Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 842 – A Battle Against Desolate Ning

Chapter 842 – A Battle Against Desolate Ning

A Battle Against Desolate Ning

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Kong Yu smirked when he saw Desolate Ning’s cold smile. He quickly kept his Qi and turned over to Big Yellow and said, “Big Yellow, come to me. With my presence, no one will dare to touch you.”

“Big Yellow, you go to Demon Race first. I will handle them alone.”

Jiang Chen immediately talked to Big Yellow via divine sense. Otherwise given Big Yellow’s temper, he would refuse to listen to Kong Yu. The current situation wasn’t only about Desolate Ning. Dan Family and Huo Family were all included in the battle as well. A genius like Desolate Ning was very hard to be dealt with. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to care about Big Yellow as he was merely a Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint. Jiang Chen basically wouldn’t have anything to worry about if Big Yellow was Sixth Grade Minor Saint.

“You should be careful then. You don’t have to show any quarters to them in the battle. Slaughter this group of p.r.i.c.ks like h.e.l.l!”

Big Yellow said loudly to Jiang Chen, undisguisedly. This was the second time they were scolded using the word ‘p.r.i.c.k’. The people of Desolate Family had already spurted out flames in their eyes. If he wasn’t an important figure in Demon Race, they would dash forward and peel this dog’s skin off.

As a matter of fact, Desolate Family would never let go of Big Yellow despite being a member of Demon Race, but the priority was Jiang Chen now instead of the dog.

Big Yellow walked to Kong Yu’s side with dissatisfaction. He didn’t ask Kong Yu to help Jiang Chen because Big Yellow had yet to earn the right to speak in Demon Race.

To Kong Yu, despite knowing Jiang Chen was Big Yellow’s friend, he couldn’t interfere in his matter because the current scenario would involve different major powers. Besides the other seven families of Saint Origin World, the major powers of Boundless World and Black Yellow World weren’t someone they wanted to make enemy. He was sure that it wasn’t Desolate Ning alone who wanted Jiang Chen. He didn’t have the capability to simultaneously make so many major powers retreat.

Furthermore, Desolate Ning was about to go berserk. Kong Yu had already stopped him from engaging in a fight with Big Yellow. If he protected Jiang Chen as well, he believed that Desolate Ning would certainly fight him. At that time, the entire Demon Race would be dragged into the conflict.

“Jiang Chen, I am giving you one last chance. Hand over the relic and the broken sword!”

Desolate Ning bellowed.

“I guess you don’t have to say any of those sh*tty words again. If I hand over these two items to you now, why should I compete the bid with you during the auction in the first place? Since I dared to start a compet.i.tion with you, it means I don’t fear you. If you want to fight me, there will only one result for you – death.”

Jiang Chen said emotionlessly. He totally didn’t put Desolate Ning in his eyes.

“This guy is really arrogant, more arrogant than the geniuses of eight families. But how can he fight and defeat Desolate Ning with his current grade? I really have no idea what he is thinking.”

“He may have a serious brain injury or brain problem, but his boldness is impressive. If he were me, I wouldn’t do this even if I was forced to die.”

“Just wait and see, Desolate Ning will definitely show him something good before he dies tragically.”


Many people were sighing. They had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s boldness and arrogance in the auction. Due to the rules in the auction, Desolate Ning couldn’t find the chance to strike. Seeing how arrogant Jiang Chen was, could it be that he was confident to fight Desolate Ning?

“I will make sure you know how to die. Since you don’t hand over your items, I will get it myself.”

Desolate Ning’s body produced sounds of cracking. Dense murderous aura had almost coagulated the void.

“This man has humiliated the member of Huo Family, I won’t let this matter slip away.”

Before Desolate Ning attacked, someone from Huo Family spoke. He was Huo Yuan. It seemed he was going to interfere in this battle.

“And my Dan Family. This Jiang Chen has killed our new disciple before the gateway of Void Triangular Domain. This is a direct challenge and insult to our family. Today, we are here to get justice for our family.”

The leader of Dan Family walked out. He was wearing a body of yellow dan robe. He was also a peak Seventh Grade Minor Saint. He was called Dan Yuanchong, a scarce genius of the young generation.

After seeing this, Jiang Chen smirked. Dan Family and Huo Family joined in the fight as he antic.i.p.ated.

“Huo Yuan, Dan Yuanchong. Are you two here to join in the ‘fun’? This man is mine.”

Desolate Ning said coldly.

“This man has a type of fire which is needed by Huo Family. He insulted the genius of my family and he must pay for that. His fire will be treated as the compensation.”

“Our family wants revenge.”

Dan Yuanchong said.

“That’s enough. You thought I don’t know what you all want? And the other major powers as well. I am your intention know very well. There is one thing which I have to inform you. This brat’s life belongs to me. None of you will take him away from me. Just wait until I kill him and I obtained the relic and broken sword. As for the rest of the treasures he has, they will be given to you all accordingly.”

