Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 878 – The Great Luck of the Demon Race

Chapter 878 – The Great Luck of the Demon Race

The Great Luck of the Demon Race

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After Leopard Wei entered the eighth floor, he didn’t hurry to seek for the inheritance but sat down cross-legged to heal his injuries. He had already been injured when he fought Jiang Chen before entering the tower. Plus the tremendous pressure that he recieved from entering the doorway of the eight floor. Despite his powerful bloodline, he still needed to stabilized and restore his condition.

While Leopard Wei was recovering his injuries, two silhouettes walked into the eighth floor from the doorway and approached him. He widened his leopard eyes and his face was full of disbelief.

“You guys have broken past it as well.”

Leopard Wei couldn’t feel indifferent about it. As a genius of the Demon Race, he knew too well the meaning of entering the eighth floor. If it was easy for anyone to enter the eighth floor, Kong Yang wouldn’t be the only one to enter it over the past ten years. When he entered the eighth floor this time, it meant that luck was on his side. In his heart, he was really happy and was filled with wild excitement. He thought that he was the only that could enter the eighth floor this time, but the unexpected struck him when he saw two geniuses coming in.

“Leopard Wei, it is true that the Heavenly Leopard bloodline is very powerful, but it isn’t comparable to my bloodline. If you could enter here, it naturally means that we can also enter, and we did it much easier than you.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Humph! Don’t get all over yourself. Entering the eighth floor and obtaining the true benefits are two entirely different things. You are from the human race, even if you could enter here, it doesn’t mean that you could obtain any benefits.”

Leopard Wei let out a cold humph.

“That will depend on our capability.”

Jiang Chen smiled and brought Big Yellow into the deeper regions of the eighth floor. He didn’t try to make things difficult for Leopard Wei. If he killed Leopard Wei here, it would certainly infuriate the Heavenly Leopard race. The matter would certainly get out of anyone’s hands and the entire Demon Race would descended into chaos, which wasn’t a scenario that Jiang Chen hoped to see. He wouldn’t despise someone like Leopard Wei. If it wasn’t because of the different parties that they belonged to, he would surely befriend him.

“Little Chen, have you sensed the mysterious signal here? This is already the eighth floor.”

Big Yellow asked.

Jiang Chen shook his head. “Still nothing.”

“Dammit! Don’t tell me that it’s on the ninth floor. I’ve heard that no one has ever entered the ninth floor before.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled.

“Do you think we would be able to break the history of this tower? By entering the ninth floor? In fact, I am very curious about the ninth floor as well.”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“We don’t need to care whether we could enter it or not. Since we have already come this far, we have to give it a try. However, I think we should still check in this floor around first to see whether we are lucky enough to meet those beneficial items that they’ve said. We only have a days’ time in this tower. We can’t spend all of our time breaking past the doorway of the ninth floor. If we fail, we would lose the time to hunt for the items.”

Big Yellow said.

After a period of time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were searching for some treasures or beneficial items in the eighth floor. Half a day pa.s.sed very quickly. Unfortunately, despite Big Yellow’s sharp senses for treasures, nothing was found.

“For heaven’s sake! Didn’t they say that there would be great benefits in this floor?”

Big Yellow was getting frustrated.

“We don’t have much time left. Let’s go to the ninth floor to find out.”

Jiang Chen said, he moved towards the doorway of the ninth floor. As for Leopard Wei, he had obtained an ancient inheritance of a chieftain in this floor and was currently absorbing it. He didn’t think about entering the ninth floor. Although he was a self-proclaimed genius, he knew his own limits. For all the years that the Suspended Tower had existed and so many monstrous geniuses, none of them managed to enter the ninth floor, let alone him.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were staring at the illusory door of the ninth floor. It didn’t seem different from the previous doors but it was covered with dense talisman marks. Looking at it would make people’s eyes painful. If one gazed at it for a period of time, it would make the person suffocate.

This was not a formation or a restrictive spell, but the Qi within was so mighty, as if it was representing the supreme being of the Demon Race.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow took a deep breath and circulated their bloodlines to the limit before rus.h.i.+ng to the doorway simultaneously.

*Chi* *Chi*

As soon as their bodies touched the illusory door, it let out a high pitched sound. The place where they made contact with the door created sparks. They felt a strong rebounding force was working against their bodies but when this energy sensed their bloodlines, it briefly weakened but strengthened again after a while. The entire process went back and forth.

Because of this to and fro, the both of them were unable to move forward or backwards however, they felt that if they choose to retreat now, they would lose the chance to enter the ninth floor forever. This was just like a test. They had to grit their teeth and moved forth and bear the severe squeezing pressure that felt like it would deform their physical figure.

