Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 837 – The Relic

Chapter 837 – The Relic

The Relic

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A wave of commotion was heard from the audience. The person from Desolate Family had obviously been infuriated. They thought that this youth in white would back off after seeing Desolate Ning’s reaction. However, Jiang Chen defied their expectations by continuing to bid. Putting aside the shocking price of the item, his courage to challenge the people of the Desolate Family alone could win everyone’s approval.

But, plenty of them viewed Jiang Chen’s action as foolish. How could a person who sat in the audience section dare to infuriate the Desolate Family?

“Dammit! Could it be that there is really someone who can see the true value of this treasure? Anyway, it won’t be useful in their hands because only Master Dog can wield it.”

Big Yellow felt very annoyed. He initially thought that no one would be interested in this broken sword, in which Jiang Chen could easily obtain the item by bidding the cheapest price. He hadn’t thought that the people of Desolate Family would cut in to bid.

“It doesn’t matter; money is what I have the most now. I’m interested to see how long can Desolate Ning sustain. I will certainly get this broken sword.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat. There was no turning back now because he knew too well how powerful this broken sword was. Big Yellow had gotten one last time. If he could get this broken sword, Big Yellow’s power would be unimaginable. The broken sword was akin to the fragment of his Heavenly Saint Sword, it could bring numerous benefits to the owner.

How could Jiang Chen let go of this powerful item?

More importantly, he could take this opportunity to obstruct Desolate Ning’s interest. Since Jiang Chen’s Finger Bone was in Desolate Ning’s possession, the both of them would clash sooner or later. But once Desolate Ning entered King City, he would regroup with the other members of Desolate Family, and it would become extremely difficult for Jiang Chen to get his Finger Bone back. Currently, it was no doubt a very good opportunity. Given Desolate Ning’s arrogance, he would never let Jiang Chen go. It was very likely that after the auction, Desolate Ning would take his revenge on Jiang Chen as soon as he stepped outside Dark Surge City. In truth, this was what Jiang Chen was hoping for. He wanted Desolate Ning to initiate the fight. In that case, he would be able to decide where the battlefield would be in advance and eventually retrieving back his lost Finger Bone.

Thus, the bigger the conflict becomes, the better it was. He wanted to arouse Desolate Ning’s murderous intent so that he could set a trap for him.

“F*ck! Who is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?! He dares to go against me?!”

Desolate Ning raged.

“Desolate Ning, I think we should just let it go. We are not even sure whether this piece of sc.r.a.p metal is a real treasure. Its price could be overvalued.”

An elder whose face was already darkened beside Desolate Ning said.

“No, how could I, Desolate Ning, lose to a small figure in bidding? I really want to see how much more he is willing to bid.”

Desolate Ning gritted his teeth. Now it wasn’t a matter of money but a matter of reputation, his face. He was a member of the great Desolate Family, how could he be compared with an insignificant person?

“Five million!”

Desolate Ning shouted another bid. At this time, everyone could sense the fiery anger from his tone. People knew that he was doing this just to regain his face.

“Dammit!!! Let Master Dog get rid of this p.r.i.c.k.”

Big Yellow could no longer sit quietly. He barked his words at the Desolate Family’s guest room. He was a being who didn’t know how to speak in low tone. His resounding voice was clearly heard by everyone in the auction event. Adding his gesture, it was a direct challenge to the Desolate Family.


Quite a lot of them gasped in cold air. Some had the urge to faint when they heard him call Desolate Ning ‘p.r.i.c.k’ openly. His audacity was heaven defying.

“Son a of b*tch, I will skin you off!”

A sound of anger came from the guest room of the Desolate Family. It was lawless for a dog to challenge the Desolate Family.

Big Yellow wasn’t affected by the usual threat that the people made and responded in a more arrogant way. He raised his dog leg and bellowed at the guest room. “p.r.i.c.k of the Desolate Family, listen to what Master Dog is going to say, Master Dog dominates the entire world. Master dog has unlimited power. If you dare to oppose Master Dog, you will only receive the fate of death. Master Dog will play with you p.r.i.c.ks from the Desolate Family, I bid 10 million.”


Someone fell down from their seat. This dog was totally defying the heavens by openly cursing at the people of Desolate Family. The ones who were affected the most were the people who came from Saint Origin World. Their eyes almost came out from its sockets. Perhaps the people from the other worlds didn’t know how strong Desolate Family was, but they had no doubt about it. No one would dare to scold the Desolate Family as p.r.i.c.ks. Besides, Big Yellow wasn’t just scolding a single person, he called the entire Desolate Family p.r.i.c.k.

Moreover, he just bid 10 million like it was as easy as shouting an ordinary number. Wei Er and the other two elders gaped at him. They wouldn’t have thought that today’s most insignificant sc.r.a.p metal would be auctioned at such a heavenly price because these two parties were fighting with each other.


