Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 848 – Disdaining the Group of Experts

Chapter 848 – Disdaining the Group of Experts

Disdaining the Group of Experts

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Everyone turned their attention to the direction where the Qi was coming. It formed into a large bulk like a huge cloud. Despite the far distance, people could feel the pressure affecting their souls. It was actually coming from King City.

Just by judging by the Qi, no one could tell how many experts were coming but, without a doubt, each of them was the expert of the experts. The trading event in King City was only three days away. So, at this time, all the major powers of Saint Origin World, Boundless World and Black Yellow World would gather and stay in King City while their geniuses would partic.i.p.ate in the auction event in Dark Surge City. However, every one of them was surprised to hear the latest news. As such, they quickly rushed to the source of it.

“Look, many major powers have come. I never thought that today’s event will be this lively. And, Jiang Chen has killed so many geniuses of different major powers. He is truly insane for doing this. Those major powers will never let him go.”

“There are also some imperial kinsmen here. Jiang Chen isn’t going to escape this even if he had the fastest wings.”

“Even if he dies, his name will be spread across all regions. Whatever he did today has never happened before in the history of Void Triangular Domain.”


Everybody was shaken. They all thought that it was just going to be a lively scene. No one would have thought that it would turn into a big incident. Too many of them had died under Jiang Chen’s hands. The entire group of Desolate Family who came to Dark Surge City was wiped out. A scene like this was pretty hard to imagine. Now, even if Jiang Chen had three heads and six arms, he wouldn’t be able to escape his death today.

“Jiang Chen, I suggest you to release me now. The experts of Narang Family have come. Releasing me may provide you some chances to live.”

Narang Ying could feel a powerful surge of Qi coming over. Narang Family must be one of them. He didn’t believe that Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of them.

“Whether I will live or not, it’s not your concern. Due to your excessive talking, I will take away your life.”

Jiang Chen gripped with his hand and crushed him to death.

At this time, a loud explosion was heard from the void. Those experts from King City had finally arrived. When they saw the miserable scene, their facial expressions’ turned ugly before they got infuriated.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You dare to kill all of the people of Desolate Family? This is detestable. Brat! I don’t care where you will go after you die, but I am certain that you will die!”

“My G.o.d, the genius of Huo Family is killed as well. Huo Yuan is dead. I will rip you to pieces…rip you to pieces…”

“Ying Er… son of a b*tch! Narang Family will kill you for sure.”


Every expert was boiling with rage, whether it was the expert of Saint Origin World or the other two worlds. Their rage was rus.h.i.+ng up to the sky. As the leader of their groups in this trip to Void Triangular Domain, they bore the responsibility to take care of their respective geniuses. Today, which was still before the major trading event, their geniuses had been killed. How could they possibly accept this? They wouldn’t be able to provide a good explanation for the unacceptable loss.

“Save me elder!”

s.h.i.+ Yun was currently controlled by Jiang Chen. He hadn’t died yet, but was extremely scared. He had never encountered someone as ruthless as Jiang Chen who killed people without blinking, and at the same time, ignoring the existence of the major powers behind them. Jiang Chen was totally insane.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Release s.h.i.+ Yun.”

The leader of the group of s.h.i.+ Family was their great elder. He was a plump old man who was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. s.h.i.+ Family brought the same amount of Ninth Grade Minor Saints as the other major powers. They had five Ninth Grade Minor Saints in their group.

“Release him? It’s easy to say it in words. This man wanted to kill me just now. If I were the one who falls into his hands, I’m afraid he wouldn’t spare my life. So, why should I release him? I always do things with reasons. For those who wanted me dead, I will return the favor to them.”

Jiang Chen spoke and killed s.h.i.+ Yun instantly in front of the experts of s.h.i.+ Family. It was mad, it was audacious. It seemed that it was only Jiang Chen under the heavens who would dare to do such a thing.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen killed the remaining three geniuses from Boundless World and Black Yellow World without the slightest hesitation. Even though the backers of these geniuses were very powerful, they wouldn’t be able to take their revenge. After the major trading event, Jiang Chen was going to destroy all the linking portals to the domain. From that point onwards, there wouldn’t be a major trading event anymore that would occurred once every three years.




The experts of the major powers raged. These weren’t just killings but a direct challenge to all of them. Despite their presence, Jiang Chen still dared to kill their genius member. It was like slapping their faces directly, which was unacceptable.

