Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 879 – The Descent of the Totem

Chapter 879 – The Descent of the Totem

The Descent of the Totem

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Not one of them was able to keep their emotions in check, especially the members of the Heavenly Wolf bloodline. Lang Xingtian and Peac.o.c.k King were not able to control their excitement too. Unlocking the ninth level was something which they hadn’t dream of. They did not dare to imagine that their geniuses would be able to enter the ninth floor while they were still alive.

Nevertheless, they were more concerned about the benefits that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow would get in the ninth floor. There was one thing that was certain, when one entered the ninth floor, that person wouldn’t come out empty handed.

As a matter of fact, the time of closing for the Suspended Tower was up, but due to the opening of the ninth floor, it changed everything. At this time, none of them wanted the tower to close, not even Heavenly Leopard King, as this was a miracle to the Demon Race. Even if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stayed there for three days and three nights, no one would sound a complaint.

More importantly, after the two of them opened the ninth floor, it had brought a tremendous amount of luck to Demon Race. Those light rays that permeated the area from above would bring boundless benefits to them, including Lang Xingtian and Heavenly Leopard King.

Currently, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were paralysed. Despite their abilities, they felt like collapsing after breaking past the doorway of the ninth floor. The process of entering the doorway was absolutely torturous.

In spite of them lying on the floor, they had a feeling, a feeling of mightiness. It made them feel like they were separated from the original world and were lying above the sky surrounded by a Qi of n.o.bility. This was a true scared land. There were boundless of light that surrounded them and healed their injuries rapidly.

“This is the light of the Demon Race. It has great effect towards anyone who possess the bloodline of the Demon Race.”

Jiang Chen said.

“How is it now? Did you sense the signal yet?”

Big Yellow asked. This was the question that concerned him the most. If he still couldn’t feel it in the ninth floor, it indicated that Jiang Chen’s previous sense was just false.

“Yes, I can sense it. I can sense a very strong signal not far away. We will need to speed up our recovery.”

Jiang Chen’s face was filled with excitement. He had a feeling that the mysterious signal would bring him great benefits. He would be able to meet a great luck in this floor.

After a short period of time, both of them recovered. They crawled up from the floor and their eyes swept their surroundings that was filled with sacred light. Then, they flew towards the source of the mysterious signal.

The s.p.a.ce in the ninth floor wasn’t that big. It should be the smallest floor in the Suspended Tower. There was nothing in here but an ancient sacrificial altar at the centre of the floor. They approached it. The surface of the altar was full of variegated marks. Its height was roughly 300 meters but it still made them feel like it was as high as the sky.

Jiang Chen didn’t have the mood to admire the antiquity and divinity of the altar. All of his attention was focused on the blood talisman floating above it.

The blood talisman was buzzing. The blood-red light that was released from it permeated the entire sacrificial altar. The top of the blood talisman was carved with lines of patterns that was filled with an ancient and divine Qi. From such a close distance, Jiang Chen could confirm that this blood talisman was the source of the signal earlier.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t unfamiliar to Jiang Chen. Back when he was in Purgatory h.e.l.l, he recalled that there was also a blood talisman just like this. At that time, he used the blood talisman to suppress the ground devil beast. It was a talisman that gave him the feeling of blood connection that made him feel detached and attached at the same time. Due to his weak cultivation, he was unable to bring it out of the Purgatory. He had never imagined that a similar blood talisman would appear on the ninth floor of the Suspended Tower.

He didn’t know the secret behind this blood talisman, but he was sure that it wasn’t an ordinary stuff given the fact that it appeared in the ninth floor. Plus, the Qi that was released by the blood talisman had some connection with his dragon transformation art. Jiang Chen could feel his veins and blood as well as the dragon marks racing inside of him.

“Isn’t this the blood talisman from Purgatory h.e.l.l? Why did it appear here?”

Big Yellow’s eyes widened in astonishment. He knew very well how mystical this blood talisman was. Back then, they were unable to go near the stone door because it was blocked by the blood talisman. Only Jiang Chen was able to gain the approval of the blood talisman.

“This isn’t the exact same blood talisman but the Qi from it is exactly the same. This was the thing that was calling for me earlier.”

Jiang Chen said. He started to circulate his dragon transformation art to its peak and transformed into a human-dragon. The beating of the blood talisman intensified, as if it could sense the changes from Jiang Chen.

He was going to give it a try. He extended his dragon claw; the blood talisman flew towards Jiang Chen and landed on his dragon palm as though it was affected by Jiang Chen’s bloodline.