A powerful energy spilled out from the guest room. The two elders’ faces changed instantly because it seemed like a fight was going to occur.

“My friends from Desolate Family, could you follow the rules of the auction event? You two can settle whatever conflict you have after the event.”

These two elders were both Eighth Grade Minor Saint and had quite a strong deterrence. Clearly, the Desolate Family didn’t want to cause any trouble here, so they kept all of their Qi.

However, each of their faces was dark green and full of murderous intent, particularly Desolate Ning, he had never received such rude remarks from anyone until now.

“Kill! We must kill them!”

“When the auction is over, it is their time to die. They won’t receive a pleasant ending for offending our family.”


The atmosphere in the guest room of Desolate Family was filled with a murderous aura.

They started to fix their eyes on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They wouldn’t let anyone who dared to go against them go.

In the guest room of Fire Family, Huo Miao smiled coldly. “What a fool, he doesn’t even know the rule! It seems like I don’t have to waste my effort, Desolate Ning is going to rip them to pieces.”

“Is he the one who possessed the powerful flames?”

Standing in front Huo Miao was a youth in red robe. His Qi wasn’t any weaker than Desolate Ning. He was the leader of Fire Family in this trip. He is called Huo Yuan, a rare genius his family. He was a Seventh Grade Minor Saint.

“That’s right, it’s him. His flames were very powerful, it contained the Qi of heaven and earth, more powerful than the psychic fire of our Fire Family.”

Huo Miao said.

“After the auction event, we’ll follow Desolate Ning and make a trade with them. We want them to extract his flames out before he is killed.”

Huo Yuan smiled.

“Yes, his flames should only be used by the people of our family.”

Huo Miao also smiled.

In the guest room of Dan Family.

“I heard that this man has killed our people before the gateway of Void Triangular Domain. It seems like he really is audacious.”

A genius of Dan Family gazed at Jiang Chen.

“Yeah, killing the people of our family has only one conclusion – death. However, it seems like we are no longer needed.”

Someone said.

Meanwhile, in the guest's room of Bin Family, Gu Family, Demon Race, Narang Family and s.h.i.+ Family, all of them were fixing their attention on Jiang Chen. None of them would have thought that such an audacious young man would emerge in this auction.

“Miss Wei Er, don’t delay any longer. Quickly ask whether there is anyone who is willing to call for a higher bid.”

Jiang Chen said to Wei Er.

“Yes, prince.”

Wei Er bowed at Jiang Chen pleasantly. Anyone who could spend 10 million was definitely one of the people that belong to the second floor.

“About this sc.r.a.p… *cough* *cough*, this broken sword, does any one willing to bid a price higher than 10 million?”

It seemed like Wei Er was too excited, she almost spat out the word sc.r.a.p metal.

There was silence in the guests’ room of the Desolate Family, it seemed like they had already decided to give up bidding as their financial resources were limited. It wasn’t worthwhile to spend 10 million to bid for an unknown metal. There was still a major auction event in King City.

Besides, Jiang Chen was already a dead man in front of them. They no longer want to compete with a dead man.

In the guests’ room of the Desolate Family, the elder looked at the enraged Desolate Ning, fearing that he would charge forward. He quickly said, “Desolate Ning, there is no need to continue clas.h.i.+ng with them.”

The elder was worried for him because the price of the broken sword had gone out of his expectation. They would suffer losses if Desolate Ning continued to call for a higher bid. They shouldn’t take such unprofitable risk

“The treasure would be ours after I killed them.”

Desolate Ning gritted his teeth.

“Since no one called for a new bid, I will announce that 10 million is the final bidding price of this item. He will be the owner of this broken sword. Congratulations.”

Wei Er smiled at Jiang Chen again. Instead of giving the broken sword to Jiang Chen, she kept it. She would only give the items to the owner after receiving the appropriate sum of money. In other words, they would need to calculate the worth of their pills for the item.

“Ai! 10 million just to buy a sc.r.a.p metal…This is crazy.”

“And offended Desolate Family as well, I guess he won’t be able to get out of Dark Surge City alive. He sure is a weirdo.”

“He is just a young man after all. Young men are always hot blooded.”


Plenty of people were sighing. But no one mocked or snickered at Jiang Chen. They weren’t qualified to laugh at a person who could simply spend 10 million to buy a sc.r.a.p metal.

“Alright, the next item will be the main treasure of this auction. Everyone, please look closely.”

Wei Er announced once more. She clapped her hands and a treasure appeared. It was a palm-sized crystal box . The treasure wasn’t the box, but the item inside it.

While everyone was looking attentively at the box, she lightly opened it. Instantly, a pure energy of light spilled out of the container. It consisted of the purest Yang Qi. A fist-sized bead could be seen by everyone. The surface of the golden bead was covered with talisman patterns, making it look extremely divine. The moment the box was opened, a lot of them could hear the singing of a mantra. It made them feel purified in their souls.

“The Relic!”

Tyrant exclaimed.

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