Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 846 – A Massacre

Chapter 846 – A Massacre

A Ma.s.sacre

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The face of the genius from Black Yellow World darkened when he felt the boundless and mountain-like killing intent and divinity unleashed from Heavenly Saint Sword. He started to realise that he had made a regrettable decision. No one would ever know how scary Jiang Chen was without a direct confrontation.


The combat weapon of the genius that received the strike of Heavenly Saint Sword was thrown off his hand. The Heavenly Saint Sword didn’t slow down and slashed within seconds. The scary sword intent was condensed into a web of sword that contained the genius. In truth, it wasn’t a confinement at all because the genius couldn’t even withstand this strike. It moved too fast and left no room for a counter attack or escaping.


That genius let out reluctant wails of pain and was slashed into half, dead.


A commotion was created due to it. Those geniuses who were about to charge forward started to change their facial expression. Those geniuses of Black Yellow World were only Seventh Grade Minor Saints. Although they weren’t as powerful as Desolate Ning, it was still unlikely they would be killed instantly.

“He has killed brother Huang. Everyone, attack!”


Jiang Chen ignored everyone and focused his attention on Desolate Ning who was from afar. Today, everyone who attacked must die, but Desolate Ning must be the first to die. Currently, Jiang Chen’s cover had been blown off. He was afraid that the experts of Dark Generation would be here soon. In order to prevent any accidents, he must finish Desolate Ning quickly and retrieve his finger bone.


The dragon wings flapped. Jiang Chen turned into a red wind and appeared before Desolate Ning in a blink. His Heavenly Saint Sword slashed over after that.

“Not good!”

Desolate Ning exclaimed. He knew that he had totally underestimated Jiang Chen. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would become this powerful after becoming a human-dragon. Just a strike gave so much pressure to him. Today, Jiang Chen had locked his position, leaving him feeling helpless. Despite the many helpers besides him, he still felt that if Jiang Chen wanted him killed, no one would be able to stop him. It was similar to a guaranteed death.

‘Dammit! How can the b.a.s.t.a.r.d be this powerful?’

Desolate Ning cursed but Jiang Chen’s attack was already a few inches away. The only thing he could to do now was to defend.

Desolate Ning moved very quickly as well. A long spear appeared in his hand. It was a high grade spear carved with talisman symbols. The tip of the spear was illuminating and releasing murderous aura. It then impaled at Jiang Chen’s direction.


Two combat weapons collided with one another. Desolate Ning was sent flying away and his long spear almost slipped from his hands. But before he could react, another slash reached him.

*Pu Chi!*

This sword strike was faster than before and moved in an artful and unpredictable way, cutting of his palm with a ‘Pu Chi’ sound. That was Deslate Ning’s palm holding the spear. Then Jiang Chen grabbed the long spear as it fell from Desolate Ning’s broken palm.


A surge of energy rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body, crus.h.i.+ng Desolate Ning’s detached palm, leaving a finger bone that glowed with gold colour. As for the long spear, Jiang Chen kept it. He finally felt relieve after getting his finger bone but the current occasion wasn’t suitable for the refinement of the bone because these geniuses wouldn’t give him a chance for that. In that case, he needed to start a ma.s.sacre.


Desolate Ning let out a howl that made people’s skin crawl after losing his palm and finger bone. The howl consisted full of disappointment. He was a rare genius of Desolate Family who had all the great future awaiting him but it had all turned dark and distant. That was a despair and mental blow that was beyond anyone’s imagination.

“Kill, kill, kill him!”

Shouted Desolate Ning with his red eyes.

“Kill? Can you do that?”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and strode forward, lunging at Desolate Ning once more.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

The people of Desolate Family rushed over, surrounding Desolate Ning. He was an important genius in their family, they would suffer a major loss if he was killed.

“Whoever defends him will die.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was cold as ice. He kept his Heavenly Saint Sword and struck with his dragon claw, gripping a Seventh Grade Minor Saint elder like a small chick.


The elder felt like he was pressed against by a huge mountain. He let out a wail before he exploded.

The Desolate Family was in shock. At the present moment, Jiang Chen was like the clone of G.o.d of murder and devil, invincible.

“Huo Yuan, Dan Yuanchong, what are you two waiting for? We will all to die if you don’t attack.”

