Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 875 – Victory

Chapter 875 – Victory


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“Lightning Wave Chain Attack!”Leopard Wei bellowed.

The energy ball in his hand slammed against Jiang Chen. This was a very powerful innate ability of the Heavenly Leopard race. It converts energy into lightning waves to destroy the target. Plus, one chain attack like this could send out many energy b.a.l.l.s. For example, Leopard Wei had sent nine large energy b.a.l.l.s in this chain attack.

Every energy ball was thirty meter large and was capable of destroying a large mountain. It was imaginable how destructive it would be when these nine energy b.a.l.l.s were combined.

“Golden Dragon Seal.”Jiang Chen was unafraid.

He struck out with Golden Dragon Seal. Three dazzling golden dragons let out deafening roars, as though three real dragons were descending from the heavens. They opened their mouths wide while charging at those energy b.a.l.l.s.Golden Dragon Seal was a skill that Jiang Chen seldom used but in fact, it was the most destructive amongst the five elemental combat dragon seals. Putting aside their suppressive nature, none of the four dragon seals was on par with the Golden Dragon Seal in terms of destructiveness. As such, the Lightning Wave Chain Attack and Golden Dragon Seal were the right skills to use.

*Roar* *Roar!*

*Hong Long!*

There were roars of dragons and leopards, and the rumbling sound of the energy collision. Sparks were created from it. A large area was ignited into a sea of fire.

This battle was enough to be described as world-shaking.

The three golden dragons and the nine energy b.a.l.l.s were destroyed at the same time, ruining the battlefield completely. Boundless of destructive energy drifted in the air, drowning Jiang Chen and Leopard Wei so much no one could detect their existence.

All of the young generations of the Demon Race felt suffocated, not because of the destructive energy, but because none of the destructive energy escaped the battlefield. They felt stifled because of the peer pressure. They were self-proclaimed geniuses. However, comparing themselves with Jiang Chen and Leopard Wei, they felt that the term ‘genius’ no longer suited them.

A moment later, the energy finally dissipated. Jiang Chen and Leopard Wei reappeared in the scene. Jiang Chen was as composed as usual. His blood-red eyes were full of vigour and he looked absolutely intact. The injured one was Leopard Wei instead. He now looked slightly fazed. Apparently, Leopard Wei failed to gain the upper hand in the exchange just now.

“Like I said. No one knows who will win or lose. My current strength has already surpa.s.sed you. Just attack with any technique that you have, because I am going to defeat you entirely.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat. The tides have turned. Jiang Chen was the one controlling the battle instead.

“This isn’t real. *Roar*…”

Leopard Wei unleashed all of his will to fight, letting out a roar. His body erupted like Jiang Chen and turned into his true form, but his transformed physique was many times st.u.r.dier than Jiang Chen’s.

A hundred meter large Heavenly Leopard emerged. His body was glowing with a golden leopard aura and was blanketed with boundless energy. The demon Qi formed a golden light pillar from his head up to the sky.

“Heavenly Leopard Divine Claw!”His bellow was as loud as a heavenly thunder.

A three meter giant claw materialized. It was like a heavenly barrier that pressed down from above. Even a huge mountain would be pulverised into powder.

“True Dragon Palm Seal.”

Jiang Chen ignored Leopard Wei’s overwhelming Qi and struck with another palm seal. The True Dragon Palm Seal became terrifyingly damaging when it was used while he is in human-dragon form. A giant dragon claw materialized and produced a dragon’s roar.

Jiang Chen had already activated a drop of the true dragon blood when he was at the Greenlotus Mountain of the Western Domain. Although the Heavenly Leopard was an extraordinary beast, it was incomparable to the True Dragon Bloodline. For instance, there was an obvious suppressive power from the True Dragon Palm Seal against the Heavenly Leopard Divine Claw.

*Hong Long*

The two giant claws clashed together, like two giant mountains colliding. It was like the sky was falling. Destructive force filled every corner of the battlefield.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

This time, Leopard Bei didn’t gain the upper hand again. He staggered three steps backwards before regaining his balance. The astonishment on his face intensified.

“Look, Leopard Wei had lost two rounds. It seems like he isn’t an opponent of Jiang Chen. I can’t believe that Jiang Chen would be so powerful to such an extent after the transformation.”

“Yeah. It’s truly scary. Leopard Wei is only half a step away from the Great Saint realm while Jiang Chen is merely a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. The difference between the two of them couldn’t be put into words, but Jiang Chen has miraculously defeated Leopard Wei.”

