Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 874 – Battling Leopard Wei

Chapter 874 – Battling Leopard Wei

Battling Leopard Wei

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It was normal for Peac.o.c.k King to have worries for Jiang Chen. It was true that Jiang Chen was strong but his cultivation was just too low. Killing Desolate Liang and battling Leopard Wei was an entirely different idea. These two opponents were of different levels. Besides their difference in ranking, there was also a significant difference in their cultivation.

Even if one had reached the Ninth Grade Minor Saint, it was still hard to progress half a step away from the Great Saint realm, which was an entirely new level. If someone was already half a step away from the Great Saint realm, it meant that one had already stepped into the boundary and could advance to the Great Saint realm at any time .

“Peac.o.c.k King, don’t worry. I have my own ways. Besides, I have no choice but to accept the battle. If I don’t follow Big Yellow into the tower, he will fall into Leopard Wei’s murderous scheme, Kong Yang isn’t with them, and none of the young generations would be able to stop Leopard Wei.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Alright, since you have already decided, but don’t force yourself if you can’t beat him.”

Lang Xingtian nodded. Today, Leopard Wei declared a direct challenge to Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen didn’t accept his challenge, he would be looked down by the people. Even though he had been acknowledged by the Suspended Tower, he was still an outsider . The principle of the Demon Race was the strongest would dominate. As long as Jiang Chen defeated Leopard Wei, he would naturally have the reason to shut all of their mouths and raise his reputation.

“Fine. Go and battle then.”

Peac.o.c.k King said. He then waved his palm to create a battlefield. There wouldn’t be a single combat aura that would leak out the battlefield if the battle was held within. So, the Suspended Tower wouldn’t be affected.

Jiang Chen was a person that feared neither the heaven nor earth. That was the reason Peac.o.c.k King liked him. Even though he was worried for Jiang Chen, he would still look down on him if he refused to accept the challenge.


Leopard Wei swayed and entered the battlefield. His Qi was overwhelmingly strong. The eyes on his leopard head was as sharp as a blade when he stared at Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, come on. You challenged all of the geniuses in the Pure Land; I, Leopard Wei, would like to see whether you have the eligibility and ability to do that.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was stable. He entered the battlefield with a sway. His expression was calm. He didn’t even show any signs of nervousness while facing the five patriarchs, how much more when he was just facing Leopard Wei. This composure alone impressed everyone.

Either it was Peac.o.c.k King, Lang Xingtian, Golden Fur Lion King, or the bloodline of the Heavenly Wolf, they were all very worried for Jiang Chen as Leopard Wei was very powerful, a lot more powerful than Desolate Liang. Last time, Leopard Wei almost got the 10th place on the Sky Ranking.

If one was trying to find a carefree individual in the crowd, that individual would be Big Yellow. His confidence in Jiang Chen had never faltered. He had a sinister expression in his eyes. Although Leopard Wei was powerful, his power wouldn’t be far away from Nan Bei Chao. After advancing to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint, Nan Bei Chao was no longer an opponent for Jiang Chen. So he wouldn’t have any problems in fighting against Leopard Wei. Even if he couldn’t kill Leopard Wei, defeating him wouldn’t be difficult. Well, of course he would not kill a genius of the Demon Race here.

“Jiang Chen, you are merely a Sixth Grade Minor Saint but you were able to kill a genius like Desolate Liang. I have to admit that you are certainly a rare genius that only appears every thousands of years. In terms of endowment, I’m not as great as you, but my cultivation is greater than yours. You are no match for me. I suggest you to back off now, don’t interfere with the matters of the Demon Race.”

Leopard Wei said.

Anyone that could speak such words were people that were true to themselves. One should know that it was very rare for a genius like him to admit that he was not as great as Jiang Chen.

“I’m sorry. Big Yellow is my brother. I won’t allow any of you to get rid of him. Although you have the advantage because of your cultivation, but you aren’t my opponent when it comes to a real fight.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha! Jiang Chen, it seems like you are just too arrogant. You thought you can deal with me just because you killed Desolate Liang? You are truly ignorant. In that case, I will show you how terrifying the power of a half a step to Great Saint is.”

Leopard Wei felt that he was tickled by Jiang Chen. A monstrous demonic Qi rushed out of his body. He didn’t want to waste any more time as the gate of the Suspended Tower was already open. He took the initiative to strike first. He clenched his fist and produced cracking sounds as he punched towards Jiang Chen.