Desolate Ning yelled at Huo Yuan and Dan Yuan Chong. Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong clearly weren’t as powerful as Jiang Chen. They only regained their senses when they were called by Desolate Ning. Without replying, they lunged at Jiang Chen. At the same time, Narang Ying and s.h.i.+ Yun attacked along with geniuses of the other two worlds. This time, no one dared to underestimate Jiang Chen. They knew that he had become very powerful after his transformation, he had surpa.s.sed Desolate Ning in terms of power. It was only possible to kill him if they stick together, especially the people of the eight families, as they had allied with Desolate Ning to kill Jiang Chen before this. So if Jiang Chen was still alive, he would definitely seek them and kill them. A genius like Jiang Chen should never be left alive to avoid any future threat.

“Haha! Everyone has stayed… If that’s the case, all of you have to die today. None will be kept alive. Five Elemental Sphere!”

Jiang Chen laughed. His body was full of dense b.l.o.o.d.y light. At this moment, he seemed like the G.o.d of murder that could not be stopped by anyone. With a ‘swoosh,’ the Five Elemental Sphere spread open. It was large enough to confine all of them. The composition of this Five Elemental Sphere was unprecedented. Only people who were trapped inside the sphere could feel it.

“This is a very powerful power sphere. It consists of five elements. I can feel that it is the combination of a few power spheres.”

“How could his power sphere be this powerful? Not good, I can feel the powerful containment force now.”

“Everyone, attack! Destroyed his power sphere! He is finished once his power sphere is destroyed.”


Everyone’s face changed instantly when they felt Jiang Chen’s extraordinary power sphere. Every genius no longer held their attacks. They started to launch their strongest attack.

“It’s not up to you to decide once you are in my Five Elemental Sphere. Try my Eternal Immortal Wind!”

As soon as Jiang Chen’s voice dropped, countless of powerful gusts of wind rushed out of his body. Every wind was like a cyclone with the shape of a dragon. It let out howls that s.h.i.+vered all of them.

In a few blinks, Eternal Immortal Wind had induced countless of wails. Those weaker geniuses couldn’t stand the blow of the wind and was instantly turned into powder. Eternal Immortal Wind was a special and powerful combat technique. It would rise in grade along with Jiang Chen’s advancement, the same went to the attack power of the wind. Those people who were trapped in the Five Elemental Sphere could never stand the wind. Even a genius like Huo Yuan would be tortured by it horrendously.

“My G.o.d, this is…”

Blue Lion was stupefied. Kong Yu, who was standing at one side, widened his eyes. He had a feeling that the scene was like a dream to him. In fact, he wouldn’t be able to dream of this scene even if he was dreaming. Before this, he was worrying for Jiang Chen, but now it seemed Big Yellow was right. This Jiang Chen was indeed a very abnormal being. Despite the fact that he was surrounded by so many geniuses, all his enemies had fallen one after another. Who could believe this without witnessing it?

“This is too cruel and violent. This Jiang Chen is too strong!”

“Why is he this powerful? He also has a great boldness that defies the heavens. One should know that each of these geniuses have a great backer behind them, a major power. Has he ever thought of the consequences that he would be hunted by all these major powers for the rest of his life? Boundless World and Black Yellow World can be omitted from the concern, but he has offended five out of the eight families. Even if he didn’t die in this domain, will he still be alive when he returns to Saint Origin World?”

“This group of geniuses wanted to gain a portion of Jiang Chen’s treasure but didn’t know that they have hit the wall. Let’s see whether Jiang Chen dares to ma.s.sacre them all. If this group of people dies, the repercussion will be serious.”


None of them wasn’t astonished. The battle had gone beyond their imagination and expectation. At this time, the people of Bin Family and Gu Family too were amazed. They felt lucky that they didn’t ally with the geniuses to fight Jiang Chen. Otherwise, instead of achieving their objective – killing Jiang Chen – they would lose their lives.

Three silhouettes were focusing on the battle from afar. When Nan Bei Chao saw the Eternal Immortal Wind, his face changed instantly.

“Eternal Immortal Wind? How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d know my Eternal Immortal Wind?”

Nan Bei Chao was stupefied. It was an exclusive technique that he wouldn’t simply use, his biggest trump card. He didn’t imagine to see the other people using his skill, this is truly shocking.

“Brother Nan Bei, we never thought that this man is this powerful. Should we kill him now?”

A person beside Nan Bei Chao said.

“No need for that. I can see that his Eternal Immortal Wind isn’t enhancing his combat strength. Don’t forget about our main objective. Besides, do you think this man can continue to live after killing so many people? Those major powers will deal with him even if we don’t.”

Nan Bei Chao said. He too was shocked to see his skill being used by Jiang Chen. It was impossible for him to think that Jiang Chen would have such skill.

“Argh…” “Argh…” “Argh…”

The inside Five Elemental Sphere was filled with bloodshed and wails. Jiang Chen’s actions were aggressive and quick. There were deaths every place he went.

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