Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 844 – Exposing The True Identity

Chapter 844 – Exposing The True Identity

Exposing The True Ident.i.ty

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Desolate Ning had decided to use his strongest combat technique – Heaven Breaking Finger. In the aspect of grade in combat techniques, Heaven Breaking Finger was no different than Heaven Breaking Palm. It was similar, but when the Heaven Breaking Finger was combined with Jiang Chen’s forefinger, the power would be truly devastating. It was akin to the situation when Jiang Chen used his Saint Bone to cast Profound Nine Solar Finger.

Jiang Chen’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered with a brilliant light as he saw Desolate Ning using his bone finger. It was something that belonged to him. His forefinger started to twitch while Desolate Ning was using it. Although Desolate Ning had fused Jiang Chen’s forefinger into his by using some kind of method, it still did not belong to him ,according to the nature of the bone.

How could the bone of the Greatest Saint be so easily refined? Jiang Chen’s soul in the bone wasn’t eradicated. It meant Desolate Ning hadn’t truly refined Jiang Chen’s Saint Bone. He only used the bone to launch a powerful attack. It could create a much more powerful impact force for the skill named Heaven Breaking Finger. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen could realistically extract his Saint Bone out from Desolate Ning at his own accord.

“Look! Desolate Ning is infuriated. I heard that his forefinger is fused with a very powerful Saint Bone that was obtained by Desolate Family in the Saint Cliff.”

“That is the Saint Bone of the Greatest Saint. It can tell how much Desolate Family adores Desolate Ning for giving him the Saint Bone.”

“Desolate Ning is a rarely seen genius of Desolate Family. He has achieved so much at this young age. Someone predicts that Desolate Ning can advance to Ninth Grade Minor Saint within two years. I am afraid the Sky Ranking in Pure Land will have to rerank again.”

“It can tell that Desolate Ning has truly been enraged. He is using his Saint Bone to launch the attack, an instant-kill attack. I’m afraid Jiang Chen doesn’t have much more techniques left. He will certainly die to Desolate Ning’s Heaven Breaking Finger. But he should feel very proud for Desolate Ning to launch such great attack.”


Desolate Family had found a finger bone that belonged to the Great Saint in the Saint Cliff. To the eight families of Pure Land, it wasn’t a secret. So people wouldn’t be surprised to see Desolate Ning’s attack with the finger bone. In addition, it was normal for people as talented as Desolate Ning to have the Saint Bone.

*Weng* *Weng*

Desolate Ning’s entire palm was producing buzzing sound. The Saint Bone was moved. Brilliant light lingered around the Saint Bone. The Qi had already filled the atmosphere in the sky and became a formidable pressure that s.h.i.+vered people’s soul even before the casting of Heaven Breaking Finger.

“Finger seal, I haven’t used that for a long time.”

Jiang Chen showed a smirk at the corner of his mouth. The numerous rounds of battles by Desolate Ning had fortified the foundation of peak Fourth Grade Minor Saint by filling up all the loopholes caused by the extreme advancement using refined dark spirit. Initially, he wanted to finish Desolate Ning off , but now he was interested to see how powerful his opponent’s finger seal was.

Saint Bone could have been used to raise Desolate Ning’s combat strength, it would have the same effect at Jiang Chen. Normally, Jiang Chen didn’t use his Saint Bone much because under his human-dragon form, the power of his Saint Bone would be fully suppressed by the status condition. But, in his current human form, the Saint Bone could have been used freely.

*Weng* *Weng*

In the eyes of every person, Jiang Chen raised his left palm where his left forefinger was situated. It produced the similar buzzing noise and a powerful Saint aura that was akin to Desolate Ning’s.


Desolate Ning exclaimed with shock after witnessing this. He doubted his own eyes. ‘The exact same Qi, how’s that possible? How can his body possess the finger bone of the Greatest Saint?’

He couldn’t control his astonishment that was mixed with fear. He felt that he was losing control of his finger bone the moment Jiang Chen unleashed his finger bone, as though it was attempting to leave his own body. This is a scenario which is too terrifying. Desolate Ning had never felt such condition since the refinement of the Saint Bone. This was the first time.

“Quickly, look! Jing Chen also has a finger bone in his hand. Do you all feel that? His finger bone and Desolate Ning’s have the same Qi.”

“d.a.m.n! This brat actually has the finger bone of the Greatest Saint? This is truly heaven defying! How did he do that? The year when the Greatest Saint fell through after slas.h.i.+ng open the heaven gate, the eight families have swept empty all the things left on the Saint Cliff. According to them, there was only one finger bone among the remains left. Why was there another bone that was found by him?”

“My G.o.d! It’s another Saint Bone. If we can get this Saint Bone, it definitely will enhance our cultivation grade by folds.”

“This brat surely has a precious body. Even the Saint Bone can be found in his body. But when an innocent man like him consists of so many precious mysteries, it will arouse and attract the attention of many. He just doomed himself by drawing the inevitable disaster.”


