Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 856 – Wild Slaughtering

Chapter 856 – Wild Slaughtering

Wild Slaughtering

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Combat, murderous intent were combined with Jiang Chen’s Qi of the king, and surged to the top of his head. He looked at the innumerable experts from the corner of his dragon eyes disdainfully. Today’s scene would certainly be a historic event in the future.

Jiang Chen’s expression was cold and plain. In his mind, all of his enemies could only be eliminated. The strongest could only rise at the expense of thousands of cultivators. As such, in the road to be the strongest, one has to step over the bones of countless cultivators to reach the pinnacle.

If you don’t kill your opponent, he or she would kill you. This was the rule, the law of nature. However, Jiang Chen was going to go beyond that rule. He would slaughter the people of this world without even blinking.


A howl that sounded like a dragon’s roar was heard from the Heavenly Saint Sword. The current sword was the same as before when he still hadn’t reattached the fragment into it, but that didn’t matter, his current strength was enough to defeat them all.

“Come on!”

Jiang Chen yelled so loud that it slightly s.h.i.+vered his enemies souls. Despite the fact that he was besieged by so many experts, there was no sign of fear in his eyes, it was full of raging murderous intent instead.

“Attack! Dark Imperial Wheel.”

Dark King’s fury soared to the sky. He was the first to launch an attack. Boundless dark energy had rushed out from his body and turned into a powerful round shape wheel. It crushed the void around when it charged at Jiang Chen. Dark King was the number one expert among the imperial kinsmen. He was a peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint that was far more powerful than an ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint.


Jiang Chen’s Qi was matchless. His Heavenly Saint Sword was powerful enough to kill all of them. A layer of strong flames was coated on it as it was swung. Due to the Dark King not being an ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint, it was harder to defeat him, but Jiang Chen’s flames could significantly suppress him.


Raging flames were rippling out of the sword creating an ocean of fire. The firm metal body of the sword collided against the Dark Imperial Wheel. Under the suppression of the flames, the Dark Imperial Wheel couldn’t unleash all of its power. The energy had exploded completely. The void in a hundred miles vicinity was destroyed by the impact. Terrifying waves of energy drifted its way to King City, destroying rows of buildings. The wails of the victims were heard. There were thousands of them. They were all people of the Dark Generation. They died on the spot due to their weak cultivation.

After seeing what just happened, some Ninth Grade Minor Saints quickly struck out an energy wave to encompa.s.s the entire King City. Otherwise, today’s battle would surely turn King City into ruins and the Dark Generation would suffer an unprecedented amount of losses.

The frightening Dark Imperial Wheel couldn’t defend against the sharpness and aggressiveness of the Heavenly Saint Sword. It was deflected away back to Dark King. The strong recoiling force caused him to step fifteen steps back before regaining his balance. His arm was numb and his hand which held the wheel was shaking.

‘Truly powerful.’

Dark King was stupefied. He knew how strong he was but, his attack was deflected by a Fifth Grade Minor Saint just now. This was undeniably an unimaginable incident.

“Dark King, the flames that this brat released could suppress our ability, that’s why he can deflect your attack.”

A Ninth Grade Minor Saint said.

“Humph! He is just one man no matter how powerful he is. Everyone, let’s do this together. We have to finish this brat either by hook or crook. Send out the call of Dark Generation supreme ruler. Demand every Ninth Grade Minor Saints across the entire domain to come over now.”

Dark King was determined to end this. This was something unprecedentedly dangerous to the imperial kinsmen. If Jiang Chen wasn’t eliminated today, they would lose all of their reputation and the public trust to rule the domain in the future.

“Let’s attack together. Even if this brat have three heads and six arms, he would not be able defend our attacks.”

A powerful Combat Weapon appeared in Desolate Nanyang’s hand. It was like a trident with the shape of a fork that exuded a chilling cold light.

*Hong Long*

In that instant, countless of experts had unleashed all their Qi as they lunged simultaneously at Jiang Chen. The experts of the Dark Generation were using some kind of occult art to combine all of their Qi together, especially those Eighth Grade Minor Saints. Their combined attacks were a lot stronger than any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint’s attack. With so many of them combining, the attack was on par with the combat strength of ten Ninth Grade Minor Saints.

“Come on, with all your might! I will have an exciting slaughtering today!”

Jiang Chen was domineering. The Five Elemental Sphere spread out. These five different colours of power spheres wrapped the whole battle field, confining all of the experts within.

“This power sphere is so awesome. It harmonized five different power spheres into one. How could there be such an abnormal being under the heavens?”

“He must be killed. Or else, he would certainly become a future threat.”

