Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 850 – Entering King City

Chapter 850 – Entering King City

Entering King City

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Dark King’s words had put all the experts of major powers in contemplation. The current situation was clear. If it wasn’t for the interference of Gu Family and Demon Race, any one of them could instantly kill Jiang Chen. With these two families helping him, especially the Demon Race and given the fact that they were all violent beings, casualties would be unavoidable if a war broke out despite their huge number of experts. In which case, it would turn into bloodshed. Besides, it wasn’t easy to kill a Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

Because of that, the consequences were hard to imagine or predict. It was very likely that even the major trading would be affected. As a matter of fact, their main purpose of coming here was for the major auction event to exchange for ma.s.s amount of True Meta Stones.

Dark King was right. This brat wouldn’t be able to escape whether he was in his human-dragon or human form. From now on, all the major powers would be constantly keeping an eye on him. Besides, Void Triangular Domain had a very limited area and was patrolled by so many people of Dark Generation, where could he flee? In which case, it didn’t concern them to give Jiang Chen a few more days to live. After the trading event, the major powers would gain huge benefits, and thus reaching their main objective in the trip to Void Triangular Domain. Afterwards, they could get rid of Jiang Chen.

“Alright. We will follow Dark King then. This brat’s life is worthless. We can’t let this battle destroy the auction trading event. His death will be right after the auction. If Gu Family and Demon Race stop us again at that time, they better prepare their life to be delivered in the battle.”

Desolate Nanyang kept his Qi and said coldly while staring at Jiang Chen.

“Fine. We will let this little being live for a few more days. Gu Mu, Golden Fur Lion King, take this few days to reconsider your decision. If you all insist to stand on that brat’s side and go against us, you will create the consequences which you all can’t bear.”

“That’s right, if all your corpses are buried here, it will be a great loss to Demon Race and Gu Family.”

The leader of Huo Family and s.h.i.+ Family said.

At this time, Narang Family and Dan Family kept their Qi as well, including the people of Boundless World and Black Yellow World. They weren’t doing this because they wanted to pay their respect to Dark King. It was because Dark King’s words were reasonable and makes sense. If the war was started, it would be in no one’s favour. Killing one person—Jiang Chen—but ending the major trading day? Furthermore, Dark King wanted to kill Jiang Chen so badly. After knowing Jiang Chen’s real ident.i.ty and that the Third Prince was in his custody, Dark King would certainly secretly send someone to stalk Jiang Chen’s movements, not allowing him to escape. In this case, Jiang Chen would become the tortoise in the jar and his day of death was on the day of the major auction.

Nevertheless, they would find today’s decision a very bad mistake a few days later. It would make them regret or they wouldn’t even have the chance to regret. A few days later, Jiang Chen’s growth would become the eye opener to every one of them.

Seeing the current situation, Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King kept their Qi. They made the sensible reaction—keep silent. At any rate, a war wouldn’t bring any good to any major powers or Dark Generation. Judging by their manpower and overall strength, they wouldn’t be able to gain the upper hand against the large group of opponents.

“Everyone, please return to King City to prepare for the auction event three days later.”

Dark King held his fists at the experts and flew towards King City. The others followed after him and disappeared. They wouldn’t worry about Jiang Chen’s escape because there were people of Dark Generation everywhere. There was in fact nowhere else he could hide in the domain. His movements could be tracked by Dark King at any time.

Everyone could see it very clearly, including Dark King, the only thing Jiang Chen could do right now was to stick with Demon Race and Gu Family. He would follow these two families wherever they went because his life would be in danger once he left the groups. As Gu Family and Demon Race would join the major auction, he would follow them back to King City. The other experts wouldn’t need to worry about Jiang Chen’s possible escape after he reached King City.

An outbreak of war was prevented. Jiang Chen had offended many major powers after killing so many geniuses but he was unharmed. A situation like this really made the bystanders sigh but they knew this was just a temporary situation. After the major trading event was over, not just the other major powers, Dark King too would hunt Jiang Chen down. At that time, Jiang Chen would certainly be dead. Many of them had similar thoughts, including Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King. None of them would expect Jiang Chen to advance one grade within these three days and become invincible.

Jiang Chen kept his human-dragon form, turning into his human form. He greeted Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King and said, “Elder Gu Mu, Golden Fur Lion King, I have to thank you two for standing up for me. Jiang Chen is very grateful for it. I am always a man who will remember people’s kindness. I will repay kindness to the one who has given me a hundred times bigger or better. This is 100 million True Meta Stone here, each of your family will take 50 million.”