“My G.o.d, this is too violent. How can there be such crazy human under the heavens? Do you all see that? His expression did not change even he is facing so many experts. He has been composed since the start. I really admire him because of this.”

“By counting the number of Ninth Grade Minor Saint alone, there are a hundred of them. Every one of them is from a major power with huge army. But, this Jiang Chen killed their geniuses in front of them. He is totally not putting them in his eyes. I have no idea how he did that.”


None of them wasn’t in shock. At this moment, no one dared to underestimate and sneer at Jiang Chen. Their gazes were now full of admiration because they could imagine that if they were Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t dare do such world-shaking actions even if they were given a hundred guts.

*Hong* *Hong*

Countless of powerful murderous intent erupted. Those experts of major powers could no longer handle the challenge. They wanted to besiege Jiang Chen.

“Everyone, stop!”

At this time, a voice was heard. It was the voice of Dark King, the king of Dark Generation. Those experts of major powers slowly lowered their Qi when they saw that it was Dark King, but their murderous aura wasn’t reducing. It’s because they needed to humor Dark King no matter what. Plus, Third Prince was in Jiang Chen’s custody now, so they didn’t believe that Dark King would help Jiang Chen. Since Jiang Chen was going to die today and many experts had surrounded him and locked his position, he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he could resist their attacks.

Dark King made a step forth. His eyes were like icy blade in darkness, gazing at Jiang Chen and the s.h.i.+vering the Third Prince in Jiang Chen’s hand, and said, “You’re called Jiang Chen? Very well. Dark Generation has never face such losses before all along. You have destroyed one of our cities, killed so many of our princes, but I decided not to seek for compensation for all these. As long as you release my son, Dark Generation will never harm you and never interfere with the battle among you human race.”

Of course Dark King couldn’t let Jiang Chen go freely but the hostage was still in his possession. Dark King was concerned about his son’s life. And, he had already seen through the scenario. It wouldn’t require his effort to have his revenge. These experts of major powers were going to crush Jiang Chen into powder. So, Dark Generation could choose to exclude them from the conflict. They would let the human race to do the job as a way to save some face for the major powers.

“I’m sorry to tell you that Third Prince is my only hostage. He can’t be released.”

Jiang Chen replied and immediately kept Third Prince into his spatial ring.

“Jiang Chen, you should reconsider what you are doing now. You have already offended so many major powers. Do you really want to make the entire Dark Generation your enemy?”

Dark King raged.

“Since I have offended so many of them, it doesn’t matter to include you as one in the list. But it isn’t an easy thing for you all to kill me today.”

Jiang Chen was calm. There was no sign of nervousness on his expression. With his dragon wings, it wasn’t easy for a Ninth Grade Minor Saint to kill him. Given his ability, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to flee if he couldn’t fight them. Although it was a gamble, he would need to bet that he could refine the finger bone and advance to Fifth Grade Minor Saint and kill all of them. But he didn’t intend to do that now. Firstly, it was because the refinement would take a certain period of time. Secondly, it wasn’t the time yet as the major trading event hadn’t started. He was sure that the treasures that were going to be auctioned on that day would be much more than the auction in Dark Surge City. Due to his thirst for greater treasures, he couldn’t miss out this opportunity. So, he needed not to make the bet. He just needed to see how Big Yellow and Demon Race interfere in this incident.

In the current situation, only one major power was standing on his side and that meant hope. Dark King must be hoping that the major powers wouldn’t fight. Putting aside the effects it would affect the auction day, the explosion of attacks from so many Ninth Grade Minor Saints were unimaginable. To Void Triangular Domain, those attacks were going to be a destructive blow.

“Dark King, do you see that? This brat is insane. You don’t have to talk to him anymore. Kill him straight away!”

The Great Elder of Desolate Family said. The other experts started to fluctuate their Qi once more. They intended to take Jiang Chen down now as it was a necessary action. Besides that, Jiang Chen’s body was full of treasure. He had stolen the things in the vaults of the three cities and an ore mine.

“Humph! Desolate Nanyang, I, Gu Mu is the first who disagree with you if you want to kill Jiang Chen.”

At this critical moment, a voice sounded. Everyone turned and saw an elder in grey robe standing up and came before Jiang Chen. This elder was very powerful. Judging just by his Qi, he wasn’t weaker than the Great Elder of Desolate Family. Furthermore, his body was fluctuating with red flares. His eyes were full of anger. Clearly, this elder didn’t have very good temper.

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