Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 855 – Stirring Up the Desire to Fight

Chapter 855 – Stirring Up the Desire to Fight

Stirring Up the Desire to Fight

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“My G.o.d, it has only been three days’ time. How did he become so powerful to such an extent so quickly?”

Golden Fur Lion King had entered into an unprecedented state of shock. This didn’t exclude Gu Mu and all the members of the Demon Race and Gu Family. Seeing the divinity of Jiang Chen, everyone was amazed. They were very powerful Ninth Grade Minor Saints but they were instantly killed by Jiang Chen. Now, they finally understood what Jing Chen meant earlier.

Currently, it seemed like it was no longer necessary for them to worry about Jiang Chen’s safety. They should worry for his enemies’ safety instead.

“Haha! Little Chen is a super monstrous genius. No one across the entire Void Triangular Domain would be his opponent now. Master dog has already found all the ore mines and they will all be mine.”

Big Yellow laughed pleasantly. He knew Jiang Chen’s capability all too well, especially after knowing that he was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. Today, Void Triangular Domain would certainly fall into an unprecedented danger and chaos.

“How could this happen? Only three days have pa.s.sed. How could he become so powerful?”

Desolate Nanyang suddenly stood up from his seat. He gazed at the majestic-looking Jiang Chen through the cracks of the window. Both of his eyes were so red that the blood vessels were about to erupt. The changes occurred too quickly. They initially thought of ending Jiang Chen’s life as soon as the auction was over, but to their surprise, Jiang Chen struck them first by robbing away the treasures, killing four Ninth Grade Minor Saints of the Dark Generation.

“A*shole! Has this brat taken some kind of elixir or divine herbs? How did he become so powerful to such an extent in just three days?”

“We should’ve finish him off three days ago. We shouldn’t have given him the time to grow.”

“Killing those Ninth Grade Minor Saints instantly? I’m afraid that this guy’s combat strength has become so powerful that we can’t kill him anymore even if we want to.”


All the experts were shocked, especially the major powers who had declared war on Jiang Chen three days ago. Their facial expression was uglier than the others. Given their experiences as a Ninth Grade Minor Saints, they weren’t stupid enough that they couldn’t see Jiang Chen’s strength. Now, not even Desolate Nanyang had the confidence to take down Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you…you dare to act atrociously in King City?”

Another Dark Generation Ninth Grade Minor Saint pointed his combat weapon on Jiang Chen while s.h.i.+vering. Anyone would feel frightened under such a condition. Jiang Chen had just eliminated four experts. He was like death G.o.d that descended from the heavens. These experts couldn’t help feeling fearful.

“Haha… It’s just a small King City. I, Jiang Chen won’t put this into my eyes. Let’s see who would dare stop me today.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was bursting. He cut his words short. The Heavenly Saint Sword swung to the elder.

He was in great terror while he trying to defend himself. Unfortunately, his defensive strength was just too weak. The indestructible Heavenly Saint Sword pulverized his counter attack and severed him into two halves.

“Quickly inform Dark King.”

The remaining experts were frightened so much, they were like a flock of birds, scrambling. As a matter of fact, they didn’t need to shout for help, such big movements had shaken up the entire King City. The experts of the imperial kinsmen were already on their way to the auction building now.


The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand turned into a three-hundred-meter long sword. The sword intent exuded from it was so destructive. He swung the dragon-shaped sword.

*Hong Long*

The energy was too strong. It came out from Jiang Chen’s body through the sword like a violent ocean. The entire castle-like building was cut into half by the impact of the wild and violent force. Then, the building started to collapse and became ruins. This was the auction venue of imperial kinsmen. It was firmly built and was surrounded by a powerful defensive formation. The structure of the building was strong enough to withstand the attack of any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

But Jiang Chen’s destructive force was just too strong. It was as effortless as blowing dusts away.

*Hong Long*

The rumble didn’t stop until the castle was destroyed. Thick smoke and flames where everywhere. The destructive force spiraled above the sky and formed a terrifying whirlwind. All parts of the buildings were turned into broken bits.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Sounds of wails came from different directions. It happened too quickly. The rooms where the experts were collapsed. Some geniuses who had weaker strength died when they were hit by the strong energy waves.

Those eight elders weren’t the only people of Dark Generation that were present in this auction. There were plenty of guards behind the platform. None of them could bear Jiang Chen’s terrifying attack. They died instantly in the ruins.

“Protect the people.”

Someone shouted. All the Ninth Grade Minor Saints rushed out from the broken bits of the building. Most of them were dazed, causing some weaker comrades besides them to die. The destruction developed too abruptly. A meaningful auction was destroyed and the building was demolished just like that.

