Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 880 – Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint

Chapter 880 – Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint

Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint

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The ancient and brilliant light pillar that floated above the Suspended Tower was like a supreme G.o.d. Thousands of cultivators of Demon Race were kneeling down with utmost sincerity. None of them dared to show a single sign of disrespect to the supreme totem.

The atmosphere had turned deathly silent. The tyrannical pressure from the totem made some of the weaker cultivators wouldn’t dare to even lift their heads up, they felt that looking at the totem directly was a sign blasphemy.

On the sacrificial altar, in the ninth floor, Big Yellow’s body was glowing with golden light from top to bottom. Tremendous changes happened to his dragon head and horse body. Two horns had grown out of his head. The third horn grew out between his brow, flickering with electrical light. The golden fur on his body was gone and replaced by a reddish-gold scale armor. Four of his hooves glowed a brilliant light that was glistening.

At this time, Big Yellow no longer looked like a dog but an extraordinarily valiant dragon-horse. A dragon-horse was a divine being of heaven and earth. It represented auspicious omen and destiny.

The divine seal of the totem gradually descended to Big Yellow’s head, forming a straight line with his head impartially.

“This was the divine seal condensed by the legendary and supreme totem of the Demon Race but Big Yellow managed to draw it out. If this totem’s divine seal is giving its blessings to Big Yellow, it only means that Big Yellow is a supreme being of the Demon Race, the symbol of G.o.d that not even the cultivators of the Heavenly Leopard party would dare to show disrespect to him. At that time, Big Yellow will surely be able to unite the entire Demon Race, resolving every contradiction and conflict that existed internally. None of them would dare to oppose him any longer.”

Jiang Chen got excited too. He wouldn’t have thought that Big Yellow would be so awesome. Big Yellow’s luck was truly incomparable even to those who obtained the inheritance of a chieftain.


Suddenly, Big Yellow let out a resounding roar that shook the heaven and earth. Every s.p.a.ce in the Suspended Tower trembled intensely, making the cultivators below raise their heads. They saw the ninth floor had turned transparent. The two light spots in the ninth floor were no longer there. They could see everything inside the ninth floor—the ancient sacrificial altar; the extraordinarily gallant Big Yellow who was roaring and the divine seal of the totem that floated above his head; attempting to achieve a resonance with him.

“My G.o.d! This is a remarkable spectacle. Demon Race has never seen such a miracle before. Is this the true physique of Big Yellow? The legendary Dragon-Horse Divine Beast surely look divinely valiant.”

“He is a mighty divine beast that represents auspicious omen and destiny. He even managed to draw the totem out. Big Yellow’s arrival is equivalent to auspiciousness. If the totem enters his body and integrates with him, he will become the symbol of the supreme G.o.d of the Demon Race and our spiritual belief.”

“The totem has descended…Big Yellow has become the hero of the Demon Race. Those sacred light that shone on us has already planted some beneficial seeds on us. After this event, the overall strength of the Demon Race will surely rise within a short period of time.”


Everyone exclaimed in astonishment.

In the end, Big Yellow didn’t disappoint them. The totem divine seal finally entered his body.


The moment it entered his body, he roared once more. It was a roar of sacredness. The image of the totem was swirling on the top part of his body. Under the stimulation of the divine seal of the totem, his blood and veins started to surge and his cultivation also soared crazily.

Seventh Grade Minor Demon Saint, until he reached the Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint. The advancement only stopped when it reached the peak of Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint. Given his natural endowment as a divine beast, he would be fearless in front of a First Grade Great Saint. He could even finish the Great Saint off.

This was incredibly terrifying. What terrified them more was that not one of them knew the true power of the totem’s divine seal.

“Oh G.o.d! Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint. Such incredible advancement rendered me speechless.”

“That’s the power of the totem. Big Yellow has become the incarnation of the totem. He is now the totem of our race, the auspicious omen of our race and our future.”

“Truly amazing! This is a truly lucky encounter.”


Every cultivator of the Demon Race was amazed and astonished to the point that they couldn’t even control it. Lang Xingtian and Heavenly Leopard King were still kneeling down at the front most position. That’s right, although they were mighty Sixth Grade Great Saints, they had to kneel down before Big Yellow. They weren’t kneeling for Big Yellow but to the G.o.d of their race, it was the belief in their hearts.

Presently, Heavenly Leopard King had already eliminated the thought of killing Big Yellow completely. He wouldn’t dare to show any disrespect to Big Yellow anymore. Every member of the Heavenly Leopard bloodline had the same thought in their heads. Blasphemy against the totem was unforgivable.


Big Yellow roared non-stop. Every roar shook the heaven and earth, even their souls. His st.u.r.dy Dragon-Horse physique could no longer be described by the word ‘mystical’. However, after he had completely absorbed the totem divine seal, he wag his tail and turned to his original form – the big and yellow dog.

The vast difference in impression blew their minds off. Most of them were holding the urge to spurt out a mouthful of blood. This was nonsense. He was supposed to be a naturally and richly endowed Dragon-Horse, but he had turned into a doggy shape now.


Big Yellow could feel his current cultivation level. He then laughed in satisfaction. It was a kind of pleasantness that couldn’t be put into words. If he fought against Leopard Wei now, he was sure that he could finished him off with one strike. Of course, after absorbing the divine seal, Leopard Wei wouldn’t dare to fight him. Even the hot-blooded and very compet.i.tive geniuses of the Demon Race wouldn’t dare to pick a fight with the totem.

“Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint, amazing!”

Jiang Chen was delighted. Clearly, Big Yellow had obtained the greatest reward in the Suspended Tower. With his current ability, he would have no problem in dealing with a First Grade Great Saint.


The moment the divine seal vanished, the entire Suspended Tower dimmed. Then, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow walked out of the tower. The entrance gate of the tower closed as they walked out. Big Yellow was drifting in the air and when he saw the crowd of people kneeling down below his feet, it petrified him.

“What happened to them? Why are they kneeling down? Are they trying to kowtow for Master Dog?”

Big Yellow was confused.

“You are an idiot. You have just absorbed the divine seal. You are now the incarnation of the totem. You are a G.o.dlike figure in their hearts now. Naturally, they will wors.h.i.+p you. You have made a large contribution by bringing an enormous benefits to the Demon Race when you entered the ninth floor. The overall combat strength of the Demon Race would surely be raised to another level.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

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