Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 853 – Unexpected Surprises

Chapter 853 – Unexpected Surprises

Unexpected Surprises

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The venue for the auction wasn’t an open-air area. It was like a small castle that was magnificently built. It was filled with the aura of the rich families. In the castle-like auction venue, there were no seats. There were only luxurious rooms for honored guests that were arranged in a circle. Every room was decorated with the most luxurious ornaments. People who entered this building were people with respectable ident.i.ties.

There was a large gla.s.s placed in front of the room. It was extravagantly made by high grade True Meta Stones.

When you looked through this large True Meta Stone gla.s.s, you would be able to see the auction platform clearly. The auction platform had the same height as the rooms. In other words, you would be able to see the entire process and situation of the auction in the room. The size of the platform was thirty meters large. Anything, including some small and little things could be seen clearly in the room.

“King City’s auction venue sure is more luxurious than Dark Surge City.”

Big Yellow sat on a soft seat relaxingly with an enjoyable expression.

“That is of course, I heard that an item which many people have longed for will be auctioned this time. Some say that it is related to the Greatest Saint. I have no idea how the people of the Dark Generation would get it.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

Jiang Chen was stunned. Both of his eyes immediately shot out light. Golden Fur Lion King’s information wouldn’t be just a rumor. This caused Jiang Chen’s heart to pound rhythmically. It seemed like his trip to the auction wouldn’t be in vain. It was likely that he would gain some unexpected treasures.

That year, when he fell from the Saint Cliff, there was fundamentally nothing of him except for the fragments of the Heavenly Saint Sword. It was already considered good for him to find two finger bones. Also, the reason why the finger bones were so precious to everyone was because they were rare. Anything that was related to his previous life, be it the finger bones or the fragments of the Heavenly saint sword, would bring him unimaginable benefits. He had no idea what kind of treasure the Dark Generation would auction this time.

“The things that were left behind by the Greatest Saint must be rare treasures. These treasures had gone through the ma.s.sively destructive heavenly tribulation along with the Greatest Saint. The Greatest Saint had risen from nowhere and left countless of glorious battle records and legends. Perhaps the treasure of the Greatest Saint isn’t as attractive to them compared to us. There would certainly be a fierce compet.i.tion among the eight families for this item.”

A Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint said. It clearly showed how much he respected and wors.h.i.+pped the Greatest Saint.

No one knew how many of them would be petrified if they knew that the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint was sitting beside them. They would certainly be petrified into a rock.

Jiang Chen didn’t speak. He crossed his leg while carrying a smile on his face. The people of the Demon Race were impressed by him. Even the Golden Fur Lion King couldn’t help but raise his thumb up for Jiang Chen. It was hard for them to imagine that the mental state of this young man would be this strong. They were very clear about Jiang Chen’s capabilities. Don’t be deceived by Jiang Chen’s calmness, he could start a ma.s.sive war any time. If it was someone else, that person would be frightened to death. Jiang Chen looked very calm and composed as if today was a good day. That kind of composure wasn’t a pretense as it couldn’t be pretended.

Gu Family was on the next room. They would communicate with them via divine sense.

“Why hasn’t the auction started yet?”

Big Yellow was getting a little impatient. As a matter of fact, he wanted to spend all of his efforts on those ore mines. He wouldn’t wait for the auction to end before he struck.

“Don’t worry, it will begin in no time.”

An elder of the Demon Race said.

“That is the treasure of the Greatest Saint. It only means that it would be revealed at the last part of the auction.”

Tyrant asked enthusiastically.

“No, the auction in King City is different than auction in other cities. Due to the partic.i.p.ants of this auction having strong financial sources, there is no need to conceal the ident.i.ty of the treasures. Before the auction, the Dark Generation will expose all the items that are going to be auctioned so that everyone can plan how they would spend their money.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“That’s right. This is an auction combined with trading. One should know that different treasure have different kinds of functions to various major powers. For instance, if it is a powerful Source of a Saint Fire, the other major powers won’t compete for it with the Huo Family. So, the imperial kinsmen of the Dark Generation will reveal all the treasures for us to see. Once we have our targeted treasures, we won’t focus too much on the other treasures. In that case, we could allocate enough financial resources to obtain our treasures.”