Desolate Ning yelled without looking at Huo Yuan and Dan Yuanchong. All of a sudden, he rushed forth to Jiang Chen. It was only a blink of an eye for Desolate Niing to reach Jiang Chen with a punch that created gusts of wind.

This knuckle strike carried boundless rage. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was going to die instantly under this strike but he didn’t want to kill him first. He wanted to torture him slowly.

“You come at the right time.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated, his body was encompa.s.sed with domineering combat intent. The natural instinct of the cultivator of dragon transformation art was their innate ability to combat. It was rare to meet an opponent like Desolate Ning and many other geniuses as well today. As such, Jiang Chen had to make sure the battle was an intense one.

He struck as fast as electricity with a simple punch glittering with golden colour, colliding with Desolate Ning’s punch.


The two fists carried boundless of energy. When they collided, a large hole was produced in the void and huge fiery sparks were created.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

Jiang Chen was forced over ten steps backwards by the impact before finding his stability. He could feel his Qi and blood racing in his body and other unpleasant sensation which he couldn’t put in words. However, all of these disappeared very quickly after circulating dragon transformation art. His speed of recovery had reached an unimaginable state because of the help of Mulberry Divine Wood essence. Any ordinary backlash or injuries wouldn’t do him any harm as he could heal within seconds.


Desolate Ning’s eyes widened as if he had seen the most unimaginable incident. In his imagination, his punch would at least destroy all Jiang Chen’s combat strength even if it couldn’t kill him. He didn’t imagine that Jiang Chen only received some backlash from his strike. And, Jiang Chen looked perfectly fine and uninjured. How could this possibly happen?

Judging by his opponent’s Qi, he was only a Fourth Grade Minor Saint. It was impossible for him to be so powerful even if he had made a leap from third grade to fourth grade in the auction house.

“Very powerful… Why haven’t I heard about this Jiang Chen before? He can actually fight equally with Desolate Ning with his current grade. One should know that Desolate Ning is a powerful Seventh Grade Minor Saint and a genius of Desolate Family. Some say that he has defeated an Eighth Grade Minor Saint before.”

“That’s right. It’s absurd. It seems like this guy does have some abilities to be able to have a draw in the first round. Won’t Desolate Ning be instantly killed if he were to be at the same grade with Jiang Chen? This is no doubt vey monstrous.”

“Agreed, but his cultivation grade is too weak. There is a three grade difference between him and Desolate Ning. The first round was a very clear indication. The two of them still varies considerably in strength. In fact, Desolate Ning didn’t strike with his full strength just now. It was a just an attack to test his enemy.”


Jiang Chen’s ability to handle Desolate Ning’s attack amazed everyone. Their gaze for Jiang Chen had changed dramatically as well.

The current Jiang Chen was calm; it seemed the backlash didn’t affect any of his psychology.

‘The genius of Desolate Family is surely exceptional. My advancement to Fourth Grade Minor Saint makes me capable to kill any ordinary Seventh Grade Minor Saint. But if my opponent is Desolate Ning, I won’t be able to hurt him. Now it seems only dragon transformation can help me on this.”

Jiang Chen said to himself. After measuring the difference between the both of them, he would certainly fail to defeat Desolate Ning with his current condition. But if he used dragon transformation, he would have ten times his current combat strength. The gap of difference would be shortened immediately. When he was in human-dragon form, he was confident that he could take down Desolate Ning and retrieve his long lost finger bone.

“But, due to the advancement depending highly on dark spirits, my foundation and base has become unstable. Now it’s the good time to use my current strength to fight Desolate Ning and use the pressure he gives me to fortify my base.”

Jiang Chen had decided that he wouldn’t use dragon transformation. A battle like this would definitely bring him great benefits.

“Jiang Chen, it seems I have underestimated you. You can actually bear my attack with your current grade. You are the first who can do this. But unfortunately, you have offended me and so you’re destined to be killed as your cultivation grade is too weak. Killing you is as simple as raising my hands. The strike just now was merely a test for my opponent. If you kowtow before me right now, I will honour the agreement I said just now.”

Desolate Ning spoke loudly.

“It’s enough.”

Jiang Chen could no longer bear it anymore. He struck with his True Dragon Palm, a scary blood-red dragon claw appeared above the sky and reached Desolate Ning’s head in a second. True Dragon Palm pressed against Desolate Ning down like the weight of Mount Tai.

“A very powerful combat skill, but you are destined to be weaker than me.”

Desolate Ning’s murderous aura soared to the sky. With a second word, both of his palms released brilliant light that looked like millions of sharp swords piercing through the void. Then, his both palms struck forth with a boundless energy equivalent to that of a mountain falling from the sky, which could destroy everything.

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