Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 843 – Heaven Breaking Finger

Chapter 843 – Heaven Breaking Finger

Heaven Breaking Finger

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*Hong Long*

Desolate Ning’s attack collided with True Dragon Palm, producing a world-shaking sound. The void was shattered once more. A ma.s.sive amount of energy spilled out like ocean. Despite battling in the sky, the combat wave rippled downwards to the desolate area, leaving a great big pit on the ground, and mist and dust in the air.

Many people’s faces changed. Some turned ugly and retreated at once as they were the nearest to the battlefield and could feel the ripple of the excessive combat wave. The after-effect of the rounds of battle between these two was too terrifying and out of their imagination. Some people who had very weak combat strength didn’t even have the right to watch the show.

True Dragon Palm was pulverised and Jiang Chen was sent flying away again. But he didn’t receive a single injury this time thanks to his scary regenerative skill. Immediately, he charged forth to Desolate Ning once more like a tiger.

“Good, Jiang Chen. Good! You have really surprised me. I don’t think I can’t harm you.”

Desolate Ning raged for battling a Fourth Grade Minor Saint for so long. It was an insult to him as many experts and geniuses were watching this battle. If he couldn’t take Jiang Chen down soon, he would lose all his face.

*Hong Long*

Desolate Ning and Jiang Chen had battled for several rounds. Jiang Chen was the one being sent away in every round. In his opinion, his attack was supposed to cause damage to Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen looked unharmed and as good as new after every round of their battle. It had frustrated him very much.

To Jiang Chen, this type of battle was what he needed. Every clash of their attacks would fortify his foundation a little, which was currently the thing he hoped to achieve.

“Is this brat a c.o.c.kroach that can’t die? How can he be reaching a draw in every round? It seems we have underestimated him.”

“This man must be cultivating some sort of abnormal cultivation method that can help him regenerate at such a quick pace. That’s why he looked unharmed every time when his attack clashed with Desolate Ning’s. The damage done to his body was healed in the matter of seconds. A cultivation method like this is truly scary. If I can obtain it, my grade will be further enhanced.”

“My initial thought is that the battle between them won’t have any suspense. Now it seems it has become a difficult thing for Desolate Ning to kill this brat.”

“This Jiang Chen does have amazing power and strength. But if you compare him with Desolate Ning, killing Jiang Chen won’t require a lot of Desolate Ning’s effort because he is a rare genius of Desolate Family. There are still many techniques that aren’t used yet.”


Everyone was astonished that Jiang Chen was in fact this powerful, including Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong who had dramatically changed their facial expression. They started to focus on Jiang Chen, because his powerful strength was relatively equivalent to powerful items. Many of the experts were having the same kind of thoughts. In their point of view, Jiang Chen’s body must be as valuable as treasure because of the cultivation method he practiced. Otherwise, there was no explanation as to why he was that powerful given the fact that he was merely a rogue cultivator.

“No wonder Big Yellow and Jiang Chen are close friends. Big Yellow does have sharp eyesight in making friends.”

Blue Lion of Demon Race nodded and said. Kong Yu who was standing at one side nodded too. The way he looked at Jiang Chen had totally changed.

“That is of course. But let me tell you this, Jiang Chen still has a great deal of techniques. Now that Desolate Ning has offended him, his ending is only death. Besides that, I want to correct some of your preliminary thoughts. We are close not because he is strong, it is because we are sworn brothers. So, regardless of how strong or weak he is, he will always be the brother of Big Yellow.”

Big Yellow said proudly.

“Jiang Chen, it seems that I can’t kill you without performing some powerful techniques of mine. Take my Heaven Breaking Palm!”

It was imaginable how infuriating it was in Desolate Ning’s heart that he was not able to take down Jiang Chen for so long. He no longer wanted to hide Desolate Family’s powerful skill – Heaven Breaking Palm.

He saw Desolate Ning’s both palms facing upwards. Countless of golden light shot out and condensed into a layer of golden cloud. It was inestimable how much the energy was contained in the hill-like cloud. As Desolate Ning shouted, the cloud started to transform gradually, followed by a thunder-like rumble before it turned into a golden palm that was roughly three hundred meters large in area – Heaven Breaking Palm.

“Haha! Desolate Ning has casted Heaven Breaking Palm. That brat is going to die undoubtedly. This skill is named as Heaven Breaking because it is boundlessly powerful and can cause shocking damage. Once it is launched, the entire sky above will shatter. I don’t believe that this Jiang Chen can withstand it.”

“That’s right. Heaven Breaking Palm originated from Desolate Family, it is a true killing technique. Desolate Ning’s progress in Heaven Breaking Palm is near perfection. One single palm will be able to slap that brat to pieces.”