There wasn’t much time left until the event was over. It seemed like entering the ninth floor wasn’t going to take them only a few seconds. They were attempting to move forth bit by bit. Now, the ninth floor had already recognized their bloodlines. As long as they could break past this doorway, they would succeed in entering the ninth floor. Jiang Chen was very confident in his perception. When the signal couldn’t be found in the first eight floors, it must be in the ninth floor.

Very soon, the opening period of the Suspended Tower would be over. Silhouettes were continuously walking out of the tower. Those who failed to enter the sixth floor had all come out before this. Those who were walking out now were the geniuses in the sixth and seventh floor. There were roughly two hundred of them. Majority of them were shaking their heads and sighing as they walked out empty handed. There were some who were excited and high-spirited because they had obtained some kind of benefits or items from the tower. Naturally, they had a reason to be happy.

“Almost all of them have come out. None of them has gotten the ancient inheritance of a chieftain. Now, they placed their hopes on Big Yellow and Leopard Wei.”

Everyone was expectant of the outcome. All of the candidates had already come out of the tower except for the three in the eighth floor.


A pleasant laugh suddenly came out of the gate, as soon as the voice faded. A silhouette illuminating a golden light shot out from the tower. He was Leopard Wei. Currently, he looked high spirited and enthusiastic. He didn’t looked like an injured person at all. Even the backlash that he received from the Heavenly Leopard King’s Eyes could not be seen from him. More importantly, his Qi was stronger than before, as though he had obtained some kind of enhancement.

“Haha! Leopard Wei has gotten an ancient inheritance of a chieftain. His cultivation would surely soar from today onwards. I think that it wouldn’t take him long to advance to the Great Saint realm.”

The Heavenly Leopard King laughed happily, the people from the Heavenly Leopard bloodline felt delighted too. Sure enough, Leopard Wei didn’t disappoint them. He had obtained an ancient inheritance of a chieftain just like Kong Yang did.

“Leopard Wei, congratulations.”

Lang Xingtian said to Leopard Wei. It didn’t matter what party Leopard Wei belonged to, he is a member of the Demon Race and would represent the Demon Race. He would certainly be ranked within the top ten after today’s news was spread across the Pure Land.

“There are two more people inside. Why haven’t Jiang Chen and Big Yellow come out yet?”

“I think they didn’t get anything at all.”

“Yeah. They should’ve come out by now even if they got nothing. They shouldn’t delay the time of closing the gate because they can’t bear this responsibility.”


At this time, many of them fixed their attention on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. All of the candidates had gotten out of the tower. Only the two of them were still inside. In fact, they had made the right guess, the both of them didn’t obtain any items, but they wouldn’t have thought that the both of them were breaking past the door of the ninth floor.

*Hong Long*

While many were still in their discussion, the Suspended Tower intensely trembled all of a sudden, creating a deafening sound of bang. Many of them saw a faint glow from the ninth floor which had been totally dark all this while.

“Quickly, look, a light appeared in the ninth floor. My G.o.d! They are breaking past the ninth floor.”

“Oh G.o.d! They are really entering the ninth floor. It seems like half of their bodies have already gone through. For over so many years…this is the first time that I saw a light in the ninth floor. I feel grateful and lucky to be able to witness this.”

“It’s Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They were both abnormal freaks that have the audacity to break past the ninth floor. It is truly unimaginable. If they succeed, it would certainly become a miracle in the history of the Demon Race.”


No one wasn’t startled by it. All of them were holding their breaths and dared not to speak. They raised their heads and focused on the top floor of the tower. Obviously, Lang Xingtian and Peac.o.c.k King were too excited. That was the ninth floor after all. They were also one of the geniuses who entered the Suspended Tower many years ago. They knew what the ninth floor meant. None of them were able to enter it before. Today, a miracle was about to happen. Big Yellow possessed a Divine Beast bloodline while Jiang Chen was a super monstrous genius. If they could enter the ninth floor, no one knew what they would get. It might not be just an ancient inheritance of a chieftain.


Suddenly, a loud bang was heard from the Suspended Tower. The faintly lit ninth floor was now brightly lit. Two light spots that was as brilliant as the stars were drifting back and forth in the ninth floor. The entire Suspended Tower was illuminated with boundless light rays when the ninth floor was unlocked by the two. These light rays shone from the ninth floor and in every corner of this spatial zone. When these light rays permeated one’s body, one would feel very comfortable as if one had entered an ocean of warmth.

“These light rays came from the sacred items of the Demon Race. It can change one’s physique and improve one’s demonic strength.”

“That’s right. These are the sacred light rays. Everyone, quickly absorb them. This is a kindness that the ancient tower is giving us. Faster! absorb all of these light rays as fast and as much as you can. This only showed the great luck of the Demon Race. Everyone would be able to obtain unimaginable benefits.”

“This is awesome! The great luck of the Demon Race was finally upon us.”

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