Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 854 – Stealing Away All the Treasures

Chapter 854 – Stealing Away All the Treasures

Stealing Away All the Treasures

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The look of the broken sword was nothing more than ordinary but people with sharp senses could sense the powerful Saint Qi that was released from the metal. The eyes of the experts from the eight families were glued at the broken metal.

“This is…? The Combat Weapon of the Greatest Saint…it is a peerless and divine sword.”

“That’s right. If I’m not mistaken, the Greatest Saint had a sword named Heavenly Saint Sword. With that sword, he was invincible. This piece of metal should be a fragment of the sword. In that case, its value is also worth at least a city.”

“Any treasure that belonged to the Greatest Saint is very precious and perhaps priceless. One should know that the Greatest Saint didn’t belong to any large sect and was merely a rogue cultivator from some here. Someone like him is most unpredictable. Anything that was left by him is worth the time and effort to discover and understand.”

“I have no idea how the people of the Dark Generation obtained this broken sword. This item originated from Saint Origin World. We have scanned and swept across the Saint Cliff many times but we found nothing except the Heavenly Barrier. If there are fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword there, we should have found it already.”

“This isn’t entirely true. Back when the Heavenly Saint Sword slashed open the heavens, many void were also destroyed, including the world barrier of Saint Origin World. Because of this, the Heavenly Saint Sword was broken into portions. Some of the fragments went straight into the rift of the voids. It isn’t strange for the Dark Generation to obtain such a treasure. The experts of the Bin Family will be more than interested in this metal fragment than the Dark Crystal.”


No one felt relaxed or calm anymore. It was out of everyone’s expectation that a fragment of the Natal Weapon of the Greatest Saint would appear in today’s auction. Presently, the one who was feeling the happiest right now was Jiang Chen. This was just akin to a delicious pastry falling down from the sky. Finding all the fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword had always been one of his greatest goals. There are a total of seven separated fragments. Now he had already collected four of them. There were only three left. He had never thought that he would find one here. If he could obtain the fragment, the power of his Heavenly Saint Sword would be enhanced once again. Jiang Chen would advance to the Sixth Grade Minor Saint as well because of the ignition from the fragment. At that time, he would become truly invincible across the entire Void Triangular Domain.

Big Yellow looked over at Jiang Chen. His eyes were full of doubts, as though he had discovered some sort of great secret. Perhaps the others couldn’t discern it but he could. The Qi of the fragments that Jiang Chen obtained before was similar to the sword fragment in front. One should know that it was the Natal Weapon of the Greatest Saint. So it wasn’t something that anyone could fuse it into his or her own Combat Weapon, but Jiang Chen was able to achieve a perfect integration. What was the explanation for all of these?

“Litte Chen, aren’t you going to provide me with some explanation?”

Big Yellow said to Jiang Chen via divine sense. In his point of view, Jiang Chen had too many inexplicable things happening on him. Despite his young age, his knowledge was boundless and his abilities were unlimited. He was already equipped with the knowledge of the Divine Continent while he was still in the Eastern Continent.

“Yes, I am the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. This is a very shocking secret. So, I have decided to conceal it. This fragment is a portion of my Natal Weapon. I don’t mind telling you all of these but you have to promise me to keep this secret.”

Jiang Chen had admitted his true ident.i.ty. In fact, there was nothing much that he could keep from Big Yellow because Big Yellow had already accepted his capabilities. He didn’t want to declare the ident.i.ty of the Greatest Saint, but his cover was blown when Big Yellow was dying to make the guesses.

“Dammit! Let master dog spurt out two mouthful of blood!

Big Yellow fell to the ground with a puff. His body was twitching. This secret was really too shocking. Although Big Yellow had already guessed that Jiang Chen was related to the Greatest Saint, the truth still struck him like lightning.

But his feeling of astonishment didn’t last long. He and Jiang Chen were sworn brothers and it wouldn’t change for the rest of their lives, even if their ident.i.ties or status were changed. Besides, this secret really excited him very much. His brother was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint. It just explained why Jiang Chen was so abnormal. Those people who wanted to fight the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint were destined to face unpleasant consequences.

“Little Chen, all the treasures have already been revealed. I think we can do it now.”

After calming himself down, he said to Jiang Chen with a snicker.

Jiang Chen smirked. He slowly stood up and strode to the gla.s.s that was in front of him.

“Okay. All the treasures have been revealed to you all. The bid will begin now. The first treasure – Dark Crystal.”

The elder of the Dark Generation said loudly.

“Skip the bid. You can stop here, elder. Golden Fur Lion King, Gu Mu, I will take away a few of these treasures. Both of your families will divide the remaining treasures equally.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone. He controlled his tone so that only the members of the Demon Race and the Gu Family could hear it.