The image of a leopard could clearly be seen from the punch, it created a deep leopard roar and gusts of illuminating wind that crushed the nearby void. It was merely a punch, but the power released from it was overpowering.

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled when he felt Leopard Wei’s power. He was a cultivator of the dragon transformation art which would become stronger if he met a strong opponent. This overpowering aura not only did not make him retreat but motivated him to fight even more instead.

*Ka Cha*

Jiang Chen’s arm shook and turned into a blood-red dragon arm. His physique had reached an incredible endurance by cultivating the dragon transformation art. He wanted to experience their difference in strength while he was still in his human form.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen struck his fist out, creating gusts of shapeless wind around. Both of their attacks were extremely fast. They collided with one another in just a blink.

*Hong Long*

Even the sky was shaken. The battlefield created by Peac.o.c.k King was pulverised. Chilling cyclones could be found everywhere around the battlefield. However, Peac.o.c.k King’s technique was strong enough to ensure that the combat aura stayed within the battlefield.

Even if there were no combat waves that flowed out of the battlefield, the bystanders were still astonished by the world-shaking battle inside. This was just the first collision, but the impact was already too great.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen staggered around forty steps back before finding his balance. There was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. He was injured, his power wasn’t as great as Leopard Wei but this kind of injury wouldn’t affect him at all. After absorbing the wood essence, the recovery speed of his dragon transformation art had reached a very horrifying level. An injury like this would only take him a few blinks to heal.

“Like I said, you aren’t my opponent. I only sent a simple punch at you just now. How are you going to fight me? Of course, I am impressed by your endurance. You are the first Sixth Grade Minor Saint that is still fine after receiving my punch.”

Leopard Wei’s robe was whistling. Although he had an overwhelming Qi, he felt a little astonished after their first exchange. His power was only half a step away from the Great Saint realm but Jiang Chen, a Sixth Grade Minor Saint was still fine after the collision. He was very clear that if the both of them have the same cultivation or if Jiang Chen advanced to the Seventh grade, he would no longer be his opponent.

“Look, Jiang Chen lost the first round. He is no match for Leopard Wei.”

“Ai, the difference in power is just too great. However, he should already feel proud to have such a result fighting against Leopard Wei.”

“That’s right. This man is considered a rare genius. If he has the same cultivation as Leopard Wei, I’m afraid that Leopard Wei wouldn’t stand a chance.”


Some were happy while some sighed, but no one, either it was the bloodline of Heavenly Wolf or Heavenly Leopard, sneered at Jiang Chen because they didn’t have the right to do so. Even if Jiang Chen lost the battle, they would still be respectful towards him.

Of course, the battle has just started. It was too early to determine who would win or lose.

Jiang Chen moved two steps forward. His body started to change. A sound of ‘hong’ was heard, everyone felt an intense and chaotic energy rus.h.i.+ng out of Jiang Chen’s body. Then, a dragonman illuminated by a blood-red light emerged. To many people, this was the first time they saw Jiang Chen transform, including Lang Xingtian.

“Leopard Wei, it is still too early to declare a winner.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi is now many times stronger than before. A tenfold increase in combat strength wasn’t something insignificant.

“What a scary transformation technique! He looks like an ancient desolate dragon. How did he acquire such a technique?”

“Dragon…that only existed in legends. It is the mighty king of thousands of beast. His face is just like a face of a dragon now.”

“This is truly frightening. I can feel that his Qi increased by at least tenfold after the transformation. It immediately suppressed Leopard Wei’s.”


Everyone was shocked, the scene was just too unusual. Many of them started to feel excited about the fight. The current Jiang Chen was a lot stronger than before. Now, it seemed like it would be hard to predict who would win or lose in the fight.

“His body is flowing with the blood that frightens me. Could it be the legendary True Dragon Bloodline? Not possible. That only exists in legends. It was impossible to exist in Saint Origin World.”

Lang Xingtian was truly in shock. His eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen.

Leopard Wei who was standing on the opposite side changed his expression. He was the closest to Jiang Chen, and thus he could clearly feel how much Jiang Chen’s Qi and combat strength had increased. It even shook his power which was only half a step away from the Great Saint realm.

“Alright, I would like to see how powerful you really are.”

Leopard Wei unleashed his combat intent. He raised his palm and produced a rippling energy. These rippling energy quickly turned into a golden energy ball that contained electric current. Despite the barrier, people could still feel the destructive force from it.

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