Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 849 – Everything Is Under Control

Chapter 849 – Everything Is Under Control

Everything Is Under Control

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Gu Mu came before Jiang Chen and held his fists. “Does Prince still remember me?”

Jiang Chen recognized Gu Mu the moment he stood out. This was the elder who went personally to Dan Yuan City to bring Wu Ningzhu back to the Gu Family. He still remembered that Gu Mu was a peak Seventh Grade Minor Saint at that time due to his cultivation being inhibited by the virulent fire. However, after Jiang Chen’s guidance, he immediately advanced to Eighth Grade Minor Saint. What surprised Jiang Chen was that Gu Mu had already reached Ninth Grade Minor Saint not long ago. Logically speaking, it made sense. It was because Gu Mu had fortified his foundation very much when he was stuck at the seventh grade, thus allowing him such a rapid advancement. The more surprising thing was Gu Mu took the initiative to stand out for Jiang Chen.

This was absolutely beyond Jiang Chen’s expectation. Before this, he a.s.sumed that Big Yellow would be the one who stood out. It was without a doubt, a good thing for Jiang Chen.

“Of course. Congratulations on your advancement to Ninth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen greeted back with his fists.

“It was all because of Prince’s guidance. Otherwise, I won’t have today’s achievement. Today, I, Gu Mu is here for Prince. Anyone who has an intention to attack you would have to go through me first.”

Gu Mu’s voice wasn’t low. He had no intention of hiding his ident.i.ty. He had a mighty demeanour. He was a man who would never forget his benefactor’s kindness. He understood that if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s guidance, he would not be as strong as he is today, let alone being the leader of Gu Family in this trip. Also, his status had been promoted to a higher rank in the Gu Family. This was also because of Jiang Chen’s guidance back then. In the future, it was very likely that he wouldn’t be able to advance to the Great Saint realm.

The more important thing was, Gu Mu had locked on Jiang Chen’s potential. He had never seen a genius who could reach such heaven defying extent. Befriending this man would definitely bring benefits to the Gu Family. He could feel something extraordinary from Jiang Chen.

The fact that Gu Mu suddenly stood out to help Jiang Chen had also petrified everyone, including the other members of the Gu Family. Seconds later, a few other Ninth Grade Minor Saints stood out behind Gu Mu as well. As Gu Mu was the leader of their group, they would naturally support his decision unconditionally. Their family was one of the eight great families in Saint Origin World. They had never feared anyone and wouldn’t fear anyone. Those geniuses who were present at the auction in Dark Surge City were already stunned back then, they felt lucky that they didn’t join the Huo and Dan Family in dealing with Jiang Chen.

The experts of the Gu Family understood that the main factor in Gu Mu’s rapid advancement was this young man’s guidance. Gu Mu didn’t hide this fact from them. Now, Gu Mu wanted to repay Jiang Chen’s kindness, so the other members naturally wouldn’t stop him.

“Gu Mu, do you know what you are doing? You want to help this little monster? Try to look around and see how many people want him dead now. I’m afraid that the Gu Family alone won’t be able to protect him.”

Desolate Nanyang said loudly. Many people thought that it was a stupid idea for the Gu Family stand up for Jiang Chen at this time.

“Desolate Nanyang. Cleanse your mouth a little. I, Gu Mu, always mean what I say. Today, Gu Family is going to protect Jiang Chen. A large battle would be inevitable if anyone of you chooses to strike.”

Gu Mu’s tone was powerful. It was enough to portray the demeanour of a big family.

Jiang Chen looked at Gu Mu and nodded silently. A representative like him would never harm the reputation of the Gu Family wherever he went. Now, it seemed like he really made a good decision to guide Gu Mu at that time. Gu Family’s initiative to protect him not only provided a great help to his current situation, but had also given him the chance to establish a relations.h.i.+p with the Gu Family, which would save a lot of troubles if he went to find Wu Ningzhu one day.

“You want to have war, then let’s have war. Since your Family wants to interrupt our business. I would like to see whether the few of you could stop us.”

The elder of the Huo Family was infuriated. The other major powers’ emotions were also stirred up, it seemed like they were going to attack any time. Gu Family’s emergence didn’t reduce the slightest bit of their rage and murderous intent.

“Haha! Fight them! It would be Master Dog’s favourite. The Demon Race would also spare no effort to protect Jiang Chen. Let’s have a life-and-death battle today.”

Big Yellow laughed and pleasantly walked into Jiang Chen’s side. He was clear in his words and it represented the will of the Demon Race as well.

“Where did this dog came from? You want to represent the Demon Race with your sole existence? Are you qualified to do that?”

Desolate Nanyang sneered.

“Who said that he can’t represent the Demon Race?”

At this time, a yell was heard. A stalwart elder walked out. He had a blonde hair while his face was full of golden beard. Demon Qi encompa.s.sed his entire body, making him look like an ancient lion. As soon as he stood out, the other demons of the Demon Race followed suit and appeared in front of Jiang Chen.

“Golden Fur Lion King, does your Demon Race really want to interfere in this business?”

The elder of the Huo Family yelled.

