Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 894 – Earth Devil Beast

Chapter 894 – Earth Devil Beast

Earth Devil Beast

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“Jiang Chen, Ning Er, since your marriage has already been approved, why not choose a date for the wedding?”

Gu Lan said with a smile.

“That’s right. From now on, you are one of us, Jiang Chen.”

Gu Xuantian smiled. It was no doubt a great thing for the Gu Family to be able to accept a genius like Jiang Chen.

Wu Ningzhu was feeling very delighted right now. She had experienced so many things along the way and finally, it had come to an end. She glanced at Jiang Chen, before saying, “Uncle, mother, about the wedding, I think we should talk about it some other time, Jiang Chen still has many things that he needed to handle. Besides, Jiang Chen’s father is still in the Eastern Continent. I’ll wait until Little Chen finished all of his stuff before we can talk about our wedding.”

Other people might not understand Jiang Chen but she knew him very well. She knew that she wasn’t the only person in his heart, there’s still Yan Chenyu. If they decided to get married today, it would be very unfair to Yan Chenyu. She and Yan Chenyu had already decided to marry the same man, thus the wedding should be postponed to another day.

Jiang Chen glanced at Wu Ningzhu, feeling gratified. A thoughtful woman was always a man’s favorite.

“It may not be a bad idea. In which case, you two are already engaged. Consider the wedding again when the time is ripe.” Gu Xuantian said.

It was better to leave their matters to them. He felt sorry that he had harmed Gu Lan and Wu Tianyang very much last time. However, he was now relieved to see that Wu Ningzhu found her true love again.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu left the martial stage. They were uninterested in the Gu Family meeting. His objective for coming here was considered accomplished. From now on, he, the Demon Race and Gu Family would be tied together in a team. It was undeniably favourable to Jiang Chen. As for these two large families, they were doing this for the sake of their own future, they saw Jiang Chen’s potential and foresee his future.

“Sister Ning, the matters in the Gu Family has already been resolved. I have done the promise that I made to you. Today, you and your mother are together once again. Days later, your father will come to the Gu Family and reunite with you all. As for me, I am leaving the Gu Family for now.” Jiang Chen said.

“I will go with you.” Wu Ningzhu replied.

“No, you can’t. You should know my current circ.u.mstances. I have offended so many people, someone might pop out at any second to kill me. The five large families and the Dark Shadow a.s.sa.s.sins are hidden dangers. Although they had verbally agreed that the conflict would be settled by their young generations but with s.h.i.+ Han’s death, it will make them understand that there are no young geniuses that can match me. So, it is very likely for them to send Great Saint experts to hunt after me stealthily. Following me is too dangerous for you. It’s safest to stay in the Gu Family. Besides, you and your mother have just reunited. It’s not the right time to leave now.” Jiang Chen said.

“Okay. You have to be careful.” Wu Ningzhu nodded.

Although she felt loathsome to be parted from Jiang Chen, her man was telling her the truth. Even though she was a powerful Seventh Grade Minor Saint, she would only be a liability if she followed him, his opponents were just too strong.

“Be at ease. There have been many people who wanted to kill me, but I’m still alive until now.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

He bade farewell to her and left while the Gu Family meeting was still ongoing. He left Pure Land and headed to Mysterious Domain.

When Jiang Chen left, Nangong Wentian and Han Yan were in seclusion. Jiang Chen was afraid that they didn’t even know what had happened outside. He had obtained tremendous benefits from Void Triangular Domain, and he wouldn’t forget his brothers.

Let’s not talk about Nangong Wentian; those dark spirits that Jiang Chen gathered in Void Triangular Domain would bring boundless benefits to Han Yan. His Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline allowed him to absorb all kinds of dark energy. The gains he would get from these dark spirits would be tremendous compared to the devil souls.

Travelling from the Gu Family to Nebula Sect was way further compared to travelling from the Demon Race to the Gu Family, Mysterious Domain wasn’t in the area of the Pure Land, but then again, distance wasn’t a problem to Jiang Chen. He arrived to his destination quickly.

High in the sky, Jiang Chen flickered and disappeared. He was thousands of miles away every time after he vanished. He was travelling in the spatial zone as he had already perfected the mastery of the spatial energy.

Suddenly, the void ahead was blocked by some layer of shadow that forced Jiang Chen out of the spatial zone. Two silhouettes emerged in the white clouds ahead. They were a man and a beast. The man was an elder wearing black clothes. His body was exuding a cold murderous intent which was an exclusive trait of the Dark Shadow. Beside him was a hill-sized giant beast.

The beast looked extremely ferocious. Its body was roughly 200 meters long and was covered with black scales. The surface of the scales was suffused with black flames. It was the steam-like devil Qi. The giant beast had four eyes. Each of the eye was shooting out a cold light, as if they came from the underworld. There were two long tusks at the corner of its mouth which frightened people.

