Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 836 – Conflicted

Chapter 836 – Conflicted


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Almost all of their eyes were fixed on the True Meta Crystal. Some revealed a burning desire and interest in this crystal. All these interested people were humans. Fundamentally, none of the people from the Dark Generation was interested in the crystal.

“True Meta Crystal is a rare item, I’m afraid this can only be found in Void Triangular Domain.”

“That’s right. This is a large True Meta Crystal that contained a huge amount of energy. The benefits will certainly be huge if I can get that crystal.”

“Beauty, quickly spill out the base price of this crystal.”


Someone shouted.

“The base price of this Crystal is 5000 high grade True Meta Stones, you all can start bidding now.”

Wei Er said.

“What? The base price of this thing is merely 5000? Is there something wrong with it?”

“Yeah, the price is just too low but it is also understandable. An item like this is undeniably valuable to us but it’s only a common item to the people of Dark Generation.”

When the price was announced, many of them started to exclaim because they thought that it was undervalued. Like Wei Er said, the price of a high grade True Meta Stone was only worth a single Heaven Rank Restoration Pill, but in a human’s point of view, a high grade True Meta Stone was worth a Saint Rank Restoration Pill. This might be the reason that she set it low.

“I will bid ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand is too little, I will go for fifteen thousand.”

“Thirty thousand.”


“Fifty thousand...”

In the end, the True Meta Crystal was taken by the one who bid fifty thousand. Wei Er’s face was full of smile when she heard the last bidding price. She realised that luck was with her today. It was really a big surprised that the crystal was auctioned off for 50000.

The following treasures were relatively ordinary. None of the guests on the second floor bid except for the people below. They were aiming for treasure worthy of them. Anyone present would know that this was just the beginning of the auction. The truly valuable treasure wouldn’t appear at this time.

The auction continued for another half an hour before it ended. Since the beginning until now, Jiang Chen had never call out a bid while everyone around him was yelling out their bids. Jiang Chen ignored them because he was not interested in those item.

“What are you all here for? Not even calling a single bid once? Did you all come here just to watch the show?”

“He’s right. If you don’t bid now, you won’t have a chance later, any item that is auctioned later would be bid by the people in the guest room only. At that time, we can only watch.”

“Enough talking. I can see that they are flat out broke. They just came here to watch the auction because they have nothing to do.”


The people around Jiang Chen and his friends immediately stopped talking about them. Jiang Chen only smirked on their reactions.

“The following treasures are incidentally acquired by our City Lord. Everyone can take a look at it.”

Wei Er spoke. She turned her palm and another treasure appeared. A sc.r.a.p metal drifted in the air. It has rusty surface and looked like a piece of broken sword - it was too ordinary. No extraordinary Qi was exuded from it, making it hard for anyone to make sense that this was a treasure.


Yet, Big Yellow’s eyes shot out two beams of brilliances with a swoosh. Jiang Chen who was beside him widened his eyes. At the time in Xuan Yang City of Qi Province was a vault. There was a treasure similar to this – broken sword. It also looked very ordinary but Big Yellow treated it like a real treasure. As a matter of fact, the broken sword that he got last time was a rare treasure. Unimaginable power was unleashed from it when it was in Big Yellow’s hands. Big Yellow had used that broken sword to save Jiang Chen’s life twice. First was from Prince Xue Yue, the second time was from the master of Asura Palace, Li Tian Yang.

“Dammit! I didn’t notice this treasure when I stole the demon soul in the prefecture.”

Big Yellow sounded frustrated when a great treasure like this slipped through his eyes. It gave him the feeling to spurt out blood.

“Haha! Miss Wei Er, are you trying to make a joke here? A sc.r.a.p metal is treated as a treasure by your prefecture? Don’t you have a better thing to offer in this auction?”

“Agreed. It’s still a sc.r.a.p metal after a thorough a.n.a.lysis. It is no doubt an absolute sc.r.a.p metal. Did your City Lord think that we are stupid enough to bid for an item like this?”

“No one would want this sc.r.a.p metal.”


Everyone’s emotion was stirred. Many people started to laugh and mock at the prefecture’s decision for auctioning this treasure. They all thought that the prefecture was just trying to deceive them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get too excited. This broken sword has been valued by a master. Although our generation can’t determine the exact nature of this treasure, it is absolutely a valuable treasure. It is only for the people who can see the real value of this treasure. I will announce the base price now. It will start from a hundred thousand.”

Wei Er said.

