Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 840 – Fourth Grade Minor Saint

Chapter 840 – Fourth Grade Minor Saint

Fourth Grade Minor Saint

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Big Yellow had gotten the broken sword and Tyrant had gotten hold of the relic. Now, the auction was officially over. The next thing that awaited them was a huge problem. Countless of divine sense that harboured evil intentions were sweeping their room openly. All of these divine sense was locked on Jiang Chen. They already thought that Jiang Chen would be finished as soon as he stepped out of Dark Surge City.

“Brother Chen, what are you going to do next? It seems like a lot of people are going to harm you.”

Yan Chenyu sounded worried.

“That’s right, we have offended the Dan Family before the gateway of Void Triangular Domain. We have offended the Desolate Family just now. We have offended a total of three families among the eight, especially the Desolate Family. They will never forgive you. Due to out bidding them in the auction just now, many other major powers like the Dan Family, Hou Family, the major powers of Boundless World and Black Yellow World would certainly be willing to join in the hunt for you, so that they can also have a share of your fortune. It is hard to imagine the battle. You are no more than a prey in their eyes now.”

Dan King was worried. Thinking of the event that would happen later alone could make anyone’s skin crawl. Whether it was the eight families of Saint Origin World or the major powers of the other two worlds, they weren’t easy to handle. Anyone of these major powers had an unimaginable overall strength and power. These major powers were people that Jiang Chen and his friends could not mess with.

“It doesn’t matter, since we have already offended them. We would eventually clash with each sooner or later, even if we didn’t offend them now. As for the people of the Boundless and Black Yellow World, they shouldn’t come and provoke me, otherwise I will make them suffer unimaginably.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes revealed a cold light. He was destined to go to the Pure Land in the future. So it was only a matter of time before he got into conflict with the people of the eight families. As Desolate Ning possessed Jiang Chen’s finger bone, it became impossible for the two of them not to clash. As for the Hou and Dan Family, it no longer concerned him since he had already offended them even before the auction.

As for the major powers from the two worlds, Jiang Chen certainly didn’t put them in his eyes. If they had offended Jiang Chen, he would absolutely have returned the favour as none of their Great Saints would be able to get into this domain. Once he returned to the Saint Origin World, none of them would be able to find him.

Thus, the group of people that he wasn’t afraid the most was the people from the Boundless and Black Yellow World. He would kill them without hesitation even if his opponents were very strong and had very strong forces behind because none of them would be able to find Jiang Chen when they wanted to have their revenge.

“However, that Desolate Ning wasn’t easy to handle. Not only Desolate Ning, but also those powerful geniuses from the eight families. There was none among them who can save your effort. Every one of them is a gifted talent with powerful techniques, and exceedingly more powerful than the peers who are same grade as them. To deal them with your Third Grade Minor Saint grade’s power, I’m afraid that it would be very difficult.”

Dan King said.

“I am advancing to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint.”

Jiang Chen spoke, he then closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Dan King rolled his eyes. He had utmost respect for Jiang Chen’s advancement method. One should know that this was the advancement within the Minor Saint realm. Every advancement would be extremely difficult. In other words, every Minor Saint would reach a bottleneck in every grade. But, it seemed like this bottleneck didn’t exist in Jiang Chen’s case. After a series of contemplation, Dan King found out that it only made sense for a monstrous genius like him. There were some matters beneath the heavens that couldn’t be explained using common sense. Jiang Chen’s existence itself was a miracle.

Jiang Chen casted the five elemental sphere to encompa.s.s his entire body. In which case, no one would be able to detect his advancement, even if he was scanned by the divine sense of the other geniuses.

His killings of Minor Saints in the Dark Mulberry City, mostly the princes of the rich families, had gotten him a lot of dark spirit. Although none of them were above Eighth Grade Minor Saint, the total energy of these dark spirits was enough for him to advance to a Fourth Grade Minor Saint.

As Jiang Chen’s cultivation continued to rise, his dragon transformation art would only become more terrifyingly powerful. Under the circulation of his dragon transformation art, each of the dark spirit was refined and absorbed one after another. The dark element within the spirit was refined by dragon transformation art into the purest energy for him to absorb.

From the start until the end, it took roughly ten minutes. An even stronger energy spilled out from Jiang Chen’s body, but it was quickly pulled back. That was the excess Qi that burst out from his body after his advancement. If he released this Qi out, it would be powerful enough to demolish the entire auction compound.

“That is very fast.”

Dan King was astonished once more. The time taken was less than twenty minutes. He wouldn’t be able to believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes. However, he felt relieved after seeing Jiang Chen’s advancement. When Jiang Chen was only a Third Grade Minor Saint, he could already kill a Seventh Grade Minor Saint in his human-dragon form. After advancing to the Fourth Grade Minor Saint, killing an Eighth Grade Minor Saint was a piece of cake after his transformation. As such, the difficulty of killing Desolate Ning had significantly decreased.

