Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 845 – Draw the Sword to Kill

Chapter 845 – Draw the Sword to Kill

Draw the Sword to Kill

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The reappearance of the dragonman boiled the emotions of the entire scene. Not only the people of Dark Generation, but also the people from the major powers of the three different worlds. Despite them arriving later, they were pretty clear about the news of the dragonman, but they hadn’t thought that the dragonman was actually Jiang Chen.

“This is a terrifying transformation skill.”

Kong Yu couldn’t help but feel amazed.

“That is of course. After the transformation, his combat strength would be enhanced by tenfold. The only option that Desolate Ning has right now is to be slaughtered.”

Big Yellow shook his head with excitement. In fact, he always enjoy watching Jiang Chen in action.

The dragon transformation would boost Jiang Chen’s combat power by tenfold; not only would it fill the gap, he would gain the upperhand as well. Now, even if Desolate Ning was a very extraordinary genius, he wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack from Jiang Chen. One should know that a transformed Jiang Chen was able to kill a Seventh Grade Minor Saint and even an Eighth Grade Minor Saint – the Third Prince with ease when he was just a Third Grade Minor Saint. Presently, his grade had already reached the Fourth. So it was imaginable how powerful he would become after he transformed.

Desolate Ning’s face turned into an ugly one. He could feel a gush of combat strength rus.h.i.+ng out of Jiang Chen’s body, it made him feel pressured. But he wouldn’t just back away because of this, as it would not only shame his reputation but also the reputation of the Desolate Family. Today, he had come after Jiang Chen, if he was scared off by his prey, he would no longer be able to stay in the Pure Land.

“Jiang Chen, you thought you have become powerful enough to fight me after transforming into something? Let me tell you that, that is impossible. You could not imagine the gap between me and you.”

Desolate Ning bellowed. He struck out with the Heaven Breaking Finger, a terrifying golden finger appeared above the sky and rushed violently towards Jiang Chen. However, this time, Jiang Chen didn’t use his Nine Solar Profound Finger to counter it. He only made a simple move, sending a knuckle to the golden huge finger.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen’s punch had the force that was strong enough to lift a mountain, it ran into the huge golden finger. That indestructible huge golden finger was pulverized by Jiang Chen’s punch.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Desolate Ning felt an enormous backlash from the impact. He was sent 300 meters away before finally regaining his balance. He could feel that his Qi and blood rolling in his body. An impact like this would greatly affect Desolate Ning’s combat strength. One should know that he didn’t have the ability to heal like Jiang Chen.

But comparing his physical injury to his mental state, his current psychological status was like a river orsea that had been overturned. He who was a high and mighty person was defeated by his enemy with just a single skill. After fighting for so long, he was always the one who gained the upper hand. Even if Jiang Chen had a very powerful combat technique, he was supposed to lose to Desolate Ning. But then, the scenario changed, it changed too quickly that Desolate Ning couldn’t accept it.

Could it be that Jiang Chen was merely playing with him in the fight just now? And, this was his true strength.

No, Jiang Chen needed to be killed. Otherwise, his face would be lost forever. Besides, this man could exert so much of power despite him being only a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. He would definitely become a future threat if he was kept alive.

“You can’t even withstand even a single blow. Desolate Ning, say, who’s the puny one now?”

Jiang Chen threw his remark and sneered at him. Desolate Ning could feel his rage burning on his face.

However, he was not a fool. He knew that he was no longer the opponent of Jiang Chen. In order to kill Jiang Chen, he needed to get the others involve. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze at Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong.

“Huo Yuan, Dan Yuanchong, we will attack together. Kill Jiang Chen and we will divide the treasures.”

Desolate Ning said.

Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong frowned. They lost the gauge on Jiang Chen’s power after the sudden transformation.

“What are you two hesitating? Both the Dan and Huo Family have already made conflicts with Jiang Chen. If you don’t kill him today, he would kill the both of you some other day in the future.”

Desolate Ning continued.

This word had triggered Huo Yan and Dan Yuanchong. Desolate Ning was right about that. The two families have already viewed Jiang Chen as their enemy. Besides, the both of them were going to have their revenge on Jiang Chen. In that case, they should just attack together and finish him.

Most importantly, Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong opined that their combined attack would make Jiang Chen vulnerable regardless of how powerful he was. So, they no longer worry about Jiang Chen’s new form.

“Alright, count me, Huo Yuan in. I will kill Jiang Chen on behalf of the Huo Family. I only want his flames besides the other stuff.”

Huo Yan clarified.

“This man has killed the people of my Dan Family, he must die.”

Dan Yuanchong stood out.

“Haha! reserve a slot for the people of Narang Family.”

“s.h.i.+ Family too. This brat has too many treasures that made people envious of.”

