Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 851 – Fifth Grade Minor saint

Chapter 851 – Fifth Grade Minor saint

Fifth Grade Minor saint

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“There is no need to worry, father. I was able to gain great benefits this time. I will start my seclusion now. Before the major trading event, I will be able to break through Fifth Grade Minor Saint. And then, when I am in my human-dragon form, no one will be able to stand against me.”

Jiang Chen’s face was beaming with confidence from his core. He was very clear about the current situation. Once he had done refining the finger bone, he would have no problem hitting the Fifth Grade Minor Saint mark. Then, his power would be invincible across the Void Triangular Domain.

“I also want to go seclusion to refine the relic. It will provide great help with my advancement. My cultivation grade will advance by folds and bounds after the full refinement of the relic.”

The Tyrant said. He couldn’t wait to start refining the relic since he obtained the relic, but he couldn’t stay calm as he was worried for Jiang Chen’s safety. Now that Jiang Chen had returned safely, he could go into a seclusion state to refine the relic to reach another level improvement and advancement.

“Big Yellow, when I am in seclusion, you have to help me to complete an arduous task.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow.

Big Yellow’s ears stood right up when he heard the word ‘arduous’ and his face was full of excitement.

“Say it, what’s the task? Master dog will complete it.”

Big Yellow said.

“Secretly leave King City and go to find the locations of all the ore mines. You must locate all of them. If I am not mistaken, there is going to be a war when the trading event is over. Once we have all the locations of the ore mines, we can extract them easily. This mission only can be done by you.”

Jiang Chen said to Big Yellow. Once the war had begun, many unexpected and unpredictable incidents would happen. As Jiang Chen wanted to minimize the risk of failure of his plan, he needed Big Yellow to locate the ore mines before the day of the clash. It was Jiang Chen final objective. The 100 million that he presented to Gu Family and Demon race was to build rapport with the two families. Comparing this figure to Jiang Chen’s estimated fortune in his plan, it was nothing significant.

“Don’t worry, I will guarantee the completion of the task. As long as I, Big Yellow want to find it, it will not be able to leave my nose. By the way, why not let Master dog extract the ore mines directly? I can keep them for you.”

Big Yellow said happily.

“No, you can’t. The auction hasn’t begun yet and we can’t afford to alert any of them now. Plus, there are high grade experts manning every ore mine. The larger the ore mine, the more powerful the experts are. I’m afraid there are some of them whom even you can’t defeat. So, you have to be careful while you are exploring those locations. Don’t expose yourself.”

Jiang Chen gave a personal reminder to Big Yellow because this dog could be too reckless sometimes. If he really did extract the ore mines, it would mess up all Jiang Chen’s plan. Clearly, it was something which Jiang Chen didn’t see.

“Don’t worry about it. I know what to do. Master dog will leave now.”

Big Yellow bode farewell to Big Yellow and vanished. Jiang Chen was quite confident in Big Yellow’s capability. Although he was merely a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint, no one would be able to find him if he hid himself. This explained why Big Yellow was able to steal the demon soul of Soul Eater Demon King from the prefecture that guarded tightly. It would be a misfortune when someone underestimated this dog.

Jiang Chen’s plan had reached its final phase. It’s safe to say that everything was under his control. Finding the ore mountains by own senses only could be done by Big Yellow. Jiang Chen didn’t have doubts about Big Yellow’s ability on this.

After Big Yellow had left, Jiang Chen and Tyrant went into seclusion. Yan Chenyu also went into seclusion in one of the rooms. The Ten-Thousand-Year-Old-Cold Crystal that she received would benefit her tremendously after the refinement. Probably it would push her to Fifth Grade Minor Saint.

In the courtyard, Dan King looked delightful. He glanced at the door of the room of Jiang Chen and imagined it was only a matter of time before the new generation monstrous genius stirred up the Saint Origin World that had been in peace for over a hundred years. It was like the time before the Greatest Saint had died.

Inside the room, Jiang Chen was sitting on a large ha.s.sock cross-legged. Moments later, he adjusted his condition to the perfect state before taking out the Saint Bone.

*Weng* *Weng*

The Saint Bone was letting out buzzing sound, as though it was responding to its master. Then it trembled intensely. That was the feeling when two things were connected. The bone had belonged to him, was a part of himself. No one other than him would be able to refine it.

Although Desolate Ning could fuse the Saint Bone into his own bone with the help of experts of Desolate Family, it was merely a fusion instead of a completion. As such, it only could enhance the power of his finger strike.

With the circulation of the dragon transformation art, the finger bone integrated with Jiang Chen’s right finger at quickest speed, smoothly and without pain. This was mainly due to the blood type connection Jiang Chen had with the finger bone.

