Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 838 – Deliberately Provoke You

Chapter 838 – Deliberately Provoke You

Deliberately Provoke You

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There was no doubt about it, the golden bead held by Wei Er was the relic that belonged to Buddha Sect. It was fully covered with some sort of patterns or symbols: they were the Sanskrit of Buddha Sect. There were illusions of Buddha rippling on top of it. Most importantly, there was the smell of lightning lingering in the relic: the energy that contained inside the relic must be very great.

“This is a relic left by a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. It was filled with lightning energy. It was probably because this Ninth Grade Minor Saint had failed in his attempt to breakthrough to the Great Saint realm, leaving this relic behind. Within the relic contained all the essences left behind by a great Ninth Grade Minor Saint monk. Adding the lightning energy in it, it is unimaginably more powerful than any relic of any great Ninth Grade Minor Saint monk. I have never thought that Dark Generation would be able to obtain such a powerful treasure.”

Jiang Chen was amazed.

“Someone must have asked the auctioneer to auction this item here.”

Dan King said.

Tyrant who was standing at the side wasn’t speaking, he had lost his interest in speaking since the appearance of the relic. His eyes had never turned away from it, and were blazing with thirst.

“We must get this relic. Tyrant has improved his abilities further after being imparted with the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus. If he can get the aid of this relic, his cultivation would certainly be able to make an extraordinary leap.”

Jiang Chen’s expression became stern. It was out of his expectation that Dark Surge City would auction these great items to the public. He had also found his Finger Bone in this place and even Big Yellow had managed to find a broken sword, and now, an exceptional relic was found, as if it was specially crafted for Tyrant.

However, Jiang Chen and Tyrant were very clear that it would be impossible to get this item without spending an extravagant sum. The compet.i.tion in this bidding would be a lot fiercer than before. In other words, this was the main part of the auction that could bring exceedingly good benefits to anyone, including the people of devil religion as they could utilize the energy in the relic to purify their minds and enhance their cultivation further.

“This is the relic of Buddha Sect, it was left by a powerful Ninth Grade Minor Saint monk during his time of tribulation. I a.s.sume that all of you have already seen through the value of this item. There is energy of lightning contained in this relic. As for the price, I think everyone should already have an estimated value.”

Wei Er’s sweet voice resounded throughout the entire auction area, entering into everyone’s ears.


As soon as Wei Er’s voice dropped, a commotion erupted from the audience. Most of them were merely guessing about the origin of this relic until they heard what Wei Er said. It was a relic left by a great monk, the price of it was inestimable. Not just to the monks of Buddha Sect, it was beneficial to everyone. To put it bluntly, even a pig would be able to absorb the energy from the relic and become a peerless genius.

“This relic is mine. Which of you is thinking of taking it away from me?”

An arrogantly spoken word came out from a guests’ room on the second floor. It was the genius from a major power of Boundless World.

“This is a joke, a treasure like this would only naturally fall into the hands of the person who is capable enough. Before claiming it yours, can you offer the highest bidding price?”

“That’s right. Anyone can claim that the relic is his or hers, but one needs to know himself or herself first before making such claim.”


Before the auction even began, the guests’ room on the second floor was already filled with atmosphere of feud. The geniuses from the three different worlds were arguing about the matter of this relic. This bidding process was destined to be a very intense compet.i.tion not only among the eight families of Saint Origin World, but also among the unknown major powers from the other two worlds. The current scene was hard to come by in a normal day.

Wei Er revealed a satisfied smile upon seeing the responses and interactions of the audience. Clearly, this was what she had hoped for.

“Alright, everyone, please settle down. I will announce the base price of this relic, it’s 5 million.”

As a matter of fact, 5 million wasn’t a high price for a relic like this. Of course, this was only the base price. According to the responses of the crowd, the price of the relic would certainly skyrocket to a heavenly price and would be incomparable to the sc.r.a.p metal before.

“Six million!”

“Seven million!”

“Eight million!”


“Fifteen million!”

It was merely a few breaths of time but the price of the relic had already reached fifteen million. Every bid made was worth a million or millions more than the previous. Now, the second floor was getting pretty lively than before. None of them were willing to let this kind of seducing treasure go.

At this very moment, those cultivators who were seated on the ground floor had basically lost their right to speak. They understood their own limitations, even if they call for a bid now, the relic would soon slip out of their hands later. The difference between them and the major powers on the second floor could not be compared. Furthermore, the compet.i.tion among them on the second floor was notably fierce. If they raise a voice, they would probably offend them and receive a slap that would send them straight to h.e.l.l. That meant they would die in vain.

“Twenty million!”

“Twenty five million!”

“Thirty million!”