Jiang Chen said. He took out two spatial rings and sent it to Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King’s front. Those True Meta Stones were the ones he stole from the vaults’ of two cities. Currently, he had 200 million of True Meta Stones in his possession, so he decided to give half of them to these two families.


Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King’s faces changed dramatically. Not only them, the other people of Gu Family and Demon Race change their facial expression as well. Each pair of eyes had fixed on these two spatial rings with fiery excitement. It was 50 million, 50 million of True Meta Stones! How great this fortune really was? One should know that a True Meta Stone is equivalent to a Saint Rank Restoration Pill.

Jiang Chen’s precious gift had made the other members in these two families convinced to help Jiang Chen. Their impression of Jiang Chen changed instantly. They now thought that he was a generous man and it was good to make friend with him.

“Prince Jiang Chen, how can I take such precious items?”

Gu Mu said.

“Elder Gu Mu, I, Jiang Chen is a forthright man. I will definitely build a relations.h.i.+p with Demon Race in the future whether you and I like it or not. This items which I present to you isn’t a thing at all.”

Jiang Chen said.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s word, Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King stopped the friendly arguing anymore and quickly kept their special rings. If Jiang Chen was blunt and direct, they should be like him as well or else it would be awkward.

“I like Brother Jiang’s att.i.tude. Follow me back to Demon Race, we will help you kill those group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds three days later. I am the first who disagrees with their actions against you.”

Golden Fur Lion King patted his chest in a.s.surance.

“That’s right, I, Gu Mu have today’s result all because of your guidance. If someone wants to kill Prince, that person will have to step across my corpse first.”

Gu Mu’s expression was sincere and clear. He wanted to give his sincere help to Jiang Chen.

“Haha! Thank you. But after three days, it will no longer be that easy to deal with me. At that time, I can handle all of them alone. You all have aided me a lot today.”

Jiang Chen laughed. His objective had been this. Everything was under his control and antic.i.p.ation. The matter that followed wouldn’t require Demon Race and Gu Family’s involvement.

Gu Mu and Golden Fur Lion King thought that Jiang Chen was lying to them but judging by his very confident look, they were convinced. If they wanted to help Jiang Chen, they must help him with sincerity. After the auction was over and when the experts were going to deal with Jiang Chen, they might not partic.i.p.ate but they would be alert of the scenario.

As a matter of fact, they weren’t needed in the battle as Jiang Chen’s sole strength could handle everything.

“What’s Prince’s next plan?”

Gu Mu asked.

“I’ll follow you all back to King City to partic.i.p.ate in the major auction.”

Jiang Chen said evenly.

“Alright. I am impressed by Brother Jiang’s exceptional courage.”

Golden Fur Lion King praised Jiang Chen. He started to grow very fond of Jiang Chen as he was a young man who did not fear the heaven and earth or wouldn’t be defeated by anything in the world. Jiang Chen intended to go to King City with them knowing there were plenty of people there that wanted him killed. This audacity alone made people raise a thumbs up for him. In fact, Jiang Chen’s audacity had been fully portrayed previously.

After that, Jiang Chen flew towards King City along with Gu Family and Demon Race.

The King City had hundreds of miles in radius. It was a huge city. Jiang Chen could feel the grandeur and luxury of the atmosphere of the city from afar. Gu Family and Demon Race were considered very powerful major powers. They had their own stronghold in the city. Jiang Chen walked into the stronghold of Demon Race ,without any disguises, he wanted everyone to know that he wasn’t trying to flee.

After returning to Demon Race’s stronghold, Jing Chen and Big Yellow had stayed in separate accommodation. Jiang Chen had given the orders the he needed secluded period within these three days. No one should disturb him within these three days.

After entering the compound, Yan Chenyu, Dan King and Tyrant, who were sitting in the courtyard, let out a sigh of relief when they saw Jiang Chen returning unharmed. They had heard about the incidents that happened outside Dark Surge City. That kind of scene would give anyone a sense of unlimited fear. It must be a miracle that Jiang Chen returned alive.

“Little Chen.. you have created a world-shaking matter again...”

Tyrant stammered. To him, it seemed only Jiang Chen could create such incidents.

“Chen Er, although you are safe for the time being, those major powers will never let you go after the major auction, so how are you going to tackle this problem?”

Dan King asked worriedly.

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