at the center of the martial stage. They were a couple consisting of a good-looking man and a beautiful girl. They were Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu. They were holding hands which showed that they were in deep love. When those young men who had chased Wu Ningzhu saw this, their eyes spurt out fire. She was a n.o.ble G.o.ddess in their eyes but she was now holding hands with an outsider. This was undoubtedly a huge blow to them.

“Look, that man is Jiang Chen. He is too young, much younger than I think.”

“Do you see how well-matched they are? I have no idea what Gu Liufeng would feel when he sees this.”

“He definitely won’t feel good, but Jiang Chen is powerful enough to kill s.h.i.+ Han. I don’t know whether Gu Liufeng will dare to challenge him or not.”


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