The Narang and s.h.i.+ Family stood out after Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong partic.i.p.ation. Currently, five families out of the eight have allied into a team. The remaining three were the Demon Race, Gu Family and Bin Familiy. Narang Familiy was a clan of people that has a powerful bloodline and exceptional combat strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be included into the eight families of the Pure Land. As for the s.h.i.+ Family, their members had a special and hard physique, which made them a troublesome enemy to deal with.

The Narang and s.h.i.+ Family weren’t fools as well. They could discern that there are secrets hidden in Jiang Chen’s body. They couldn’t let these things fall into the Desolate and Huo Family’s hands. In their point of view, even if Jiang Chen had already transformed, he wouldn’t be able to deal with so many geniuses at the same time.

“Excuse me, Tianming Sect is joining as well.”

“And Hen Ro Sect too.”

“Huang Pu Family of the Boundless World is also feeling unoccupied.”


For a moment, the major powers of the Boundless and Black Yellow World had all stood out. They had surrounded Jiang Chen. These were the people who wanted to gain benefits when someone faced a trouble, like robbing a house that was on fire. It was all because of Jiang Chen’s possessions. They all hoped that they could obtain a portion of it after killing him.

Most importantly, they all thought that, with so many experts attacking simultaneously, Jiang Chen would be a dead man for sure regardless of how heaven defying he was. Since Jiang Chen was guaranteed to be a dead man, naturally, they also want to join in and gain some benefits after the treasures have been divided. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get a tiny percentage from the treasure.

“Humph! Narang Ying, s.h.i.+ Yun and people of the Boundless and Black Yellow World, what kind of conflicts do you have with Jiang Chen? Isn’t this like trying to rob someone’s house which is on fire? This is truly contemptible. You all are considered popular figures, but all of you are besieging a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. Don’t you all know how to write the word ‘shameful’?”

Kong Yu could no longer let the incident develop itself. Jiang Chen would surely die if he fell into such a predicament.

“That’s right, such lowly actions give my Gu Family no choice but to disdain you all.”

A youth who was crossing his arms said disdainfully.

Jiang Chen let out a sigh of relief when the Gu Family didn’t join their alliance. Among the eight families, the family which he didn’t want to make an enemy of was the Demon Race because Wu Ningzhu was still in the Gu Family.

People of the Bin Family didn’t speak or joined the alliance. It seemed like they were just watching the show.

“Kong Yu, since you have such a warm-hearted thought, what can you do with just your words? Why not have a one-on-one fight with me?”

Desolate Ning said with a cold smile when he saw that so many of them wanted to kill Jiang Chen. It pleased him very much to think that Jiang Chen would really die for sure.

“Fine, I don’t fear you.”

Kong Yu’s Qi fluctuated. His demon Qi rose to the sky. As the son of the peac.o.c.k king, he had never been challenged before.

“Kong Yu, don’t be hasty. Jiang Chen should be able to handle them. We just need to wait here and watch the show, these people wanted to die so badly.”

Big Yellow pulled Kong Yu to stop him. He had never seen Jiang Chen’s techniques before, so he didn’t know how terrifying Jiang Chen could be. If these geniuses thought that they have already won because of ganging up on Jiang Chen, they would only end up in a tragedy. The best proof of that was during the time when Nan Bei Chao attacked Nebula Sect.

In this instant, murderous intent soared high up to the sky. Many wanted to interfere in the matter as they wanted to gain some benefits from Jiang Chen as well, especially the people from the Boundless and Black Yellow World. Initially, they didn’t care about this matter but because of greed, they have changed their minds. Only Big Yellow knew how awful their consequences would be for making such mistakes.

Jiang Chen was in the centre of the geniuses. His expression was cold. He darted a glance at those geniuses and said in a cold tone. “If someone wants to retreat, now is the time. If you attack, you will die. I will only say this once.”

“Haha! Jiang Chen, how could you give such a shameless boast? Did you really think that you can deal with all of us with your strength alone? Everyone, now, kill him! Then, we will divide his possessions.”

Desolate Ning laughed happily. Although he sounded arrogant, he wasn’t as arrogant as before. In fact, the ‘shameless boast’ should be referring to himself, in the beginning, he didn’t want anyone to interfere in his fight. Now that many had come to a.s.sist him, it had no doubt become a sarcasm.

“You people of Saint Origin World really sounded like scholar. I will attack first.”

A youth from the Black Yellow World launched an attack. A powerful Combat Weapon had appeared in his hand. He moved in an extremely fast speed, appearing before Jiang Chen in a blink and slashed at him. At the same time, the other experts followed his actions. In this attack, it not only included the leaders of the major powers but also the other disciples of major powers. Most of them were Seventh Grade Minor Saint.


Jiang Chen’s dragon eyes flashed with a cold light. The Heavenly Saint Sword instantly appeared in his hands. He didn’t want to waste any more time. Since this group of people wanted death so much, there was nothing much that he could say.


The Heavenly Saint Sword produced an ear-stinging sound and reached that man’s head in a twinkle. That man’s expression changed. He finally felt Jiang Chen’s fearsomeness. He quickly used his Combat Weapon to defend himself.

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