All of their expression changed drastically. They had no idea what would Jiang Chen do, especially the people of the Demon Race. They fixed their eyes on Jiang Chen and felt a strong Qi shooting out of his body all of a sudden.

“Brother Jiang, what are you going to do?”

Golden Fur Lion King somehow couldn’t guess what Jiang Chen was about to do, his face was pale.

“The auction will end here. There will be a war sooner or later. None of you would need to attack. Just find your ways to leave King City as quick as possible and return to Saint Origin World. After today, there will be no more major trading event or auction. As for the high grade True Meta Stones, I will keep my promise and present fifty million to each of your family.”

Jiang Chen said. He felt it was worthwhile to give fifty million high grade True Meta Stones to the Gu Family and Demon Race. Jiang Chen had always been generous to his friends. Besides, he would temporarily need their help the moment he returned as he had offended the majority of the families in the Pure Land.


The members of Demon Race and Gu Family were petrified. They felt that their brains and thoughts were about to freeze. Although they still had no idea what would Jiang Chen do, they knew that the Void Triangular Domain would turn very chaotic today and be destroyed severely to the point that there would be no more major trading event that would be held here.

“Alright, let’s start.”

The elder’s face was full of smile as he announced.

*Hong Long*

As the elder’s words dropped, a loud rumble was heard. The tremble was so strong it shook the entire auction building, mountains and land. Everyone saw a large blood-red dragon claw appear all of a sudden and reached for the auction platform.

This happened too quickly. The Ninth Grade Minor Saints elders who were standing on the platform were stunned. Split seconds later, they regained their responses. Someone was trying to rob the treasures. This was really an audaciously wild idea. Nothing like this had ever happened before in the auction of King City.

“Not good. Someone is robbing the treasures away. Who is it?!”

The elder was the first to respond but it was already too late. Not only the treasures, the table that was made of high grade True Meta Stones vanished too. All of them were taken away by the single dragon claw.


The laugh rolled through the air. Everyone could see a dragonman above the auction building. The large blood-red dragon wings were fluttering constantly. Every flap created a strong gust of wind, blowing against the auction building. The gla.s.ses of the rooms were broken because of that.

The members of the Demon Race and Gu Family gasped in a cold breath of air. They wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen would do such a heaven defying thing. He had emptied all the items that ought to be auctioned. It was a tremendously domineering action. For so long that the Void Triangular Domain had existed in this virtual world, nothing like this had ever happened before.

“Motherf*cker, this is crazy!”

Kong Yu couldn’t help but feel his blood boil. He now admired Jiang Chen in prostration. He was a person who didn’t follow rules, a person who was destined to break the laws of nature. He struck aggressively and openly before the auction even began.

“Jiang Chen, you are seeking death!”

The elder recognized Jiang Chen. He raged. Not only him, countless of cold and murderous intent and anger spread out from the rooms. They all thought that this Jiang Chen was truly a madman that didn’t know what life and death was. Their initial plan was to finish him off when the auction was over. None of them thought that this guy would act so insanely – robbing the treasures in front of them.

“Seeking death? Isn’t it fated for everyone to live and die. Today, this place would be turned into ruins. Whoever dares to provoke me will be killed.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi was wild and domineering. His body looked mighty and his brilliant dragon eyes disdained all the beings below him.

“Attack. Take this arrogant animal down for messing up the auction of King City and robbing the treasures. He must die!”

The elder raged. He had unleashed all of his Qi. There were still seven Ninth Grade Minor Saints following behind him. They had besieged Jiang Chen.


The elder was the first to lunge. A powerful dark energy turned into a storm and rolled towards Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen let out a cold humph and drew his Heavenly Saint Sword. Without saying a word, he slashed at the elder.

*Pu Chi*

The dark storm was pulverized instantly. The terrifying Heavenly Saint Sword was invincible. It severed the elder into half. A dark spirit then went to Jiang Chen’s hand through his sword. This was the dark spirit of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. It had unimaginable benefits in his cultivation.

Meanwhile, the other seven Ninth Grade Minor Saints lunged forward, but they were no match for Jiang Chen. He moved in an extremely fast speed. He swung his sword three times in just a blink, it was then followed by three wails. Three Ninth Grade Minor Saints of the Dark Generation were killed instantly. They were cut into half. The dark spirits surfaced from their corpses and were looted by Jiang Chen.


The scene made countless of them gasped in a cold breath of air. The remaining four Ninth Grade Minor Saint experts stopped their movements. They stared at Jiang Chen in astonishment, as though they had seen a ghost. Why was this man so powerful? He had reached a stage where he was undefeatable. It has only been three days but he had already grown into such a terrifying stage.

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