Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 891 – Lan Ning World

Chapter 891 – Lan Ning World

Lan Ning World

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“Jiang Chen, do you think that I will agree to marry Ning Er to you?”

Gu Xuantian turned and asked.

“You will.”

Jiang Chen replied resolutely.

“You are overly confident. Although you have helped me unlock my stifled heart and helped Gu Lan obtain her freedom, these two things are completely different from your proposal of marriage. As the patriarch of Gu Family, I must keep my promise, and that is to marry Ning Er to Liufeng three days later. If I let Ning Er marry you, where should I place my dignity?”

“Gu Xuantian, do you know what are the things that I admire about you? The betrothal gifts that I brought are enough to stir up anyone’s emotions, but you are able to resist those impressive gifts for your dignity as a patriarch and insisted that Sister Ning must marry Gu Liufeng. This is also the thing that impressed me. You are a man with great conscience. I’m sure that anyone who you nurtured will flourish. We have to consider Wu Ningzhu’s willingness on this marriage with Gu Liufeng. If we force Gu Liufeng to forget about the marriage, he won’t accept it due to his arrogance. Anyway, this is actually a matter between Gu Liufeng and me. In this world, only the strong will live. The fastest way to solve problems is to fight. Every genius is considered a soldier. I will personally defeat Gu Liufeng and seize Sister Ning from his hands, and make him retreat willingly. That surely will not hurt any of your dignity.”

Jiang Chen said.

The way Gu Xuantian looked at Jiang Chen was full of shock. He realised that this young man was too scary. He had such a great vision that seemed everything was in his control. He was a man who could see through everything with one look and a man who wouldn’t give up. It could be perceived when he dared to come to Gu Family and presented so many impressive gifts. It indicated how important Wu Ningzhu was in his heart.

Although Jiang Chen didn’t see Gu Liufeng before, he was able to determine what Gu Liufeng was with his foresight. What surprised Gu Xuantian was Jiang Chen’s judgement was exactly right. Gu Liufeng was an outstanding genius among the young generations of Gu Family, otherwise he wouldn’t be highly regarded by the patriarch.

“Furthermore, Patriarch Gu isn’t a fool. Your insight is sharper than everyone. The situation in Saint Origin World is becoming obvious. The forces of Desolate Family is becoming stronger day after day. They are powerful enough to suppress any of the seven families. If this continued to go on, you should know what will happen. You won’t believe it if somebody tells you that Desolate Family doesn’t have wild ambition. Gu Family should have known that the crisis will descend in the future given the current trend of the development. Currently, chaos finally struck Saint Origin World after so many years of peaceful stagnation. You should know that only me, Jiang Chen, is able to throw Saint Origin World into disorder in time to come. So, establis.h.i.+ng a friendly relations.h.i.+p with me will bring your family no harm but hundreds of benefits.”

Jiang Chen said, looking straight at Gu Xuantian. Jiang Chen’s words made him sigh, “Ai…”

He couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was in fact too smart to the point that he could see through everything. Jiang Chen was able to spit out his thoughts and the thoughts of the Great Saints who were in the inner palace. They all thought that Saint Origin World had been peaceful for a long time and thus, it was only a matter of time before it would turn chaotic again. Jiang Chen’s emergence to this world was like a dazzling star that was destined to shake the entire world.

It was true that there wasn’t a single disadvantage in making friends with Jiang Chen despite his weak cultivation grade. The reason Jiang Chen wanted to ally himself with them was to get a safety net. On the other hand, Gu Family wouldn’t be alone if they allied themselves with Jiang Chen because Demon Race had already allied themselves with him. The eight families had never got along well. Due to the chaos this time, it was without a doubt a good thing if Demon Race and Gu Family were able to join forces.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had brought many benefits to Gu Family in his trip here. He had helped Gu Xuantian unlock his depressed heart, taken the revenge for his son and given Gu Lan freedom. To Gu Xuantian, he had owed Jiang Chen a deep favour. So if Jiang Chen and Wu Ninigzhu married, Jiang Chen would become half-member of Gu Family, which gave Gu Family no reason to refuse helping him.

Gu Xuantian only predicted that Jiang Chen would be a very important figure in the future chaos but he wouldn’t have thought of the importance of this decision. If Jiang Chen reached the peak in the future, he would be able to dominate the entire world. When that time comes, it was unimaginable how much benefits Gu Family would get. Of course, this was all in the future.

On the other side, both Wu Ningzhu and Gu Lan had settled their overwhelming emotions. Gu Lan finally determined that it wasn’t a dream but a reality. She had waited for twelve years for this moment and it finally arrived.

The mother and the daughter nestled against each other on the gra.s.sy land. Gu Lan patiently listened to Wu Ningzhu talking about the details of her story and her father’s story in the past twelve years. They included the things that happened during the time she was in Gu Family and how much Jiang Chen had helped when he came to Gu Family.