Two geniuses who saw Desolate Ning using Heaven Breaking Palm laughed confidently. In their point of view, Jiang Chen couldn’t escape from his death once the palm strike was sent. And, he would be totally defenceless and vulnerable.

*Hong Long*

Panic was created as the sky shattered. Unlimited golden storm was continuously swirling under the large palm like a cyclone. Under this palm, all beings would be ripped and then crushed to powder.

“Humph! What’s so great about this technique? It’s a mere Heaven Breaking Palm. What are the other skills that your Desolate Family are proud of? Show it to me. Let me see your true killing technique. Golden Seal, come out!”

Jiang Chen bellowed. The image of a dragon glittered in between his palms. A powerful Yang Qi shot out from it. It was the soul of divine gold essence. A powerful dragon seal was condensed by Jiang Chen very quickly.


Jiang Chen palms waved. Three reddish-golden dragons let out world-shaking roars and rushed from three different directions towards Heaven Breaking Palm.

Golden Dragon Seal had formed a golden dragon that looked like a real dragon. The imposing manner that it exuded made the people to not dare to look at it directly. The brilliant and golden light had shone at the sky and earth, temporarily blinding the people around.

“My G.o.d, this is scary. What kind of combat technique is this?

“It’s a very strong murdering combat technique. It seemed to carry the aura of a murder king. The rank of this combat technique is certainly higher than Heaven Breaking Palm. It is imaginable that if Jiang Chen were at the same grade with Desolate Ning, this skill alone could instantly kill Desolate Ning. This is too scary to think about.”

“Jiang Chen’s skill is really extraordinary. I guess he must have gotten some kind of treasure left during the ancient times. His body must be a mystery. Nanrang Family will obtain boundless benefits if we unlocked his mysterious body.”


Everyone was shocked by Jiang Chen’s skill -- Golden Dragon Seal. It was true that Desolate Ning’s Heaven Breaking Palm was a true murdering combat technique, but Jiang Chen’s combat technique was the king among the murdering combat techniques. Heaven Breaking Palm wouldn’t be able to match it even if Desolate Ning trained harder. It was lucky that Desolate Ning had higher cultivation grade, otherwise, he was no match to Jiang Chen.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

The golden dragons roared, entangling themselves on the huge Heaven Breaking Palm. Boundless energy collided from two directions. Then, the three golden dragons and Heaven Breaking Palm exploded simultaneously, followed by roars and explosions.

*Hong Long*

The explosion released tremendous energy that covered the entire sky above and created a large cavern in the void. The battlefield was turned into a primeval scene. It was conceivable how strong the force of impact was.

“Fire Dragon Seal!”

After striking his Golden Dragon Seal out, he quickly struck with the powerful Fire Dragon Seal. This time, three fire dragons rushed towards Desolate Ning. Every place which the fire dragons pa.s.sed through was burnt, including the primeval air. The temperature of the battlefield rose significantly as the three fire dragons appeared.

“Look, this is the flames that I talked about. It carries a high and mighty Qi and some aura of heaven-and-earth, Saint Fire.”

Huo Miao, who was standing from afar, exclaimed as he saw the Fire Dragon Seal.

“It is undeniably powerful. That kind of precious, high and mighty Qi is definitely more powerful than our family’s psychic fire. Also, this flame has reached a very terrifying extent. How can a precious flame like this end up in the hands of a rogue cultivator? This is literally akin to a reckless waste of grain. A flame like this should be possessed only by Huo Family.”

Huo Yuan’s eyes let out a scorching radiance. When he heard it from Huo Miao, he didn’t quite believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. The flames were the combination of True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire. Any one of them was a true Saint item, a sacred and mighty item that wasn’t comparable to any ordinary flames. So, how could the people of Huo Family feel uninterested in these flames?

Desolate Ning bellowed with rage as he saw the three fire dragons charging towards him. His rage was spilling out due to his unexpressed anger. His fury had acc.u.mulated since the auction. He was waiting for this chance to express it all out but didn’t think that the rage would stay unexpressed after every round of battles. This Jiang Chen was so hard to deal that he couldn’t even harm him until now.

In the beginning, Jiang Chen was undoubtedly no match for him but Jiang Chen’s techniques became stronger every round, making him like a hard-to-kill c.o.c.kroach. This was the first time Desolate Ning encountered such opponent. It was impossible to say that he wasn’t frustrated.

*Hong Long*

Desolate Ning made another strike of Heaven Breaking Palm, pulverizing Jiang Chen’s Fire Dragon.

“Jiang Chen, I will see how long you can endure. I will no longer hold my power back. I want you to know what the truly terrifying attack is, Heaven Breaking Finger!”

Desolate Ning raised his right hand and pointed his right forefinger that exuded tremendous golden light and scary Saint aura. He felt that this battle could no longer continue like this. If he didn’t take him down as soon as possible, he would lose his all his face.

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