Golden Fur Lion King smiled bitterly. Initially, he really didn’t want to get involved in this business but Big Yellow had already stood out, they had no other choice. They had already known the relations.h.i.+p of Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. Before they came here, Peac.o.c.k King had personally told them that they had to ensure Big Yellow’s safety in Void Triangular Domain. Golden Fur Lion King was connected to the Patriarch, so he would never neglect the task given by Peac.o.c.k King.

The members of the Demon Race knew why Big Yellow was brought back from afar. It was likely that the Demon Race’s future would fully depend on this dog. Also, Jiang Chen had an extraordinary bearing. A genius like this was most welcomed in the Demon Race. They wouldn’t feel reluctant to befriend such a human.

Since Big Yellow had already stood out, the other members of the Demon Race should do the same.

“Golden Fur Lion King, you have made a very good choice. When we return, I would immediately find old Peac.o.c.k and say a few good words for you, so that you can advance to the Great Saint realm soon.

Big Yellow said to Golden Fur Lion King. He was stunned for a moment before feeling delighted. There were too many Ninth Grade Minor Saints in the Demon Race. As Peac.o.c.k King had a paramount status in the Demon Race, it was extremely difficult for any of them to meet him normally, but this dog was the favourite disciple of Peac.o.c.k King. If Golden Fur Lion King would be able to gain something from Peac.o.c.k King, it would certainly help him tremendously.

The sudden interference of the Demon Race gave the other clans of Saint Origin World a headache. The strongest among the eight was the Desolate Family but their reputation didn’t give them the confidence to offend the Demon Race. The Demon Race was a group of beings that do things unreasonably. If they engaged them in battle, there would be countless of troubles in the future. Judging from how the Golden Fur Lion King treated Big Yellow, it indicated that Big Yellow had an exceptional status in the Demon Race. Big Yellow must be close to Peac.o.c.k King because he was the only one who could call Peac.o.c.k King ‘old Peac.o.c.k’ across the entire Saint Origin World. Thinking about Peac.o.c.k King, it petrified them.

However, they would never let this matter slip away, Jiang Chen had killed a lot of their geniuses. If they backed away because of the involvement of the Demon Race and the Gu Family, it would certainly put the reputation of their respective families to shame.

“Since the Demon Race and the Gu Family really wants to interfere in this matter, we have nothing else to say. This brat must die today! No one can stop us from doing that! Let’s just fight to decide then.”

Desolate Nanyang’s murderous intent soared to the sky.

“Kill! Make the ground and heaven shake! Today, with so many experts present here, I want to see how the Demon Race and the Gu Family would defend this brat.”

“That brat must be killed!”

“Humph! Just two groups of people, but want to stop us? This must be a joke. Our Huang Pu Family could care less about the major powers of Saint Origin World.”


The atmosphere was becoming restless. The battle could start at any time. With so many experts fighting together, the result would be unimaginable.

“Let’s fight! I haven’t been in a fight for a long time. Now, my hands are itching for a fight. The Demon Race would not fear you even if you have a greater number of people.”

A Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint from the Demon Race’s Qi fluctuated. This was the natural disposition of the Demon Race. They wouldn’t fear anything. Not even a very strong expert could make them back away.

At this time, Jiang Chen smirked as he gazed at the Dark King. He must be the one who was most worried about an outbreak of a war. Jiang Chen believed that Dark King could definitely differentiate the weight of the matter. If so many major powers started a war here, the Dark Generation would be the one to suffer the most.

“Cut your c.r.a.p! Let’s battle!”

A Ninth Grade Minor Saint from the Desolate Family drew out his combat weapon with a clatter, readying for the battle.

“Hold on!”

As Jiang Chen expected, Dark King stopped them. As the king of the Dark Generation, he had to take the Dark Generation into consideration. If the war really began, not only would the Dark Generation suffer but the major trading event a few days later would also be affected greatly. Lastly, the Third Prince was still in Jiang Chen’s hands.

“Everyone, listen to what I have to say first. I think we should temporarily put this incident aside for today.”

Dark King said.

“Dark King, what did you just say? This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has caused so much damage to the Dark Generation yet you still chose to stand on his side? Is your brain badly fried? Also, this is a matter between us, humans, it isn’t related to you at all.”

Desolate Nanyang looked over at Dark King.

“Everyone, I have a stronger desire than any of you to kill his man, but don’t forget about your main intention of coming here – the major trading event. If a war really starts before the trading event, I’m afraid that the result will be unimaginable. I believe that the end result wouldn’t be something that everyone would wish for. In my opinion, we could just get rid of this brat after the event. With so many experts here, he won’t be able to flee even if he is given eight pair of wings!”

Dark King shouted. It was important that today’s war would be prevented. Void Triangular Domain had limited s.p.a.ce and had never held any large scale battle. An outbreak of a war would bring unimaginable consequences. It would be very likely that this world would turn chaotic after that.

“Don’t worry. I won’t run. I want to join your auction as well.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. This was all within his calculation. The Demon Race and the Gu Family had already stood up for him; so, the Dark King wouldn’t want to see so many of them fighting today. Dark King was the only one who could control the situation today. To the other experts, they agreed because Jiang Chen would still die sooner or later, it didn’t really matter if he was given a few more days to live. Jiang Chen would have nowhere to run with so many of them keeping an eye on him. As a matter of fact, this was what Jiang Chen wanted. A few days of time were more than enough for him.

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