Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 847 – Killing God

Chapter 847 – Killing God

Killing G.o.d

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The scene was ma.s.sive. All of the geniuses were falling. This was undeniably a tragedy. Many people had died because of the Eternal Immortal Wind. Although some geniuses were still alive, they were dazed. Their bodies were full of injuries, from top to bottom. Currently, besides the fear they had, they also had regrets for their actions. If it wasn’t because of greed, they wouldn’t attack Jiang Chen. Following that, if they didn’t attack Jiang Chen, they wouldn’t fall into such a predicament.


Jiang Chen took a step forward and came before the confused Desolate Ning. As for the other members of Desolate Family, they were all dead because of Eternal Immortal Wind. Jiang Chen caught Desolate Ning on his neck and slammed him against his leg.


Jiang Chen stepped on his face continuously.

“Desolate Ning, you are now under my leg, making you look worse than a dog. So, tell me, who’s the puny one here?”

Jiang Chen’s sneer pierced Desolate Ning’s soul like a knife. It was a great humiliation. Since he was young, he had never been humiliated before. He was a genius of Desolate Family who had a high and mighty status. It was him who said that Jiang Chen was a puny human, but now, he was lying under Jiang Chen’s legs, totally defenceless against any humiliation.

“Jiang Chen, if you kill me, Desolate Family will rip you to pieces.”

Desolate Ning threatened.

“You won’t be able to see whether I will die or not because you are going to die now.”

Jiang Chen hated a useless threat like this. He stepped with his leg, crus.h.i.+ng Desolate Ning’s skull. A young genius of Desolate Family who possessed a Saint Bone had fallen. From now on, the conflict between Jiang Chen and Desolate Family had become irreparable.


Desolate Ning was trampled to death, making everyone gasped in a breath of cold air. This Jiang Chen was very audacious. There was nothing that he didn’t dare do. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill the genius Desolate Ning once he had decided to. This decisive personality had the charisma that made many of them admire him.

The death of Desolate Ning had severely lowered the morale of those geniuses who were inside Five Elemental Sphere. This guy was a mad man. It seemed their fate was going to be definite.

“Everyone, attack! Kill him!”

People of the Boundless World shouted. They were unwilling to see their comrades die as they charged towards Jiang Chen simultaneously.


Jiang Chen waved his hand and a powerful Water Dragon Seal was struck out. Five geniuses were frozen into icy statues, before turning into a bulk of ice frozen to death.

It was too cruel and terrifying. Regardless of who the opponent was, Jiang Chen would have no problem killing them straight away, not to mention that he had innumerable techniques. Many people started to realise that they had underestimated Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, it was too late for them to have such a realisation.

Jiang Chen was like a G.o.d of murder. He came before Huo Yuan and said plainly, “You all desire to have my flames. I will fulfil this wish now: you will die under my flames.”

“Jiang…Jiang Chen, killing me won’t give you a slightest benefit. You have offended Desolate Family. Do you want to offend Huo Family as well? If that’s the case, you can never find a place to stay across the Divine Continent. You have to reconsider your decision. As long as you don’t kill me, I can guarantee that Huo Family will never harm you.”

Huo Yuan was so scared that his tone was s.h.i.+vering. Jiang Chen was too strong, like a shapeless huge mountain that gave them boundless pressure.

“It’s too late.”

Jiang Chen spat four words and struck his Fire Dragon Seal, surrounding Hou Yan completely. Not only the fire dragon had the powerful flames, but also a very powerful attack power. Huo Yuan wouldn’t be able to withstand it. He was incinerated as he wailed.

Jiang Chen was ruthless because he had gained a great understanding about this world in his two lives. This was a world in which the big fish eat up the small fishes. He would never show compa.s.sion to his opponents. If he was the one who was being contained, he would face the same consequence. So, why should he let them go? He never liked to give a chance for his enemy to stay alive.

Presently, there were only a few remaining in the Five Elemental Spheres. Dan Yuanchong, Narang Ying and s.h.i.+ Yun were still breathing, but they felt worse than being injured. They knew very clearly that Jiang Chen would never let them go. What happened to Desolate Ning and Huo Yuan would happen to them as well.

There were still three geniuses of Boundless World and Black Yellow World. Their bodies were shuddering badly. They regretted joining the battle endlessly because they were going to pay it with a high price – their lives.

*Hong* *Hong*

At this time, powerful Qis of different people flew towards the desolate area from Dark Surge City. The Qi belonged to a group of powerful experts, the true experts. There were roughly thirteen of them. There were three Ninth Grade Minor Saints while the rest were all Eighth Grade Minor Saints. They were the people of Dark Generation. They quickly rushed to the location once they heard the news of the ‘dragonman’.