“What the h.e.l.l?! That tattered toy is worth a hundred thousand? Isn’t this just extorting money?”

“I’m sure that no one’s going to call out a higher bid, unless that person is an idiot.”

But as soon as his voice faded, another voice sounded. “A hundred and ten thousand.”

It wasn’t another stranger, it was Jiang Chen. After that, it created a commotion of mock and snicker.

“What the f*ck?! I can’t believe there is really such an idiot.”

“What? You have kept your silence for so long because you are waiting for this sc.r.a.p metal?”

“We should just stop sneering him. I suppose his intelligence must have been corrupted, wasting a fortune on a piece of trash.”


Jiang Chen’s face was carrying smile. The other partic.i.p.ants were scrutinizing him curiously and surprisingly. It was good that no one competed the bid. He was going to get one of the best treasure at the lowest price.

Wei Er revealed a smile when she heard someone giving a bid. She felt relieved in her heart for that. As a matter of fact, this broken sword had received numerous reproach for being placed in the auction because no one could determine what type of treasure this was. Ultimately, they still decided to put it in the auction just in case someone was willing to bid a higher price for it. From the current response, it seemed like that it was true after all.

“This prince is calling a hundred and ten thousand, anyone else going for a higher bid?”

Wei Er scanned the crowd.

On the second floor, in the guest room of the Desolate Family, an elder was gazing at the broken sword while pondering about the value of it before he said, “Desolate Ning, there is something different about this broken sword. It could be a real treasure.”


Desolate Ning exclaimed and immediately turned over to look at the broken sword but saw no distinction. Anyway, he had to pay attention to it because the remark was from an experienced elder. The status of an elder was exceptional in Desolate Family. They had specialised knowledge in certain aspects. Since the elder was able to determine the uniqueness of this item, he would need to get this item.

“A hundred and twenty thousand!”

Desolate Ning shouted.

The crowd was stirred once more after hearing this. Even Wei Er’s eyes looked stunned. Clearly, not even her had antic.i.p.ated that there was another one who would bid for this broken sword.

“Even the people from the guest room had started to call out their bid, could this really be a treasure?”

“Nope, it’s absolutely a piece of sc.r.a.p metal. Given the knowledge that I have on rare treasures and weapons, I couldn’t see anything special from that piece of metal.”


“A hundred and fifty thousand.”

Jiang Chen shouted another bid without much consideration.

“Two hundred thousand.”

Desolate Ning added another fifty thousand in the bid.

“A million.”

As soon as Desolate Ning’s voice faded, Jiang Chen raised his bidding price to a million.

“What? Is this brat out of his mind?”

“Darn! We really can’t judge a book by its cover. I couldn’t see that he was a rich guy before this. However, his brain must have been be fried to spend a million on this thing.”

“His brain must have hit something hard.”


A commotion was created amongst the people. Even the auctioneer, Wei Er, was petrified but she quickly returned to her usual smile. Before this, she was worried that no one else would want this broken sword because that would spoil her reputation. Despite that, she would never have thought that someone was really willing to bid a million for this piece of metal.


At this moment, a raging aura rushed down from a room on the second floor. Desolate Ning glared at Jiang Chen from above with his raging eyes. A brat that came from nowhere dared to compete with him? That was equivalent to seeking death.

“A million and a hundred thousand.”

Desolate Ning called for another bid.

“Two million.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was flat. He called for two million bid right after Desolate Ning’s bid.

“He is mad! This brat must be mad! Putting aside the true value of this item, is he trying to compete with the people in the guest room? Isn’t this just seeking death? He should know that only the people with a very strong power are allowed to go upstairs.”

“That’s right. This brat doesn’t understand the rules here. Normally, when the people on the top started bidding, the people below will keep their mouth shut. First, we can’t afford that amount, second is to show respect to them.”

“That is from Desolate Family. He must have gotten angry. This brat wouldn’t get any advantages by calling such bids.”


The relaxed atmosphere in the area turned into solemness as soon as the price rose to two million. Desolate Ning’s rage lingered in the air openly, frightening many of them below.

The happiest people right now were Wei Er and the two elders behind her. Compet.i.tion was a good thing. It was better when someone in the audience section competed with someone in the guest section. Wei Er was now looking at Jiang Chen with a smile.

“Two million and three hundred thousand.”

Desolate Ning gritted his teeth and bided.

“Three million.”

Jiang Chen shouted without a pause after Desolate Ning.

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