The stimulation of the Saint Bone was equivalent to the stimulation of the Heavenly Saint Sword. These stimulation could quicken the circulation of dragon transformation art and also igniting Jiang Chen’s inner potential strength. Jiang Chen’s pool of energy was improving under the stimulation of the Saint Bone. New dragon marks started to form rapidly.

Currently there were sixty seven thousand dragon marks There was only a thousand more to achieve the Fifth Grade Minor Saint. One thousand dragon marks was condensed very quickly due to the stimulation of the finger bone. His Qi started to roll inside of him. That was the indication of Fifth Grade Minor Saint advancement. Sixty eight thousand dragon marks were the threshold of Fifth Grade Minor Saint.

Jiang Chen could feel the changes in his body strongly. The requirement of energy for every advancement was enormous. This time, Jiang Chen straightaway refined the high grade True Meta Stones to use the pure energy in it for his advancement. After a number of True Meta Stones were refined and absorbed, his cultivation grade had risen to a new level.

The consumption of high grade True Meta Stones allowed him to feel the terrifying energy of his dragon transformation art. His thirst for the stones would be greater than before as the time went on. As such, he must make sure that his trip to Void Triangular Domain was beneficial, he must ensure that he would obtain as many high grade True Meta Stones as possible.

After breaking through the Fifth Grade Minor Saint, the number of dragon marks didn’t stop condensing until another thousand dragon marks were produced. At the present moment, Jiang Chen’s body had already reached sixty nine thousand dragon marks. It was only a thousand more dragon marks to go to reach Sixth Grade Minor Saint. It’s safe to say that the cultivation grade of Fifth Grade Minor Saint had been fortified. And, his pool of energy had enhanced drastically and his foundation had become stronger because part of his potential strength was ignited.

*Ka* *Ka*

As Jiang Chen moved his body, sounds of cracking were heard. Every inch of his bone released a powerful energy wave. His current Qi could only be described by the word ‘mighty’. More importantly, his right forefinger and left forefinger were radiating golden light and exuding strong Qi of Saint. If he used his Profound Nine Solar Energy, the damage inflicted would be a lot greater than before.

“Good. Not only have I advanced to Fifth Grade Minor Saint, but also allowed the use of the strength of my finger bone in my human-dragon form. The combination of two finger bones makes the finger strike useable even when I am a human dragon. When I have transformed into a human-dragon, not only my combat strength will increase by tenfold, my finger strike will also improve – more powerful than the tenfold increment of combat strength. This is perfect.”

Jiang Chen exposed a smirk at the corner of his mouth. He felt very confident and satisfied at his current condition. After transforming into a human-dragon, he could kill any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint instantly. Only those who were peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint could engage in a battle with him.

If his newly advancement was spread to Desolate Nanyang, it was likely that he would spurt out blood. They had missed the good chance to eliminate Jiang Chen before this. Today, Jiang Chen has grown beyond their imagination. Although he was still considered weak as compared to the eight families, in Void Triangular Domain, there was no one who could stop him.

Despite of all these, Jiang Chen didn’t ease himself. Although all factors were according to his plan, there was one person who would be the dangerous and unpredictable factor of his plan. It wasn’t the imperial kinsmen of Dark Generation and the major powers of the three worlds, it was Nan Bei Chao.

In the remaining time, Jiang Chen didn’t come out of his seclusion room. He continued to fortify his cultivation grade. Since the eradication of Nan Bei Chao until now, it was true that he had advanced at a very fast speed and had very large pool of energy, but it was necessary for him to repair any loopholes in his cultivation grade, as a preparation for higher grade advancement.

In these three days’ time, the atmosphere in King City was never livelier. As the prefecture was preparing for the major trading event, every corner of the city was filled with discussion and conversation about the battle in the desolate area. All of them called Jiang Chen a mad man. The battle was too shocking. Nothing like this had happened before in Void Triangular Domain. It absolutely would be recorded into Dark Generation’s history book. It was also an astonis.h.i.+ng incident to the major powers of the three worlds. They were overlords of certain cities or in the domain. In the normal days, they would be regarded respectfully by other people. Their simple cough could s.h.i.+ver any ordinary people. So, Jiang Chen’s actions and manners towards them had gone far worse than just shaming them.

Hence, when the auction was over, the first thing they wanted to do was to eliminate Jiang Chen.

Three days pa.s.sed very quickly. The night before, Jiang Chen walked out his room. At this time, Big Yellow had returned. He looked delightful and excited. His eyes were radiating with brilliant light and almost popped out because of overexertion.

“Big Yellow, how is it going?”

Jiang Chen asked impatiently.

“Haha! We are going to get rich! We are going to get rich!”

Big Yellow was bouncing up and down.

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