*Hong Long*

Seconds after the blood talisman left the altar, a deafening rumble was heard. They saw a brilliant light pillar shooting down from above. They didn’t know where the light pillar would lead them. The endpoint of the light pillar was like an abyss.


Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He and Big Yellow leaped onto the altar and flew into the light pillar.


However, as Jiang Chen touched that light pillar, he bounced of by a strong force from the light pillar, sending him falling to the floor. Big Yellow on the other hand was fine and just stood stably at the centre of the light pillar.

“What happened?”

Big Yellow exclaimed.

“Don’t talk. This is your great luck. Sit down and feel it. Although I have the True Dragon bloodline, my origin is still human, so I am unable to enter the light pillar. Getting this blood talisman is already good enough for me. I will refine it now while you receive your luck.” Jiang Chen quickly told Big Yellow.

The occurrence of the unusual change was an extremely lucky encounter to Big Yellow. If he missed such an encounter, it would never appear again in his life.

After listening to Jiang Chen, Big Yellow quickly sat down and activated all the Dragon-horse bloodline in his body, forming a resonance with the ancient light pillar.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen sat down cross-legged and started to refine the blood talisman that seemingly belonged to his.

*Weng* *Weng*

As the blood talisman entered Jiang Chen’s body, it trembled intensely. Seconds after he circulated the dragon transformation art, rays of blood-red light illuminated and rushed to Jiang Chen’s limbs and bones. He was amazed that these blood-red light were helping him greatly. It enhanced the True Dragon bloodline in his body. He felt like the seventy thousand dragon marks had all become true dragons during the enhancement.

As the blood-red light increased, the condensation of dragon marks began in his body. The changes in the blood talisman had initiated the condensation of dragon marks.

“Good, I was unable to refine the blood talisman back in Purgatory because I haven’t got the True Dragon bloodline yet. Now, it’s different. I can fully refine this blood talisman, obtain great benefits and push my cultivation to the Seventh Grade Minor Saint. At that time, anyone under the Great Saint realm would not be my opponent.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled as this was a great encounter. The advancement of one grade wasn’t the most important thing. It was the function of this blood talisman that was important. He could already feel the extraordinary features from the blood talisman. There were lots of secrets hidden in the talisman. He would explore them slowly when he had the time.

After a short period of time, the blood talisman was fully integrated in Jiang Chen’s body. When Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea returned to its calm state, two thousand dragon marks had been formed, making a total of seventy two thousand dragon marks, he broke through another level in cultivation – Seventh Grade Minor Saint. With so many high grade True Meta Stones, he didn’t need to worry about the consumption during his advancement.

“Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Very good. Let me have a look on the secrets of this blood talisman.”

Jiang Chen s.h.i.+fted his focus on the blood talisman. He was trying to communicate with it, but the result shocked him. He saw that the blood talisman dominated a small portion of the corner of his Qi Sea like a boss. The blood talisman ignored him no matter how many times he commanded it.

“What the heck?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This blood talisman was too sn.o.bbish. It seemed like he had picked up a stubborn and sn.o.bbish item this time.

The only explanation for such a condition was his lack of strength. It had now become impossible to probe the blood talisman.

Presently, outside of the Suspended Tower, everyone was trying hard to absorb the light rays. Some even had their cultivation advance during the process. They shouted happily and satisfyingly.

At this moment, a great change occurred in the Suspended Tower again. Everyone saw a drawing from the light pillar shot up to the sky. Inside the drawing was an ancient totem that looked very divine. It had a dragon head and a snake body. It looked real and illusory at the same time, as if it wasn’t supposed to exist in this world.

“Quickly, look! It’s the totem. My G.o.d! The totem has descended.”

“The totem of Demon Race! It’s our belief and our ancestor. I can’t believe that I can see this totem while I am still alive!”

“Fast, kneel down, everyone!”

Everyone was stupefied when Lang Xingtian and Heavenly Leopard King cried consistently and took the lead to kneel down. Every member of Demon Race were full of excitement. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Everyone knelt down as commanded without a word, their faces were full of sincerity. They couldn’t believe that the opening of the ninth floor would cause the totem to descend.

What is a totem? That was a myth. Some said that it wasn’t true, but it was the belief of Demon Race. Every member of Demon Race was a sincere follower of the totem. None would dare to show any sign of disrespect in front of it. It was like a G.o.d that had never appeared in their hearts, but its descent made them elated.

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