“Argh!” “Argh!” “Argh!”

The entire scene had become chaotic. Meanwhile, Jiang Chen had eliminated the remaining three Dark Generation Ninth Grade Minor Saints elders.

Jiang Chen fluttered his dragon wings above King City. He looked coldly at the smoky auction venue. His facial expression was emotionless. Then, countless of silhouettes rushed out from the ruins. They all looked slightly fazed while glaring at Jiang Chen. It was detestable, it was exceedingly detestable. Not only did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d stole away all the treasures and left them with nothing, he had also hurt many of their comrades.

However, some major powers realized that Jiang Chen only targeted certain people, the people that besieged him three days earlier. Those who didn’t such as the Bin Family of Saint Origin World were free from injuries.

The people of Bin Family let out a sigh of relief. They felt lucky that they didn’t choose to ally themselves with the other major powers to deal with Jiang Chen. The power of this disastrous star was too frightening. It wasn’t an ideal choice to make such a person an enemy.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

A great deal of powerful Qi flew out from the Imperial Palace. In just a few blinks, nearly two hundred of them appeared above the sky and surrounded Jiang Chen. These were the higher ups of the imperial kinsmen. There were over forty Ninth Grade Minor Saints, the rest were Eighth Grade Minor Saints. With so many experts together, an attack that would be sent must be unimaginably destructive. Waves of powerful dark Qi were released from the experts, it formed into a black dark cloud above the sky, right above Jiang Chen. In the cloud was the force of attraction used to prevent Jiang Chen from escaping.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen didn’t need to flee. Even if he wanted to flee, such force of attraction couldn’t hold him.

The leader of the group was Dark King. Fury boiled inside of him when he saw that the auction building was turned into ashes and ruins. This was a direct slap against the entire Dark Generation. It had been so many years that the Void Triangular Domain had existed in this virtual world, but nothing as mad as this had ever happened before.

“Jiang Chen, what you did is enough to make eight of your generations pay. You will receive the cruelest punishment from the Dark Generation. Your sins are truly unforgivable.”

Dark King roared. He couldn’t believe what just happened now.

Jiang Chen ignored the Dark King’s threat. He said to Big Yellow via divine sense. “Big Yellow, you have to go and find the imperial vault at once. The security over there must be loose now as all of the experts are present here. Get the treasures first.”

Big Yellow was hiding far away with his Demon Race group, watching the show. His eyes flashed. Then, he turned into a golden light and disappeared. It was unimaginable how much fortune would be stored in the vault of King City.

“We must kill this brat. A monstrous genius like him has to be eliminated as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will be a future threat.”

Desolate Nanyang’s eyes exposed a cruel intent. He decided to stand out. Today, Jiang Chen had reached the level where no one in Void Triangular Domain could defeat him. The only way to kill him right now was through their joint efforts. Dark Generation hated Jiang Chen very much. So, it was the best choice to join the Dark Generation to finish off Jiang Chen. It’s safe to say that this choice wasn’t made by Desolate Nanyang alone.

Sure enough, after Desolate Nanyang stood out, experts from the Huo, Dan, Narang and s.h.i.+ Family all stood out. They could see that Jiang Chen was beyond their abilities to handle. They now regretted not finis.h.i.+ng him off three days ago, but it was already too late. The only alternative left was to borrow the strength of the Dark Generation to eliminate him.

Subsequently, some experts from the Boundless and Black Yellow World also stood out. For a moment, the entire sky was occupied with the people from different major powers. Nothing as shaking as this had ever been recorded in the history of Void Triangular Domain.

The experts of the Demon Race and Gu Family gathered at a distance from the scene. Their scalp grew numb as they watched.

“Brother Gu, do you think that we need to help brother Jiang Chen?”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“Lion King, do you think we would be of use if we joined a battle like this? The experts of the Dark Generation alone could already kill us all. I think we should trust prince. Since he entrusted us with Tyrant and his friends, we just need to ensure their safety and leave the rest to him.”

Gu Mu said with a smile.

“Judging by what’s happening today, if brother Jiang could return to Saint Origin World alive, he would certainly become a renowned figure.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“That’s right. It requires a heaven defying ability to survive this fight.”

Gu Mu nodded. Today’s scene was really big, it was an unprecedented incident. Putting aside the number of experts that Jiang Chen could kill, if he could survive under the attack of so many experts, he would certainly become a heaven defying being.

“Jiang Chen, you are frenzied and violent, but do you think you still have a chance to live in a situation like this?”

The Dark King said.

“At least, many people would also have to die.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone. A scenario like this had stirred up his desire to fight.

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