Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 841 – Kong Yu

Chapter 841 – Kong Yu

Kong Yu

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A two thousand miles radius from Dark Surge City was a desolate area. It was a barren area stretching out to hundreds of miles – a natural battlefield. With Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s speed, getting here was merely like blinking.

“This place is not bad. We’ll use this place.”

Jiang Chen stopped above the sky of this desolate land. Big Yellow turned back and saw a wave of powerful Qi s.h.i.+mmering in the air. These Qis were coming in maximum speed.

“This group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds is really fast.”

Big Yellow said with a smile. In fact, they didn’t travel in their full speed, otherwise, they would have slipped away from the radar of these geniuses.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

In a few twinkles, silhouettes emerged above the desolate land one after another. The group who arrived first was the people of Desolate Family. The leader was a youth in white. His face was boiling with rage and murderous intent. He was Desolate Ning.

Their arrival was followed by a cl.u.s.ter of people. All of them stopped in the sky above the desolate land. They were in different uniform. Besides the experts of the eight families, there were also experts from the other two worlds. Fundamentally speaking, those major powers in the guests’ rooms had all arrived. Some major powers like Dan Family and Fire Family came here to take their revenge on Jiang Chen. Some came here in hopes of scavenging some of the fortune of Jiang Chen. Some were here just to watch the show. How could they miss the chance of watching such an excited show?

“Run now! Why aren’t you running anymore?”

Desolate Ning’s eyes were like that of a poisonous snake. He sneered at Jiang Chen.

“Run? Or perhaps it is me who intentionally waited for you to catch up to my speed?”

Jiang Chen crossed his arms. His facial expression remained unchanged while facing numerous experts and someone as strong as Desolate Ning.

“You puny rogue cultivator! Who gave you the boldness to go against the Desolate Family?”

A Sixth Grade Minor Saint youth pointed at Jiang Chen and scolded him. They felt the impulse to rush forward to rip this b.a.s.t.a.r.d to pieces when they thought of their confrontation that happened during the auction. Desolate Family was a high and mighty family. They couldn’t believe there was someone who wanted death so badly.

“Puny? The people of Desolate Family are really proud but have intelligence deficiency. Before you start saying someone puny, judge yourself in terms of your own strength first. I hope that you are still able to spell out that word when I crush your skull with my foot.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze reached the youth like a sharp blade. He would never show any courtesy to people like this. There was only one consequence for calling ‘puny’ to the Greatest Saint.

“Humph! You don’t need to use your acute tongue. Tell me, what’s your name? I, Desolate Ning, won’t kill a nameless ghost.”

Desolate Ning let out a cold humph.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen replied in a flat tone.

“Alright, Jiang Chen, I will give you one more chance to live if you hand over the relic and the broken sword and then kneel to kowtow nine times before me. Then, I will disable your cultivation, so that you will be a disabled cultivator and stay a puny being for the rest of your life. This is the chance which I will only give once. If you refuse, I will grant you a graveless death.”

Desolate Ning was like a lord. In his eyes, a rogue cultivator like Jiang Chen was the lowest of all beings that didn’t even have the right to speak to him. It should be Jiang Chen’s greatest honor to be able to converse two words with him.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. This type of family was born with superior pride. It was the att.i.tude they would show whenever they were in a fight. In order to deal with such people, any extra conversation would be deemed unnecessary, only knuckle sandwiches could crush their sn.o.bbish pride.

“Go and f*ck yourself, you must be the brat named Desolate Ning. You still dare to brag arrogantly when you are standing at the edge of your death? I’m not sure whether you’ve been kicked at your brain or not. Master Dog will be giving you the other alternative that you said. You just have to come over to kowtow nine times, and then, present all your valuables to me, and perhaps that will keep you alive. This Master Dog will only say it once. If you don’t do as I say immediately, you just have to wait for your death.”

Big Yellow could no longer take Desolate Ning’s arrogance and had to act more arrogantly than him by returning the words that he said.

Many of them wanted to faint when they heard his words. This dog was too outrageous. Was he blind towards the situation in front of him? This was the only being across Saint Origin World which dared to ask Desolate Ning to kowtow in front of him. The bystanders couldn’t help but feel impressed by his boldness.

“This dog is finished!”

Majority of them felt that Desolate Ning would certainly rush forward to peel of the dog’s skin given his hot temper.

Without a doubt, the other members of Desolate Family had already lost their temper. A Sixth Grade Minor Saint genius bellowed, “Where did this dog with such a dirty mouth come from? You should die!”

*Hong Long*

A rumble was heard as the youth struck out with his palm seal with incredible brilliance which smashed the void to pieces before it reached Big Yellow in a twinkle.

Big Yellow faced the incoming attack with total disdain. A reddish-gold light glowed from his head before he slammed against the huge palm attack with his head. Many of the bystanders sighed when they saw Big Yellow’s action, they thought that this dog must be really an idiot for using his head to take the impact directly.


The collision from Big Yellow’s head pulverized the huge brilliant palm seal. That Sixth Grade Minor Saint genius received a strong backlash and staggered a few steps backwards before stabilizing himself.


