Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 876 – On the Seventh Floor

Chapter 876 – On the Seventh Floor

On the Seventh Floor

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Lang Xingtian’s eyes blazed as he looked at Jiang Chen. Before the battle, he didn’t have the confidence in Jiang Chen and was worried for him because his opponent was the 11th ranked genius on the Sky Ranking, which was entirely different compared to Desolate Liang. However, he wouldn’t have thought that Leopard Wei couldn’t even stand against Jiang Chen. In other words, Jiang Chen had won the eligibility to be the 10th place on the Sky Ranking after defeating Leopard Wei.

For so long that the Sky Ranking had existed in the Pure Land, this was the first time that a Sixth Grade Minor Saint got into the top ten position. This was a rare case, the probability of this occurring might be one in ten thousand.

“Brother Jiang is truly powerful.”

Golden Fur Lion King was delighted. Given the potential strength of Jiang Chen, his future would certainly be immeasurable.

“Alright. The gate of the Suspended Tower is open, all young generations of the Demon Race are allowed to enter now.”

Lang Xingtian announced. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were the first group to walk to the entrance. This time, no one blocked their path or showed any signs of disagreement. Jiang Chen had earned the right to enter the tower the moment he defeated Leopard Wei. Even Heavenly Leopard King had nothing to say. All he could do was sigh, his plan had failed, he could only hope that Big Yellow wouldn’t perform outstandingly in this tower hunt.

The Demon Race was one of the eight families. The sacred land of Demon Race was comprised of countless of races and independent cultivators. No one knew how many members there were on the Spiritual s.p.a.ce Mountain. The estimated number of young generations who went into this Suspended Tower this time was around twenty thousand.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow entered the Suspended Tower and appeared in an area filled with chaotic Qi. It wasn’t a very large area, just roughly a thousand miles meter squared wide. This was the first floor of the Suspended Tower. Everyone who came in would arrive here first.

“Little Chen, why did the gate of the entrance enlarged?”

Big Yellow asked. He had already known Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty. Even if Jiang Chen was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint, this would not change the Suspended Tower. Even if Jiang Chen was a very powerful human now, something as great as this shouldn’t have occured to the Suspended Tower.

“It is probably related to my cultivation method. I cultivated the dragon transformation art. My transformation is part of the cultivation method. Back in Western Domain, the True Dragon bloodline emerged in my body. Although it was only a small amount, it was enough for me to transform into a human-dragon. The True Dragon is a supreme being, the king of thousands of beasts. Its position was higher than the Suspended Tower. Plus, I have absorbed the White Tiger bloodline as well, another mighty bloodline. I reckon that the enlargement of the gate is related to one of these facts.”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow and added, “I think that you would be able to do it too, if it were you.”

Big Yellow possessed the complete Dragon-horse bloodline, which made him very extraordinary and incredible. The Suspended Tower was the symbol of holiness to the Demon Race. When some divine beast appeared, it would naturally create a resonance with the tower.

“That is for sure. It’s a pity that Master Dog’s spotlight has already been taken away by you.”

Big Yellow seemed annoyed.

“However, it is kind of intoxicating to see you defeat that Leopard Wei. I suppose that brat won’t come after me anymore while we are in the tower.”

He revealed a proud face when he thought about the previous battle.

“Although Leopard Wei is arrogant, he has the natural bearing of the Demon Race. He isn’t a person who will break a promise, and he willingly accepted his defeat. He is sort of a nice person to me despite the two of us having different standpoint.”

Jiang Chen said. The impression Leopard Wei gave was better than those geniuses of the other major powers. A genius who is willing to accept his defeat is considered a true genius.

“What benefits do you think would we obtain in this Suspended Tower? In fact, Master Dog doesn’t care about those ancient inheritances of the chieftains. As my cultivation grows, the innate abilities in my body will be awakened as well. This is much more powerful than those ancient inheritances that they were talking about.” Big Yellow said unconcernedly.

In fact, he wasn’t just boasting about himself. Even those ancient chieftain’s bloodline of the Demon Race wasn’t as extraordinary as Big Yellow’s. It was only normal that Big Yellow would look down on those inheritances.

“Unfortunately, your cultivation is still too low. This time, it would be a great chance for you to gain a firm status in the Demon Race. So those ancient inheritances of the chieftains would still very useful to you, at least, they will help you boost your growth in a short period of time.”

Jiang Chen said. He recalled the summoning signal from the Suspended Tower before this. He added, “While I was standing outside the gate just now, I could feel that someone is calling me from the tower. But it disappeared the moment I entered. It seems like the one that is calling me isn’t in the first floor.”