“Everyone, we have to combine all of the Ninth Grade Minor Saints’ energy. Once the fusion of energy is complete, it would be powerful enough to even injure a First Grade Great Saint. I won’t believe that we can’t kill him with this.”


Although they were trapped in the Five Elemental Sphere, none of them were nervous. They were high grade Minor Saints after all. Jiang Chen’s power sphere couldn’t confine all of them.

*Hua La*

Countless of energy started to boil and the fusion of energy was about to be completed, but Jiang Chen wouldn’t give them the chance. As they were all confined in his power sphere, all of their actions couldn’t escape Jiang Chen’s senses.

*Roar* *Roar*

Jiang Chen’s Qi was wild and aggressive. Roars were sent out from him. Fifteen dragons of different colours materialized and attacked separately in five different directions. The dragons were Golden Dragon Seal, Wood Dragon Seal, Water Dragon Seal, Fire Dragon Seal and Earth Dragon Seal.

Five dragon seals of different attributes and with the ability to destroy everything had turned the battlefield resplendent with their colours.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

As the Five Elemental Dragon Seal hit them, wails were heard. Those experts who received the attack died instantly. Although the number of experts greatly outnumbered their opponent, none of them had successfully fused their energy as Jiang Chen’s attack was too quick and accurate. They were not given a chance to fuse their energies.

The bystanders who were watching from a distance looked unpleasant. Jiang Chen should have died in a situation like this, but it seemed like it was the opposite now. Jiang Chen’s ability was truly beyond their prediction. With so many Ninth Grade Minor Saints attacking him at the same time, none of them could even harm or injure him. They ended up being killed by him instead.

“Brother Gu, did you see that? That is an attack that combined five different attributes. It has combined the gold, wood, water, fire and the earth element. I really have no idea how he did that.”

Golden Fur Lion King’s expression could no longer be described by ‘shock’.

“His techniques are unlimited. I guess he is likely a reincarnation of an Immortal. Or else, he won’t be this powerful. I am a cultivator of a fire attribute cultivation method. Because of the fire toxin that acc.u.mulated in my body over the years, it prevented me from advancing further and was stuck at the bottleneck of the Seventh Grade Minor Saint. After being guided by the prince, I instantly broke through the bottleneck. I have also reached the Ninth Grade Minor Saint after a short period of time. All the fire toxins in my body was fully detoxified.”

Gu Mu said. His impression of Jiang Chen was very deep ever since the day he received Jiang Chen’s guidance. He knew that this young man wasn’t an ordinary man. He knew it the moment the young man solved his unsettling problems that had been bugging him for so long.


Golden Fur Lion King was astonished.

“Furthermore, prince was merely a Combat Emperor cultivator at that time. Now, he is already a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. The span of time taken for his advancement is undeniably short. It already showed how terrifying his speed of advancement is. Not even those peerless geniuses of the Gu Family who were sent to Saint Origin Hall had such a terrifying advancement.”

Gu Mu said with a sigh. He couldn’t help but feel impressed.

“That’s right. Not just your family, even in the eight families. None of those peerless geniuses could accomplish such an achievement.”

Golden Fur Lion King nodded. He knew that only those geniuses with monstrous ability could go to Saint Origin Hall. They were far stronger than the geniuses of the Sky Ranking. Since most of them had already reached the Great Saint realm, so the comparison wasn’t relevant. However, when they were at the same level as Jiang Chen, they couldn’t achieve such results.

*Pu Chi*

Jiang Chen appeared randomly at any place. Everytime he appeared in a place, a wail could be heard. Any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint would be killed in a single strike, especially those experts from the Dark Generation. Their ability was suppressed significantly by Jiang Chen’s flames and their dark spirits were needed by Jiang Chen, they had become the main target of Jiang Chen.

At a distance, those Ninth Grade Minor Saints from the Dark Generation were gathering to form a large combat formation that sent a tingling sensation to the bystander’s scalp. They imagined that if they were Jiang Chen, they would be immediately overpowered and die.

*Pu Chi*

Yet, the number of experts wasn’t everything. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a large and gigantic sword and swung at them. The loots including the dark spirits and Combat Weapons were kept by Jiang Chen.

“Everyone, don’t panic. We must work together.”

Dark King was about to spurt out blood when he saw his people dying constantly. He immediately launched his Dark Imperial Wheel again at Jiang Chen. It seemed like only the Dark King had the sufficient power to defend against Jiang Chen.

“Dark King, I will give your Third Prince back to you.”

Jiang Chen hurled the Third Prince out with ease, hitting against the Dark Imperial Wheel directly.

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