The conversation lasted for three hours but within these hours, Jiang Chen and Gu Xuantian were also having a joyful chat even though there were times when they would turn serious as if they were talking about some kind of pressing matters. The three hours had made Gu Xuantian and Jiang Chen friends. Gu Xuantian was able to laugh freely in front of Jiang Chen without the need to care about his image as if he was no longer the high and mighty patriarch but an elder brother talking to a younger brother.

Gu Xuantian was impressed by Jiang Chen. They had talked a lot in the matters of cultivation. Jiang Chen was like a man who knew everything – from concocting pills, crafting of items, formations and many things, name it. Jiang Chen was able to provide crucial insights to the obstacles Gu Xuantian faced in his cultivation.

Gu Xuantian’s impression of Jiang Chen grew higher in his heart. To him, Jiang Chen was a miracle, a peerless, monstrous genius.

“You have really amazed me. You know so many things despite your young age. It seems all your achievements aren’t accidental.”

Gu Xuantian praised Jiang Chen generously. He was nurturing Gu Liufeng all these years. Although Gu Liufeng was an elite among his peers, he was as insignificant as a sand if he were compared to Jiang Chen. Even the little monstrous genius of Desolate Family on Sky Ranking wasn’t comparable to Jiang Chen. Even those geniuses who had entered the Saint Origin Palace had a great difference with Jiang Chen.

At this instant, a sound was heard from behind. Jiang Chen and Gu Xuantian turned their heads and saw the mother and sister was walking towards them while holding hands. Currently, Gu Lan’s face looked younger as if she had become twelve years younger and returned to her young time.


Jiang Chen held his fists at Gu Lan. He was impressed by Gu Lan’s spirited energy.

“Jiang Chen, I really have to thank you this time. Thank you for taking care of my daughter all this this while.”

Gu Lan deeply saluted Jiang Chen with utmost sincerity. In the three hours of conversation, Wu Ningzhu didn’t say a lot about Wu Tianyang and herself but Jiang Chen. She had told her mother nearly every courageous thing Jiang Chen had done. It made Gu Lan couldn’t help but sigh because she couldn’t believe there was such a genius in the world.

There was no doubt that there were an abundance of geniuses in this world but it was extremely rare to see a genius who was as loving as Jiang Chen.

“Aunty, those are the things which I have to do. Those are the promises I made to Sister Ning.”

Jiang Chen moved a step forward and held Gu Lan up.

“Xiao Lan.”

Gu Xuantian called his sister.

Gu Lan raised her head to look at Gu Xuantian. It was impossible to say that she wasn’t angry at her brother but her brother’s actions today gave her the reason to forgive him.

“Big Brother, twelve years have pa.s.sed. You have been forcing me to admit my faults but Xiao Lan has no faults. I would like to seriously ask you again today, have I made any mistakes?”

“Xiao Lan, it’s your big brother who made the mistakes.”

Gu Xuantian sighed.

Gu Lan heaved a long sigh. Twelve years of problems had finally been resolved. She knew that it wasn’t easy for Gu Xuantian to admit his own mistakes, but he had done it in front of her today.

Gu Lan looked over at Jiang Chen. He had undeniably impressed her. It was hard for her to imagine what kind of methods Jiang Chen had used to convince Gu Xuantian to admit his mistakes.

“You two have spent twelve years of stubbornness because of a single mistake. Today, all these problems are finally settled.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He had been worrying about the matter of Gu Family as he didn’t know how he was going to resolve the matter of Gu Lan, but it was all over now.

“Xiao Lan, after you left, I will destroy this land of prison.”

Gu Xuantian said.

“No, this is a good place. I will use it as my cultivation place next time. I have named this place Lan Ning World.”

Gu Lan said.

“Lan Ning World, alright. Since Xiao Lan like it, I will leave this place for you. You can enter whenever you like.”

Gu Xuantian nodded.

“Patriarch, I think, why don’t you do another good deed for them? You can bring Wu Tianyang to Gu Family so that their family can have a reunion.”

Jiang Chen said.

After listening to this, Gu Lan and Wu Ningzhu’s facial expression switch to nervousness. They now looked at Gu Xuantian nervously. A family reunion had been their dream over the twelve years. It would be perfect if Wu Tianyang was able to join them in Gu Family.

However, this would require the nod of Gu Xuantian as he was the patriarch. If he disagreed, Wu Tianyang would not be able to make even one step into Gu Family.

Gu Xuantian knitted his brows. In his heart, Wu Tianyang was an outsider, a tiny being in Southern Continent, which couldn’t be compared to anyone in Gu Family.

“Alright, I will send Gu Mu to Southern Continent to bring Wu Tianyang back here to reunite with you two.”

Gu Xuantian nodded as he felt that he had owed Gu Lan too much. He would treat this as a way to compensate the loss he created for her. Similarly, this was Jiang Chen’s suggestion, so he owed another favour to Jiang Chen.

“Thank you, Big Brother.”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

Gu Lan and Wu Ningzhu rejoiced with wild excitement. A family reunion was a dream that had been in their minds for twelve long years. How could they not feel excited about it? It was hard to imagine how Wu Tianyang would react after getting this news. They were afraid that he would cry for a night.

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