Another elder of the Demon Race said.

“Kaka…little Chen, I think we can just open fire on those treasures.”

Big Yellow said to Jiang Chen via divine sense.

“I agree.”

Jiang Chen smirked. These two were people with similar interest. They would smoothly work together in many things, particularly something like this.

Showing those treasures out was without a doubt a serious mistake, it would cause this auction to be in vain and all major powers would gain nothing in the end.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh*

As Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were still exchanging glances, a brilliant light suddenly emerged on the auction platform. Then, powerful silhouettes appeared on top of the auction platform. There were a total of eight elders. Every one of them was a powerful Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

Although there were no Great Saints in the Dark Generation due to the World Origin, it’s safe to say that the Dark Generation was a very powerful race, especially the imperial kinsmen in King City. Ninth Grade Minor Saints could be found everywhere. It was hard to imagine how powerful these people were if there were not restricted by the World Origin.

These eight Ninth Grade Minor Saints were the higher ups of the imperial kinsmen. They were here to personally hold the auction to show their respects to all the major powers.

The leader was an elder with a st.u.r.dy body that was as firm as a steel tower. It gave people the sense of a mighty aura. He smiled slightly while holding his fists to greet everyone before he spoke.

“Everyone, this isn’t the first time that you people and our generation came together to trade. So, I will cut down all the rules of the auction. I now officially open the major trading event in King City. It will be the same as before. We will show you our collected treasures before the auction begins.”

The elder’s voice rolled through the air. It allowed everyone in the auction to hear it clearly. The atmosphere had become very tense. The treasures that they were going to present weren’t any ordinary items.

While all of them were focusing on the elder, he waved his hand and a table that was several meters long materialized. It was fully made of high grade True Meta Stones. Of course, the table wasn’t the first treasure. Subsequently, the elder took out the treasures one by one and placed it on the table.

Then, he took out a black magic like box. Despite the distance, everyone could feel that a dark force was exuding from it.

“This is a Dark Crystal. It was personally made by the Dark King using the dark elements. As for its price, I a.s.sume that all of you have a rough estimation of it.”

He spoke and placed the black box on the table.

“This Dark Crystal is a precious item. Although we can’t absorb the dark element in it, we can integrate it into our Combat Weapons, adding another attribute and increasing the combat power of the weapon. To the Bin Family, this is certainly a precious treasure.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

“The second treasure is the three drops of Nine Yin Water found by my generation under the ground.”

The elder took out a jade bottle and put it on the table.

“This is rare to Xiao Yu.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled.

“That’s right. The Nine Yin Water could only be formed in harsh conditions. It could only be produced from the Nine Layers Cold Land, which is suited to Xiao Yu’s Nine Yin Meridians. If she obtained these drops of Nine Yin Water, her Heart of Ice G.o.d will start to condense and its shape will start to form.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered too. He had to admit that this auction was uncommon. These two treasures were already enough to astonish them all.

“This is the powerful Source of Dark Fire.”

When the elder took out the third treasure, Jiang Chen and the others could feel the Huo Family’s excitement.

Subsequently, treasures were taken out one after another. Most of the treasures were produced and crafted locally. There were some which no one knew where they came from. Anyway, every treasure was really valuable. Each of them was worth at least a city. It showed how valuable the imperial kinsmen’s collection of treasure was.

While the treasures were being shown on the platform, it stirred up the emotions of the people of the major powers. Clearly, most of them had already desired some of these treasures in their minds.

“Alright. The next treasure is related to the Greatest Saint of Saint Origin World. We, the Dark Generation have heard about the story of the Greatest Saint. Friends from the Saint Origin World, you would certainly be very interested to see this item.”

As the elder’s words faded, the cultivators from the eight families became attentive. One should know that the Greatest Saint was a renowned figure. Although he didn’t rise to become an immortal, the things that were left after him would certainly amaze anyone.

The attentive and scorching gazes were fixed on the elder as he slowly drew out a broken sword.

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