Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 852 – All Set For A Showdown

Chapter 852 – All Set For A Showdown

All Set For A Showdown

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“We’re getting rich? What’s that about?”

Tyrant opened the door of his room and breezed out. His present cultivation grade had reached Fourth Grade Minor Saint. He had advanced two grades in three days’ time. However, Big Yellow and Jiang Chen didn’t feel surprised about it. Anyone who was in the auction knew that it was a relic left by a Ninth Grade Minor Saint great monk breaking through to the Great Saint realm. Besides, Tyrant himself was a rare genius in the Buddha Sect. As such, it was very common to learn that he had advanced two grades in this short period of time.

As a matter of fact, Tyrant had only refined a part of the relic. He would keep the remaining portions of the relic for future advancements.


Yan Chenyu’s door was open. She walked out of her room wearing snowy white clothes. Sure enough, she had pushed her grade to Fifth Grade Minor Saint as Jiang Chen had expected after refining the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal. When Dan King saw their improvements, he couldn’t help but shake his head. There was nothing that he could comment about these few geniuses of geniuses.

“Big Yellow, quickly, tell me. How many ore mines have you found?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Void Triangular Domain is truly a place with fortune everywhere. I have gone to every corner of the domain and found a total of thirty three ore mines. There is a large-scale ore mine not far away from King City. I’m afraid that this large-scale ore mine alone consists of one billion True Meta Stones.”

Big Yellow was beaming with joy as he spoke. The gains this time would be enormous.

“Whoa, so many ore mines?”

Dan King exclaimed. There were thirty three ore mines, and the largest ore mine consisted of one billion high grade True Meta Stones. If they were to add all of the True Meta Stones together, the figure would be innumerable. It would be a heaven defying figure. Although the other ore mines weren’t as large as the largest one, the number of high grade True Meta Stones wouldn’t be very far away from one billion. The ore mine near Dark Mulberry City was perhaps the smallest ore mine of them all, but there was fifty million high grade True Meta Stones.

“Nice, Big Yellow. Good job. Once we have extracted these stones, you’ll be able to consume as much as you can.”

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head. The fortunes here were too amazing. If they could really obtain these high grade True Meta Stones, Jiang Chen’s advancement in the Great Saint path wouldn’t be a problem. With so many True Meta Stones, it was very unlikely for Jiang Chen to finish them, even if he was cultivating dragon transformation art.

If he couldn’t finish them, he could give them to those who needed it. So, he would never miss the chance of getting such a great fortune.

“When are we going to start?”

Big Yellow asked. He couldn’t wait to begin the extraction of those minerals.

“Don’t rush it. We’ll see what items are going to be auctioned tomorrow. Since we have already located all of the ore mines, we can dig them up at any time.”

Jiang Chen exposed a smile. There was a last step in his plan. It was the ultimate plan that would be executed tomorrow.

“Father, Xiao Yu and Tyrant. Tomorrow, all of you will follow Demon Race. Be with Demon Race as well as Gu Family, wherever they go.”

Jiang Chen said. When the war began tomorrow, he wouldn’t be able to care for the safety of Yan Chenyu and the others. But as long as they were with Golden Fur Lion King and Gu Mu, they would be safe. Those major powers and experts of Dark Generation weren’t targeting Jiang Chen, but Yan Chenyu and the other two.

“En, brother Chen, you have to be careful.”

Yan Chenyu nodded. She knew very well that she couldn’t provide any help in the battlefield tomorrow. So, keeping herself safe was the greatest help she could provide to Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry about me. With my current cultivation grade, they will face unbearable consequences for wanting me dead.”

Jiang Chen said in an even tone. The confidence in his expression was enough to relieve Yan Chenyu’s worries for him.

The next day, early in the morning, Kong Yu had come to Jiang Chen’s courtyard.

“Brother Jiang, Big Yellow, the auction is going to start soon. Let’s go together.”

Kong Yu held his fists at Jiang Chen. As the son of Peac.o.c.k King and a genius of Demon Race, it was rare for him to respect someone. He was truly impressed by Jiang Chen’s battle in the desolate area. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen’s name had spread to all the people, across the domain since the battle in the desolate area. Kong Yu was a young generation genius, but he couldn’t find a reason to not admire Jiang Chen.

Powerful cultivators would always be respected and admired by the others. This applied to anywhere and was part of nature.


Jiang Chen nodded. He had wanted to go to the auction all along. He should’ve attacked the ore mines when Big Yellow had found them. However, due yo his desire for better items, he decided to do that after the auction.

Golden Fur Lion King and Gu Mu’s forces had already gathered outside the Demon Race and Gu Family’s strongholds. Although they didn’t have any conflicts, they didn’t communicate much with each other. Today, Jiang Chen’s appearance had brought these two clans closer. At least they were in an alliance for now.

The auction was going to commence soon, but the faces of the members of Gu Family and Demon Race were full of worries. They couldn’t help it. Although King City was in peaceful state for three days, today wasn’t going to follow that trend. They had no idea how many major powers wanted Jiang Chen’s life now.