In just a few blinks, the price had already soared to 30 million. Silence started to fill the atmosphere on the second floor, making the entire auction area silent. Although 30 million represented the number of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills, 30 million of it wasn’t a low number as Heaven Rank Restoration Pill was not the same as Earth Rank and Human Rank Restoration Pill.

On the ground floor, Tyrant looked a little nervous because the benefits of this relic were too obvious to describe. Similarly, his desire for this relic was also too obvious for anyone to see it. If he wanted to get this relic with his own capability, he wouldn’t get a desirable result. It was already more than difficult for him to compete with those geniuses in the guests’ rooms. As such, he needed Jiang Chen’s help.

“Tyrant, I suppose you wouldn’t just sit here tight, wouldn’t you?”

Big Yellow licked his face while walking towards Tyrant.

“Don’t be nervous. I will present this relic as a gift to you.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone. Currently, he had vast amount of pills, Combat Weapons, Devil Souls and Demon Souls. So, what he had the most now was fortune. At least, he was richer than those geniuses in the guests’ rooms. Besides, 30 million wasn’t a real deal yet and it would continue to rise.

“Fifty million.”

The people of Desolate Family called out their bid, it was Desolate Ning again. His bid rendered everyone in the scene silent, including the geniuses on the second floor. Some of them were even starting to count how much 50 million was worth, but they were very sure that it wasn’t a small figure.

“We have to get this relic. If Desolate Ning could refine it, he will be able to advance to Eighth Grade Minor Saint or even the peak of Eighth Grade Minor Saint.”

An elder beside Desolate Ning said.

“Brother Ning has already bid 50 million, I think no one is going to compete with this price.”

A youth said. Despite the fact that he was older than Desolate Ning, he had to call Desolate Ning ‘Brother Ning’ as courtesy. It indicated the high status of Desolate Ning in his family. This was a world that only valued the strongest. Anyone would respect you if you are strong and powerful enough.

“Sixty million.”

Yet as soon as Desolate Ning’s voice faded, another voice was heard and another 10 million was added into the bid.


Desolate Ning’s eyes suddenly turned fiery red when he heard that the voice was coming from the ground floor. Then, his eyes saw Jiang Chen seated in a very calm manner. If eyes could kill someone, Jiang Chen would have died a thousand times by now.

It’s him again!

Desolate Ning had the urge to murder him. Each of their faces turned ugly, their fury soaring up to the sky. It seemed like that guy was deliberately confronting their family. There were no geniuses on the second floor that bid except for him. And, this happened right after Desolate Ning’s call. Wasn’t this a direct provocation from him?

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

At this time, countless of eyes were staring at Jiang Chen, they were all astonished even more compared to the bidding process of the broken sword previously.

“My G.o.d! Why on earth is there such a man? It’s 60 million, can he really afford that?”

“Haven’t you seen it through? This kid is doing this on purpose, he was waiting for Desolate Family to call out their bid before he actually called his. Clearly, he is deliberately provoking the family.”

“That man’s head must be fried badly. We should stay farther away from him. The consequences that he will face will surely be nothing good, he has offended the people of Desolate Family consecutively.”


The entire scene was in a mess because of the foolish kid that came from nowhere. He was certainly a grunt from some kind of places. Besides, a lot of people thought that Jiang Chen would not be able to take out 60 million worth of fortune. So, they concluded that Jiang Chen was only doing this because he wanted to provoke Desolate Family and let them fall into a trap. He would provoke them to the point where Desolate Family would bid a very high price and then suffer excessive losses.

“This is getting interesting, I think that Desolate Ning would be enraged to death today.”

A genius of Narang Family who was crossing one of his leg on his seat felt that a good show was going to occur.

“Seventy million!”

Desolate Ning gritted his teeth as he had already reached the limit of his budget.

“Eighty million!”

Sure enough, Jiang Chen didn’t stop. He yelled out a new bid the second after Desolate Ning’s voice dropped. His tone was plain, as though 80 million wasn’t anything for him at all. His expression and his gesture was always in a carefree manner.

“As*h*le! Ninety million!”

Desolate Ning yelled out the figure with a hoa.r.s.e voice. Everyone could hear it. Cracks were heard from the guests’ room of the Desolate Family, spider-web like lines of cracks appeared in all gla.s.s-made items.

It was imaginable the degree of anger that Desolate Ning had reached. If it wasn’t for the auction’s rules, he would have dashed forth to Jiang Chen and sliced him to pieces to express his anger and frustration.

As for Jiang Chen, the angrier Desolate Ning became, the happier he was because this was the result he wanted.

The atmosphere in the auction area had reached the freezing point. Today, Desolate Family was controlled by a rogue cultivator from an unknown background. It would become a joke for many people. Now, everyone noticed that Desolate Ning was about to explode from his rage.

Yet, while everyone was thinking that Jiang Chen wouldn’t bid anymore, he gracefully shouted out a 100 million bid.

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