“Earth devil beast.” Jiang Chen exclaimed.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with this giant beast. Back in purgatory, he had exerted all of his efforts to kill an earth devil beast. He hadn’t imagined that another earth devil beast would emerge today. The strength of this beast was definitely way more powerful than the one in purgatory. They were on totally different levels.

To one’s surprise, this earth devil beast was actually a Second Grade Great Saint. The elder had the same cultivation too. Given Jiang Chen’s current cultivation, he wouldn’t have a chance of winning if he fought against these two Second Grade Great Saints. Fleeing would be his best option. Besides, an earth devil beast had a super strong combat strength. This Second Grade Great Saint earth devil beast would be able to take down an ordinary Third Grade Great Saint cultivator.

“You people of the Dark Shadow are really annoying.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a cold tone.

“Kid, since our establishment, we have only suffered a great loss from a single person once. You are the second person to do that. I have to admit that I am astonished by your power, but it will all end here today. I will kill you personally without using any a.s.sa.s.sination technique, and I will make sure that you will not have a complete corpse when you die.” The elder spoke.

He and the earth devil beast had locked the void in the surrounding area, giving Jiang Chen no chance of escaping.

“Haha, a Second Grade Great Saint is bulls.h.i.+tting about killing me without using an a.s.sa.s.sination technique. I’m afraid that only the people of the Dark Shadow would dare to say something as shameless as this. Unfortunately, you can’t kill me today.” Jiang Chen gave a cold smile.

The elder didn’t know that the two people that he mentioned were actually the same person.

“A puny little Seventh Grade Minor Saint, it’s just a piece of cake for me to kill you.”

The elder certainly did not put Jiang Chen in his eyes whatsoever, however he was qualified to act in such a way.

“If you were alone, you might have a chance to severely injure or even kill me. However, it’s a pity that you brought an earth devil beast with you. I have already killed an earth devil beast before and I have a special technique that I use in dealing with earth devil beasts. To me, killing that beast is just a piece of cake.” Jiang Chen said to the earth devil beast.

Clearly, he said these words on purpose. He knew the Dark Shadow organization all too well. Once he was hunted, they would go after him until he died. This time, the Dark Shadow sent a Second Grade Great Saint to kill him. It showed how much the Dark Shadow wanted him dead.

However, the emergence of the earth devil beast had given him a chance. It’s true that he had ways to deal with this beast. That was why he didn’t run away. This earth devil beast would probably be his great a.s.sistant in the future. The earth devil beast was the king of devils, which meant that Edifying Light would work on it. The fact remained that his cultivation was still too low to subdue this earth devil beast by using the skill, but he had another way to deal with it–the blood talisman.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t forget the fact that he only succeeded in killing the earth devil beast back in purgatory due to the help of the blood talisman. The blood talisman had an enormous suppressive effect on earth devil beasts. In fact, it did not only work on earth devil beasts, but also on all demon beasts.

Plus the fact that the current blood talisman was obtained from the ninth floor of the Suspended Tower, the blood talisman was the apex item of the Demon Race.

So, Jiang Chen would largely be betting on this. He tried to provoke the earth devil beast to attack him, which would give him the chance to edify it using the power of the blood talisman and Edifying Light. Once the earth devil beast was in his possession, the dead one would be the elder instead of him. It also meant that he would obtain a mighty a.s.sistant.

Nevertheless, there was still a problem. The blood talisman glued itself into the corner of his Qi Sea like a super arrogant boss, regardless of how many times Jiang Chen tried to call it. If he couldn’t use the blood talisman, it would be extremely difficult to deal with the earth devil beast.

At any rate, Jiang Chen had to give it a try.


Just as expected, the earth devil beast was enraged after hearing Jiang Chen’s words.

“Allow me to kill him for looking down on me and killing my descendant. He is truly seeking death. I am going to rip him into pieces.” The earth devil beast raged.

“Alright, earth devil beast, I will let you kill him but make sure that there is no mistake this time.” The elder said.


The earth devil beast moved. Its very st.u.r.dy body reached Jiang Chen in a blink. It opened its large mouth, its voice was thunderous. “d.a.m.n you boy! You dare to look down on me? Don’t you know how to write the word ‘die’?”

“Humph! You will know why later.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph and turned into a human-dragon instantly. Without saying a word, he struck out the powerful Fire Dragon Seal. His flames had a certain suppressive effect on the earth devil beast.

“Die boy!”

The devil Qi of the earth devil beast shot up to the sky. It spat out devil flames that instantly pulverized Jiang Chen’s fire dragon. Although the flames had a suppressive effect on devil flames, the difference in cultivation was just too big.

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