“We’ll see. It’s not the time to decide the winner yet. I believe that the Heavenly Leopard race still has some greater innate abilities other than this. He hasn’t used his Heavenly Leopard King’s Eye yet. I’ve heard that this skill isn’t just powerful, it could also damage the opponent’s soul. It’s a very terrifying skill.”


Jiang Chen had turned the situation around, which was something beyond all of their imagination. The current Heavenly Leopard King didn’t look too good. If Leopard Wei lost this battle, he would lose all of his plans as well. The thing that shocked him the most was Jiang Chen’s monstrous ability.

Leopard Wei on the other hand had become infuriated. His blood-red eyes gradually turned luminous. At this time, his eyes no longer looked colourful. They had become as bright and s.h.i.+ny as the sun.

“Jiang Chen, don’t waste any more time. This is the Heavenly Leopard King’s Eye of the Heavenly Leopard race. Let’s see how you are going to handle this. You should feel proud for forcing me to use this skill.”

Leopard Wei’s tone was heavy. This was a skill that he wouldn’t simply use because it would inflict a certain amount of damage to his body. After casting this spell, his body would become weak for a period of time, and he would need at least more than a day to recover.

However, he had no choice but to cast it because he was now the challenger in this battle. Plus, he was the second genius of the Demon Race and his cultivation was only half step away from the Great Saint realm. It would be a total disgrace if he lost this battle to a mere Sixth Grade Minor Saint.


Two very brilliant light beams shot out of Leopard Wei’s eyes like sharp arrows. These two beams of light integrated into the most dazzling light in the world very quickly.

Jiang Chen could feel the destructive force from the skill. More importantly, he could feel a tingling sensation from his soul when he looked at the light beam. It seemed like this skill dealt the most damage not on the physical body but on the soul.

If Jiang Chen didn’t cultivate the Great Soul Derivation Technique, he would lose in this fight. With this technique, his soul had become very strong and firm as a castle. It was undoubtedly an impossible thing for the light beam to damage his soul.

“Nine Solar Profound Finger.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t hold himself back when Heavenly Wei had casted his strongest skill. The power of Nine Solar Profound Finger had improved tremendously after obtaining the finger bone. Casting the Nine Solar Profound Finger increased Jiang Chen’s overall combat strength as well even if he had already transformed.

*Hong Long*

An intense rumble was heard from the void as Jiang Chen struck out nine large brilliant fingers. They fused and became one very quickly before it collided with the dazzling Heavenly Leopard King’s Eye.

The colour of the weather changed. The entire battlefield was completely destroyed this time. Blinding energy waves were everywhere in the vicinity. No one could see the situation clearly under such circ.u.mstances, let alone the circ.u.mstances of the two contestants.

When they regained their sight, they all saw the two fighters’ images again but they now had different forms. Jiang Chen was now wearing his snowy white robe. His face was as calm as before. His Qi was also as stable as before but there was a sword that was placed near Leopard Wei’s neck in his hand.

The current Leopard Wei looked very unpleasant. His chest was full of blood. His mouth and eyes too. That was the result of the backlash of the Heavenly Leopard King’ Eye.

“You have lost.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was flat. He then withdrew his sword slowly and left the battlefield, and came to Peac.o.c.k King’s side.

Leopard Wei let out a bitter smile and left the battlefield as well, back to the Heavenly Leopard King’s side.

“Are you alright?”

Heavenly Leopard King asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I am convinced of my defeat. If that was a life-or-death battle, I would have died by now.”Leopard Wei said.

He didn’t feel any reluctance about his defeat. If it wasn’t because of Jiang Chen’s mercy, he would’ve become a corpse now or severely injured.

“It seems like we have underestimated him.”

A Great Saint sighed.

“Leopard Wei lost the fight. He is defeated by Jiang Chen. It is astonis.h.i.+ng to learn that this Jiang Chen is so powerful. Truly amazing!”

“Yeah! That’s too terrifying! Not even Leopard Wei is his opponent. I’m afraid that only Kong Yang would be able to defeat him amongst the entire young generation of the Demon Race.”

“That’s awesome! He is truly an abnormal being!”


The outcome of the battle caused commotions across the crowd. Even a genius who was only half a step away from the Great Saint realm was defeated by a Sixth Grade Minor Saint. No one would believe this if they didn’t saw it with their own eyes.

Now, Jiang Chen had gained the approval of everyone using his true strength. No one would deny him from entering the Suspended Tower with Big Yellow anymore because only the strong would be admired in the Demon Race.

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