“What? Could it be there is something that you need in this tower? Is it a fragment of the Heavenly Saint Sword again?”

Big Yellow was astonished. Jiang Chen was a human after all. Even if he had absorbed the bloodline of a Divine Beast, it wouldn’t change the fact that he is a human. The Suspended Tower wouldn’t have a connection with humans, but Jiang Chen told him that there was something that is calling for him inside the tower earlier. It only showed that that item wouldn’t to be ordinary.

“No, it’s a very strange signal. But there is a faint familiarity within. It’s hard to say. Let’s just proceed ahead.”

Jiang Chen said.

At this time, a silhouette came to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s side. He was the son of Peac.o.c.k King, Kong Yu.

“Brother Jiang, Big Yellow.”

Kong Yu greeted the two of them with fists.

“Little Peac.o.c.k, I don’t feel anything special about this Suspended Tower.”

Big Yellow said.

“It seems like you don’t understand the Suspended Tower quite well. The first five floors could be entered by anyone. There are some treasures in these places but they are scarce. From the sixth floor onwards, anyone who entered must go through another recognition process like the gate of entrance. Only geniuses with great luck and potential could enter the sixth floor and above. It is already considered not bad if one in a hundred could enter the sixth floor. As for the seventh and eighth floor, the probability is even lesser. Over the past ten years, only my big brother, Kong Yang had entered the eighth floor. As for the legendary ninth floor, no one had ever entered it before. Due to many people partic.i.p.ating in this event every year, the treasures in the floors below the sixth floor are getting lesser and scarce.”

Kong Yu gave a short introduction about the Suspended Tower to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen felt enlightened. It seemed like obtaining benefits wouldn’t be as simple.

“My father has already predicted that Leopard Wei will target Big Yellow in this tower. But since you have already defeated him, Big Yellow’s safety is secured now. Big Yellow possessed the great bloodline of a Divine Beast. He is very likely to produce miracles by entering the eighth floor and obtain the ancient inheritance of a chieftain. After that, his cultivation will grow by leaps and bounds. He could also gain a firm status in the Demon Race as well.”

Kong Yu said.

“That is of course.”

Big Yellow’s self-confidence had reached the extent of being shameless.

Later, Big Yellow and Jiang Chen went in different directions. They didn’t stop at the first floor like Kong Yu, and entered the second floor.

Jiang Chen didn’t feel the summoning signal from the second floor, so they proceeded to the third floor.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t sense the signal even after reaching the fifth floor. The item that they were looking for wasn’t in the first five floors, which only meant that it was located in the floors above.

At any rate, Jiang Chen was sure about his own senses. There wouldn’t be a mistake that an item inside the tower was calling for him when he was still outside.

Very quickly, they had reached the door of the sixth floor.

This was an illusory door, unlike the doors of the first five floors. There was a rippling talisman pattern on the door. Clearly, anyone who wanted to enter the sixth floor must go through the recognition process first. There were a lot of geniuses who couldn’t enter the sixth floor because they weren’t recognize by the door.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were walking towards the door. The door opened automatically as if it could feel the extraordinariness in their blood. A man and a dog walked into the sixth floor in a relaxed way. After that, some geniuses started to follow from behind.

Many others were observing the changes outside the Suspended Tower. Initially, the first five floors were the brightest and the floors above it were dimmest. Currently, the sixth floor had grown brighter. They could see every spot of light illuminated from the sixth floor. Every light spot indicated a person.

Those high ranked elders revealed a smile when they saw the increasing light spots.

Half an hour later, the light spots increased by two hundred before it slowed down gradually.

“Nearly three hundred people have entered the sixth floor this year. This is better than last year.”

An elder said.

“But the seventh floor is still dim. I’m not sure how many of them are able to enter the seventh floor.”

Many of them were fixing their eyes at the seventh floor. The sixth floor was merely the checkpoint. Any genius who could enter the seventh floor was considered a true genius.

In the Suspended Tower, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had circled around the sixth floor but got nothing. He didn’t feel any signs coming from the signal like before. So, they flew towards the seventh floor.

When they reached the door of seventh floor, Leopard Wei was already there. He darted the two of them a glance before he walked onto the seventh floor.


There wasn’t a single obstruction when he entered the seventh floor. The light in the seventh floor was lit up. People from outside could see the movement of light on the seventh floor clearly.

“Look, someone has entered the seventh floor. It’s Leopard Wei.”

“I’m not surprised. Leopard Wei entered the seventh floor last year as well. His target this time is the eighth floor.”

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