Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 835 – Desolate Ning

Chapter 835 – Desolate Ning

Desolate Ning

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“My bone finger is twitching, meaning that one of my bone finger is near.”

Jiang Chen was slightly shaken by the sudden sensation. The feeling inside him was crystal clear. It came from a room on the second floor. There must be a bone that belonged to him inside in one of those rooms. It even made his soul convulse as there was a blood connection between him and the bone. He wouldn’t feel secure, especially his soul if one of his bones was in another person’s possession.

Jiang Chen’s expression looked grim. Back then, in the Saint Cliff, he was sure that his body had been smashed into pieces. He had no idea how many body parts or fragments were left after he died, but as long as his bones were near, he could automatically sense it. Once he fused his current bone with the Saint Bone, it would be highly advantageous to him.


Jiang Chen spread his soul power into the room and saw eight men sitting in a room. Three of them were elders and the other five were youths. The youth who stood in front was wearing the same white robe as Jiang Chen’s. He was wearing a golden waist belt. He had a thick black hair and a good-looking face. His cultivation was Seventh Grade Minor Saint, the highest grade in that room as well. These so-called elders were no match to these young people. If they engaged in a fight with the old people, the distinction would be clear despite their age. One could straightaway distinguish how much talent these young men had. The youngest man had the highest strength among the group. His right forefinger was clearly different than the rest of his fingers. It exuded a trace of energy wave.


The young man knitted his eyebrows. His fiery eyes looked down at the ground floor. Jiang Chen quickly kept his soul power when the young man found him.

‘This man’s senses are sharp. He can even sense my soul power. I was emotionally affected by the Finger Bone just now, it prompted me to exert my soul power to locate the bone. If I used Great Soul Derivation Technique, he wouldn’t be able to detect me even he has a very sharp senses.’

Jiang Chen said. By using his soul power across the room, he was able to determine that it was actually his Finger Bone. After that, an indistinct murderous intent instantly rushed out of Jiang Chen’s body, someone had fused Jiang Chen’s Finger Bone into his body. That was a blasphemous act to the Greatest Saint, this alone could get that young man killed.

At any rate, Jiang Chen had to get back the thing that belonged to him. That meant that he would need to fight with that young man sooner or later.

“Big Yellow, can you ask Blue Lion what race of people is in that room?”

Jiang Chen said.

“It’s the Desolate Race.”

Big Yellow paused for a moment and said. He was communicating with Blue Lion just now via divine sense. The entire room was occupied with the geniuses of the Desolate Race.

“Desolate Race.”

Jiang Chen knitted his eyebrows once more. Out of the eight families, the one who had a wider sphere of influence wasn’t the Dan Family, Bin Family or the Demon Race, it was this Desolate Family. Some said that they inherited the bloodline of an ancient foreign race that consisted of incredible and special abilities. Although the eight families had very strong forces, the one at the very top was the Desolate Family.

“What happened brother Chen?”

Yan Chenyu asked when she sensed Jiang Chen’s change of expression.

“Big Yellow, help me ask Blue Lion again, what’s the name of that leading youth?”

Jiang Chen said.

Big Yellow communicated with Blue Lion again. He then said. “That man is called Desolate Ning, a rare genius in the family. He has already reached the Seventh Grade Minor Saint, even before reaching thirty years old. He is the talent that the Desolate Family focused on training and cultivated heavily. Blue Lion said that he has defeated an Eighth Grade Minor Saint elder before coming here.”

“No wonder the Saint Bone is in his possession. He is a highly valued talent in their race. Humph!”

Jiang Chen made a cold humph. He wasn’t in good terms with the Desolate Family in his previous life. It was an outrageously arrogant group of people, but after they encountered Jiang Chen, they suffered great losses. That year, even the old ancestor of the Desolate Family was killed by Jiang Chen. So basically, the resentment between Jiang Chen and them was deep.

“Little Chen, why do you pay so much attention to that guy?”

Big Yellow sounded confused.

“His body has something that belongs to me.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk. In this trip to Void Triangular Domain, he didn’t plan to start a conflict with the Desolate Family, but it seemed like the situation has left him no choice. If someone as powerful as Desolate Ning returned to the Saint Origin World, it would be very difficult for Jiang Chen to lay his hands on him. As such, now that he was in Void Triangular Domain, it would be Jiang Chen’s best shot.