As Golden Fur Lion King and Gu Mu were frowning, Jiang Chen and his friends walked over. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Jiang Chen. Due to Jiang Chen not concealing his Qi, everyone could sense his cultivation grade clearly. Their eyes sparkled when they learnt that Jiang Chen had advanced to Fifth Grade Minor Saint.

“Brother Jiang, you have advanced to Fifth Grade Minor Saint?”

Golden Fur Lion King didn’t dare to believe it. This was too far from what they had expected. Advancing a grade in three days’ time? When had advancement become so simple? They wouldn’t have believed it if they hadn’t witnessed this with their own eyes.

“That’s right. I have already advanced to Fifth Grade Minor Saint. After transforming into a human-dragon, I can easily kill a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. So, the two seniors don’t need to worry about my safety. Those major powers who wanted me dead will only end up like those geniuses in the desolate battlefield that day; dying under my hands.”


Everyone gasped in a breath of cold air. If it was another person who said this in front of them, they would look at the person with contempt, some would even send a slap to the person. But when these words came out from Jiang Chen’s mouth, it didn’t sound boastful at all. That day, although they didn’t watch the battle, they saw the aftermath of the battle. That time, Jiang Chen killed the group of Seventh Grade Minor Saint geniuses. One should know that those geniuses were on par with ordinary Eighth Grade Minor Saint cultivators. Today, Jiang Chen had advanced to Ninth Grade Minor Saint, making it very likely that Jiang Chen could take down Ninth Grade Minor Saint at his will. Thinking about that made their skin crawl. At the same time, they couldn’t help but sigh, to know that there was actually such a monstrous human under the heavens.

“Prince Jiang is absolutely the greatest genius I have ever met. Not even the rare geniuses of the Sky Ranking are comparable to you.”

Gu Mu sighed as he said. It was the words that came from the bottom of his heart. There was a Sky Ranking in Pure Land. Anyone who was listed was a genius of geniuses, the best of the best. If they engaged in a battle with Jiang Chen, he was afraid that none of them was suited to be his opponent. None of the geniuses who were of the same grade with Jiang Chen could achieve such a state. In other words, if Jiang Chen were put in a battlefield with the geniuses of a similar grade, he certainly could kill them in seconds.

“Elder has praised too much. Let’s go. Let’s see what treasures will be auctioned this time.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Very well.”

Gu Mu’s was slightly stunned to see Jiang Chen’s vast improvement after three days. It had relieved both his and Golden Fur Lion King’s worries for him. The same goes for the others. If Jiang Chen didn’t achieve the advancement, it was hard to imagine how he was going to deal with that many enemies, even with their help.

The stronghold of every major power was just nearby. It was also near to the auction venue. On the way, many experts of other major powers saw Jiang Chen and immediately let out their murderous intent.

“Old man. Why are you opening your eyes so big? Don’t tell me that you want to start a battle here? If you don’t dare to do it, stop showing your goldfish-like eyes.”

Big Yellow was an absolute tartar. He wouldn’t wait to swear when he saw the glare from his enemies.

“Stupid dog! Shut your filthy mouth! You all will know what will happen when the auction is over.”

“Brat Jiang Chen, I have let you live for three days. I never thought that you still dare to come and join the auction. Since you aren’t afraid of death, I will let you die in a more torturing way.”

The experts of Huo Family and s.h.i.+ Family said. They held themselves back so as to not start a battle, because the place was certainly not suitable to be the battlefield.

“It isn’t definite who will die or live. If I were you all, I will choose to keep my mouth shut and leave quickly after the auction. If you want to kill me, you will end up like those geniuses who died in the desolate battlefield.”

Jiang Chen darted a contemptuous glance at them.

“Such a wildly arrogant kid! Still trying to be domineering before your death?”

Desolate Nanyang appeared. His murderous intent was stronger. The atmosphere had become tense, even before the auction even began. It was imaginable how chaotic it would be after the auction.

“Golden Fur Lion King, Gu Mu, I advise you all one word, don’t continue to stain yourself with this muddy water. The consequences aren’t bearable by you all.”

Desolate Nanyang gave a cold smile.

“Desolate Nanyang, it’s none of your business, whether we want to help or not. We, Demon Race always do things regardless of the comments or remarks of outsiders. Besides, I’m afraid that you can’t kill Jiang Chen, even if we aren’t helping him.”

Golden Fur Lion King reb.u.t.ted. He wasn’t afraid of Desolate Nanyang.

“Then, we’ll see how it’s going to end.”

Desolate Nanyang waved his sleeve and strode into the auction venue.

The venue of the auction in King City was a lot larger than the auction area in Dark Surge City. However, the people who took part in it weren’t as many as those in Dark Surge City. People with ordinary statuses weren’t qualified to join the auction. Despite the lesser number of partic.i.p.ants, the atmosphere was still as lively. One should know that the partic.i.p.ants were the members of major powers of three different worlds. They were the cultivators with high statuses.

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