When they saw the ruined scene, their faces greatly changed. It seemed there had been intense battles here not long ago, but it didn’t concern the Dark Generation because the battles only involved the people of the three worlds. It was very likely that the battles were caused by the conflicts among themselves, but not with Dark Generation.

However, it was the first time in Void Triangular Domain that such an intense battle had occurred. Nothing as large as this had happened in the domain every time it was open for trading. The visitors were the major powers of the three worlds. Most of them wouldn’t offend the people of Dark Generation because they were here to trade for benefits. But, this year, a dragonman appeared and had made the entire domain unpeaceful and started a large-scale battle.

“The experts of Dark Generation have come. They are here for Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. I have heard about the dragonman’s doings before this. He had destroyed a city of Dark Generation and killed many of the princes of rich families. It’s possible that Dark Generation now viewed him as a public enemy. The presence of so many experts tells us that they aren’t going to let Jiang Chen slip away from this again.”

“It is really becoming livelier. The news of these intense battles will spread to King City very soon. At that time, the major powers of the three worlds won’t be able to stay calm. How can they possibly ignore Jiang Chen killing so many of their geniuses?”


The experts of Dark Generation had come.

They s.h.i.+fted their gaze to Jiang Chen. One of the elders yelled, “Jiang Chen, I didn’t think that you are the dragonman. Instead of hiding yourself, you revealed yourself and begin a ma.s.sacre here. You must not know what the difference is between life and death.”

The man who spoke was a Great Elder of a prefecture. He had met Jiang Chen on the street yesterday but he hadn’t thought that that youth in white was the dragonman.

“Save us!”

When the geniuses saw the experts of Dark Generation, they shouted for help.


As the genius of Boundless World’s voice dropped, he was slapped by Jiang Chen to death. They obviously had thought too much when they thought that they had found a chance to stay alive. Not even their comrades could save them now, let alone the people of Dark Generation.

Domineering, ruthless, these two manners were clearly portrayed from Jiang Chen’s actions. It was truly frightening.

“Attack! Taken him down!”

A middle-aged man beside Great Elder shouted. He was the City Lord of Dark Surge City and a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. If he could capture the dragonman today, Dark King would certainly reward him greatly for such a huge contribution.

But, as the experts of the prefecture were about to strike, Jiang Chen summoned a small human in his hand. It was the Third Prince who didn’t look good and was stained with blood but was alive, albeit barely.

“Third Prince!”

The City Lord and Great Elder exclaimed at the same time. They immediately connected the dots of the Third Prince’s disappearance.

“Save me City Lord!”

The Third Prince yelled as he saw the City Lord.

“Jiang Chen, release Third Prince now. Don’t make a serious mistake.”

The City Lord shouted.

“People of Dark Generation, listen to me. If you dare to move a bit, I will immediately kill your Third Prince. I don’t mind if we become enemies as I have a lot of them now.”

Jiang Chen replied loudly. Finally, he had found the chance to use the contained Third Prince. Status was a very important factor in Dark Generation. The imperial kinsmen were all high and mighty. Although the Third Prince was not far away from his grip, the City Lord would stay put. He could never bear the responsibilities of the Third Prince’s injuries.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen only lacked the time to refine the finger bone. After the refinement, he would reach Fifth Grade Minor Saint and he wouldn’t stand here to converse with the people of Dark Generation anymore. He would straightaway ma.s.sacre all of them. After reaching Fifth Grade Minor Saint, he was capable enough to finish off any Ninth Grade Minor Saint in his human-dragon form, unless, of course, he was dealing with a Ninth Grade Minor Saint genius from the eight great families. As for Dark Generation, he could definitely erase them off this domain.

However, he didn’t have the time to refine the finger bone. He could only use the Third Prince to hold his opponents first.

“City Lord, what now?”

Great Elder looked over at the City Lord.

“Don’t make a move first. Third Prince is in his hands. The news must have reached King City by now. I believe that Dark King will appear very quickly as Third Prince is his adored child. If anything happens to Third Prince, Dark King will put the blame on us. We can’t afford to bear that responsibility.”

The City Lord said, feeling reluctant to move.

“Jiang Chen, release Third Prince. We may show some quarters to you if you do that.”

Great Elder shouted at Jiang Chen.

“Cut down the c.r.a.p. If you want Third Prince back so badly, I will let you try.”

Jiang Chen wouldn’t be affected by the offer. Currently, he was contemplating a way to deal with the current scenario. There must be a lot of major powers coming here. At that time, he would become the common target of all. But the scene would be very chaotically messy as well, which might provide an opportunity for his escape.

*Hong* *Hong* *Hong*

A very loud bang was heard from the sky. As Jiang Chen’s voice dropped as he sensed the powerful Qi of experts coming from afar.

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