It was his Finger Bone and he must retrieve it back. He had already gotten one Finger Bone in his body, but it would be totally suppressed when he transforms into the human-dragon form. In other words, Jiang Chen wasn’t able to use the power of his Finger Bone everytime he transformed. However, if he could obtain his Finger Bone and fuse it with his bone, he might be able to use the power of this finger bone after he transformed. Also, his combat strength would definitely be enhanced.

Most importantly, after refining the Finger Bone, he could use the origin of his bloodline to enhance his dragon transformation art. The Finger Bone would be absolutely enough for him to advance another grade.

Furthermore, the biggest reason that he came here was to improve his cultivation. It was a big surprise for him to discover his Finger Bone in this place. How could he possibly miss such an opportunity?

“Chen Er, the people of the Desolate Family is not someone that you would like as an enemy. They are a lot stronger than the Dan Family.”

Dan King reminded.

“Initially, I did not want to create any conflicts with the Desolate Family, but since I already have a conflict with the Dan and Fire Family, it wouldn’t really matter if I add one more.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He had no intention of offending the Desolate Family if his Finger Bone wasn’t in that youth’s possession. Despite the number of enemies that he had already made, it was important for him to do this. His dragon transformation art path was destined to be a supremely powerful path. Although he was still far away from from the top, he was given with a very tenacious heart. If he didn’t make any moves or plans to retrieve what belonged to him, it would hinder his dragon transformation art’s advancement. Once a powerful cultivator had been mentally affected, the cultivator’s path wouldn’t reach very far.

Meanwhile, in the guest room of the Desolate Family, Desolate Ning was gazing at Jiang Chen’s back and said in a flat tone. “Who is that man? He dared to inspect me using divine sense?”

“Don’t recognize him. Possibly just an insignificant man. You don’t have to worry about him.”

A youth who stood beside Desolate Ning said, totally disregarding Jiang Chen.

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

At this time, three rings of bell was heard from the auction stage. Three silhouettes flew down from the open sky and landed on the stage. The one who stood at the very front was a woman in s.e.xy attire. She was of the Dark Generation. Besides her s.e.xy attire, she had a very charming look, her figure was attractive and her skin was snowy white. A simple gesture from her exuded an elegant demeanour. A woman like her was a very attractive force to any man.

She must be the auctioneer for this event. Behind her were two elders who were squinting their eyes, their hands crossed behind their backs. Their cultivation alone gave people an undescribable pressure. Both of them were Eighth Grade Minor Saints. Their existence was enough to scare almost everyone inattendance.

“Welcome, friends from the three worlds. My name is called Wei Er, the auctioneer for today’s auction.”

The woman sounded sweet. It made everyone feel comfortable. She then bowed towards the people in front of her to show her courtesy.

“I believe some of you have already been to Void Triangular Domain before, while some you are here for the first time. We will do it according to the usual rules. Wei Er is going to tell you all the rules in this auction. During the auction, high grade True Meta Stones is the only currency. When the auction is over, you all can pay using your treasures. Pills would be the best. A specialist would be a.s.signed to value the worth of your treasures.”

Wei Er said. Her explanation was easy for anyone to understand. When bidding, they would use high grade True Meta Stone as the standard price. Due to humans having very little of these stones, they need to use their items to represent the currency.

Of course, the items that would be auctioned here wouldn’t be anything like a mere high grade True Meta Stones, it was too common in the domain. If they wanted to exchange for high grade True Meta Stones, they could go to any city and do it.

Besides the Dark Generation’s special collection of treasures, many merchants from the three different worlds had also placed their items here in the auction. Say Jiang Chen wanted to make his treasures more valuable, he would need to place his valuable treasures in this auction to achieve a higher price. From there, he would be able to gain a huge profit.

An item which had the base price of ten thousand high grade True Meta Stones could be raised to two fold or more after the auction. This was the reason that the auction was so crowded with people.

“In order to let you all gain a better understanding about our currency, I will give you all an accurate measurement. Here, one high grade True Meta Stone would be equivalent to one Heavenly Rank Restoration pill. Alright, that should have settled all of your major doubts. We will begin now. Let’s start with the first treasure.”

Wei Er flipped her palm and a head-sized crystal appeared and floated on it. It was illuminating brilliantly. Everyone could sense the vigorous energy coming from the crystal even at a distance.

“This is a True Meta Crystal, a crystal collected from a True Meta ore mine. The energy contained in this crystal was equal to ten thousand high grade True Meta Stones, not to mention, its quality is higher.”

Wei Er said.

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