‘This is undeniably good. The dragon marks in my body have increased from sixty five thousand to sixty seven thousand, which pushed my peak to Third Grade Minor Saint grade to the peak of Fourth Grade Minor saint. My combat strength has been enhanced unimaginably.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi shook and his eyes flashed with brilliance. After reaching the Fourth Grade Minor Saint, his confidence was boosted once more. His current demeanour was so natural that it had become part of him. The superior aura that is exuded from his body made people not dare to look at him directly.

“Father, Xiao Yu, Tyrant, you all have to wait in Dark Surge City first. Big Yellow and I will leave the city to meet those geniuses.”

Jiang Chen said to Dan King and the others.

“Brother Chen, I will follow you.”

Yan Chenyu said.

“Negative. This battle has too many unforeseen variables. I don’t know how it would develop. When I have lured Desolate Ning and the others out, you all must leave Dark Surge City at once and head for King City. Find the Demon Race and ask for their support.”

Jiang Chen said in a heavy tone. He could not determine the result of the battle. It was high likely that his dragonman ident.i.ty would be exposed. At that time, Yan Chenyu and the other two would need the protection of the Demon Race. All their powerful experts were situated in King City. According to Big Yellow, the leader of the Demon Race for this trip was the elder of the Lion Race. He would provide protection to Jiang Chen’s three friends on Big Yellow’s behalf.

As for Big Yellow, Jiang Chen knew that this dog would follow him no matter what to accomplish this major task. Furthermore, given Big Yellow’s current strength and his innate special ability, keeping his own life wasn’t a problem.

Presently, Desolate Ning had already made up his mind on eliminating Jiang Chen, which was the best chance for Jiang Chen to retrieve his finger bone and further enhance his strength. His cultivation would surely advance to the Fifth Grade Minor Saint once he obtained the bone. At that time, any ordinary Ninth Grade Minor Saint would be no match for him after he transformed into a human-dragon. That advancement would also fortify his foundation as well. As such, there wouldn’t be anyone who could kill him in Void Triangular Domain.

“Alright, you have to be careful while you are on your own.”

Yan Chenyu nodded. She knew that Jiang Chen was doing this for their sake. Plus, they wouldn’t be much of help if they followed Jiang Chen to the battlefield and would only create distractions for Jiang Chen instead. Tyrant was merely a Second Grade Minor Saint, he would need time to refine the relic for him to advanc. And, with the protection of the Demon Race, they would surely be fine.

“Don’t worry about it, all of them are within my control. Dealing with Desolate Ning is the most important element in my plan.”

Jiang Chen said before he turned to leave the room. He had Big Yellow flew outside the city frantically. Jiang Chen was right, he needed sufficient power to deal with the Dark Generation’s army, the Void Triangular Domain would be closing soon. Desolate Ning’s finger bone was his best chance to improve, probably the only chance. If he missed it, his ultimate plan could not be executed.

Furthermore, putting aside the ultimate plan, Jiang Chen’s current cultivation needed further enhancement, or else he would lose control of his life in front of his enemies.

“Not good, that brat is trying to flee.”

In the guests’ room of Desolate Ning, someone sensed that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were moving speedily out of Dark Surge City

“Relax, he won’t be able to run away from us. Let’s go.”

Desolate Ning smirked. In just a few blinks, the guests’ room of the Desolate Family became empty. All of them were moving to the direction where Jiang Chen disappeared.

“It seems like that brat know what fear is. He is trying to slip away from us. How can we let that happen? Move, we will join in the fight.”

“The people of the Desolate Family are on the move. We will go there and watch the show. That brat has a lot of treasures in his possession and since he is going to die, we can’t miss this opportunity.”


For a moment, silhouettes flew out of the auction compound like lightning and appeared outside of the city in a twinkle.

“Look, those are the geniuses of the different major powers. They must be going after that youth in white. We should follow and find out.”

“This will be a major fight. Let’s go and watch the show.”

“I am sure that, that brat would certainly die and Desolate Ning won’t let him die so easily.”


The scene and shaken up plenty of people. Most of them who took part in the auction also flew in the direction where Desolate Ning was headed. They weren’t there to take part in the battle as they weren’t capable enough to do that. However, it was certainly an event that they couldn’t miss out. A lot of people would like to see how the youth in white would die.

The auction compound was very quickly emptied. At this time, Dan King and the others were silently leaving the city and was headed towards King City. As Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had become the center of attention, no one noticed their movements.

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