Jiang Chen casted the same Saint Bone at the crucial time when Desolate Ning had casted his. This was no doubt a scene that had amazed everyone but this had also stirred up people’s greed and envy. Now, Jiang Chen was a huge treasure house in many people’s eyes.

“Jiang Chen, you lowly human, who gave you the right to possess the Saint Bone? That Saint Bone shall be mine as well. By killing you today, I shall possess your Saint Bone. Heaven Breaking Finger, kill!”

It was true that Desolate Ning was feeling astonished, but he also felt surprised. He thought that Saint Bone of Jiang Chen was his. He knew too well how powerful the Saint Bone was. If he could obtain Jiang Chen’s Saint Bone, his strength would be improved drastically and pus.h.i.+ng his current grade to the Eight.

However, the finger bone in his hand was shaking uncontrollably. So, he immediately struck out his Heaven Breaking Finger.

*Hong Long*

An intense explosion was heard from the void, as the Heaven Breaking Finger was sent out. A huge golden finger, the size of the pillar of heaven appeared in the sky. The name of this skill was akin to its power. The sky above was ripped, while the golden finger was charging at Jiang Chen. The power of this finger was enough to crush mountains that spans thousands of miles.

“Profound Nine Solar Finger.”

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen struck out his finger strike. This was one of his famous combat techniques when he was the Greatest Saint. If it was a full-fledged finger strike, not even the ancestor of Desolate Family could withstand it, let alone Desolate Ning. His Saint Bone, as well as his combat technique were surely stronger than Desolate Ning. But, it was still impossible for this to defeat Desolate Ning with its advantage as the gap in strength was still wide, unless he transformed into the human-dragon form.

Nine brilliant golden large fingers appeared simultaneously. Each and every one of them was moving at maximum speed, towards Desolate Ning’s Heaven Breaking Finger. In mere split seconds, nine golden fingers had fused into one while they were moving, becoming a large finger, larger than the pillar of the heaven.

*Hong Long*

As Nine Solar Profound Finger collided with Heaven Breaking Finger, it created tremendous damage and destruction. Cracks of the broken void were falling like rain. The bystanders were gaping with pale faces. A battle like this shook a person’s soul. They were lucky that they weren’t in the destruction area, otherwise they would disintegrate into powder in an instant, it was the case for even a Fifth Grade Minor Saint.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen still failed to dominate in the battle of finger seals. However, he only staggered three steps backward, which was a lot better than being bounced 1 hundred meters away. This scenario was enough for one to tell that Jiang Chen had successfully fortified his foundation as a Fourth Grade Minor Saint grade.

People were sighing while watching the battle, because the result differed from their expectations. Desolate Ning had already sent the strongest attack that he had but he still failed to take down Jiang Chen, a mere Fourth Grade Minor Saint who could invent such a shocking combat technique. How could there be such an abnormal genius like him under the heavens?

No matter what the result would be, Jiang Chen’s name was destined to stick in everyone’s head. After this battle, Jiang Chen’s name would spread quickly, not only across the eight domains but also the entire Saint Origin World.

Furthermore, the fact that Jiang Chen was still alive and becoming stronger had no doubt hurt his self-confidence. His emotional state had fallen into the state of fear and anger. He wasn’t able to release the frustration without getting Jiang Chen killed.

“Jiang Chen, I will kill you, and your Saint Bone will be mine.”

Desolate Ning said coldly as he still had a stronger technique.

“Unfortunately, you have already lost the chance for that. Let me tell you something, I was merely toying with you before this. Now that I have gotten fed up with it, I will kill you. Your Saint Bone will be mine. You have taken something that doesn’t belong to you. You have to pay a price for what you did, and this price will be your life.”

Jiang Chen said loudly. His demeanor was like an emperor that had descended from the heavens.

Many people were shocked to hear this. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s techniques, they would no longer think of it as a joke. Now, their eyes s.h.i.+fted to Jiang Chen again. Could this brat really have a stronger technique or trump card?

“This must be a joke. You have been suppressed by me all along and now you are saying that you want to kill me? Is this a seriously a joke?”

Desolate Ning smiled coldly.

“Is this really a joke to you? Because I don’t feel that way. Perhaps you will change your viewpoint a while later. I will show you my true technique.”

Jiang Chen said. A tidal-like energy erupted from his body, causing his body started to change. When the sound ‘bang’ was heard, his body structure changed into a blood-red dragonman.

That was right. Jiang Chen was transforming into his human-dragon form, because he knew that in order to kill Desolate Ning, he would need to be a dragon. He could no longer hide his true ident.i.ty, because he needed to obtain the Saint Bone.

“This is?”

“Dragonman… look! The dragonman reappeared once more. So the dragonman was actually him.”

“The dragonman hasn’t been found for so long. So he is the dragonman.”

The entire scene was boiled with emotions in an instant. There were quite a number of people of Dark Generation, who were watching the battle. The matter of the dragonman had been spread to every corner of the domain. Because of this news, many cities had lost their peace of mind when Dark Mulberry City was destroyed. They didn’t expect the dragonman to appear again today. Once this news was spread to the others, the true experts of Dark Generation would be here very soon.

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