The bystanders exclaimed and looked at Big Yellow again but with a different and surprised expressions.

“The dog’s head is really powerful. It seems he only has Fifth Grade Minor Demon Saint grade but he can defeat a Sixth Grade Minor Saint in the first round of the battle. He must have some exceptional bloodline”

“Awesome! No wonder he was so arrogant. So he does have reliable strength.”

“But the dog and the youth in white still can’t be compared to Desolate Family as they are way too strong for the two absurd beings.”


The number of people who joined to watch the show was increasing. Many of them were amazed by Big Yellow’s power, especially Huo Miao and Duan Rong from Black Yellow World when they thought about chasing after this dog on the street yesterday. After the impact, it seemed that Jiang Chen’s words were right. They were absolutely no match for the dog like the Sixth Grade Minor Saint of Desolate Family just now if the dog decided to engage in a battle with them.

“A mere piece of garbage, you still dare to act arrogantly despite your incompetence? So this is how strong the genius of Desolate Family is. How could they claim that someone is puny?”

Big Yellow’s comment was acute. If anyone wanted to pick a fight with this dog, the person was fated to have tragic ending or die because of infuriation.

Among the group of Demon Race, the leader was a man wearing seven-coloured feather clothes. On his forehead was imprinted with peac.o.c.k talisman symbol. He had an uncommon demeanor and a peak Seventh Grade Minor Saint. The twitch of his eyes exuded radiance of seven colors.

“He is worthy of possessing a divine beast bloodline. That explains why he is highly regarded by my father and patriarch.”

The man in feather clothes nodded. Clearly, Big Yellow’s attack just now had satisfied him.

“Before coming here, I remember Big Yellow was only a Third Grade Minor Demon Saint, but now, he has advanced to the fifth grade. Plus, the genius of Sixth Grade Minor Saint has no match for him now. His divine beast bloodline is certainly exceptional.”

Blue Lion who was standing beside the man in feather clothes nodded.

“Courting death!”

Desolate Ning raged and his Qi fluctuated before charging at Big Yellow. This man and this dog were too infuriating. He decided to get rid of this dog first before killing Jiang Chen.


The moment Desolate Ning unleashed his Qi, a bellow was heard. The man wearing feather attire took a step forward. He then said to Desolate Ning, “Desolate Ning, you dare to kill the people of my race?”

“Kong Yu, this is none of your business. I hope you won’t interfere in this.”

Desolate Ning frowned.

“This is must be a joke. Big Yellow plays a very important role in our Demon Race. If you dare to touch him, you will have to go through me first.”

Kong Yu’s demon Qi soared to the sky, it wasn’t weaker than Desolate Ning.

“It’s Kong Yu, the son of Peac.o.c.k King. He has the powerful Peac.o.c.k Bloodline, and a rare genius in Demon Race. If the two fight, Desolate Ning wouldn’t have a chance to defeat him. These explains why this dog is so arrogant. This dog is in fact a member of Demon Race.”

“If this dog is backed by Demon Race, I’m afraid Desolate Ning will need to rethink his decision to finish Big Yellow. Desolate Family is no doubt powerful but Demon Race isn’t weak, not to mention they are frenzied. Demon Race will never follow any rules once they have determined their enemy or enemies. They aren’t an enemy you would want.”


After seeing Kong Yu’s action, people around started to understand why this dog was behaving so arrogantly. The reason was that the dog had a strong backer. Kong Yu was the son of Peac.o.c.k King. Across the entire Pure Land, the name of Peac.o.c.k King was widely known. Those powerful Great Saints would automatically retreat when they heard of the name ‘Peac.o.c.k King’.

“Kong Yu, do you think I will be afraid of you? When I, Desolate Ning, wants to kill someone, no one will be able to stop me.”

Desolate Ning’s fiery aura spilled out his body. If his unexpressed anger continued to be kept in his body, it would explode from the inside.

“Is that so? Then you should try and see.”

Kong Yu’s demon Qi fluctuated. Sounds of flutter were heard from his feather clothes. His combat aura filled the atmosphere. It seemed the battle was going to start in seconds. This was the natural instinct of the people of Demon Race, let alone the son of Peac.o.c.k King, who had inherited most of the Qi and demeanor of Peac.o.c.k King.

“Desolate Ning, don’t clash with Demon Race today. Our target is Jiang Chen.”

An elder talked to Desolate Ning via divine sense. If the battle between these two major powers started, it wouldn’t do Desolate Family any good. Kong Yu alone was going to be a very hard enemy. The battle would make both sides suffer large losses. At that time, Huo Family and Dan Family would take this chance to deal with Jiang Chen. In which case, all of Jiang Chen’s treasures would fall into their possession.

“Humph! Kong Yu, we will settle our score in the future. Quickly leave along with his dog in front of me. I want to kill Jiang Chen now. Anyone who tries to stop me now, do not call me cold-hearted later and put the blame on me.”

Desolate Ning said in a serious tone.

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